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Intro to Brand Positioning: How to Design Memorable Brands Customers Love

teacher avatar Ilya Lobanov, Creating brands that make impact

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Brand

    • 3. Defining Brand's Basics

    • 4. Creating Brand Values

    • 5. Consider Customer Needs

    • 6. Create Positioning Statement

    • 7. Create Tagline

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

We live in a world where consumers have more power than ever, curating their own personal brands like we’ve never seen before. Some brands improve our lives in very personal ways, but in order for them to lead the way, they must first connect with us on a deep, intrinsic level. It’s also important to understand that a brand is not just a logo or a business name.

In this class I will show you my process of coming up with a memorable brand that will engage customers.

The class is geared towards:

  • Creatives who work in any type of Creative or Marketing Agency
  • Graphic Design, Branding or Marketing students
  • Entrepreneurs who want better clarity for running their business
  • No prior knowledge is required for this class

What you will learn:

  • My process for defining the How, What and Why of a business
  • What are Brand Values, how to create them, and why they are important in Branding
  • How to reference Human Needs to create a brand that connects with your customers
  • How to create a Positioning Statement and Tagline and why they are vital for your brand

The Class Project will involve creating a Positioning Statement and a Tagline for either a personal brand or another business of your choosing, using the Brand Worksheet I personally use to brainstorm and ideate a brand’s essence. The completed Brand Worksheet is the foundation for crafting a memorable and meaningful brand.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ilya Lobanov

Creating brands that make impact


I help ambitious designers and marketers level-up their skills and boost creativity.

A passionate ambassador of the Creative Thinking Mindset, I teach designers and creatives how learning and practicing this skill can transform any creative into a more powerful and confident problem solver and designer. Join me and explore my classes on Skillshare.

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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome. My name is Julia, and I am a branding and graft Rosana working as a creative director in Australia. So first, before we begin, let me ask you a question. What does Donald Trump in Apple Heaven Common. And I don't just mean the time when Mr President referred to Tim Cook Esteem Apple. The thing they have in common is the ability to create brands. The truly connected the customers and get a deeper connection with the fans and falls. So that's what this clause is a lot. It's about creating memorable brands. So if you're a graphic design student or creative professional working in the marketing of Brand, the agency, this will give you a solid foundation into branding and hopefully inform your own branding process. Also, if you're a business owner or an entrepreneur, I believe the skills and techniques that I'll share with you will give you ability to create a brand that truly connect sleep of customers. And I will give you better clarity off your own brand. Creating your brand can be quite complex, so it's vital to set the right foundation and tools right at the beginning, So my very own branding process will take you through four steps. Step number one. We will define the how, what and why. Off a business in step number two, we will establish your brand values, and we'll discuss why it's important for branding and why all of us Brendan guys talk about brand values, step number free. We will reference human needs, which will help us create a brand that connects people with our customers. Finally, step number four. We will be creating a position statement, and we will discuss why it's vital for your brand. So it's part of this class project. You will be creating your very own positioning statement for either your personal brand or another brand off you're choosing. You will have access to my brand work shit, and I will take you through it, step by step. At the end, we will also be creating a tagline so that you can see how position statement can be used to create anything new for your brands, such as a business name, a logo or website. I am looking forward to seeing in my class, and I'm really excited to share my tips and techniques with you. Let's get started 2. What is a Brand: So in order for us to create a memorable brand. First we have been sent. What is a brand you might be forgiven to think that your brand is your business name or your logo? This is probably the most common belief. I once had a customer tell me that there are the brand personally, Let's call this client George. Originally, branding was practiced many millennia ago as a way for livestock owners to mark the livestock with a branding iron. It was a way for them to convey vital information to the customs off quality and origin. Branding has continued to evolve ever since. Brands are all around us. We're spoiled for choice. Off services and products available many options for customers out there and no shortage of offerings. A brand now is to convey a lot more information than just origin and quality. Ultimately, a brand is a sum off all of its spots, and it's the way the customs perceive your company. Overall, the brand elements that can make up a brand can include but are not limited to the name the logo tagline supporting phones, colors and graphics position statement, brand values and your mission. The tone of voice in your messaging on the website flies and emails. It's even the way your employees answered the phone, the way Officer showroom smells or looks. What kind of hold music you play. Ultimately, it's all about the customs perception of your brand off what you like to deal with. Brands have to connect with us emotionally with relatable messages, images and brand values. Just like we connect with a real person. Perhaps George was on to something great. Brands like Virgin Apple, Jeep and, yes, even Donald Trump have built a falling because they understand the ingredients necessary to create a lasting and memorable impression on the customers. Just like a chef prepares the mules differently to another chef, businesses can use slightly different ingredients or techniques for creating that memorable brands. Let me share my ingredients and recipes that I like to use in my brainy process, step by step 3. Defining Brand's Basics: So the first step is to define the brands basics to make sure there is an alignment with what you think. Your branch office. I already know what my business does. Why define this? You ask. Well, this step will give you additional clarity were brand asshole and also for the next steps of our brining process. This way you can move forward with confidence without double guessing your choices. From here onwards will be using the brand work ship to complete the next set of steps. So if we haven't already, go ahead and download your copy now also, in order for us to set the context, which step, what we're going to need is an example Brian toe work with. Imagine this. You are the CEO off a non for profit health organization that promotes good health, providing indication services and connecting people with a network of medical professionals , all based on your specific needs and requirements. While a majority of your touch points of customers is online, you offer more than just an informative website. Having established several free services which are unique to you, enable your customers to make informed decisions regarding the health. Your website connects to customers the network of global medical specialists that wouldn't normally have been available to them. Your mission is to expand your rich because you want everyone to be empowered of tools and resources. Have better health. So really tried to visualize this brand for in your head for a second. I will wait. Okay, so let's dive into using the Brent worksheet. So fire that guy up and let's define the who. What and wire free off your brand by scrolling to page number free. Typically, I'm doing this for client. We may workshop this together in the meeting, or sometimes I might pull it out from the communication. Here is While this step is the less creative than the next steps, it still requires a level of skill to be able to distill the essence of which component you will see. It has five areas. We will feel out each one based on our new make believe brand. We grew up just a few seconds earlier, so make sure that these statements are as concise as possible. Though stripping up any unnecessary fluff, it will help you to create the more focus direction for the next steps help you make easy decisions along the way. So for make believe friend. But we've defined for who you are is essentially well defined. This providers of connections and relationships and what it is that we have is the resources of valuable information about Evelyn Line and also passion for people's well being and health what it is that we do. It's way build hops off, communicates online, and we listen to specific clients needs now to the how we network with global specialists providing extensively stop services is how we do how we provide their services. And finally, the most important is that why you good? That's really a mission. Because and I've defined this as for this make really brand as empower people to take care of the health. So hopefully you will be able to draw connections between description off a fake bread and these statements that I put together when you're creating statements for real bread future , they may not come to you right away. You may find yourself dropping, riding everything. Them I personally find it easier to voice the mark, your colleague or your partner, perhaps blood, uh, which can sometimes help you see where the respondents can. You might don't worry about getting it from this was easy step 4. Creating Brand Values: So now let's talk about brand values, so you've probably already heard about them. But don't skip this people just to hear my personal take on them. And don't forget to get a copy of your friends. Work should seek and follow along. So a lot of what I know today was self taught When I was growing up, as most young boys do. I was always tinkering with things, taking them apart and putting them back together again. This is how I prefer to learn about things, and it's ends up taking this approach to learning into my adult life as well. When I was just starting out as a young designer and I was doing longest for clients, Muslim are friends. I find it very difficult to come up with. Ideas is usually there was very little strategy involved. I quickly realized that it's a lot easier to make creative design decisions if you just have some tools in a clear direction. So what I've actually started doing to help visualize my client business as a person, I would speculate with character traits that would have, such as always, having time for you being action oriented, being passionate quirky and so on. Once I got the point when I I could clearly visualize this brand is a person and how they would go about providing the service, I find finally the whole look easier to focus my creative decisions. That's because I could always reference the traits and make sure that my creative direction supported them and make sure that whatever I'm creating his purpose and meaning behind So he is one of my very early August, created more than a decade ago for a friend of mine and his real estate business. Don't judge the characteristics assigned to this particular logo when I was creating it with things like Oh, miss number one, fall for the customer I'll China in the competition and we make diamonds from rocks. So these are the things that I've come up with based on my discussions with my friend, my customer, on things that I kind of got out from the key characteristics when discussing the business with my friend. Those characteristics inform my decisions in the local making process. For example, the circle represents the focus on the customer, and we've got the rays of lights represent and shining diamonds in those China competition . So little did I know I was unknowingly using our bread valleys. So everyone 10 years ahead and I pretty much still like use of this technique for any brand of working. The brand valleys are your brand anchors that the friend shape your brand from your competitors. They show the world what you stand for. They really give the custom something to relate to, something that goes beyond your logo or your business name for your website. Your brain really needs to leave and breathe this for your behaviors, your actions direction for the customers. It's old, so let's remind ourselves about make believe brain for a second. So we've got the five definitions off a friend who, what hands? How and why about Brennan. We can see that way a provide us up connections and relationships. We have resources available information line fashion for people's well being, health and building outs of communities online, releasing specific lots needs. And we do this by networking with global specialists providing extensive use of services, and our mission causes our people to take care of the health. So returning to brand that is the process for defining the bread bias can be different, depending on the size of business. Some fans, the whole team of key stakeholders, can get involved in the process. If you're a designer, you can also help validate, steer decisions and participate in this workshop. But you can also come up with this just one of your customers, or even trying to really understand your brand in the workshop of eminent. Trying to educate them on the right is I try to keep the valleys unique, relevant, meaningful, clear and defined and actionable. Also, would the reflex terms like reliable, trustworthy? Apparently this words might be posted, but I put it, They won't make you stand out. Think about the values that could be very in shape from existing brands in the market or industry based on a make believe friend. The violence. I have a signed off build awareness Iran health create meaningful connections with purpose and our customers to make healthy choices, create opportunities for better health and be resourceful and share resources of people. So once you define your brand Venice, your business and he must operate in alignment, demonstrating them in daily actuals messaging communications, the Donna voice that use. Also the way that we're selling packaging, protect your programs, campaigns and services since alone. You can also think about this as characteristics was if your brand was person. I think about how you want your customers describe your brand. So by dividing the values and Clelia articulating what stand for spread the way that it really helps your brand is you can stop attracting better customers and employees will show you believe. Now, speaking of customers, let's talk about how we can create the better brand that connects people. 5. Consider Customer Needs: so, believe it or not, your customers have a human need. Customer centric approach hasn't always been at the forefront off branding process. Now it's really becoming clear that understanding in the lining of your customers it's equally as important as being clear on what your brand stands for. Customers. Expectations arising and some brains is struggling to stay relevant. One of the main reasons is that the failing to align themselves to the custom. So in fact, fewer than half or 4000 last marketing leaders across B to C and B two B brands believe that they're providing and experience completely aligned with the customer's expectations, according to Salesforce marketing in 2009 survey. So how does your brand really aligned with Customs? I mean, apart from all the tracking analytics that that collected about the purchases and so on a Britain, it's still lying to the subconscious human need that that customers could have and show them how we can help them answer that. So, while you may be familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid, in the recent times we have come to understand that the needs support each other and the not mutually exclusive And of course, we will hope to have leased the basic physiological needs met, such as food, water and shelter, so therefore tend to lean more toward their Manfred Max Neef Fundamental needs small or at least some Frankenstein version and at least of categories which I got from this. So don't forget to get a copy of your brain work shit so you can follow along. Let's refer to it and see the needs and categories that I used to map out the most relevant customer needs. So you will see that I've got four defined groups freedom, control, connection and meaning with various human needs under each group. This list is by no means exhaustive, but I do find this a great tool to start a discover about customers authentic experience. So feel free to come up with your own customer needs as you do. It's exercise, but this will give you a great stuff. We've up blocking out the needs from the table when I want who is really picture custom lots to think about. What did they look like? One keeps the market night. What are the challenges? What makes them feel good? What do you like, how did you find success? And what role does your friend playing creating that success for them? So then, from our customs perspective, really think about what is the subconscious need that they have using your services? You know, bread work should list prayer for this. If you feel strongly relate to your customers, needs what they seem to experience from your Brandel service and tractor would using the expected reflects needs, for example, or medical service such as that make believe brand. It's a given that the customers will want to have a need for care. So if we remind ourselves for a second about make believe brand again from previous licence , we've learned that their providers of connections and relationships and dried resources available information online and I have a passion for well being and help that customers. And they also built Hobbs and Communities of Line Listen leads the customers and network with global specialists to provide extensively services. And the reason why they did all of his things power people they care of help for the Brent work should example. What you'll see is defined for needs my make believe bread as parliament joints, girl and connection. So this whole best represented my customers needs for Prince. Make friends. As you see, I have avoided that reflects need such protection care because this would be expected requirements for help. So in the next lesson, you learn how to use all of the ingredients were collected. Sabah paid branding rescue. It will make you brand meaningful and memory. 6. Create Positioning Statement: So we come to the most creative part of the class. The rain. Now that you have completed steps, wonder free. You can combine all of this ingredients to create your position statement. We lost music to steal in the tagline Big light all. So you might ask, Why build this work and create a position statement and why it's important. I work with a lot of fun to produce and friends looking to reposition, and I really find this type of work. Should exercises be extremely useful and vital to complete the work should gives me clarity and direction for creating anything new for the brand or even redefining something old, which is not working. But it also gives tremendous clarity to the business owner off where the efforts should be focused. I complete this brand worksheet much for any client that I worked with. Whenever I want us to create a new business name, a logo, tagline, website or or any other significant brand, the brand position statements will become the guide, which he will use to measure invalidate the relevance in success of any future branding activity. Your positioning and you Brent may evolve over the years and you might consider reviewing this process and me to ensure that you're still lined. Your customer's needs may change involved, and so may the definition of your business. However, your brand values should be able to stand the test of time. Let's remind ourselves one more time off our make believe friend. So to create the position statements, start with the why off what you Do. So this is your mission because from our brains basics section, then also define and describe what you do and how you do it. Second, what we're going to do is make sure that when you think about the answers created, make sure that the customer's needs are considered and how the statements correlate to that . And then finally, ask yourself, Does this emanate Mikey brand dinos and adjust the statement. Reflect that. Try to keep your position statement concise. About 30 40 words. Make sure that ultimately their statement will need to emanate your key values what your customers can expect from your brain, the service and what you do, Why you do it. Finally, let's see how position statement has come to life or pretend brand by combining all of the ingredients together, so the positions they from the goat farm make really, Brandis says, follows. We want to empower everyone to take care of the help. We do this by creating personal human connection with each client, focusing on the individual needs and tailoring information at services specifically to them . Well done. Now you have the tools necessary to create anything from a new business name. Logo. Tagline. So for a bonus lesson, let's talk about how you can turn this newly created position. Second defensive. 7. Create Tagline: Congratulations. If you're watching this, it probably means that you successfully created a new position state, and you are on the way to helping bread to become more meaningful and memorable, creating deeper connections with customs in the process. What this lesson is intended to give you a practical example of how I can use the new position statements to create something new for your brand. Today we're going to focus on creating a tagline. It's just about anyone with a pen and paper or a computer can do. Let's have a look of the Brent position statements that were created and let's review. We want to power everyone to take care of the health. And we do this by creating a personal human connection with each client, focusing on the individual needs and tailoring information services specifically to them. So you can see how this brand statement really captures the essence of the brand and the values that we've created for this make believe brand. I know said, considers the human needs of the customers potential customers from here onwards, the way that we would create the taglines he's we would actually have to create tagline options that we think might be good representation off the dishes. They so really attractive. Still, your statement. There's many turbulences you can think of. I personally find useful to do this with a colleague or partner to hands, brainstorm some ideas together. So grab a couple and drive down this many ideas. Is taglines at this stage there really no wrong answers? Just remember that your brand tagline should reflect and appealed on your position statement. And she really carry the same meaning it needs to allude to what? How why you do what you do should capture the essence of your brand Dallas and tried to connect the human needs in some way. So let's have a look. At example, taglines have come up with based on the positions type fall, pretend brand. I brainstormed about 20. So tagline, that is enough. Then shortly sit them down to this re tailored health for could support empowering healthier you and purposefully help, hopefully should be able to see a connection from the position statement the brand Dallas that would create a definition off What, how and why would do you what to do and also considering our customers. So to wrap up here Some off. The great haggling for your inspiration. I want to see how many you connection gets without me putting the loggers down on them. Try to keep your taglines down to about five words maximum or three forwards for even more . So now with the cost project, share the best to your pretax once, along with your position statement on Don't forget that tells little about your brand. Choose. It could be a make believe brain that can be a real brand that can be your personal business brand. Just make sure that we know what it does so we can see how awesome your title in some positions. Just remember, the taglines can evoke different emotions. And like any creative output that can be very subjective, carrying a unique sentiment for each person, you will need to try and objectively evaluate whether it has captured all of the ingredients. From the position statement. You may need to let your shortness the back lines with you for a few days, but ultimately should soothe best job represent from the brand essence 8. Final Thoughts: so, as you can see, a lot can go into creating a memorable brand. They can be a lot more moving parts, processes and techniques used depending on, like a black steel for the branding project that you're working on. But the techniques and things that have shared with you will really get you on your way on your branding journey. So just to recap what we've learned today, well defined the brands basics. We've created your brand's values and considered human needs to create our positioning statement. I personally find the position statement as an extremely useful tool in crafting a memorable and meaningful brand because it gives me a great tool to validate any future branding activity. So if you're creating a logo or website or even thinking about hiring a new employee, ask yourself, Does thes support and build on my brain as defined by my positioning statement as you have been following along and hopefully using the brand work ship to create your position, statement and tagline? I now invited to share that document as part of a class project. You can also comment with your tagline options directly, and let's get your branding journey on your way. Yeah, and let your brand journey begins