Intro to Financial Independence- Top 5 Habits to Adopt Right Now

Sabrina Ana Maria, Your Personal Finance Motivator!

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1) Automate Your Savings

    • 3. 2) Automate Your Bills

    • 4. 3) Establish Your Priorities

    • 5. 4) Increase Your Minimum Payment

    • 6. 5) Keep Track of Your Net Worth

    • 7. Conclusion + Project Info

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About This Class

This course will help jumpstart your journey to financial stability. These three personal finance habits will definitely get you on the right track for reaching your financial goals and achieving financial freedom.

We will be going through automating your savings, automating your bills, establishing your priorities and failsafe questions, paying off debt more efficiently and accurately keeping track of your progress.

No matter your current financial situation, these habits are crucial to everyone’s success. Use these 5 habits as the first step in the right direction. Of course they won’t automatically make you a millionaire in a week but they’ll prepare you to get there!

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