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Intro- Pattern Making

Iri YL, Pattern Maker

Intro- Pattern Making

Iri YL, Pattern Maker

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20 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Intro pattern making

    • 2. Measurement Card 1

    • 3. Measurement Card 2

    • 4. Basic skirt block draft 1

    • 5. Basic skirt block draft 2

    • 6. Basic skirt block draft 3

    • 7. Basic skirt block draft 4

    • 8. Basic skirt block draft end

    • 9. Basic pants block draft 1

    • 10. Basic pants block draft 2

    • 11. Basic pants block draft 3

    • 12. Basic pants block draft 4

    • 13. Basic pants block draft 5

    • 14. Basic pants block draft end

    • 15. Basic Bodice block draft 1

    • 16. Basic Bodice block draft 2

    • 17. Basic Bodice block draft 3

    • 18. Basic Bodice block draft 4

    • 19. Basic Bodice block draft 5

    • 20. Basic Bodice block draft end

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measurement card making

basic skirt block draft

basic pant block draft

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1. Intro pattern making: Hello one. We're starting. The intruder had a making class. Before we make the pattern, we should have the block before we have. Before we make the blawg on, we should have our measurement cart on. Our first class is about to make how to make the metro card. Okay, Lets start will make off the Magimel card. There are several measurement. We need you measurers. They called bag West Bust Chance. The last oh laced head by Waste Land won't ways to last bust point the wavelength, our or cough. What? We need these measurements on over balding. 2. Measurement Card 1: they are from Bali and the back body roamed bag. Let's do the from first. The bust points is from the shoulder. Chu, don't maple. We assume the Naples here Here is the first point on the bust. Separation is from the left in a pool. True, the rest in a pool is the bust separation on the front Waste is from their shoulder Choo the waste It's the runs waste Onda always is the here The thing next point on the Bader sleeve lands is from here to here. Is this the dance and about the calf? Waas is a It's a role. Here is the cough. But oh, we forgot the bust. The bus is from here. Chu here is called Bust is a front bust. So from the shoulder to a Naples is the bus points only from the left Naples for the brand Napo is the bus separation. Ah, And from the laughter Rice is called the Bust 3. Measurement Card 2: Okay, let's start from the back set from the bag. The back bus is from here to here, but bust the back on, uh, bag waste from here. Chu the here Thank waste is very similar. Like the floor always here is around here is back about Hape is wrong. Here it is. Here is hit not here. Here it is If you want to make the pants here is your hate measurements, but appends But if you want to make the Lex kers here is your hip Okay? Um yeah, the burgers. This Andi They also have the shoulder that measurement of from here to here. His shoulder? Yes, there are over in that my own cars. If you wanna make the clothes for yourself, you You need to get this measurement about yourself Or if you want, make for other people like small, sad medium says here, you know, you have to use the other managements 4. Basic skirt block draft 1: How are one after you got the measurement cars and every metric measurements. You you have your You already have this two. They began to the basics. Girls block draft. Before we do the glove draft, we should have French curve ruler first. Just a French curve rule cooler. You have to use this curve to make the block on the regular ruler. Okay. Make sure you got this tools. We'll do the basics. Scourge block. You have to have three mega grins. The waste. Hey, it on the hip drop hip drome means from the waist with hit this. Oh, first that Let me make the skirt block. We need to draw. Oh, rectangular is for all free. Number 21234 Okay, one to three or good. 123 and true to four will be the less off the skirts. So what's the less off the skirt is? Uh, yeah, this that's will decide by you. Okay. Okay. A statue to go quarter. Fulfill his measurement on duh sub strict once and meet her, for example. For example, your hip measurements is 94 centimeter on. You have to take 1/4 1 quarter off that 94 on sub strict waas and meter. That will be 22.5 centimeters. There is where you will d wide the rectangular with another vertical line 5 to 6 here 5 to 6. 5. Basic skirt block draft 2: here. 125 22.5 centimeter. Just if your hip measurement is the 94 centimeter and you will take 1/4 off the hate measurement on substrate one centimeter will be 22.5. If the hate measurement is 94 centimeter. Okay, then we can draw the facto stakes on a less draw. Those 0.7 points ever is Oh, is the heap Drop the hip drop. Oh, we just guys draw Maybe the 20 centimeters the seven make the drafted. Probably here seven is the hip drop. Okay, B 20 centimeters on the left side. Off the rectangular will be the based pallor for the bag. Here is the back the rest That will be the base pattern for the front point 1 to 8 0.1 to AIDS major 1.5 centimeters dung from the 0.1 eight here is 1.5 centimeter. Okay, that will be point the It's okay. 1.5 centimeter, then 8 to 9.819 Coakley's 1/4 off the waist measurements aunt as to sell. Meet her. They'll be like here nine and then they have AIDS and I Let's Kanai this true number with us lies curve. Then we have to use the French curb or just slide curve they to mine. Hey! 6. Basic skirt block draft 3: to find a point. Measure of one centimeter away from 10.8 mark. Phase week Number right here numbered to find 0.11. Major down on the centre back center. Back line and see. Be lying. Here is GDP line Major Don't on CP Life for 1.8 The heat draw measurement and mark a live in so same level here The heap drop here personally. Yeah, yeah, here, you know. And then we come that don't number 10 and number 11 with the line here too. Here the 0.12 is in the middle point on the line. Age to nice Middle approximately. Here there is a 12 0.13. We use the regular ruler to pull here The find out. How? Don't go down Approximately nice. And the meter. Nice. I meet her. Leo, Someone here. Number 13 here is number 13. OK, on the no mark. Once of meter to either style, off point Health and connect both both points. Who 0.30. There will be a start year. The build dark 7. Basic skirt block draft 4: then he connects. Point night 2.7 with the daughter line on the middle Off. This guy is number 14 for 14. A number 15.15 8 mark, 0.75 centimeter toe the rest site off the pouring 14. Approximately here. That will be number 15 here. Okay, 0.75 7 meter to the right side. Off the 70.14. That would be points 15. Then connect the 9 15 on seven with a slight curve. Hey, then we use the French co ruler. You cannot. My 15 7 Okay, then we already finished the back panel. Let's start off. Wrong panel from number two down on center from line to 16. Mark on the line as 1.57 meter point. We'll assume is here 16. 1.5 centimeter point here. The 1.5 meter. Okay, about the points. 17. Cocoa is 1/4 off the waist. Measurements. Andi as three centimeter. Then there will be 17. Number 17. Okay, cocoa is 1/4 off the waist. Measurements on ads. Three centimeter. Okay, that's those 17. Then we connect 16 to 17. Let's command 17 and 16 with the daughter lying first ST daughter line. Okay. And then they used the French curve ruler True. Conrad, the 17. 16 8. Basic skirt block draft end: number 18 is still middle point between 16 and 17. The middle point 18. I just assumed that is a middle points. But that's when you know that you should matter. OK, Number 90 major ball. Nice. Centimeters from don't from points 18. Use of square ruler around nice meters here. Then Mark once. Admit her toe. Other side off the 0.18 and connect both points. Two points. 19 then Formula dart. Look here. Formula dart. Okay. Here number nine number 19 is a measure of both. Nice centimeter, down from 190.18. Oh, use the square. Alert the mark once that meet her to either side off the point. 18 other connect both points. 2.19. Okay, that's a start. Less jaw. Streets taught her life from number 17 to 7 ST. Told her line 17 to 7 marked on meat point as 0.0.20. I mean, the poise number 20. The mark Their 0.75 through the left side. Off points that 0.20. That will be point on the one liberal here point a new one. Okay. Here point. A new one is the mark. 0.75 centimeter through the left side. off 0.20 they say is 0.21 is a point of the one they need to connect. Number 17 number 21 on number seven with the French curve rulers. I call none the number 17 21 a number seven. And then we finished the skirts block draft. Then you can use your thing repentant you to mark down. Is the skirts block? Okay. Thank you for working. Then you can upload your homework about the skirt block through the web set. Thank you so much. Next class will do the past block. 9. Basic pants block draft 1: Before we make the basic pant parent, we should have thes measurements. Total pans, buyers, waist measurements, HEB measurements, ni measurements and the pants bottom. Thank you. Hello, everyone. Let's start the basic pant pattern today. This class making holder one. Let's start the basic pant pattern today. Today we make the front side. First let's find a point A oh, we just basic ass back here. Maybe the point A Okay. And then though we couldn't find the point B point be witches. Oh, corner off the heap measurement. Then we just square ruler as guys about the 1/4 off the hip Measurement a ball here, point B Okay, so it's 1/4 off cape measurements. Then we can find the point. See, which is the total pant less from point A. We assumed the point. See? Is yours here? Okay. Point C, which is total pants less from point A with the total pot total passed since okay points the which is the knees point then eyes the middle points off B and C the middle points off B and C and plus two inch up plus two inch up. The assume is over here, pointy point the which is the middle point off B and C plus two inch up. Okay, point the Derek Cruz horizontal lie on ABC. Just it may refuse. Yeah. Uh, you 10. Basic pants block draft 2: That's fine. Point E Point E wishes 1/4 off HEB measurements. Okay. A quart of hate measurements here. Point E. Okay, So I will be the same as a to B the real trees. A straight line from E to a top. This is the point off. This is points the points. Jean wish Hazel quarter off. A true be 1/4 off each would be well soon is here point g point age, which is the middle point off G two b porn age rigid reaches the middle point off G two b this here point h less tress lost. Rely to find points I n g trees the trees light. Find this point days I This point is J K. Plant Kate one on Caju are from J on, which is 1/4 off the pad bottom. So miss here He did. Hey, one Okay, too Form J. Okay, which is the quarter off ballroom? 1/4 off bottom. The points on one on on two form point I, which is 1/4 off knee. Numis Here. Here. Okay, um, one on on two form I, which is 1/4 off me que 11. Basic pants block draft 3: as Canada. I'm true to Caju. I'm 12 OK, one. Okay, come that one. Tok one. I'm too okay as Canada. I'm want to be with a soft curves. The brunch curve ruler. I'm one to the B. He's soft, curved and also conduct the I'm true to point G. Please curse Nice. Find the point on on which is equal to the E G plus 1/2 inch. So here point and which is equal to the E two g plus ah, half inch is pointed. Let's connect. And until g with a curve, let's find the point old, which is 1/4 off waist measurement from F soon here 0.0, which is 1/4 off waist. Measurements from less tress occur from old to be. Let's find point P, which is ah half inch down from the F porn P, which is 1/2 inch down from the F. Um, we connect the old This is the basic pan pattern. The Francais. Okay. Thank you. 12. Basic pants block draft 4: to them will start the basic pen pattern backside. Take the frump agon as a base on extend the horizontal line on being named the lying 1 to 10. One to three for five. Se eight No i 10. Let's take the measurements off. 9 to 7. Applies from seven to find small letter eight here small military and less at 1/4 inch on 56 you'll find a smaller B and C 1/4 off inch small at her be on sea. Let's find smaller 30 which is 1/3 off one chew. Chew well here, small at her teeth. Let's find smaller to E way trays 1.5 inch out from smaller 30. Here. Small that E, which is 1.5 inch off. All forms. Monitor t less, drawing the three through this monitor E. Then we can find a dream, and we extend the horizontal line. Okay, here is the smaller that's drawing the smaller see to those monitored be with us trees, um, point smaller, a marked all around like why INGE? That will be small effort 13. Basic pants block draft 5: the B two f should be equal. True, I'm true to seven. So due to this measurements, we can make sure we were the point after the actual down to the around. Why inch or 1/4 of inch testable depends off. These measurements should go to here to be true. After determining points small, we will trial the curved line to connect the B to F. Let's find the smallest age, which is the measurements off 1/4 off the hate measurements at three inch wrong the small little gene. Okay, be a wrong here. Small hurt. H Okay. Again. The small age, which is the measurements off 1/4 off hit measurements and at three inch from small energy . Okay, we should take the measurements off the smaller D to true Onda. Apply half long h up to find the small at her eyes being here. Small letter. I Okay, let's take the measurements off. Smarter. The two number true on Apply half from H. After you find small at her, I that's drawing the eye to the trees 14. Basic pants block draft end: Let's find the smaller to Jay. Wait on, which is wrong. Small letter I my own measure once again, 1/4 off waist measurements and add three inch toe worth two smaller tree. There should be here. Some allowed her J here again. Find a small little J wishes from small at her. I met major on measure. Russell going 1/4 off waist measurement at three inch toward some. All g okay. There will be small energy, less joy. Small her I to all through the number 10 on find the smaller af with a curved I choose. I shoot. Okay, I threw the number 10. And to find it's Molitor that's drawing with self curve from the J shoot. Uh, e at three j to eat. Three less applied the 1/8 hape measurement from G to the center. A little wrong that here them go down three inch to find que smart. Okay, three inch to find us. Mother. Kate, let's mark 3/8 inch to each side off the dart. Hey, 3/8 inch to each side off the Darth. Then they will be the doctor. Okay. Oh, Hopes the point. Number three If she'll be here, it should be m one the same as someone. There will be number three. So the J through the E on will be Kaneda three. It'll be here to the here on the go down. Okay. Okay. Fellow made the the physical Parton will be that this Okay, here is a start. Then we finished the back side, the back side off the past pattern. 15. Basic Bodice block draft 1: We're starting the basic ball this block today. First we need to have thes managements. The past Suck us a conference neighbor to waist waist to hip arm, hole, dip shoulder, backward chest as next with. We should have these measurements first. After you call this measurements, we can start to make the block the 0.12 point two, um is the arm hole death measurements plus 1.5 centimeters. Okay, one 0.1 to true. One to chew is the arm hole deaths plus 1.5 centimeters. The 0.223 is the half bust plus five centimeters. Okay. Half bust plus five centimeters. True to three, number 3 to 4 is equal to the one true truth three true four is equal to the one. True to okay point for 1.1 to 5 eyes the nape to waist measurement plus 1.5 centimeters. 1 to 5. Keep 0.1 too fast is the nape to waist measurements plus 1.5 centimeters on the square course to find those six on double check Children three. It's equal to the 526 Okay, on here is the central 1 to 5 essential bike. Okay. Central bike for Vucic. This is central for Aunt 16. Basic Bodice block draft 2: Let's draw the backside first. 1 to 9 is 1.5 centimeters down from 0.1 is point. I hear 1.9. It's 1.5 centimeters down from the point. What one true turn on a is the neck wife measurements OK, 1 to 10 is the neck west measurements as less connected. Nine. True 10. So curve is the back nine. Curved 9 to 10 on 1 to 11 is the first and meter down from one. Uh, here, 11 12 in i one is five centimeters down from 50.1 on where I feel Paul's block number 10. True 12 is the shoulder Lance measurements plus one centimeter Ted attend to health tell is the shoulder last measurements plus one centimeter numbers. 13 is the center off showed Alon, the center off shoulder line number asserting Show the line here. Okay, Center offshoot Onda, about the number of number 14. It's draw a dotted line. Five. Center and meter long from the numbers. 13 round first and meter. Wrong Onda slop on sloping in ward. Once that I meet her, here is the number 14 draw. Adult in line, five centimeter long Andi sloping inward Quansah and meet her and construct stars. One centimeter wise was the line. That's a central city. You're you. Then there will be a dart. 17. Basic Bodice block draft 3: about two to number 15 is the half bag breath measurements plus 0.5. Sending me to eat square up that well here. Number 15 True True Number 15 is the half back West measurements plus 0.5 centimeter ease, and this skirt up okay, Number 15 to number 16 is the half measurements about 2 to 11. Number 15 to number 16 is the half measurement off the point. You, too, pointed. Number 17 is the maid away between two on 15. Number 17 is a midway between two and 15 on square down with adult line 2.18 0.18 on the whistle line. Here is always a lie. Number four to number 20 is the neck. Who s measurements Last 0.5 centimeters will be a wrong here. Number 20 4 to 20 is a nag whose amendments last year 0.5 centimeters on the four to number 21 is the 6.5 centimeters. When you want 4 to 21 6.5 centimeters, let's draw a curve. 2021. Okay, 18. Basic Bodice block draft 4: number three to Tony Chu is quarter chest measurements. 20 Truth on plus quarter guard squared. Don't always told her. Lying two points. 23 on the waist. Doctor I point number 23 on the weight on the waste on the 24 on the pipeline. Okay, 24 on the hip. Number 25 is the bus point 22.5 centimeters down from 22. All here to new five is the bus points, two point bulbs and the meter down from 22. Then John Lie drawing to the 22 25 trying to 24 22 26 stars Wise measurement. The jaw line drawing 25 to 26. Number 12 to 27 is 1.5 centimeter a square out shoes, tens and meter to 28 27 square. All 10 centimeter 2 28 One number 12 to 27 is 1.5 centimeters square house, 10 centimeter to 28 26 29. Draw life from 26 shoulder Lance Measurements, who touched the line from 27 to 28 20. So again 26 to 29 is Joe Line from 26 shoulder. That's measurement to attach the line from 27 to 28 19. Basic Bodice block draft 5: number 3 to 30 is half chest plus half west off start number is 30 is half chest plus half blood off start 3 to 30. 31 is five centimeter form 30. Do you want is fast on the meter from 30. 32 Is me the way between 15 and 30 30 True on a squirt down with adult in line to point 33 on the whistle I onda 330.34 on the hay plein 33. Then we've degree from draw the arm hole We will touching the points 12. 16 32 31 on day 29 if you use a French cook line because my there there is too small. So I can't use the French cover line that you should use the first problem. Okay. Wow! 16 32. 31 on 29. That is our hope. Let's create the stars, Understand? Seem lines number 5 to 6 is half off bus soaker fris, for example 20. Basic Bodice block draft end: folks and pulled a bus. So conference buff secure Ference is 88 centimeters and 5 to 6 is the half off the So they want by while Ritu Dough booby 44 centimeter hurt on the waist circumference is safe sex sending me to her based so difference on behalf. Off the basic reference, it will be a 33 centimeter on the 44 minus 33. There will be 11 sending uterus on the This is the month that we need to take in by creating the three darts US 42 41 40 41. There will be 3 30 three centimeters. 42. 41 B three Onda Uh 42 to 43 42 to 43. It would be five centimeters. Five Beatrice in the last 44 to 45. 44 2 45 It's 444 centimeters. - Let me finish. The start here is central back Central Randt. Okay. Still, we finished the basic bodies block