Intro to Beginning Knitting | Genevieve Krzeminski | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. A little about me and Knitting - Trailer

    • 2. What's this class about? - Class Introduction

    • 3. Before you Begin - Materials!

    • 4. Getting Started - Knitted Cast On

    • 5. Your Dishcloth - Knit Garter Stitch

    • 6. Let's Finish! - The Bind Off

    • 7. Wrapping up


About This Class

Intro to Beginning Knitting

Learn to knit by making a garter stitch dishcloth.  No prior knitting experience necessary!  

If you are brand new to knitting or getting back to it after a long hiatus, this is the class for you.

Skills Covered

In this class I will teach you the 3 basic knitting skills:

  1. Cast On
  2. Knit garter stitch
  3. Bind Off

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Genevieve Krzeminski

Making Love Visible - One Stitch at a Time

Genevieve Krzeminski is a software engineering manager who loves to create and dream. Knitting is one of her favorite crafts and she has been teaching it for close to ten years.

Helping others find the joy and relaxation knitting brings as well as the feeling of accomplishment when making things by hand are what have kept her hooked on sharing the craft.

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