Intro To Branding: What Is A Brand? | Everett Bowes | Skillshare

Intro To Branding: What Is A Brand?

Everett Bowes, Branding. Marketing. Social.

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13 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Common Misunderstandings About Branding

    • 3. Branding Is About The Mind, Not The Eye

    • 4. Developing The Human Properties of Your Brand

    • 5. A Brand Is A Behavior

    • 6. A Brand Is A Reputation

    • 7. Branding Object Lesson

    • 8. A Brand Is An Accumulation

    • 9. A Brand Is A Narrative

    • 10. A Brand Is A Device

    • 11. Common Reasons For A Lack of Alignment

    • 12. Closing Thoughts

    • 13. Blooper Reel

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About This Class

There is so much confusion about what a brand is!

The sad reality is most explanations of branding are incomplete or inaccurate! Even seasoned marketing pro's have a hard time explaining branding.

This is branding for the rest of us!


In this course you will get a full, complete, and memorable understanding of what branding really is.

By now we should all understand this: your brand is not your logo, nor is it your product, your product design, color palette, or business collateral.  Your brand is much, much bigger than these visual assets, and it's the key to your business' longevity.

  • Learn how branding is vital for connecting deeply with your audience
  • Understand why branding consistency and alignment are vital
  • See how "companies do not create their brand; their audience creates the brand"
  • Learn where confusion about branding stems from
  • Learn the top four causes of brand misalignment
  • and so much more!

Presented by Everett Bowes, of We Talk Branding, a branding expert and best-selling Instructor, this 45-minute course is densely packed with insight and information!

Each lesson is short, downloadable, and features bullet points to make learning even easier.

Don't get left behind! 

Do you have a complete definition of branding? Is your explanation of branding easy-to-understand, apply, and remember? If not, join us!

See you in class!!

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