Intro To Sewing: Leather + Canvas 'Oberlin' Tote Bag And Machine 101 | Ellie Lum | Skillshare

Intro To Sewing: Leather + Canvas 'Oberlin' Tote Bag And Machine 101

Ellie Lum, Sewing Instructor, Bag Maker, Klum House

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18 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Intro to Sewing: Custom Tote Bag & Machine 101

    • 2. Overview of the Bag

    • 3. Tools and Materials

    • 4. Machine Basics: Overview

    • 5. Machine Basics: Understanding Threading + Bobbin

    • 6. Machine Basics: Sewing Techniques

    • 7. Design Lab

    • 8. Pattern Drafting + Cutting Fabric

    • 9. Prepping + Ironing

    • 10. Sewing the Outside Pockets

    • 11. Sewing the Reinforced Base

    • 12. Constructing the Zipper Pocket

    • 13. Style B: Construct Fabric Handles

    • 14. Attaching a Magnetic Snap

    • 15. Attaching the Zipper Pocket + Key Clip

    • 16. Sewing the Side Seams

    • 17. Attaching the Leather Handles

    • 18. Conclusion

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About This Class


This class is designed to make sewing fun & easy - no prior sewing experience necessary! During this intro to sewing class you will learn the in’s & out’s of your sewing machine and complete a custom tote bag that you stitched up with your own two hands. This class not only includes step-by-step video lessons, but also a fully comprehensive 56-page downloadable Custom Tote Bag Instructions PDF that breaks down the steps in written + illustrative form. In this class, we will go over machine basics such as threading the machine & bobbin, overview of sewing machine and how it functions, cutting fabric, essential sewing tools, and how to make & use a simple pattern. You will learn how to operate your sewing machine with confidence while you make a custom tote bag. You will walk away with your very own tote bag that YOU MADE from start-to-finish with confidence.



Machine 101

  • Overview of machine knobs + functions
  • How to properly thread your sewing machine
  • How to wind a bobbin
  • Understand machine tension + timing
  • Trouble-shooting machine problems
  • Using various presser feet
  • Changing the needle
  • Sewing with heavyweight fabrics such as 12 oz duck canvas
  • Trouble-shooting techniques
  • Sewing techniques for greater control and stitch accuracy

Custom Tote Bag

  • Overview of design considerations
  • Drafting a pattern
  • How to use a rotary cutter
  • How to properly iron & prepare your fabric for sewing
  • Creating a flat bottom-base for bags
  • How to attach a key clip
  • Metal hardware attachment
  • French seams
  • Sewing through multiple layers of thick fabric
  • Sewing pockets
  • Attaching a base layer for reinforcement
  • Bag construction





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Ellie Lum

Sewing Instructor, Bag Maker, Klum House

I am a maker, skill-building educator, and creative business entrepreneur based out of Portland, OR. You can find me through my DIY Workshop and handmade goods brand, Klum House. I am also on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I am a business owner of over 20 years in a craftsman-based business, R.E. Load Bags, where I have honed my skills as a leader and teacher instructing those who worked with me how to master the craft of industrial sewing as well as creative business management. Along w...

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