Intro to Graphic Design: Illustrating Badges and Icons with Geometric Shapes | Dominic Flask | Skillshare

Intro to Graphic Design: Illustrating Badges and Icons with Geometric Shapes

Dominic Flask, Independent Designer and Illustrator

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9 Videos (2h 51m)
    • Introduction

    • Building Ideas

    • Introduction to Shape

    • Drawing with Geometry

    • Gestalt Principles

    • Building A Color Palette

    • Unity and Variety

    • Advanced Drawing Techniques

    • Finishing Touches

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Project Description

Create a set of icons or badges using basic geometric shapes


Create a series of at least 6 icons or badges that focus on a central theme of your choosing: animals, robots, spaceships, buildings, food, social media, you name it! Your goal is to execute your ideas by drawing them out with basic vector shapes as an exercise in restraint and simplification.

When you're brainstorming ideas of things that could possibly be in your series, aim for 2 or 3 times as long as the final number you're shooting for. You'll likely weed some out as you go along.

Try out your ideas in quick sketches, then build a moodboard and color palette to define your creative vision. As you refine your badges, keep consistency, unity, and your theme in mind. Be sure to review your badges as a group. Check them often and look at how they are stacking up next to each other.

And remember: share your badges in the project gallery!


Share your badges in the project gallery. A complete project may include:

  • brainstorm and word association lists
  • sketches
  • moodboard
  • color palette
  • final icons and badges


Be sure to download the step-by-step class project guide (attached), and check out some of the other resources I've included below.

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