Intro to Digital Painting: A Beginner's Guide

Gabriela Benke, Illustrator

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12 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Choosing a Tablet

    • 4. Choosing a Software

    • 5. Sketch & Scan

    • 6. Photoshop Setup

    • 7. Painting Digitally

    • 8. Adding Textures

    • 9. My process

    • 10. Exporting

    • 11. Bonus: Pen Tablet Exercises

    • 12. Thank you for watching!

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About This Class


This class is an introduction to digital painting. We’re gonna take an existing sketch and color it in Photoshop. We’ll go over the tools you’ll need, then move on to the full process, from inputting the sketch, to contouring, coloring and exporting it. I’m gonna show you how to color and contour a painting in different ways so you can experiment and find your own style. Each artist has their own painting style and in this class I’m gonna share my personal painting processes and tips in a beginner-friendly way. 

What this class will cover:

Tablets: I’m gonna show you the different types of tablets available to help you choose the best option for you.

Software: I’m gonna talk about desktop and mobile apps and show you free alternatives to Photoshop.

Scan: I’m gonna show you options to digitize your sketches if you don’t have a scanner and how to adjust the sketches in photoshop.

Setup: I’m gonna show how to setup photoshop, the basic tools you’ll need and how to organize your workspace. 

Painting: I’m gonna show you my digital painting process and three different digital painting methods.

Textures: I'm gonna show you how to add textures to your work.

Exporting: you're gonna learn how to export your painting and when to use each format. 

Bonus: I’m gonna show you some exercises and tips to help you get used to the pen tablet (e.g. Wacom Intuos).