Intro To Painting with Pastels | Karen Ciocca | Skillshare
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5 Videos (25m)
    • Into To Pastel Painting Trailer

    • Materials & History

    • Getting Started Underpainting

    • Blending & Detailing

    • Project Details & FInal Thoughts

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About This Class

Hi everyone, As a fine artist, I have a passion for pastel painting, and in this class, you will learn what pastels are, a glimpse at my favorite pastelists throughout history, the different types of pastels and other materials you may need to get started.  I will be happy to teach you the techniques I learned along the way! 





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Karen Ciocca

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Fine Artist

Hello, friends!

I have been an artist since I could hold a crayon, I grew up in a very unconventional house, surrounded by every kind of animal wild and tame and a large family, (sometimes not so tame). We had a love for nature and music and art. As a fine artist, I love to paint animals and nature and I hope to someday be able to make a difference in saving some of the of the world's growing endangered species. in my spare time, I have a food blog, organic garden and I hike with ...

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