Intro to Formatting in Microsoft Word 2016

Issac Droblyn, Computer Engineer

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11 Videos (51m)
    • Intro to the Course

    • Creating A Style

    • Creating Specific Styles - Class Project!

    • Re-Ordering Your Styles Bar

    • Making Styles Change Automatically

    • Inserting A Cover Page

    • Inserting Page Breaks Manually or Automatically With Styles

    • Formatting Photos

    • Automatically Generating Tables of Contents

    • Page Sizes, Columns and Margins Oh My!

    • Course Review


About This Class

You use Microsoft Word 2016. That's Awesome. It's a powerful tool. So in this class we're going to harness that power through the use of formatting. We'll learn how to:

  • Create automatically-generating table-of-contents pages
  • Create new and cool styles for your Word document
  • Place photos where YOU want on the page.
  • Use page breaks
  • Adjust page size and margins

Q. Who Should Watch This Course?

A. Beginners to Microsoft Word 2016 that want to learn about improving the quality of work that they produce in MS Word.

Q. What's the teaching Style of the Course?

A. The Teaching Style is a fast-paced, hands on visual approach to learning.

I hope you enjoy the class as much as I enjoyed creating it !

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half way through but it is really good!! this is what i have been looking for, how to use Styles in MS. not many people teaches this, so i am very pleased to have found this.