Intro to DSLR: Basics of Photography and Composition | Stephen Wollwerth | Skillshare

Intro to DSLR: Basics of Photography and Composition

Stephen Wollwerth

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8 Videos (52m)
    • Intro 1

    • IntroFeaturesandLenses

    • ButtonFunctions

    • ShutterSpeed


    • Composition

    • SeeingLight

    • BringingItAllTogether


About This Class

This 7 video series will help you get your new DSLR or Mirorless  camera off of the Auto setting and into full manual control enabling you to really capture the image you want to create.  World renown photographer John Wollwerth will take you through the steps.  John's work has been seen in many national publications including The Washington Post, New York Times, Beaufort Lifestyle Magazine, South Carolina Homes and Gardens. Daily dozen for National Geography.  You'll learn about, aperture, shutter speed, composition, lighting, and what all those buttons on the camera do. 

This class is really fun and informative!





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Stephen Wollwerth: Founder and Cinematographer: Based in the Sacramento / Folsom California area, Stephen started in the industry by being one of the first drone builders and operators. Stephen was using RC Helicopters, (now everybody calls them drones) with cameras attached to them back in 2010. Stephen is a visionary, and believes the greatest creativity comes from God, so why not ask Him for it? WollwerthFilms which has done work for high profile clients like Fox Sports, Mi6 Films, N...

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