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Intraday Stock Trading Masterclass (Updated 2022)

teacher avatar Aumkar Bhamangol, Passive Income/ Finance Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 1m)
    • 1. Milestones of Successful Day Trader

    • 2. How to make money in stock market

    • 3. Analyse price in the market

    • 4. Types of day traders

    • 5. Trading Matrix

    • 6. HTHB / LTLB to find out trend in market

    • 7. Most simple way to find out trend in the market

    • 8. Indicator No - 1 (Most simple & Powerful indicator for Day trading)

    • 9. Indicator No - 2 (Volatility indicator)

    • 10. Squeeze breakout strategy (Scalping)

    • 11. Range Shift Strategy

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About This Class

This course includes everything you need for Technical Analysis and Trading.

If you want to learn more about what the course contains, here is a shortlist of questions to help you decide if you should take it followed by a deep list of the course lectures below. What you see is just the beginning of what the course includes because I am making new lectures every month for you! You will get to see screen capture live tutorials showing you everything you need to do to get started with Technical Analysis including information about all of the topics below!

  • Importance of Technical Analysis

  • Trend concept

  • Candlesticks

  • How to recognize a New trend within a trend

  • Stages of stock market

  • How to draw an accurate Trend line

  • Support & Resistance

  • Moving Average

  • RSI

  • Bollinger Band

  • Fibonacci applications

  • Divergence and its use

  • Chart patterns

  • Common Mistakes that you should Avoid

  • Advance concepts for your short term trading

How Stock Trading can be a Full-Time Profession

The sole purpose of this course is to make stock trading so simple that even a kid can learn, and that's what makes us stand out from other courses, we have made trading and investing in stocks so simple that you don't need to have any knowledge about the financial markets, and we stand for what we say.

Most people stay away from stock markets due to fear of losing money or market volatility or lack of knowledge or preconceived notions about the stock market like a gamble, manipulated, risky, etc.

But the fact is that thousands of people survive on stock trading as a career leaving aside their main profession, be it a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or marketing professional.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who want to learn advanced concepts and gain full comprehensive knowledge of financial markets.

  • Best Suited for traders having trouble applying a profitable trading strategy to earn consistent profits through stock trading.

  • Beginner/Intermediary level traders looking for tools and techniques used by professional traders.

  • People who want to generate passive income through the stock market by Day Trading or Swing Trading.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aumkar Bhamangol

Passive Income/ Finance Coach


Hello, I'm Aumkar.

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1. Milestones of Successful Day Trader: Thank you so much for enrolling in this day training course. Now, I really appreciate your commitment, your time, and your efforts to take your first financial decision of becoming a successful day trader. Okay? Now, this is your mentor own karma Mongo, and I will be guiding you through this whole journey, okay, about day trading. Now, I have a unique selling point. And also it is my advantage because I have struggled during dating in the previous years and I have found it. If I was able to do detailing this simple, then everyone can do this. Everyone can become a successful day trader right now. So that's why my unique selling point or my motif of creating this course is to make daily trading simple. Okay? I want to make it so simple that E1 or tenure kids can learn and do it. So again, thank you so much for enrolling in this data mining course and I'm looking forward to guide you and becoming a successful day credo. So we were starting out, let's look at what are the four milestones to become a successful day trader. What are the four milestones? Now the first milestone is the mind management. Now, what comes under mind management is fear, greed, and hope. Now, when we are doing a date training, okay? Day trading involves a lot of high intensive decision-making, right? In very short period of time, you have to make a lot of decisions, right? So that's why mine management is the most important thing. The next milestone is the risk management. Now what comes under this management? And the risk management is the milestone when most other people go wrong, okay, now, I know this because I have taught more than 10 thousand people all over the void. And most people don't know how to manage their risk. They do, they know the tools, the know the strategy, they know that brain, they know the mind management, but they don't follow the risk management system. And when they lose their moods big, right? So that's where risk management is the most important part. And don't worry about it. We're going to cover the risk management for a trading in this course. The third milestone is that tools management. Now, what comes under Tools management? Now Bulls management is all about your knowledge on markets, such as what kind of kind of indicator you are a master of, okay? Now, you cannot learn every indicator available in the market and try to apply it in the market, right? It is not going to help you. So how much in depth knowledge do you have in particular indicator is going to help you entity, that is the tools management. And the fourth one is the trade management. Now what comes under the trade management? It is a system. Which system? The rent to buy and when to sell. Is it the right position to get into as if the right position to exit the right to the whole strategy comes into the trade management, all their tools and the indicators which we are going to use to execute the data comes from that there are tools management, the risk management is all about how much you should you riskier capital, right? How much leverage you should be using when doing their day trading. Because most probably all of the people will be using leverage while doing the reading. And as I said, first one in which the mind management, you have to be, you have to know what is my management? And less than 20. Now, if you have only two of these or if you have only three of this, then it is not going to help you. It is not going to make you a successful trader. In order to become a successful trader, you need to have all the four milestones. You need to know all the milestones, okay? And you need to master those. Now, I'm with you in this journey. And I will make sure that, you know what are these four milestones and you achieve those milestones. So once again, thank you so much for enrolling in this stock daydreaming course. And I hope you will get immense value from this course and you will become, it will make you a successful day prayer. So, thank you so much and I'll see you in the next video. Then that time, good bang and happened. 2. How to make money in stock market: Hey guys, welcome back. So today we are going to learn how we can make money in the stock market as a day trader. Okay? So now there are two ways in which we can make money in the stock market. Now, the first way to make money in the stock market is by doing long braid is okay. Now what does long threads? Now? First of all, let's change for us. Okay? What is the meaning of a long trip? Now under long period, you forced by pings and afterwards you send things. Now let's suppose if I bias something at 100 rupees, and if I send it at 115 rupees, and then this is a profit of 50 loop, right? So this is known as a long trade. Now, exactly opposite to the long period, is known as a sharp break. Right? Now what is and sharp breed. Now, it is the exact applicants with long train. It means that for us to be I'm going to set in and afterwards would be able to do by. Now, most of the people in love out long traits, but very less people know how to breed shark or how to shortlist talk right? Now, let me give you a golden nugget now what is avoiding the board? And they could do something which I have learned from my own experience and which is right. So the word and the need for today's lecture is that you can make big money and take money in in sharp relief. Do you know why? The reason is? Because vendor market goods and it goes like this. It goes something like this. But when the market goes down, it goes like this, right? So you can see that the time required to go for this talk to this point and the time required for it to go from this learned to this level. So this is very less time, but it takes a lot of time, right? So that's why when there is a crash in the market, people make Hen lot of money in the short three. Now, if you wouldn't get a single plead, it's a single sharp trade which is good enough now in every year that that is a mine that cannot crash. Okay. Every year there is a minor crash or a correction what you whatever you may say. So if we are able to capture that move, I can show that you don't need to trade for the remaining yo yo don't need to train him the remaining your why? Because you make so much money in this short trade that you don't need to do trading. So now let me tell you about shark trade. Move now let me try to give an example related to our day-to-day life. Now we usually, we don't do this, but it is also a possibility of owning, right? So now let me just give you an example. So let's suppose that we know that now the price of sugar is 100 rupees. 100 rupees per KG. The pies of Ashoka is hired a bespoke EG right now. And in the coming months the price will go down to, let's suppose the 80 KG, right? So now we know that the pies of sugar is going to drop from 100 rupees to a database. So what did we do is we borrow one KG sugar may borrow one condition from our neighbors, right? That is, that first we said, now how do we do that? We first borrow one. Can you show that from our naval? And we sell this to the shopkeeper, right? We said this one KG sugar to the shopkeeper at the rate of 100 rupees it right? Because the rate of sugar is 100 of these bouquets right now. And now what we have done is first we have sorted, we have sold, that's in the read, write. And after few months when the price goes from 100 to 80, when our neighbor comes back again and asked him for the one KG sugar which we have borrowed from him. We just simply go back to the shopkeeper and we are gained by the same sugar, one kidney sugar, but now we buy it at the rate of 80 rupees. Right? Now we buy at a rate of 80 rupees. So we saw it at 100, right? And we bought in it again at the same thing for 80 rupees. So V me that broth Rudolf, 20 rupees already bucks right? Now. This is a very lean May of making money in their day-to-day life. But it is very powerful to make money in the stock market. And as a date data, it is a boon for us. Why? Because we can make money even if the markets are going on up audio and if the markets are going down. So that's it in this way. See you in the next video. Did lead time, goodbye and happy trading. 3. Analyse price in the market: Hey guys, welcome back. So in the previous lecture we have seen how can we make money in the stock market? Now, you might be wondering, now we know how to make money in the stock market, but how to figure out whether the stock price will go up or whether the stock price will go down, right? That's the common portion you might be wondering about, right? So the weight is over. So now today we are going to see how we can analyze the price of the market. How can we find out if the stock price will go up or down? Now, there are two ways. Now there are two ways to find out if the price can go up or known. The first way of doing it is known as the fundamental, fundamental analysis. And the second one is known as the technique. Right? So what comes into fundamental? What is fundamental analysis? Now under fundamental, if you want to learn or if you want to study fundamentals, what do you need to look at is the profit and loss statement of the company, the balance sheet. Balance sheet. We have to look at the price to earnings ratios. You have to look the debt to equity ratio, right? So that our blood many factors to be considered. But I'm telling you, which I know off, what is the price of the oil? Who are the promoters? Alright? Because the who is running the company is important, as important as the people working in that company, right? It's a core promoter is not good, then the company's future is not bright. But at the promoter isn't very good or his valet experienced or hidden knows inset in and outs of the markets, then the company can outperform. Now, it may outperform. It is not necessary that it will outperform, right? And so there are many factors, such as, what is the government, government policy? If the point is, is something which promotes the growth of the company, then it's good. But there is some Odyssey which is not good for the company, then the price would be affected, right? So that's on in fundamental analysis. Now, if you want to just look at, or if you wanted to study fundamental, you need to go through all these things now are definitely you. And as well as I don't know everything, right? I cannot study these things because if you want to look at these things, this is free and you can get this on each and every company's website. You can go on their website and you can just look for the report or the quarterly report. Now it is close to somewhere around 300 pages. Okay. Now, after reading 300 pages, which will take somewhere around two spool for us, probably like it will take me somewhere around four to five Haas who read 300 pages. Then afterwards we will come to the conclusion that, oh, right, the price can go up or the price can go down. But can we afford to wait for four hours, so five hours to just find out or to just prayed for few minutes or few hours in the market. So dance, it is absolute no-no, right? We cannot do this. This is only thing for those people who are looking for a long-term investing. We are not doing long-term investing. We're just going to trade into the market for a few minutes to few hours. Not more than that, right? So that's why we cannot use this method of analysis. Now, what is the technical analysis, what comes under technical analysis and why I love this right? Now as a technical analyst, you should look at something known as momentum, volatility and volumes and trend. Now these are the only four things which you need to look at while doing grading. Is it this is this input right now, right? You just only need to look at momentum, virginity, volume, trend. And to look at this that are indicators, right? That are indicators. So you just NAEP loan the indicator and you would figure out what is that, its momentum, volatility volumes and the trends. So as a, if you want to become a successful day trader or if you wanted to become a professional trader, you need to know technical analysis, okay? Now, now ads via being a one-dimensional, right? We cannot use fundamental analysis, fundamentally an unnecessary, it's for those people who have a big phone or who have somewhere around 100 employees to look at each and every aspect, right? To read everything and then do the trading. But we'd cannot do that and being we cannot afford to do that. So we will go with the technical analysis. And technical analysis is the most popular way to figure out if the stock price will go up or the stock price will go down. So I hope you got value from today's session on how to find out or how we can figure out if the market price or the stock price will go up or the stock price will go down, right? So that's an odd in this video and we'll see you in the next video. Till right TAM, goodbye and happy trading. 4. Types of day traders: Hey guys, welcome back. So in today's lecture we are going to say about different types of date greater with them. So let's get started with this. Now there are four types of President, okay, they created us. Now the fourth type of update data is known as the scattered pose. Now, what is the meaning of scalpels? Okay, now scattered books out of those 10 of people who create into market for few seconds to few minutes. Again, those people just created within five minutes and they make money and they get out of the tree. They don't bleed for a long period of time. That's known as the scalp. Now, how much money or how much percentage does the scalpel can get as a depends on 0.01 person. Okay. Let me write it down. Okay. Now, scalpels make, submit it on 0.01% to 0 to 50 percent, okay? That's how much they make into the market. Now, sometimes they make named make a lot of money. But that's only when there is a very loud move that able to recapture using Skype. But usually do it. They don't make a lot of money. They just go scalpels are those people who are just starting out as a day trading the markets that just fascinated by making a quick buck though, and that's all about scatterplots. Now, what did the second type of a day trader picking? The second type of updated data is swing credence. Now, what did the swing creatives, the stream data and out those people who are really into markets for 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Okay. It's been kept job some weight around. So we went around 0.05% to 0.5. Okay? The cactus, I'm greater than 0.05, closing consider 15 or second. Now, swing traders make good amount of money or you can say decent amount of money as compared to the time that this bank in according to that great, okay. Now, as compared to scalpels, streaming training is the best way. Why? Because even if you get a one bordered swing created in a week, Your make decent amount of, amount of money rather than doing scalping. Because scatterplots don't make a lot of money, right? They need to treat every day. But just once we encoding is enough to make the equivalent amount of money that the scalpers do make in a month or a week, again. So the third type of Trader is known as the petitioner date. Now what are the petitioner datatype? Now? These are the people who really, really make lot of money in the markets. Petitioner data does make a hell lot of money in the market, and they trade somewhere around 1, 2, 3 us, okay? Now these people make somewhere around, somewhere around 0.5%, who maybe 1% or 2%. Okay? These people make a lot of money. But originally date dear does, makes a lot of money into the market. They trade for somewhere around one apple tree, us, right? Now, if you get a single petitioner 3, you will make a lot more money than the swing traders and the scalpers and go, you know what scalpers are for those who don't have that much amount of capital or don't have that. Asians in the market, okay? Those people who have patients, those people who have a proper risk management system, those people who have a bravo mindset, okay? If you want to do up additional trick, you need to have a ready good mindset, right? A boy, just NER dataset the most, most. They make the most amount of money in the markets. And now the four types of traders are known as the home for Plato. Now, deeds people buy when the market opens and said it before Rosie, Okay, the end, they just hoping that they make money in the markets. Those are known as the hopeful people. What they do is they win, the market opens, they just buy, and they just hope or pray to God that or before the market closes, I make this metabolical plenty or that ridge, right? So that's how these people look. No foolproof. People lose a lot of money into the markets. They don't have a proper strategy. They don't have proper risk management. Actually, they don't know what they're doing. They just see some YouTube videos. But if you're doing videos, they're just known from him. They just see the newspaper or the news on the channels, right? And distributed. Now adds you had joined this course. I want you to become a successful day trader. And you know that I am with you who make you achieve your goals right? Now if you wanted to become a successful trader, reached type of a grader, you shouldn't be. Now, I suggest if you are starting in New Zealand into the market, use dark being life because scalping has the very lower risk. Again, it is really very low risk. Now if you're starting out just to have a test of the market, how the market moves, how you can make money, how money is lost in the market? You need to start with scalping. Scalping is very simple and it can be done right. Now if you're starting out, started scalping. Second is if you have decent amount of taste of market, how the market moves, how the market reacts, then you can go with swing trading, okay? Now swing trading also has a low risk. It has higher risk as compared with scalpers, but it has a lower risk as compared with the Poisson. But according to me for also starting out, you can also start with us when treating. It is also very profitable. Now, I don't suggest to people to go with the progesterone trades. Why? Because we're just gonna train has the maximum amount of risk, but they do also have maximum amount of profits, okay? So I would recommend that you only go with the swing trading if you want to make decent amount of money. And if you have the proper risk management system, then you can go with the partitioning. Now, in this course, you will have been learning strategy for both the three types of data we did this scatterplot is you're going to learn the squeeze backup strategy for the scalpels. We are going to learn the breakouts and another strategy fostering grading. And also you can learn a strategy for registering pretty okay. So I hope you got some decent amount of information about what are the different types of radar. Now, I have a small suggestion for you, okay? No tradition is that you need to choose between one, okay? Now hopefully is not the right way to start by reading, okay, you should not be a hopeful trend, so we only have these three options, so okay. So you need to choose what kind of a trailer you want. Our first, then only you have to master the single strategy knife. If you want to become a swing trader, we can swing date to them. So you need to only master the strategy which is fostering ready. Once you master, that's when creating, then you can go for scalping or positioning. So I suggest and recommend you that you go with one boom pride to learn scalping is doing and traditional at a single time. It will not work for everything. You wouldn't become fused and Newton never make until we make money into mug. First Moscow single strategy to master a single type of trading and then jump to the next one. So I hope you got a decent value in this lecture and we'll see you in the next lecture. But make sure you know what kind of a grader you, OK, so that's odd in this video and I will see you in the next rid of that time. Goodbye and Happy reading. 5. Trading Matrix: Hey guys, welcome back. So today you're going to see million-dollar slide. Now, this slide will save you a lot of money. Again, it will also make you a lot of profits if we just follow the stack. Okay? So Lexi, now this is known as the grading matrix. Again, this slide is self-explanatory. Again, it just, a picture is worth a 1000 words, right? So let me explain you what this is and you should be following this in order to become a successful. They've been looking at. This is the only slide which differentiates between the successful tables and the results, okay? If we just follow this, you would never be in the losses. And listen until you follow the right strategy has been great. So if you are creating in big quantities, okay, if you're dealing with big quantities, but that is a big range, then you will be having stress. Okay? So why it is because you have a big quantity and a big range to meet the target. So that is highly on, highly unlikely that the target may maybe megaohm and are to be measured. So that is Alibaba specificity. So we don't want to do this. We don't want big quantity and big range, okay? We want big quantity and smart grids, and this isn't known and that date grading which you are learning in discourse fake. So big quantity and small range is normal their day-to-day, right? So in order to become a successful data in it, you need to data into big quantities, but dotage should be ready smaller, right? Not the way it is wanted, but it should be decent amount right? Now. You are doing small quantity but big good age than this Ilona, that trend falling. And let me explain you, what is this frame for it? This is some way in which I live closely me because it does not require much off of screen time or the springtime. Screen time is like, I don't need to sit in front of the skinny, why? Their grade is on rate. While doing intraday, I need to sit down in front of the screen. Wildlife trade is over. But in trend falling, I don't need to sit in front of the screen. I can go and do my job. I then run my business. I can sending those like energy to 2k, right? I can see a movie, I can do anything, but I do need to be present in front of the screen to do this chain. And let me tell you something. If you're beginning wanted to make a lot of money, they didn't is not the key to do that. Day dating is not the way to generate massive wealth. It will help you to have a income, okay? And let me tell you, this is the most famous court or with my mentor told me. And that was that if you want to feed your body, you can do dated in if you wanted to income, you can do day-to-day. But if you wanted to build a house, if you wanted to build your valid, then you need to do brand falling, okay? Now, in Denver and you need to buy a small quantity and the range is very big because it's very big and VM or suggest a lie because it's, the quantity is not so big VI within our risk. And they should bring small quantity in small range, then you're pretty much wasting your time, your commitment, your efforts, and your money as when I worked sartorius, I did that. If you don't have that much amount of money who are taking grading too big quantities, then I would suggest that you start with small quantity and vigorous range. And once you have your Catholic liberal, decent amount of range, then you can consider being big quantity and smart veins that is learned on that day 30. Okay. So I posted it like smartphone 20 megatons that does drink falling, which is very passive income. Detuning is active into why? Because you need to sit in front of steam. Daydreaming is dependent on you. If you are not available, you cannot do anything but then folding is something which I do, which I just had someone that yes, this is a politician. You to have taken this at a stoplight. This is a target. You do everything, right. That's how it works. And that's that most of the people have generated dead, right? So I hope you've learned a valuable lesson from this synchronous grading magnetics, because this is what I had learned the hard way by losing a lot of money into market by varying bicoid, a big range and smarter point B, D and small rooms for distinct kidding, it's in our stresses you audit, this is a waste of time, like I never money has been. So if you want to become a successful leader, you need to, this model point to be bigger range or either big quantity, small Lynch, right? So a day-to-day part friend falling. You need to decide what kind of Akkad you out for support. And then you can come back to this trading magnetics and iodine and find out how much quantity you can trade it. Or you can do beginnings, margarines and you want to get, so I hope you got value from this training matrix. And that's odd in this video, I will see you in the next video in that time. Goodbye and happy 3D. 7. Most simple way to find out trend in the market: Hey guys, welcome back. So in the previous lecture we have seen how to find it trend, how to retain them as if it is a trend or a downtrend using higher dogs and higher bottoms, right, and lower tops and bottoms. So Libya will precede the second way of finding if the stock is in an uptrend or the stock is an a downtrend. Now, this is the most simplistic way to find the brand in the market, okay, So we are going to use an indicator and the name of that indicator is known as the Moving Average. Okay? So what is a moving average? Firstly, let's look at what is it average. Now, I know most, all of you know about what does average we have learned in this fourth and grade. But let's have a quick recap. Okay? So how do we find out average? So let's say that we have five. Prizes, are 345, okay? So to find out the average of these reward we do is we add all this, right? And we divide it by number of lines that we have, number of data points that we have. So if we have 50 number, so we will add the five numbers and divide it by five. So this is known as average. Average. Now, what these mean by moving average? Now, what does this mean, my moving average, it is very simple. Every day we get a new value, right? Every day after the end of the day, we get a new closing price. So if we have to calculate the moving averages from to date with the last 20 days, what will be happening is to model new price when they added double moving average, right? So every, every next day, what would happen is that haven't been new price. But now this becomes six. But we want to find out or amplifier. So we add one and b minus the false one. We add another one, we substitute this one. We add another one. We substitute this function, right? That's why I didn't known as moving average, right? Because it moods. So let's suppose that you have to find order moving average of M. So what did we do is this is false. Let's take that ten values. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 10, right? So if you don't have to find a moving average of this, we are going to be calculated directly. So every day we get a new prices. So it will be added OVO and we will have minus one, the new president, the idea that it would be minus one, new buzzword, batted it with the minus 1. So that's how this works. That's how the movement have very two walks, right? That's the basic analogy or how is the moving average age of books? Okay? Now, now you might have your people using different types of moving average, right? Use value some reading around 520 or 15. People use lot main types of moving averages. We're using different filters. But let me tell you a golden rule. Now remember, when as a golden rule, you have to learn this, you have to know that this is the most important part of whole of my teaching. So because this is what I have learned from my experience and which is very valuable. And you will not find out this as. So moving average we should be using. Now. When the moving average. Now listen carefully, okay, Wendy, moving average is the most powerful, technically two or indicator available in the whole gamut of technical analysis. Yes, grindy moving averages. The most powerful tool VGB can find on this old, this is a boon fall that can then create us. Okay, Were any moving average, remember, prevent will now be yellow and wisdom to use Grundy moving average. I'm listen until I tell you for the particular strategy. Yeah, you'll be using to any moving average is everywhere, right? Okay. So whenever I say the moving average, it means that it is a commodity moving average and you have group by HIV this. So now we have seen 20 moving average. Now let's see how we can find a friend using grantee moving average. Okay. So let's go into charts. Okay. So if you don't have your broker account, you can see Joffre. You can get a free website where you can see charts. It is known the name of the website in trading Okay. Reading and you then go and jocks and this would fall apart. Okay. Now this is the can stick jibe and you have been learning about characteristics in the upcoming lectures. So this is the basic type. Again, how do you do going toward this line chart? Now, the style, open the website, open the jobs. You would be looking at this kind of a chart again. So how do we convert the line judgment Goa can jump. So this can be simply just all you can see this line to speak on that. And you'll get a bunch of options. But we are only going to use this candles. Simple kindness to speak on it and even change from line chart too. Candlestick champs. Okay. Now the second is how we should add the indicator. Now, you can see this written as indicators, indicators and strategies again. But this strategy doesn't work, but yeah, so OVO in the sewage just simply type but moving average. Okay, So we're going to use simple moving average and exponential weighted Hall and smooth, again, only going to use simple moving average. And you'll find out in a second why it is the most important. Why we use simple moving average. Just click on the simple moving average, okay? Now you can see that is this line falling, witches crisscrossing the canvas again and again. That is the moving average again. But now this is by default 9 moving average, we want 20 moving average. Now, on the left-hand side you can see this MA, nine grows 0 and bunch of options. So your book click on the gear, which is the settings. Just click on it. Okay? And you will get this, okay? So going inputs, we are not going to change anything. Audio can change the color. I'm going to go with the darker one. And I would also increase the wig. Okay? So a bony inputs and instead of length, length is nine. Now in every software you wouldn't get this by default value, which is nine. Yeah, what gene does by default value from nine to renminbi and just simply click on, Okay. Again, we have not changed anything as okay. Now, let's, now this is a weekly chart, okay? Now, there is only one rule. If the price is above the moving average, it is a dream. Okay? If the price is about moving average, then this is up right. Now where you are, you can see that the, this is the 20 moving average and the prices upgrading about the moving average, right? So this is a print. Now let's look at a daily chart. Okay? So you can see that the price is moving about, moving average right now. Grade books on debt. Our next see what happens tomorrow, right? So this is known as the doctrine. This is a trend, okay? But the price is moving about the 20 moving average. This is upgrade. Yet it today it does after one year disrupted and yet it is Maunder retrenchment or down. What do you know? If you can, if you can see that over your, that moving average is very closer to the phases of prides is very closer to the moving average. So this alone on this side of his market, which you will be learning afterwards again. Now there are two types of market or trended market and sideways market trend it means it goes up fast. And sideways means it just barely moves up or down. It just folds flat, or it remains flat. Okay? So this is how you can find a trend in the market. Now, if as a dirty data, let's go into our chart and see what's happening. I'll just click on our chart and just click Okay. Now, can you see this? This is a downtrend. This is a dumping. The price is trading above the moving average. So this is obtained now you can see how big the uptrend wants right now. Right? So debt is again our next look at some of the trends. Okay? So the moving average is very, very much bow foot and just simply finding out trends in the market. Okay, now, let's start with the weekly chart and look at it. Now. Can you see this? The moving, the price trading below moving average, the brightest trading below moving average. So this is a downtrend, right? If we go into daily chart, let's look at what is the trend in the market. We're going to see that when the price was about moving average, it went up like crazy, right? But once the bleed, now overjoyed was a sideways market. So sideways market, we will be learning another indicator for how to find that the stock is trendy or the stock is not brand new, right? So moving average, we are going to use only to find out or trend if the trend is stroke uptrend or trend is down current again. So if the price is trading below 20, 20 moving average, then this is a downtrend, right? So based on this 20 moving average weekend, decide whether we should be short on a stock or whether we should do a long Brady and their stock, right? So it's, it is less than if you see a 50 minute jog. Okay, So this is very inadequate. We cannot do a dot in this next group who? Reliance Industries. So can you see this? This is a 15-minute chart. So over the past few days, the stock was mock movie. It was badly going up, sometimes up and sometimes downright. But today there was a very loud move. And actually that we came to know about this logo before it happened, right? So the prices move, grading a Bodoni moving average. This means that that is a clear indication that it is an upgrade. So that's how we can avoid trading or avoid trading in those markets, which does not have the potential to move up or down, right? So if, if we are day traders, we have Gu, made for those stocks, although we have go only painting those dogs which has a potential to move quickly, right? But we cannot waste our time as a dangerous. If the, if the stock is not moving quickly, then it is not bad. A good stock to be trading in, right? So I hope you got how you can use to any moving average to find out the trend in the market. So that is basic. If the prizes trading about when a moving average, it is Up drink, okay? If the price is trading, the trading above women did adopt it. And the price is trading below 20, moving average and it doesn't downplay, right? So I hope you got value from this lecture. So in the next lecture we're going to see how you can use trend lines to find out at trend in the market. 8. Indicator No - 1 (Most simple & Powerful indicator for Day trading): Hey guys, welcome back. So it could be via wind to learn another indicator which will be finding out momentum in the market. Now what is momentum? It is speed. Now nicotine give you an example. Looking at momentum means it is a speedometer off the market. Isn't good for momentum, is the speedometer off the market right now. That is Buddha mentor to our motorcycle lot of our car, right? It goes from 0 to boot R&D, right? It goes from 0 to Goodwin. Now, what if, what would you see if we're traveling at the speed of greg kilometers or what would you see? We would say we are going bust, right? If you're traveling with the speed of 40 kilometers or you'll say be avoiding slew. Right? If you're traveling with the speed of 180 kilometers, but you will see very fast. Yes, you are traveling very fast. So similarly, that is an indicator which we can use in the market, right? To find out the speed as it isn't. Just put them under Gua will awaken. That is, there shouldn't be speedometer to our markets also, right? We should know if the markets are going fast or slow, or it is going with a medium speed. So simulated the name of that indicator is odd as it is. It didn't lead to strength index. Okay. The name of the indicator needs Artisan. So what does Addison know? That our boot I have so far is n Now the basic weeks everyone knows is the convention. That is it Daniel, enjoyment, and that is the fundamental Odyssey. Okay, so what does int conversion? So as this way, remember it goes from 0 to 200, the speedometer off the stock markets on so goes from 0 to 100, Okay? Zeno go hydrate. But in this pyramid, if you see in a speedometer off awaken that either some lines beginning those HCI is that if we're traveling between 40 to 80, the economy range, right? It is a economic age. So there should be some sweet omentum which tells us that if the, if the price is about this lemon, then the market is very speedy. Odd, if the price is below this level, then the market is not that great or it is going very slow. So as a day trader, V1 speed, why? Because as a day trader trading into some stock, then we want the stock to move up quickly so that we can make more profit, right? If we take a trade and the stock business move for next, 15 or 20 means our blood, then it makes no sense trouble that created right. That's why it is necessary to know before taking that painted the markets are speeding or the stock trade should have momentum right? Now when I'm mentioning now the convention is born as the 70, 30. Okay. That kind of incident is known as the 17th heartbeat. Now, we're not going to use the 70, 30 odyssey. Okay. Yeah, Don't going to use the blender inch no lattice. Right? We are going to use the unconventional not as an award. These are undernourished, not now. The undernourished not as an ISO, has two lines, but rather than 730 reuse 60 and 40, right? Does that difference is that rather than using the 70 and taught be reuse 60 and 40, right? So now you're next going to jogs and see how we can add RSI. And we look at it again. Now. This is the previous legs, goes with the fans and the moving average. And so how we should add them? Isa doesn't grow any indicators, okay? Simply sludge for S and I have it. You can see this strength index, this click on it again. And you will see this. It's being abandoned in-between that there is a line moving up and down, right? So now you can see that this is for the 70, right? This band is 270. But we don't want to use this Parthian 70 BC. Animals. You'll find essays that, or what a morphogen or what sort of if the, if the prizes, if this is above, are in the 70, then it is o or what? If it is at the labels near tardy, then it is known as what, a sorted. Darks this infant another job, ISA, but to be on Northern before all of this analogic, because this does not works. Right? Now you will see the magic ones we've changed a lot as applicant. Now you can see this is 7030. Yeah, I have the change it now. How it would change it? Just overall a dot. You can see 14 glows and just click on the Get a settings. Right. Now, we're not going to change the length. We are not going to change anything. Just go on the spines. And you can see this is the, a band just jammed the upper band from 70 or 60 and change the lower band from 30 to 40. Now, the light, this everything is clear right now, or you can change the color, you can get it right. Okay. Now, just lead and click on OK. Ok. And you'll see this 60 and 40 now the levels of 1640. So this is how you've been ad indicator. Do your chalk art as I indicated to you, that jumps. Ok. Now, let's look at the levels. Now that are only good things to look at in doing that, It's only very simple rules for right. Now. The flossed rule is if the, if osteocyte, if Addis I is greater than 60, then it is. Our role. What we can say is that it's speed, high-speed in the market. If the artist side is between, between 40 and 60, it is site raids. Sideways market. Okay. And if the other side is no. 40, then it is down brand. Okay. No. Other than seeing Speedy, we can see a trend. Okay. Okay. So if not, I'd say it's about 60. It is arbitrary. If the IP is fall between 40 and 60, then it is a sign of his market. And that's how you then find the sideways market in the stock. And if the ADA says below 40, then it is a downtrend, okay? Now it makes it go back on any global chart and see these lemons. Now. Now consignee, you can see what is the level that it did changing over you are as an enclosed and you can see change as I move my cursor right now via seen that entity, the Reliance. Okay. Now, what was the rule? Now let's go to monthly chart. Okay. So the rule was that if the RSA is above for about 60, then it is an uptrend, right? If the Odyssey is about 60, then it is up to now you can see at this point data, so rentable 16. And you can see how the market went up, right? When the ADA was about 60, the market went up. But when God I said was between 60 and 14, you've got to see it never grows to 60 and eight never ran below 48 watts, between 60 and 40. And it was between the lines, right? Okay. Now you can see if the Odyssey is between 60 and 40, this, then the market is pretty much flat. It has never mood, right? And that's how you can find out if the mockup visit AND, or a desk, a sideways market. Because if you tried to David Ernie and boo, sideways market, You would never make money and you wouldn't know of yours. You blame the mock-ups that AI does gambling and convicted speculation rate. But the thing is that do you know that it is a sideways market? Right? If the stock and data sets up all 16, then the stock will move up. If they didn't be between 16 and 14, the stock fund not moistened with disclose sideways. Right? Now next we'll look at some, let's take the most popular, which is Yes, Bank, right? Because it isn't a downtrend. Why? I go No, we don't need to normal gait. And you can see Dodd says below 40. Now that is below 40, which means that it doesn't downlink drink. Right? Now. The data says about 16 and it is going on. The dot essays between 1640 and goes sideways. Right? Let's go through some let's go to okay. I says, Yeah, bank. Now this is the monthly job. Okay. Now the only auto, so you can see if the mafia goddesses between 1640, it gives a Market. But once the Odyssey gloss is 60, it goes up, right? Ones data set is about 68 years of his mouth aids idea of payment. So now Nick's going Google or timeframes next, go into our little chart and see what is happening. Okay. So next, the boy drinks. Yes. So what you have now you can see pretty much rennin will. The Odyssey is about 60, okay? Whenever not it says about 60. The market moves up but rapidly, right? When our data set is about 60, market moves up rapidly. But whenever the data says between 60, 40, that is not a big move, right? It doesn't base model moon. So as a date, do you know VDD need to have a lot of momentum in the market, right? There is no momentum, then we will lose money. Why be good to start with stock and not moving? So the basic thing is that you need to have movement in the market in order to become a successful date trade-off, right? So Aliyah, you can see that the ISI went below 40 and you can see how it went down. Right? That's a cool Gu, 15 read jogs. Now, again, as I said, when not essay was between 60 and 40, the market one just in a site. It never moved up or never move down. You can see it wasn't ready glows consolidation happening in the market. Right. And not have been done. He broke 40. It was below 40. Dad said once we know 14 After that, you can see deep to rain down like this, right? But goddess, I was above 60. You can see how it went up like this. Again, it with a of 0, 60, it can bind up like this. Now, yellow dot is able to be below 40 and you can see how it went down. And now, Yeah, Oh, it was between 60, 40. So it really did assigned to his monkey. Now, you have you have regional offices about 60. We're going to look for a long time. If Doris has been no 14, we're going to look for a short trip. Every decision between 64 DBI not going to play into that stock. That's it. That's the organ three rules which you need to know, right? So I hope you got to all Radley from this lecture. And so we're going to use this honest, I know that a couple of strategies which we will be using ISIL. So this is an ordinary ISA. So I will see you in the next video and in lifetime. And goodbye and happy. 9. Indicator No - 2 (Volatility indicator): Hey guys, welcome back. So today we're going to learn another indicator and this indicative of a help us to know if the market is worded or not, right? So in dating, it is very important to know if the market is worthwhile or not. Because if the market is not rotten, and if we try to do day trading, then probably we are not going to make money. Why? Because the market is not moving. There is no volatility in the market, right? So it is always important to know before doing any trait that is volatility in the market, we need to conform it. And to conform that there is volatility in the market. We need to learn, learn or 2D. And the name of that tool is boggling banks, okay? So this is a very famous tool used by a lot of traders. But you should not use this tool to grade. You should also you only use this tool to find out a volatility in the market. Now, I'll be teaching you a strategy where you will be using combined Google three indicators who make a perfect grade. Okay, so now let's learn about what is Bollinger Bands. Now, a short history of unwanted Eubanks. The bondage of Guangzhou was invented by a person named John Bollinger. Now the indicator itself named on his son and which is boiling job. Okay. Now that's already thing which we need to know about it. Now in Bollinger Bands, postal fun, by the name you'd sieve. We can know that it is a band, right? Because a bank in band, in this Bollinger Band that are three lines, three lines, as in, as RSA, in RSA that I drew lines in bondage, advance that out three lengths. Okay. Now the middle of the line, or the middle bang, which Israel god knew, is that grant deed moving average line is known as a great day moving average between the moving average. I'll put a bang is no standard deviation. It is Steinberg who aviation. The lower band is minus two standard deviation. Okay? The upper band is less predation and develop ideas minus tradition. And the bank does Nora simply Grundy moving average. Now we have learned about any moving average, right? It is the most powerful. It says, right here, you'll get to know about it. Olanzapine see the strategy, however, it is very powerful, again that only three lines. Now, let's go into chart and see how we can add the indicator now. Read. So how you can add indicated the chat. Now you can simply go on the indicators and type Bollinger Bands. Now you can just click on it and you can get this band, okay? Now you can see that there are three lines in the bank. Right? Now this is more of the upper band. The line which you can see in the middle is known other grant day moving average. And this is the lower band, right? I hope this is connected enough. Dopamine, the Melodyne under lower back right? Now. Now next Lund and I wanted to pose of bond in Japan is the bonding. Japan's purpose is to find out if the market is, is wonder than our mark, right? Just know at the market is water then are marked. And as a daydream, volatility is our friend, right? If you go against what did an empty move money. So we don't want to lose money, we want to make money. So we have to go with the water diluted and not against a 130. Right. So it does I'm missing the middle. How this tool can be used to find out where eternity in the market. Now as I wrote that, there are three lines in the abundance of bands, right? So deeds, banks are these lines tells us if the market is water dialogue marked now how can we know that? Now that up three lens, the most important line is the I'll put a band. And the second one is the middle of a bank. Okay. So I'm not me, I'm not going to consider moving average. I can now make pretending that are going to be one or deleting that haven't been low water clarity. If the banks are okay, if the bands up Mosaic, then that it would be low water dignity. But if the banks are moving away from each other, okay? If the bands on moving of a, now you can see that the distance was. Loads over your right. And once this dot moving away from each other, so the distance stops to an increase in between them, right? So this is high volatility. Right? Now, this is a boy band. This is low band. Right? Now you can see this is the distance between these bands is why again, this is very wide, right? But this is not order. That's the BCD concept of laterality. Now, I think you know this out. If the band stop loser, Buddha moves are to each other, then that is no good identity if the banks out of moving opposing direction, okay, One band is upper bound is moving up and down below bank is moving down. Then DWB high, what happens now that is another b would find out that is HIV literature, dog, no water treaty. Okay? Now how to find out. Now this is the band, okay? If the price is creating big dream deeds banks, okay? If the price is going about his bags, okay? Then this is lower ability. But this is the band. Okay. Now, at this point, the banks, those are Bu, each other. So the Friday we were doing like this. And if the price goes about this, this is like if the price of rules about the band, then it is high. Water density. This dense of that debt is hypoallergenic date is so high that the buying side, Mao going out, that the Ghana's out of, going out of the bank. Right? Now let's dive to go and put the charts and see it other than just seeing this diagnostic things, right? So end up with together this up, you know how good that board up the bought in GenBank. Now they're just going to one minute check that everything we wanted to, we already checked. Okay. Now, can you see this? Now you can see that the band is not disbanding, moving up, and this band is moving down. Which means that that is very high when it is making the market. And we'll confirm that that is really high blood in your body. You can see that the Gaiman said outside the band that a father should be outside the bag, right? The ending outside the band. This is known as HIV, whether it underneath into prizes spreading insight the bank. Now what does it mean by inside the bank? Now, I'd like to zoom out. So you can see at this point, the bride's is creating inside the band and the distance between Blue Bikes is ready blues. It gets very narrow, right? So this is nomads, low fertility. Okay? This is known as know what are they doing? Now? He's Hive. Where do you know? This is nowhere did it? Why? Because the prizes draining inside the band, the banks up closer to each other and afterwards, what happens after a long literature? Do that it would be only one thing. Why wouldn't you do that? That is only good things which can happen either that is lower-quality or either that is HIV literature. They did nothing. So its thing goin dad's medium. Okay. I did it is low water then auto decide that high of litter thing. Okay. So this is loner night because the can-do sun inside the bank right after that disband starch to more heavy and disband star string wildly. And the gander set outside the bank, right? That ending outside the bank. So this is the indication that day's HIV ordered and redeem the market. So this is how you're going to find, what are going to deem the market in the Ganges sada inside the bank. And the bank is narrow, right? Then they're going to be no would indicate. Again, you can see that this guidance out inside the bank, right? This kind of setting inside the band, and the band is getting narrower and narrower and narrower land matter. It means that now that it's more or less and less work you do, the more binder that bind, the more the lesson worded that had been in the day right? Now, having a good week again for you. The more biped of the bank, the MOOC, the less vertical line. Now, you can see that this band-stop screw up and this band starts for more on the opposite direction. These boy bands on bringing up was addiction. So this simply an indication that there is high wind if you do not book on for me. The GAN is that outside the bank, right. You can see that at the time said I will check the file. This is a clear indication that better. No one it may be that is high volatility, right? Let's see some more examples. Our next photo, another stop. Okay, let's go to squigglies SMM and see what's happening. Now. The drawings. And you see this, this is the child to read the COVID pandemic happened. And you see this, the balance of eight byte, right? The banks already closer and narrow goo, goo dinner and the band stripe them, go outside the bank boo times. But it faith. Now, as I told you that you are none of them do use this volunteer board in Japan independently to pay you. You're always going to use another indicators with this indicator to trade in the markets. Okay. So you had been done in the US strategy about what it is now the Banza, not OU. And when the runner your desktops or do what? Dixon, this band goods away from each other. These bold banks and go away from me to end, the distance starts increasing, right? You can see that the distance is increasing and the guidance that outside the bank. So this is high water diluted and 100 day trader, then you want to capture these. You need to catch it this way. But this is the MAMP, date thetas and actuators make most of their money. You'll never make money when the market is sideways, okay, as a danger that you want to vote or do you do you've won momentum in your field of a desktop, does not move in your favor weekly and you will not make more money, right? So you've want the stock, the move quickly, very quickly, that can make a lot of money. So once the bands get again closer to each other, this means that they're disadvantaged off and the vulnerability that is a stock of the liturgy D, this is by knowing that the bands type movie opposing directions, right? And this is the end of them. What are, what are going to do lie, because the banks now stopped moving. Uganda are in other directions. So I hope you got how to find outward and hitting the market. How will you then use this bought into Ban Gu? Find out if the market is watertight, not marked. So I want you to go back and backtest this. What do you are going to see is you would go in any jogged, okay. You can open up any stock chart and you're going to proceed on 15 marriage at one minute, jog our new chalk on a daily chart. You can see that this is a squeeze. Now, this squeezes getting tighter and tighter. Write this music addict guide and that fact inside, inside the bag and then ongoing, I'll check the bank. So this means that there is really no better than it did in the market. Now what happens after the low-literate? And there's only one thing which is highlighted in a day. And the next morning it opens up the gap. If it doesn't gap opening it, it isn't capable of learning. And the gangs and outside the bank, right? And the band is moving in opposite direction. This is the clear indication that there is high of literature didn't the market. So I hope you got how you can use bonded to badge to find out what it did it in the market. So that's odd in this window and I will see you in the next video. But at that time and goodbye and happy trading. 10. Squeeze breakout strategy (Scalping): Hey guys, welcome back. So today we are going to learn our first strategy. Now the name of the strategy is the squeeze, breakout. And this is a particular strategy. And let me tell you something. I went and learned this strategy for complete four years I was creating only by using this strategy and I made somewhere around four to five lakh rupees does by using this same strategy. And this still works and it will be blocked forever. Okay? Now, let's see what is the squeeze breakout strategy. Now. Now what kind of a indignant as we are going to be used in this. So we're going to use Bollinger Bands. They say we did the unbundling sn1 and kinda stick pagans. Okay, So these edited it, you indicate to us now, what are the foundations? What are the conditions of using this strategy when you should use this strategy? So the fullest is that she would be about 60 Bu. Use this strategy in the Odyssey isn't our demo 16, but you are still seeing this baton forming in the dark, then I would say that you should not read bag to take that big black because it has less chances of being successful. And the second condition is that the Bollinger Band squeeze, big OK, data should be squeezed and afterwards a big breakout and it should conform, okay, We should not draining to market before getting confirmation. Okay. So let's look at entry. What does entity when he should enter, okay, So when the price closes about a football and your banks with wonder was okay, now let me tell you something. When we learned the Bollinger Bands, I told you about when the prices are about the Bollinger band, that means that there is a high volatility, right? So to confirm that this strategy will work, first, you need to wait and watch into price Moses about while new to bank submit one loose with high ones. And that is the forest floor. I didn't write then that is known as I went, I lowered candy, not the kind of the alert candy should have a say about six to give out essays, Naropa Bow 60. Then I will say, go take a break for them. So what is the force that, but I, it's more or less above fireball into balance with one nymphs and that as it closes at about 60. Now, what does those stopped the most helpless, his elbow below a node, the bottom loop. Now though I learned by Louise I was stopping us. Now, work is on the exit that provides insight for then the price is outside the band. That is hybrid kidney. So it depolarizes closing inside the band, which means that, that the volatility is now over so that it'll be lowered again. If there is no limit rated, the stock will not move. So as a day-to-day, we need to get out of that trade immediate, right? So when the price is about one in Japan, we need to buy. But if that is low volatility, which means that the price comes inside the boiling Japan, then this is known as a low-energy to territory. So maybe even Exit about prayed partially or according to the strategy. Okay? Actually look at some examples. This is a dynamic works. Now I'm showing you this on a daily chart. Again, I know you can see this is the daily chart, iodine e-books, and this is the current, as I'm recording this in 2021. This is the cutting chunks, as you can see again. So what did the floss criteria? The first kind of idea is that there should be a squeeze. And now you can see this is a squeeze, right? This is a very narrow squeeze. And now this is honored can-do, right? This is allowed or not as a bull's have all 16 and you're going see, this is Alan. I'm not going to be given the bot about that other kindly and really put a stop loss of this low as a 100 candle and you using a trailing stop loss. Now, I would make us a pig we do on different types of openness so that you can get them know about what kind of a stop loss you should be using anymore kind of a situation. Right? Now it depends on the stock as well as how the market moves. Now this is another example, datasets I've got 16, that is a squeezed and this is a break or not. This is a big revenue by somebody that on 1160 and you set some of it at argument that Ganymede gums inside the bang. Now this comes into another route, it 40. So that's witnessing, this is an agent, this strategy. You can do it on the daily chart as when, okay. This is investment bank. You can see how this grade was one of the best grades for a driving periods with it. You can see this is a squeeze already. Good Squeeze that was there. And this will die hard candy, which you can see we just have our side of the bank on half inside the bank, so that doesn't earn candy. And honestly it was about 60 on the alert candy, right? So this is how you're going to take disagree those are symbiotic booked, lab, frequency, disability squeeze and after the day with a pico, right? Goddess and elbows and steep, that is a high one num, one leg getting endless ads when. Look tiny. You buy some red at our Credit, six hundred and six hundred Wendy, ready, Sarah? 100. And you said that somebody like gritty 3200 big, That's really quick. Money in and look at this. This is a daily jog and you're making how many, how many D's wine boutique full and free indices find Bayesian making this into a market for money, right? So this Envato, loudest lab. But it is always right, that, that is a really tight squeeze four along feeding. And after look, this is the limit Gandy lot isn't enough. I was 16 and just make a fake. So you buy somebody. I'm typing a hybrid of the theater, these angles, setups, I'm going to go for 40 to be great. What do you say that for granted, it is with diapers ready, big money in fuel gauge, right? So now that's on on a day, daily job, right? Now, never going with Jive and see how you can use this strategy for scattered beam. Now this strategy is ready wedding efficient in doing scalping. Okay, now let's go and Jack, now what does the three indicators between the US and closer to the body into bang. Second is data set. We did the unconventional 640 and not the 70, 30. So you make sure that you have 6040 and not the 70, 30 and nums with a grand day moving average on it. Okay. Now if you know, how can we add that? You need to watch my video again, you need to watch what is bought into by an unique to watch, or do you say? If you're just doing blind, blindly just watching this strategy do not work for you will get, if you know, each and every indicator, then will lead, this is going to make sense to you and you wouldn't be able to create this successfully. If you just how half knowledge about the indicator, then this is not going to work for you. Okay. So you can see that did this to one minute chart with did I say Citibank. Okay. So this is a squeeze, right? This is a squeeze and this is a breakout candy. And you see that this is a petticoat kind. Now, this is just opposite the North though Canvas. Just optimise the high off-field you're looking to buy about the highest disk, Andy Wright dot essays up 06, deal that canon, the one numSides. Right? So this is a very good type of retained which you can use none. Now remember Vanessi when I talked about different types of ribose in market sky, this is host scalloping, so scattered. Bull's the default few seconds to few minutes, not more than that right now. Well, you submit a border around 46 646 and you'll sorts I'm going to round at this point it is 648, right? Now. Bilirubin is a very decent amount of profit for scalpels. Now, as I bolded scalpels don't make a lot of money, right? But this is ready Greek and mystics reading less time. Within two minutes you got out of the cranium, make a hybrid, hired a learner or solider don't do Q3 gate will tell them 3 thousand rupees is omega D in a few minutes and you get out of there. That's how we discard it, doesn't do that grading endowed with an excellent That's allowable. Another theory, now, this is an downtrend. Now you can see this is a squeeze and this is a squeezy. This is our alert candy. This is our left hand. We put OS top most item B sharp below this dot I say is below 40. Now, if you're doing a long period datasets, should we have our 60? But if you're doing a sharp blade, then the honest answer would be below 40, right? But it's high one nums on the selling candy. Which means that it is, has a port ancient who'd become a success would be, right. And he says, I've got this mechanic comes inside and it forms up being of thing. So we make some better if we sorted that full 647 and the blockade of the 96, 45. So it's again a quick buck, right? This is Skyping with fakes already Googled few minutes and you're out of a greedy, you're done with your profits. So next we've got some another stroke. Let's look at this W, steam. That's another market. Or it doesn't make them, it doesn't make a wart bandgap or market or do fading a bit. That technical analysis is a union books and even if you didn't create a DataFrame using the star, okay. So I think, yeah. So it is in liquid. In liquid, it means it can you see this this flat gondolas, this flat end isn't that this is ready in liquid and you should never training starts. We'd had in liquid liquid. That's corporate courteous, which is Indian. I don't know what that was. Okay. So this is ds w steam. Okay. Let me take you away. If you go under water, the liquid stocks, you can do day turning in any nifty 50, 50, 100, it'll get in nifty 50. I wouldn't suggest that more because you have a better chance of making a lot of money as debt is higher participation in debt, right? Let's go and see. Let me remove drawings. Yes. Let's see what is the greed? I'm, yes, I'm gonna say this, this is one of the best trees, one of the best as we do, we're going to get caught. So yet he's a squeeze. This is a very squeeze, right? The bands upcoming, Uganda, the Banza between them that is very low volatility. Then remember what, what happens? I've got a low energy density that is highlighted beauty. And can you see this? How great their clean is, right? It is a ready clean grid. Now what are the, what are the rules? This is our low tendon, right? It, it is on the outside the band, which means that it has come from that improved in the market. Right? Though, volume is high on the selling, buying kindness and goddesses. I saw bow 16. So we put Nova the, by about this high. We put a stop loss. I did some low. So what does I'll stop NAS. I'll just open us up to one. I'm going to write 1 bucks and work is bounded. Let it know Bagehot in this father does that. One's, the canyon comes inside. Okay. If you if you see that there is a radical reform, it him, but he does, I'll accept that kind and I'll extend the bank, then you're not going to exit, do it again. But the ones that are red candy is formed auto green candle is formed inside the bag and the long day is it today? Okay, we're good. What happens is when the camera moves inside the bandwidth means that that is a no limited in the market. Now, if the monetarily dries up, then the stock may feed, falling down, okay. Or it may move sideways so we don't want to be trapped in it, right? So Rena learned to build our profits. So we mark at somebody six AP1 and resorts on that item, 6 86. So it does file of this week. Now what is it? Is your initial v have a risk of 1 group who gained by loop is not. It's approximately one rupee. One is to fight the disability likely she'll count in injury. If you're getting this kind of a disability issue, then that gets created ugly. Even if you get one has to wonder is your issue, then that could absolutely be a bit dry. I hope you got good. We know about how you then you squeeze it. Nicole Checking ego, boost, Skyping in stocks. And so I wonder back this, this strategy so that it, you'll read by which phenylalanine use those strategies, how it works, how it moves, how it feels sometimes right now, they're not famous as vegetable. Get that a phase if Venus as even know why it does talk fields. Now, you can see at this point that is mostly a squeeze. You may be thinking that he has this into squeezed, but nor is it normal Sweezy. This is known as a squeeze again. And he said this, how narrow it is, this is a ball foot squeeze. This is a bullfight squeeze again. Next, look at some other. Now this is a perfect squeeze. This is not a squeeze, okay? You need to have a very tight squeeze in order to trade. Okay? So I hope you've gotten a value from this lecture i ng, I wonder to backtest. And so that's all I did in this video. I will make another video on backtesting does strategy. So I would say in the next video, does that time, goodbye and habit.