Intro to Illustrator: Create a Badge Design | Tanner Puzio | Skillshare

Intro to Illustrator: Create a Badge Design

Tanner Puzio, Graphic Design / Hand Lettering

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7 Videos (27m)
    • Course Trailer

    • Finding Inspiration

    • Sketching

    • Designing the Layout

    • Illustrating

    • Texturing

    • Wrap-up


About This Class

In this class, you will create a unique badge design for a city using Adobe Illustrator. It is great if you have prior experience using Illustrator or other vector-based software, but don't worry if this is new to you—I will be including all of the commands I use, as well as helpful tips, so that anyone can take this class. Everyone will get something out of it! Depending on effort and skill level, you can work as hard as you would like to in order to create a badge you are proud of. I will touch on several ways to make your badge unique, but nothing is mandatory. Just have fun!

If you run into any issues, whether it be a result of me or your program, feel free to jot down any questions in the discussion board. Me, or someone taking the class, will be able to help you out.

Let's learn to design a badge! I'll see you all in class!





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Tanner Puzio

Graphic Design / Hand Lettering

Hi there! I'm Tanner Puzio, a lettering and graphic designer living in Chicago. My interest in design stems from my father, who taught me everything I know. I took those years of conversations and lessons and applied them to my work. I have gained experience through working in worldwide agencies, small studios, and freelancing.

As I continue to grow and find new techniques and tricks in design, I want to share them with you. Let's explore design together and create something amazing.

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