Intro To Digital Photography - Basics For the Rest of Us

MICHAEL LYMAN, Inspire, Create, Engage

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5 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction: Photography Without Jargon

    • Lesson 1: What Is a Camera...??

    • Lesson 2: Shutter & Aperture Combined

    • Lesson 3: Modes & Meters

    • Lesson 4: The Fun Stuff

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About This Class

Do all the settings, controls and buttons on your camera have you taking pictures on automatic all the time? Learn to express yourself creatively through your camera! This course explains how cameras work and how to use yours with lots of visuals and a minimum of jargon. Designed for beginners, you can learn how to feel comfortable moving from fully automatic into your ideal creative zone!

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So good at explaining the basics I'm watching it again...
I appreciate and like how simplified the concepts of photography were made for me, as well as the silly puns and use of old timey cartoons.
Love how easy to understand this is! I need to take pictures for an online shop and I have been lamenting the terrible photo quality until now! Can't wait to try it out and see if I can get some better photographs!
Mariah Morales

Part-Time Business Owner & FULL Time Mom






Inspire, Create, Engage

Michael K Lyman is founder and creative director of Magnum Arts, which provides web design, art instruction, photography and illustration services. He has a Bachelor's in graphic design and has been teaching drawing and photography for over ten years in New York, Vermont and Florida.

Michael Lyman is also a previous Executive Officer and current member of The 501st Legion, a world-wide Star Wars costuming organization that participates in fundraisers, charity events, parades and conven...

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