Intro to CSS - Learn How To Use Custom CSS in Squarespace

Rebecca Harpain, Squarespace Designer + CSS Super Nerd

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson One: What CSS is and what it's made of!

    • 3. Lesson Two: How to install CSS on your Squarespace website

    • 4. Lesson Three: Theme families and why the matter in Squarespace CSS


About This Class

You can create so much more than a template with a tagline on it!

CSS stands for  “cascading style sheet” and it’s a clever way of making your Squarespace website do something special, outside of its normal design styles.

I created this Skillshare class to cover the basics:

  • what CSS is and how it works with Squarespace
  • the four essential elements of every code snippet
  • the three ways to install CSS on your website & what makes them unique
  • what theme families are and why they matter when using CSS 

Here is the link to the support article I mentioned in lesson three: