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Interview Hacking: Learn to Speak Confidently, Hone Your Messages, and Get Better Job Search Results

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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29 Videos (1h 21m)
    • Welcome to the Course

    • An Insider’s Crash Course on Candidate Interviewing

    • Data on What Hiring Managers Seek

    • Nick Livingston, Technical Recruiter

    • An Introduction to Efficient Interview Prep

    • The BORG System for Optimizing Interview Preparation

    • BJ Thompson, a Recruiting Manager on References

    • Storytelling + Other Interview Communication Skills

    • You Are an Iceberg: Framing and Transferable Skills

    • Job Search Hack: How to Identify Your Big Six Skills

    • How to Use Crisis Narratives to Structure Your Communication

    • How to Sell Yourself Without Selling

    • Hacks for the Interview Room

    • How to Handle the “Weakness” Question

    • The IRS System: Your Fail-safe for Any Interview Question

    • How to Make Sure You Make a Good First Impression

    • Hacks for Mitigating Interview Nerves

    • Small Talk, Active Listening, and Free Information

    • SideBYSide: An Informal Chat Example

    • Career Tech: An Introduction to HoneIT

    • Mitigate Application Barriers with HoneIT

    • Connect and Interview with Real Experts

    • Curate Access to Suit Your Situation

    • How Can You “Hack” Certain Interviews?

    • How to Hack the Phone Interview

    • How to Use Video Interviews to Your Advantage

    • An Insider’s Guide to the Headhunter Interview

    • Go Out and Make a Difference

    • Economist Charles Hugh Smith on "Accrediting Yourself"


About This Class

Join the #1 Professional Development Community on the Web! // Updated September 2016

Learn to Hack Job Interviews and Improve Your Communication Skills

The online business and innovation community Eazl has teamed up with the Bay Area technologists at HoneIT to provide this fantastic course on business communication, interview preparation, and job search hacking. In the course, you'll find a whole suite of Eazl's fun, engaging, HD video modules on interview and communication related subjects, interviews with San Francisco Bay Area recruiters–including Nick, the cofounder of HoneIT, and Eazl's signature guides available for you to download.

Massive Return on Investment: Work Happier and Earn More Money

The course should only take you a couple hours to complete, And on the other side of the course you'll find that you understand more about interviewing from the employer's perspective, you know how to communicate more effectively in professional situations, and you're able to showcase your ability to leverage emerging technologies by using HoneIT to connect with experts at companies like Uber, Twitter, and other leading firms and present yourself in a more dynamic way while you're on the job hunt.

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lots of useful insights
It gets to the point and gives great examples
Nice visual course/animation in. The interviews quality (webcam) was a bit low quality compared and could improve/switching camera angle, or add in some more visuals.





Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the co-founder of Eazl, the venture-backed career acceleration platform based in San Francisco. Prior to starting Eazl, Mr. Jones was a professional recruiter (or "headhunter") with Robert Half International, the publicly-traded recruiting and staffing firm with ~$5.4 billion in annual revenues that operates in countries around the globe. Mr. Jones worked in the San Francisco market, where he identified, recruited, and placed top talent with well-known firms like Wells Fargo, W...

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