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Intro to Art Journaling with Nikalola

Nikki Jouppe, artist

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Hello!

    • 2. Art journal?

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Ideas & inspo

    • 5. Let's get started

    • 6. Class project

    • 7. Bonus points

    • 8. Thx & good luck

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About This Class


Hello! My name is Nikki Jouppe and I am a creative mama living in Montana.

Have you heard of art journaling? In this class I’ll discuss the basics of combining your sketches and doodles with traditional journaling. Words and artwork are a perfect combo, I think!

I’ll walk you though the supplies that you need to get started.

Here’s some of the things listed in the video you can look up on Amazon if you like:

Canson Multi Media Spiral Sketchbook

Prima Marketing Travel Watercolor (Tropical)

Pentel Water Brush

Tombow Permanent Ink Brush Pen

Micron Permanent Ink Pen


Washi Tape

Posca Paint Marker

Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker

Japanese Brush Pen

Misc Stickers and Labels

(Please keep in mind that you can use ANY supplies you have on hand and you absolutely do not NEED any of these to begin your art journal!)

I’ll show you some pages from some of MY art journals for inspiration and ideas, and then I’ll get you started “breaking in” some of your blank pages to make your art journal YOUR OWN!

The three main art journal artists that have inspired me tons are: @alisakburke @sasha_zeen and @cayleegrey on Instagram. 

Thank you for taking this class and supporting the awesome community of Skillshare folks, an awesome bunch eager to teach and learn!


You can follow me on Skillshare to keep up with me and my latest classes and projects.

You can also follow me on Instagram: @_nikalola_

My etsy site is Nikalola

I’m on Pinterest @Nikki Jouppe


Music on my videos is “Ukelele” courtesy of

Teacher photo was taken by Anja Jouppe

Guest appearance by Zack Jouppe

All graphics, artwork, videotaping and video editing were done by myself, Nikki Jouppe aka Nikalola.