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Intro to Cartooning - Night of the Living Kidney Stone

teacher avatar Martin Bee

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introvid

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Sketch to ink

    • 4. Influences1

    • 5. Influences2

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About This Class

Cartooning is best based on "Real Life" situations. In this class I will break down and show how I "cartooned" a night that I had a kidney stone, had my washing machine drain overflow and flood the living room, and to add insult to injury I MISSED THE SEASON FINALE TO DR. WHO!!!

I will show how I sketch out roughs for my toons (and how to hunt down funny ideas!)

How do you distort the body? What about eyes? Kidney pain? 

What props do you want to add to the scene? The flooded living room? The watching moon?

I will cover what pens, paper, pencils you'll want to play with, plus some accessories that can make your life easier

Line work, cross hatching and general shading?


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Martin Bee


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1. Introvid: Hi, everyone. This is Marty. Be with an introduction to cartooning. Uh, ever since I was 12 years old, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I'm a bit older now, so I think I've made it in my youth. Happy Big Daddy Roth. And we're hot Rod stuff. Girls are happy Underground. Comics are from Kenny Mouse, Rick Griffin. But here I am, a real old fart, but a growing like an adolescent boy. But that's about me. You're because what we learn about making tunes. I'm gonna explain my process to you. We're trying to keep it simple and fun. Give you a chance to do a tune. Self portrait at the end. That's all for now. 2. Materials: materials were in doubt. Spend the money will be chief like me. This is not an exhaustive list. You'll want to add favorites things as you progress. One thing that I suggest you pick up is a T Square. This is ideal for making horizontal lines. You only one this big 12 inch plastic T square were explain for you our repentance that, like this figure Castel brush training for doing thicker lines. They also have an SP pen that is wonderful, especially thinking sticking thin line by the general. Of the 1.5 that's up, brush Man is a very good one for our lives and for just again the circle template. If you need to make a perfect circle, you can't beat this. It's just a perfect circle. White plastic eraser, I say. Steer clear of anything but these because these wants near as easily as the pink ones and the and the race is on your passes. Paper mate Flare pens, my all time favorite for drawing and shading. There's not making these. I'll be in big trouble and stocking up on them and putting them aside and my apology massive this go to the store and stock up Afghan state will be cheat. At one time, I had to use kind of mandates. They stuck to wealth and let t to the lightbox, and it was a disaster. Number two fences. You won't need the fine art that says that have different others and shading bushes on just final over to supply its soft a stark and right and really easy to quiet. I'm sad to report that is not any good. Constructors. I think that I really like these air. So? So the problem with these new pencil sharpeners is that they're underpowered. Find this kind of pencil sharpener would be much better off. I call it the brick shape Boss Stitch in Boston has him, uh, there I I think they could put a point on steel cable that did that. Powerful sketchbooks. You might be tempted to go cheating, picking one from Dollar general or from Walgreens or from some drug store. Just don't do that. Often. Times does not dry and smears also erasing your guidelines vessel speedy A terrible menace just to spend the money. I get a good a good, decent sketch work from myself. Trying us is that the companion instrument to the T Square for making vertical lines. You only the big ones. Probably just a small lasted one Who will climb for what we do? A light box Not necessary, right at this moment. But when you do want to do some serious work, you need something to trace with my boss is ideal is the old school white box I have sent switched to the led light box, which is much brighter. In fact, it would almost give you sunburn. Is that bright? And it's the same cost disease from Amazon. 3. Sketch to ink: the night of the living kidney stone. I don't know where you get your ideas. It might have usually come from a life experience. It was a Saturday night and a load of laundry in the laundromat or in the washing machine. The Grand pollute, the dream plugged up, and then I will float instead of the washroom and part of the part of the living room. So I had to take the clothes out of the wet, heavy clothes out of the washing machine, put him in the car to go to the laundromat and finished. The drawing is drying at the drawing there, and this meant that had missed the last episode of Doctor who had. Matt Smith was very happy about that. It also meant that I was gonna get a kidney stone later. I recognize the pain clearly, and the pain is nothing less than what I call exquisite. So I wanted to do a cartoon to kind of soften the blow. But before we get international drawing in my process, I do a thumbnail infected to a lot of emails. And then those are not about accuracy down about drawing well, they're not about anything except communicating an idea. What you got your ideas figured out. It's a good time to make a stick figure of your character. I curve the spine dramatically here and that they had been down a bit so as to see you with so so is secret. But I would look down at the hole in my side where the kidney and going out. It's diphtheria is where they had some life to your drawing. What should that then you want toe flush it out with clothes, flesh and muscle. And the thing to do here is to draw through the average attendance. If you have transparent, sure time and you can see that to sticking with the arms. And Steve, this has a sense of body and valiant to to whatever you're drawing that you don't get otherwise. Okay, The type Benson type pencil is the close closest to the final project, as you could be. You're gonna make it accurate because you're in great over this. So some things that have added here I've added the band aid on my head in honor of the skin cancers, and I would get burned off Go the dermatology and I'm pretty well ready to go here. Ready to take this up? If you notice I follow the same pattern as the comic suit and counselors and have acres you could up think color book. I chose the flare payment for the outline of this and I'm not doing any shading. I'm just reading the outline down so I could grow on top of it. Notes on cross hatching, trying. Avoid putting a lot put put in lines perpendicular to each other or 90 degrees which you see in the upper left hand corner that is not cross hatching. That is a window screens and said Put them in an angle as you see in the upper right it just more professional, more with it. If you can try to have your shame, you follow the shape of the object. It has a business to find. It isn't there that this is a sample of my radial shading that and used quite a bit. Okay, the final for the final. We just wanted to go easy on the shading lightly. I'd rather have too little than too much. I'm just on the borderline of too much with this one. No, C Band Aid on the head, the squiggly lines on the owners. I also have a condition called Parkinson's. So a man in the shakiness to the swivel that that's my own invention. I hope you enjoy this presentation, and I look forward to seeing you cartoons in the gallery. 4. Influences1: show you some ideas about what I do. Think your ideas where I could draw inspiration from where? My style first choice in California crazy? It's proper name is vernacular architecture. This means buildings that are shaped like something have a donut and that people two iconic pieces from Los Angeles proper round derby and a little treat. They're called the tail of the public chipping a hat. Is that a hot dog? Both of these were still active in Los Angeles 20 years ago, of course. Grauman's Chinese Theatre building shaped like lemon they want shaped like a pumpkin, and these are inspirational points t to take off to add to, from to mashing together come over fresh ideas. Points of departure. I'm also in love with the 50 success. The air that I grew up in Sandwich would speak back inside of senators what they called Googie style. It's also called a comic age style, but by lending shapes, you see any beer Moto report. You could combine type and say a lot compounded image. The Corn Palace. Great shapes, of course. Another stand and deliver sign also quite found on the characters there. They have a simplicity to them. They're just wonderful. That clown Jack in the box Burger Chef Carl's Jr Okay, again, it's a very 50 style. Yes, I had a whole book dedicated to cartoon character trademarks, annals, clouds, invented characters. Yeah, Whenever I get stuck, I can't come up with an idea. Why do you go to these books? I just meditate on. I usually make it a little when I do just think sometimes I just think that's part one. 5. Influences2: part two. If you've seen the recent hit the medals, too, it is very much a child of the fifties and sixties. It uses the same style locals that you see in this use a call trademarks of the forties and fifties again. It's very much Steve Rocket AIDS around age The Timer cage. If I was stuck in how to draw something, this is a pullback cartooning the head and figured by Jack Ham. And he's very much little style old school stuff. Chef, A book I recommended you. Look at this, this one called creative visual thinking. If you need to come up with ideas quickly, you can't beat this. You should be able to pick this up for 23 books used on Amazon. The other thing I like to do is buying books. Just about general stuff turned into Siri's series of cartoons or administrations, and this is a book dedicated just to hood ornaments, an artist that you really can't go without knowing about for illustration and cartooning. Someone named Rene read Strange a strange man, if you see, but he was a surrealist. And use your ideas about how to change, communicate weirdness. Now the source of inspiration is a older artist from the thirties and forties. George Chairman. The two questions. Crazy Cat, and he lived in a desert southwest. So a lot of his landscapes and backgrounds have that look. Monument Valley, canyons, deserts, strange desert plants. But he was going for the vision of this camp and all of a with the characters that went with Officer Pup in the mouth. Hey, this. What's interesting is that for the first couple years that the cat was out, they didn't know what Sex cat was. It could have been a girl or a boy. Strange Now, another DPT fielded. Some has been horror movies. I think it's because nobody wants to live with with love. 31 Night four and for horror, you can't beat the fifties City of the Living Dead. The corpses Let me go, Let me go! I'm not dead yet. Don't worry, we'll we'll take care that these are not only great concepts that great drawings cavernous work. Part two is over