Intro to Information Architecture | Julia DeBari | Skillshare

Intro to Information Architecture

Julia DeBari, UX Design Leader

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10 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Disciplines

    • 3. Deliverables

    • 4. Sitemap Pieces

    • 5. Navigation Types

    • 6. Sitemap Redesign

    • 7. Sitemap New

    • 8. Types of Tools

    • 9. Project

    • 10. Thank You!


About This Class

Have you ever visited a website or used an app that looked beautiful, but couldn’t find the content you were looking for? Or you tried to do something and you couldn’t complete it because the steps were confusing? That’s the structure of an app or website, called Information Architecture. It is how people get around screens and form a model in their heads about how the site or app is organized.

In this class students will learn:

  • a brief history of information architecture
  • information architecture terminology
  • different types of navigation
  • how to do a card sort
  • how to create a sitemap

No prior knowledge is needed, however, familiarity with the UX Design process helps.

We will use the tool CardSort from Optimal Workshop. There is a free plan with limited functionality that works for the project.