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Intro to Graphic Design and Video editing in Canva and Openshot

teacher avatar Chris Viola, Writer and Marketing professional

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Canva Business Card Tutorial

    • 3. Canva Slide and Downlaod Tutorial

    • 4. Openshot Download

    • 5. Adding Files to Openshot

    • 6. Basic Effects in Openshot

    • 7. More Effects in Openshot

    • 8. Class Project

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About This Class

If you've never done any graphic design or video editing before, both can seem intimidating. This class will give you what you need to take your first baby steps into both realms, using free tools.

Meet Your Teacher

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Chris Viola

Writer and Marketing professional


After spending years studying Writing and Digital Marketing, I love teaching classes about these things on Skillshare so that others can build their skillsets. I have several years of experience and education in these subjects, have read many books and seen many videos on the subjects. I also love teaching classes about some of my hobbies, allowing you to get the ball rolling on some new ways to enjoy yourself, most of which are budget-friendly, so anyone can enjoy them.

I'm a graduate of the Digital Marketing Institute and a Published Author looking to teach others these future proof skills that I love to use. Looking forward to teaching you. 

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1. Class Intro: If you want to get a head start in both graphic design and video editing, this course is for you. You will learn the basics of graphic design in Canada, and then you will learn the basics of video editing in open Shot. Both of these tools are free, which means there is no upfront payment for you in any way to learn. At the end of this course, you will be able to create graphics in Canada, take them into open shot and then create a video using both those graphics and whatever other videos you want. Learning how to create your own content has never been easier. 2. Canva Business Card Tutorial: Okay, so this is the tutorial one. Look, you know, minute, I have to get this. So this is the tutorial on beginning with Canada. And this is where we learn how to. So this is how we Okay, so this is the first part of the and editorial, and we will learn both how to get to the site and how to create a business card. So first you go to and the dot com. Then if you're new, you will have to sign up right here. You will be given an email and everything, but I've already gotten account. So let's just log in. User name password. So when you when you walk in, you're given a layout. There's the home page looking all your designs, which is looking a bunch of stuff that you've made before You want to pick up on a previous thing. There's also a bunch of templates. So if you wanna have poster logo presentation, something that's already made by someone else good idea. It's a good place to start. If you're completely new and you can load up some photos, APS brand kid etcetera. And if you just want it creates stuff right off the bad, you go home, and then under Preda design there is to create a design. There's all sorts of stuff that you can get started with. You can get started with a business card, and if you hover over something and look under it, you'll see that you'll see the dimensions. The business card 3.5 by two inches YouTube Channel Artist 2560 pixels, by 14 40 YouTube Thumbnail 12 80 by 7 20 FACEBOOK POST 9 40 by 7 88 Instagram Post. You can also get the sizes for a presentation label. Facebook of Uncover Tumbler graphic poster logo If you want to make stuff going over videos . Liar card, infographic, resume brochure, invitation, desktop wallpaper, book cover And there's even more. But I think at this point you get my my point. So we're just gonna go straight into business cards, create new, and here we have our starting blank business card again right here. It shows a lot of stuff that you can use to get started. So let's say I want to click this one and I want this one. This would be an example of a starting one, but this was just to show you an example, So I'll go here, which is going to be undue. You can resize stuff, but that's with canned a pro, which is paid, and I'm not showing you any paid stuff here while again create new designs. Save make a copy download. You don't even go down for more templates. And let's say you want to look for something specific. Let's say you have have a cleaning company cleaning business card. There we go. There's a whole bunch right now, and each of the ones given here are free again. If you look at the bottom right corner of the one specific when I wanted Outright says free . There are some paid ones that we might run into later. But right now it should be noted that most of the stuff you can get here is free and you can do something somewhere with biography and see there is a lot more templates here. You can also search a lot of the stock photos, which again everyone has access to any recently. You stuff is up here, so let's say you're on a computer business. You can start using any of these, you could see the thes three right here, all free, but this one's a little dollar signed there. You've got to pay for it. For me, it's 1 39 Canadian. The price may or may not change, depending on where you're from, you can see there's more free ones. Usually it starts off with free ones, but there will be some paid ones centred throughout. You can use a lot of these very similar toe anything like Microsoft Word or publisher that you're a lot more likely to be familiar with. Here. Just latch on to the corners and you can change the size of elements. This is just to have a very simple going on here. So let's say we're looking for a fish, but say we want this one now and we want toe switch the color of the eye. You can see the ID. There is black, so let's go here and switch the black to red and switch it to blue way. Let's make this. I wait this. Let's give him Ah, bunch of red stripes there some green and let's let's keep that as yellow. Just to show There we have our fish next. Next. OK, there we go. We have some fun combinations here, and you can add your own headings and sub heading stuff, headings and subheadings. So that's an example. And then if you click here, you can switch what it says. Sample text. And again, we don't want this on a business card, So let's go back. But let's say we want to something. Let's if our business card and name here, Sherman who? And you can click this toe, realign everything. Let's realign everything in the far right because this is a business card. You're firming and all right, let's actually go back a little bit Here. Sorry about this. A little bit of body text. Okay, this might be better. Well, let's try. P. Sherman, 42 Sydney Wallaby way. All right, let's be Sydney, Australia. Let's say his phone number is 123 4567890 And if we want to, we can change the font here. Make things a little bit different. Good weaken. Get bold italics. Underline. I Seibold is good for this example, but no tax are underlined. You also switch the color of the front. Let's do black. You can also give yourself background. And you can either take a stock one like this. You can change the color, which again blue against that looks weird. But that is a thing you can dio. Oops. And now that should be under a recent Yes. Okay, I've got to show you how to reload something that was there previously. So yeah, turned that into a lesson. All right. So, background let's say that one looks a little bit more natural for what we want. And then again, you can click to download it and we'll go wherever you download stuff, confront your business cards. And this This is not printing them from your printer. This you can actually get, can vote to send them to you. And you can choose either standard paper, which is the cheap stuff. I didn't look at the price of what you're getting here. What you're getting down here, standard paper, which is cheap. We can get 50 copies for 13 50. Free me and paper 50 copies for 14 50. Or if we want to make a really good business card, we can go 50 copies for 38 50 second example. Let's use premium paper, and again you can order more than more than 50 copies, and here it'll cost more total. But you'll save money per copy. Here you see 29 cents her business card, but if you order 100 instead of 50 it's only 23 cents and shipping. If you need them, they're really fast. You can pay extra for shipping, and I'm not going toe do this because I don't want to place an order and clog up the line. But when you could do is. But when you walk when it walks you through it, you will be pretty much given. It's really straightforward also uploads. This is stuff I've uploaded from before, so you can upload stuff from from your computer and put it into your business card. Let's not do that now, and yet that is a tutorial on how to make a good business. A business card with candle 3. Canva Slide and Downlaod Tutorial: Okay. So, partially to reinforced what I've already said. Well, do this with a graphic here. Let's go to poster video. Let's just go with creating a video template. No. Okay. Okay. Start the video from here. Not here. Hold on. Go back this second. Okay? So start the video from here. Okay? So just to show you another example, let's go with. So to show you another example, let's create a graphic. Sure. Actually, go back a little bit. Let's create a presentation. And again, you can see more templates here once that are a little bit more suited towards presentations. And if you want to have a business plan or marketing plan, you want it? There was some soccer stuff. Photo is a that's looking frieze. There we go. Just for the sake of this example, here, with this. And let's download this to my computer. Let's make it not a pdf. Let's make it a J peg download here in your design. Here, you do get an opportunity to try camera can va pro for 30 days. Let's skip that for now. And Okay, so yeah, I got that right. And yeah, we will be using this graphic within our next video to we will. We will be using this graphic in our next video in order to Let's no. 4. Openshot Download: uh, and welcome to the beginning of using open and welcome to the opening of How to edit with Open Shop. First since open shot is something you'll have to download. Let me show you how to get to the same there and right here. Open shot. And then here's the website right here. Open shot dot org's Let's go up and down. Let you see the whole thing. Was it any time? If you want to get a closer look at something, if you just want to go right to downloading, go right there. Open shot is completely free, but they do appreciate any donations. So if you've got any spare money, have you got any spare money? And you happen to really, like, open Sean and go right there? You can make a donation, right? So it that was just a quick little, just a quick little overshot of how to find and download open shot, and we'll get started in the next video 5. Adding Files to Openshot: Okay, so these so once you are. So once you're into open shock, these are the absolute basics. First, to import the stuff that you want to use, click this button here, find the files you want. Let's go with this shot that I got when I was out for my walk earlier today, loading up there, we dio And let's also get the graphic that I quickly made from the last video to move something onto the track. You click it up here and you move it down to the bottom way it No, that's a test. Just showing this. Now you've let five different tracks 5432 and one. The higher track always takes priority as faras visuals. So right now, since the graphic is on track five and the other one is on track for we are seeing the graphic. But if you listen carefully here, you will still here the the background. Now we go back down here and move the graphic to something like track one, for example, or track two. You'll see that the you'll see that the nature shot does take priority over it. But since it doesn't take up the whole of the screen. You do have the branches there, the back lines. You can still see the graphic. And now you're probably thinking that it looks a little bit weird, but we will cover this in the next video. 6. Basic Effects in Openshot: now in this video will go over some very basic effects. For example, here we have cutting, which is just used to divide one clip into two We could do here is cut out the cut the nature clip in half. Take our graphic moving there. Now there's snapping, which now, since snapping, has turned off. Turned on. Sorry about that. If I move the graphic anywhere near our little time marker there, it'll snap into place. However, if I turned snapping off and I move the marker around, it gives me a little bit more freedom but a little bit less precision. So there there's there's the tradeoff there. I'm going to turn it on cause I want this cause I want the clips moving perfectly. Write to each other now. If we do this, you'll see that it goes right from that. And then we have our graphic for a few seconds and a few seconds more activists. And let's say I want to shorten this clip. I go here. I like this down when I get this little arrow here. Little two sided arrow, My moving around. I move this here and there we go. Now we have that in that, and I don't know why. My sound is messed up there. And let's say you want to delete something trusted. You have it be the one that's quick, so surrounded. You can tell the second half of the nature clip is the one that selected cause there's the little red parts you press delete on your keyboard and it's gone. But we wanted back. So let's go to undo right there. And also now we'll learn how to add in a little bit of text so you add and go to title like title and then you'll get this a little bit. Pop up here. Let's go to this one. I'll name. Let's just call it text file one. Let's say example. Text can change the font. Let's go with terminal. Okay, you can switch the color of the text. Let's say you wanted yellow. You can do that save. And now if we put it of everything you see, it starts off then, right? When it hits there, we're gonna get the example text popping up. Then it will go and will stay here up until we reach right here. Wait a little longer and it's gone can shorten this if you want, and we're good now. Let's look at some basic things to make this different. So let's look at our example text. Let's make it paid. Go to start of the clip Vaid in fast. And let's also add Fade in at the end of the clips out of there we go. You see it fading in. Then it will fit out, starting now very slowly until let's go. You know, just moved that to aside for now. Let's move this back up. Let's read and instruct our nature clip. Move this to the side. But our nature clip. Oh, right here with this and we can have this fade. Fade out slowly and then let's do things. There's such as have the graphic slowly fade out to show real world nature 7. More Effects in Openshot: now let's study now. Now let's look at some slightly more advanced effects. For example, you can edit how loud something is. You can tell that they're slightly annoying. You hear Goto volume entire clip 50% And now right there, that's much quieter. Now let's move this one down to here. Let's say this one again. You can move of location X, which is to the side. So we went to 0.5 goes over there. Negative 0.5 goes to the other way. Put it back to zero, then location while you can again increase the number to move it down. Well, you can decrease the number to move it up, rotated slightly. Then 1 80 should basically make a do a flip. Yes, Let's put it back to 90 for now. Scale ex. It can start it. One What? A 0.5 to make it half his tall Well, that one making scale. Why go up to two? And there we go. Now we have the nature shot, the entirety of the entirety of our frame there and there we go. We can also have this one go down 50%. There we go and again, you can also use in some transition, put in some transitions. For example, here, we can add in that transition there that we go from. Hold on a sec. All right. 8. Class Project: And just like that, you are done. For those of you who want to put their skills to the test, I have a class project for you. You are to make a minute long video using open shot that contains at least three graphics you made in Canada. If you don't have any video footage to use for your video, don't worry. In the area for the class project, I have a file of a minute long video for you to use. Good luck. Have fun.