Intro to Foreign Exchange Trading, Signals for 2018 | Damanick Dantes, CMT | Skillshare

Intro to Foreign Exchange Trading, Signals for 2018

Damanick Dantes, CMT, Macro Trader at Dantes Outlook

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6 Videos (33m)
    • Intro to FX

    • Global Macro

    • FX Terminology

    • Charting FX

    • EURUSD Trade Example

    • 2018 Outlook


About This Class

The $5 trillion foreign exchange market provides direct exposure to global events. In this course, students will explore the basics of currency trading, global macro and chart set-ups for 2018. Short video lessons are designed for FX beginners with a global mindset. Enjoy quality content at your own pace, with professional trading skills designed to power your investing.

  • Major currency pairs and benefits of trading FX
  • Understand Global Macro-Economics
  • FX Terminology: “Pips” “Lots”
  • Where and How to Trade FX - online tools
  • Technical Analysis for FX Trading
  • 2018 Macro & FX Signals





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Damanick Dantes, CMT

Macro Trader at Dantes Outlook

Traders and Entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Damanick Dantes, owner of Dantes Outlook. I utilize a disciplined process of charting techniques to anticipate price direction in global markets. My professional status as a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and background in asset management provides a blended approach to trading. This channel offers a variety of lessons from my trading desk. Students learn to apply a trader's mindset to discover opportunities in equities, FX, commodities, and cr...

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