Intro To PR: Storytelling Pays in Marketing | Nick Armstrong | Skillshare

Intro To PR: Storytelling Pays in Marketing

Nick Armstrong, I make marketing FUN.

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9 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Intro to PR: Storytelling Pays in Marketing - Welcome!

    • 2. Marketing vs PR vs Branding

    • 3. What Makes For Good Stories

    • 4. Earned Attention vs Stolen Attention

    • 5. Actions Speak Louder Than Content

    • 6. Why User-Based Content Wins Over Influencer Marketing

    • 7. Growing Solid Story-based Content

    • 8. Branded Content - Not Always Under Your Control

    • 9. Wrap-Up and Final Project

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About This Class

  • Do you struggle to create a brand that people pay attention to and care about?
  • Do you find yourself staring at a blank page with no idea how to create cool content?
  • Do you wanna avoid rinse-and-repeating the same old marketing tactics and build events, content, and promotions that can't be ignored?

This course will teach you how to find, identify, and own your brand's story, how to create and leverage content, events, and promotions that enhance the brand story, and how to avoid bad storytelling that damages your brand.

Each lesson is backed up by case studies from real-world companies. By the end of the course, students will be able to begin crafting a brand story and 5 content ideas that will begin to elevate that brand story.

This class is for marketers or students of marketing - the skills are equally applicable whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or marketing manager at a mid-size company.

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