Intro to Macro Photography, Shooting Flowers Close Up | Bonnie Marquette | Skillshare

Intro to Macro Photography, Shooting Flowers Close Up

Bonnie Marquette, Macro and Nature Photographer

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1- Equipment

    • 3. Step 2- Choose Your Subject

    • 4. Step 3- Choose Your Timing

    • 5. Step 4- Choose Your Angle

    • 6. Step 5- Experiment With Your Lighting

    • 7. Step 6- Set Your Camera's Settings and Start Shooting!

    • 8. Step 7- Post Processing

    • 9. Step 8- Post Your Images for Review


About This Class


"See" what you've been missing! This course is about learning how to see like a macro photographer and shoot beautiful flower shots ups close. Using various angles, lighting and camera settings, you'll learn how to create the look you like. From high-end cameras to using apps on your iPhone, any camera and anyone can shoot a beautiful macro.

The course is geared towards beginners and amateur/advanced amateur photographers who wish to expand their macro/close up skills.

​Join our Facebook group reserved only for students of Bonnie Marquette Photography! Post your photos, ask questions, get free feedback and reviews!

Materials required:

  • camera (DSLR, point and shoot or smartphone)
  • macro lens or extension tubes
  • photo editing software
  • flower (can be a flower arrangement or outdoor flower)

Not required but helpful:

  • printer
  • tripod
  • reflector
  • diffuser
  • LED light bank
  • flashlight
  • cable or remote shutter release