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Interpersonal skills & communication skills in workplace. Work better with others.

teacher avatar Bartosz Maryjka, Teacher, dancer, explorer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Interpersonal skills and communication skills in workplace

    • 2. What to expect

    • 3. Section 1 - Working with others

    • 4. Why should I care?

    • 5. Is it really challenging to work with others?

    • 6. Who do I work with?

    • 7. Is respect necessary?

    • 8. Section 2 - Types of conflicts at your workplace

    • 9. Leadership

    • 10. Various characters

    • 11. Trying to change others

    • 12. Not involving your boss

    • 13. Section 3 - Habits and skills that will help you to develop your interpersonal skills and communicat

    • 14. Keep your mind open

    • 15. Responsibility

    • 16. Complete your commitments

    • 17. Remember about hygiene

    • 18. Let your smartphone rest

    • 19. Don't interrupt

    • 20. Keep smiling

    • 21. Make use of resources

    • 22. Leave your music at home

    • 23. Remember about boundaries

    • 24. Let it go

    • 25. Section 4 - Benefits of working well with others

    • 26. Two heads are better than one

    • 27. Healthy competition

    • 28. Risk taking

    • 29. Increased productivity

    • 30. You can trust them

    • 31. Section 5 - Is your boss helpful?

    • 32. Building strenghts

    • 33. Opportunity to learn

    • 34. Setting goals

    • 35. Keeping things fun

    • 36. Summary

    • 37. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Interpersonal skills & communication skills in workplace. Work better with others.

Are you satisfied with your work and personal life? This course is a programme designed to help you increase your awareness in the field of interpersonal skills and communication skills in your workplace, and therefore to become a better worker, a better person, to promote and achieve all kind of goals faster - in general, to improve your whole life. If you feel like things aren't turning out as you'd expected, you want to understand your problems and learn how to solve them, then this course is for you and will certainly help you get your interpersonal skills and communication skills to the next level.

For the class project, I've prepared 13 assignments related to the information from the course videos. All of them will help you better understand the topics covered in the course, and implement the new skills in your real life. For each assignment, I've attached a printable handout to help you complete them.

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Section 1 - Working with others

In this section, I will share basic thoughts about working with others - basics that are crucial to understanding why it is so important, why it may cause problems, and we will also define who are the others, so who are the people we work with in our jobs.

Section 2 - Types of conflicts in your workplace

In this section, we will have a look at some examples of conflicts that can be caused because you can’t work well with others.

Section 3 - Habits and skills that will help you to develop your interpersonal skills and communication skills

In this section, I will introduce you to some skills and habits that are very important if you want to develop your interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Section 4 - Benefits of working well with others

In this section, to give you some more motivation to practise previously introduced skills and habits, I will tell you about some benefits that you may get from developing interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Section 5 - Is your boss helpful?

In this section I will focus on your boss, I will show you some ways of how your boss should help you and other employees become better workers and develop interpersonal skills and communication skills in the workplace.

Develop your interpersonal skills and communication skills - learn how to work better with others successfully! Enrol on the course right now and make your whole life easier and happier, reduce stress and promote faster!

See you in the course,

Bartosz Maryjka


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bartosz Maryjka

Teacher, dancer, explorer


Hello! My name is Bartosz Maryjka, a professional teacher, dancer, business coach, and online courses creator from Poland. I work with many knowledgeable people including therapists, teachers, choreographers and businessmen, which gives me a lot of knowledge about various life cases and enables me to look at people holistically in order to help them develop successfully and quickly, no matter what their goals are. I love sharing my knowledge and experience so I create online courses for people seeking valuable knowledge and personal growth!

I'm passionate about helping others and following their growth in all aspects of their life. My online courses are created to help you get a better person and professional in your field. I'm constantly creating new courses and although I'm the... See full profile

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1. Interpersonal skills and communication skills in workplace: Welcome in a course in which you will learn how to work well with others in order to improve not only your professional, but also your personal life. My name is Bartels Molokai, professional teacher, educationalists, freelancer, business and lifestyle coach and online course creator from Poland's. I work with many knowledgeable people, including therapists, teachers, and businessman, which gives me a lot of knowledge about various life cases and enables me to look at people holistically in order to help them develop successfully and quickly, no matter what their goals are. I've created this course to help you get a concrete and valuable knowledge about working well with others. After completing the course, you will possess knowledge about how to work well with others and your awareness in this field will be greater. You will know what to expect from your boss, how to define the orders you work with and how to work with them in order to improve your productivity and move that work and to promote faster. I will introduce you some skills and habits that you should practice and implement in your life to work well with others so that you could improve your life and become a better worker and a better person. If you want to develop your competence as a word and knowledgeable workers who is able to successfully work with others if you want to progress and promote faster. And finally, if you want to become a better, happy worker, and as a result, improve your whole life. Enroll to the course right now and take a huge step in your personal and professional development. See you in the course. 2. What to expect: Congratulations on deciding to take this course. I am pretty sure you will find it not only interesting, but also very useful. In this course, we will cover some fields of working with others. What does their results should prepare you to work well with people around you in your workplace. But of course, not only the abilities should not only improve your productivity and the mood at work, but also help with promoting and getting new goals much, much faster. Basically, everyone that I have the pleasure to work with once to progress quickly and have knowledge how to sort out the live and work. But in many cases they struggle because of some seemingly smile, but in fact, huge obstacles. And one of those obstacles might be lack of knowledge, practice, and skills in working with others. This course will help you to understand those things and to implement them in your lives so that they could work for you. I think this course should help anyone, but probably people who get the most of it are the people who are constantly annoyed in the work, who don't know how to deal with people around that. So how to fix that problem. So that's the most obvious group of people potentially interested. But there is also the second group of people who are in their bit different situation because they struggle of something. They are sad and not satisfied with their work. But they don't really know what is it and you know what? There is a high possibility that the problem are also caused because they don't know how to work well with others. But don't worry, whoever you are, no matter what kind of person, what are your small and the bigger goals. The ability to work well with others is really achievable and this course should help you a lot with that. We will start with the basic thoughts about working with others. Basics that are crucial to understand why it is so important, why it might cause problems. And we will also define who are the others, who are the people we work with in our jobs. Then we will have a look at some examples of conflicts that can be caused because you can't work well with others. Even though sometimes you might not even realize that the problem starts there. After that, I will introduce you some skills and habits that are very important when you want to work well with others. And because of dance, you should implement all of them in your life. The next section to give you some more motivation to practice previously introduced skills and habits, I will tell you about some benefits that you may face thanks to successful work with others. In the next section, I will focus on your box. I will show you some ways in which your boss should help you and all the employees become better workers and develop your skills of working well with others. After the first site, this course looks like it was designed to help you in your professional life. But improving your professional life. You will also improve your personal life and you will get new energy and motivation. I've been helping people all around the world through online meetings and consultations in the case of working well with others. And now I'm very, very excited that you also have that opportunity and can improve your work life and as a result, your, all the parts of your life. This course is very concrete and keeps only the information that should really help you and you decide how quickly you will complete it. But I strongly encourage you to start implementing things that you will learn in the course, one after another, so that you could learn as much as possible. So after completing the whole course, come back to the section you want pick up one thing that in your opinion, you should practice under the first place and then give it some time, let's say one week to be able to fully get into that particular point. Okay? Now you know what to expect from the course. So let's start. 3. Section 1 - Working with others: In this section, you will get the basic knowledge that is crucial to understand the importance of the ability to work well with others. You will learn, why should you care about that? We will answer the question is it's really challenging to work well with others. Or maybe it is just an exaggerated problem. You will also get some knowledge about respect and we will try to define the term others. What does it mean and who exactly are the people that we work with? 4. Why should I care?: So why should we care why it is so important to be able to work with others? Maybe, let's start with the beginning. So with that process of getting a new job, tell me while looking for a job, have you ever seen a sentence in a job description? Not the candidate must work well with others. I bet that the answer is yes, but very often people neglect this point and don't mention it in their CVs and job interviews, even if they possess such abilities. And, you know, it seems to be a big mistake because this sentence doesn't appear in that job description by mistake. Think about that. Employers do not wants to hire people who have problems in working with others since it may cause problems right from the beginning. Apart from the impression during your job interview, ability to work well with others is also crucial for your health and your mood in a workplace. In most cases, unless you are very lucky, you want have possibility to decide who you will work with or deal with in your job. And it doesn't matter if you work in a small office with two people, are in a huge, huge company with 500 people, it will always look the same. All kinds of difficult and unpleasant situations might appear in your work and as a result, the situation will change your day into hell. All of that decreased productivity, efficiency and the mood among employees. And actually it is very common problem, but because of the fog that people underrate the sentence I mentioned, so must work well with others. They sometimes don't even think that all of the problems at work might be caused exactly because of the lack of skill. In my practice. I met at least a few people who wanted me to help improve their life. And to do this, to start the whole process, it is always necessary to precisely define what makes people feel unsatisfied with their life and Dweck maybe why they can't promote quickly all why they progress so slowly. Why the families are, are not as happy as they wish. Basically, what stops them from having a happy and satisfying life. And in most cases, those people would never say that problems, their marriages. My because the because of some devastating situations are the workplace, but in fact, very often does the exact problem. And do you know what developing skills of working well with others in their workplaces was very often enough to entirely change their lives. And that's the reason why we should care because that seemingly small thing may bring to your life devastating effects that I'm pretty sure you want to avoid. 5. Is it really challenging to work with others?: Is it really challenging to work with others? Unfortunately, the answer in the most cases is yes. But that yes is not that simple and straightforward because there are two main sources of ducts. The first source of all problems and challenges is you and maybe not exactly, You don't get me wrong. I mean, all the workers in general. Even if you are in this group at the moment, the situation will change after completing the course, you will be in a completely new place. So don't worry. Do you know it is sad because there are a lot of people who came to work with others. They don't even realize it, as I mentioned in a story before. Why is it sad? Because it is so destructive, not only for a company and coworkers, but in particular for that person who is constantly under stress, you sat till blue and unsatisfied. After years of working in such environment, it is highly probable that the person will suffer from a depression and we'll leave alive of sadness. But there are also another, there is also another group of workers who can't work with other. But this situation is also sad, but in a bit different way. They are ofcourse this directed from the cells, but they seem to not care about that. But the real damages of the behavior are visible in their workplaces. They cause problems and no other workers don't respect anyone. And finally, they are fired. But the situation repeats and the next company has to deal with that and it repeats over and over. So that's the first source workers. But as I said at the beginning, there are two sources. So the second source is created by people in charge of companies. I'm not really sure what is the reason may be they wants to save some money, but very, very often, thousands of companies, even those big ones, doesn't provide workers proper training and learning opportunities. And look, if you don't, people don't give people opportunity to change. They might not notice the need of change. And that is what you might see around. There is no need to learn. So everyone thinks that everything is okay. That's, that's how things should work. Okay. But it's not entirely true. And thanks to a proper training and giving workers some valuable learning opportunities, they would earn even more money and would make a development of the company's to the next level. But you know, what can we do? What can focus only on ourselves and our development. And you took a great step unrolling for this course. So hats off. 6. Who do I work with?: Okay, so you've already know why should we care why the ability to work with others is so important. So now it's time to define who are the others, who are the people you work with or maybe you will work with in your new job, okay? So the first person I can think about is your boss. Or if you don't have a chance to meet your boss, then we may name this group as the people in charge of your workplace. Okay, So we are starting from the top, okay. So then we've got your co-workers. Maybe those are people who work with you in the same office who you'll meet every day personally, or maybe people from a different department that you will need only sporadically. Okay. And what about customers or clients that you have to interact with or even a cleaning stuff because, you know, those are also people who you work with, even if you don't talk to them too much. And of course those are only a few examples of people who work with, you know, this might be shorter when your company's very small or much, much longer when your work in a big company. It is always an individualist for every workplace and you have to see it and think about that and create a list that reflects a real situation. It is really important to be aware of everyone you might interact with because you never know what benefits you might get from knowing a person from a cleaning staff or from an unnamed lady from a different department. Let's imagine that situation. There are some rumors about promotion that concerns you and your coworker who seems to be a nice person, okay? Let's imagine that he somehow knows that something is coming, but you don't. But a friendly man from the cleaning staff while cleaning and Office of your boss also accidentally heard about that. And now, what do you think? Who is more probable? What is more probable that you will get the information about promotion from your coworker who really, really wants to get this promotion and as a result, maybe get more money, et cetera, or from a friendly man through my cleaning stuff. Hmm. Exactly. And that's only one example of a situation that might take place in their real work circumstances. So I hope now you understand why you should get the exact list of people you work with. So go ahead and check an assignment I prepared for you. 7. Is respect necessary?: Now let's answer the question. Is respect really necessary? There is no other option than the yes. I mean, the work environments are the options should never exist. Okay. In your work, you should treat everyone equally. It may seem simple and probably you've heard thousands of times that everyone is equal. But let's sit for a moment and think whether you practice it or not. And again, I don't think only about treating your coworkers. I also think about people from a cleaning staff, people from different departments and all the people who had the first side you don't really need in your life. But guess what? They are The every time, even if you don't see them all the time. Okay? And they really deserve respect. You never know what the future will bring and when you will need help. So how could we expect that someone will help us? It would read them in the wrong way. In the previous video, I gave you an example of such situation. So once again, you never know when and who will be able to help you. And your mission is to keep everyone around willing to help you when you need such help. Imagine that someone treats you with no respect. Would you be able to help such people? What's more whenever there is a lack of respect in a team, the whole company will feel the effects of that Because it for sure will decrease overall productivity and we'll bring to the company atmosphere of hunger. But of course, you might be that person who arcs a kolra in a correct answer expected way, but that there is someone misbehaving and being disrespectful. If the situation don't stop, you as an aware and knowledgeable person should try to do something with that. The first step should be a calm and respectful conversation with the person, which you should explain them that their behavior causes an unexpected feelings and reflects in the results of the work. If it doesn't work, you should talk to your boss or other people in charge of your company, because such situations might not only cause problems in the company, but also we made you feel whereas with every next week of its existing. And that's what we want to avoid. 8. Section 2 - Types of conflicts at your workplace: In this section, you will get the knowledge about some of the potential conflicts that might appear in your work, how to solve them if they've already exist and how to avoid them. Those problems will concern topics of leadership, differences in characters, situations when people try to challenge each other, or the situation when a balls should be involved. But for some reason, it is not. 9. Leadership: There are a lot of situations that can potentially create an atmosphere of insecurity among workers can bring some stress and irritations and as a result, some conflicts. One of such situations can be a change in leadership. Whenever a new supervisor comes to the office, whenever managerial stuff is changing, workers will feel unsafe and it is difficult for them to change previous habits and customers to the new rules or needs. Such situations push many people out of their comfort zone. What can cause destruction and pressure? And it takes some time before people will get used to the new situation. The simple solution for such problems that unfortunately isn't implemented as often as it should be, is creating a meeting for everyone where the new supervisors introduce themselves. I mean, calm atmosphere describes everything what will take place in the nearest future. Having an exact plan of action, workers should feel safer and less distractors because some extensions, they will be involved in those changes. So if there are any changes in your company and people in charge do nothing to help workers understand the changes and help them to get used to it. Then why not to talk to them and all? Maybe send a letter explaining the problem. Look, right now you've got a great argument why they should do something and if they really want the company to work in a best possible way and to progress and develop quickly than they should. Thank you for your comments and fix the mistake. 10. Various characters: Among other problems, personality conflicts seems to be one of the most common. Such problems often appear in the group of your closest co-workers. Cindy spent a lot of time together. Maybe you have to work together as a part of a group during some projects. And such, a long interaction with the same people may lead to misunderstanding and as a result, to some problems and conflicts. Another option when it's highly probable that you will have to face some personality conflicts at your workplace, is getting a new job. Coworkers don't know you, you don't know the characters and the behaviors, and you don't know how things work in that particular workplace. And it is a great base for all kinds of conflicts between you and your new colleagues. Of course, it's not something that happens every time when you get a new job or work in a group. But those are two of many situation that eight escalating conflicts. It's important to understand that there are a lot of different people and characters that every workplace, and in most cases, it's not that bad. We'll to start conflicts, but just trying to convince someone that you are the only person who's right. I know that it's not the easiest thing, but try not to take things so personally to avoid unnecessary confrontations. And if such already exist, then you as a knowledgeable person, tried to talk to your co-workers in a calm voice and try to explain them that you are not the enemies, but just a different character. It should really help you work together and build a better relationship. Of course, there can be situation that someone decided the 3D badge right from the beginning and doesn't think about stopping it. In this situation, calm conversation probably want being not. So the best solution is to find a mediator, for example, your boss, who will help you to reach an agreement. 11. Trying to change others: Sometimes it is difficult to understand that or even think about that. But the truth is that it is much, much easier to change yourself, Dan, to change others. But in most cases, people tends to persistently keep to the thoughts, taking them as the only right. But let's think about that. Tried to imagine that situation. When someone tells you what to do and how to do or maybe not to do something. And let's say that you feel that you work in their correct way. So what is your reaction? You probably want to be happy about any comments that type. One of the major reasons, one you can't easily change Argos is that because you don't know the story fully. You don't walk in their shoes. You don't know who thought them. The profession, what are the skills? Plants, live situation, et cetera. Because of that, you don't have any arguments that DO would be strong enough to change their minds. On the other hand, you know, everything about yourself, so it is much easier change your way of thinking. Of course, sometimes it will take much more effort that he was willing to put in the situation. But at the end of the day, it should bring only positives to your work, starting with better results of your work and finishing with improving your mood. But of course, you may not want to change yourself. You feel okay with what and how you're doing your work. That's completely okay, but not enough to be satisfied because in that way, the conflict, the conflict won't stop. So you have to add one thing to your live acceptance. You know that there is no point in trying to change others, but also you don't want to change yourself. So then the only solution is to accept that other people can think and behave in a different way. And that way doesn't have to feed our expectations, the expectations. It's really important to understand that it's not only about work. The whole life works that way. But sometimes it's completely okay to tell others what to do. This is a special dye when somebody asks you for help. When it happens, then you have the right to tell people what, when and how to do the work to become more successful. 12. Not involving your boss: Your boss should be not only your box, but it's also a person who is willing to help in solving all kinds of problems and conflicts between coworkers. That's why you should keep your boss informed about what's going on between you and your coworkers. But it doesn't mean that you should meet your boss in order to inform about everything, about every small issue. It can lead to a situation when your coworkers won't be willing to talk to you because they will think that no matter what they say or do, your only the direction is your boss's office. And we really don't want that situation. We are all adults and we know where we work. What do we think, et cetera? So the first thing that you should always try is that corn and deep conversation about the problem with your co-workers. Time to call your boss comes after that. When the conversation doesn't work, when the conflict has no chance to stop, then you should talk to your boss and ask for mediation or different help. Some people are afraid of the odd and even though the conflict lasts forever, destroying not only productivity but also the mental health. They do nothing about that. It's a big mistake. The conflict in most cases can be only worse and worse. So remember that your boss is not only a boss, but also a person who should help in such situations. It's not right to tell your boss about everything, about every small issue. But when a conflict seems to last forever and the conversation with your coworkers doesn't help, then there is no other option but to call your boss. 13. Section 3 - Habits and skills that will help you to develop your interpersonal skills and communicat: In this section, I will introduce you some great habits that you should implement in your life, as well as skills that you should practice in order to become a better person and work. Every part of this section should provide your knowledge that will lead you to the point when you will be able to work with others successfully and we've smile on your face. As a result, your whole life will be better and you will achieve more goals that you set for yourself. 14. Keep your mind open: So maybe you are very knowledgeable and experienced in your field. But sometimes there are people who have a bit of different ideas and try to present all their options to solve a problem. And you know what? It is very important, you listen to those ideas. And even though you may think that there is no other option than the one that you present. You still should keep your mind open. It can bring to your work life some benefits. First of them is more respect. People who know that you are willing to listen to their ideas will be more friendly for you. Another benefit is your personal and professional development, even though your ideas might be perfect. And there are also other options that you probably don't see. If you only let people introduce you their ideas. It can be a great experience for you that will let you become even more experienced expert in your field. Experts who is able to achieve goals using different ways and tools. It is especially important when you are a decision-maker in a group or in a company. Keeping your mind open will for shoe speed every process up. And as a result, their group or a company will achieve goals and growth much, much faster. You can be a great individual, but with some great ideas of your coworkers and people around you, you will become even greater, more knowledgeable and you will achieve more both in your work and personal life. 15. Responsibility: Right now please imagine a situation that everything in a group project you take a part in falls apart. Nothing works as it should. Products are faulty. Clients don't want to deal with your company anymore. The internet connection is broken and who knows what else? The situation is just critical. And do you know what It's not easy to accept with about a dis your fault. Your co-workers did nothing wrong. Your decisions and mistakes led to the point you are in right now. And what's now? What to do? You are probably skirt and under stress. You don't want to listen to your boss telling you some unpleasant things. But wait, it was a group projects. So I will say that it's not my fault. But there are coal group made the mistakes that everyone made something wrong, that everyone made some wrong decisions. The boss will be angry for everyone, not only for me and I will be safer. Oh, yeah. That's what I am going to do. No, no, no. Like stop. It's not how it works. You are an adult person who must take responsibility whenever make a mistake. Of course, it's difficult to admit you did something wrong. But remember, no one is perfect. Everyone makes some mistakes from time to time. And your employer, unless he's very bossy, He must understand that. Yes, maybe you will hear some comments and you will be asked to think twice for the next time. But it's really okay. You will have to deal with the boss, but you will get something even more important respect of your coworkers. Now, they know that you can take responsibility for your mistakes, that you don't blame everyone around for your faults. And as a result, there will be more willing to work with you in the future and the overall atmosphere will be better in the group. And what's more, they will for sure, help you fix everything that went wrong because of you. But let's think about the second scenario. You told your boss that the whole group made a mistake and that's everyone's mistake, that's everyone's fault. At this moment, your coworkers are extremely angry. They have to deal with your boss because of your mistakes. You presented yourself as a scared child who can't take responsibility. And even though they might not tell you that, they will never look at your the same way. You lost your respect and now the atmosphere will be probably much different than it was before the situation. So remember, I am adults and even though you might be an expert, you don't have to be perfect since everyone sometimes make mistakes. But for sure you have to take responsibility for your mistakes. If you want your workplace to be a happy and pleasant place. 16. Complete your commitments: So why should you complete your commitments? Let's say that you were given a month to complete a project with your group, with your co-workers, you divide the duties and everyone has to complete a part of the project in a given time. You tried, but you work, Let's take seven hours a day and after that you are done. You don't want to think about work. But when the deadline comes, you realize that you are the only person who didn't complete your part of the project. Right now, everyone is disappointed. Your boss can share the project with clients. Your co-workers have to deal with the boss because of your failure. And the long list of sad consequences is created. How do you feel about that? It is really understandable that you might not want to work after leaving your office. But in some situations you really should spend some more time than you expected to complete your assignments. Let's say that there is only one week to the deadline and you already know that it's not enough time that you will want that you won't be able to finish, okay. Working only those seven hours a day. So please spend a few more hours working at home, finish the project and war. And I guarantee you that the results will fully make up for the time you had spent on working at home. And that they will last for a long, long time. But what are the benefits that are worth spending additional hours at whole? First benefit is that such attitude will strengthen your relations at work. Your coworkers will know that they can count on you, that you will not leave them in a difficult situation, that you are willing to work more for a good of a group. It guarantees you a great atmosphere to work. The second benefit is more about you and your future because let's think, what is the reason why people are promoted at work? Because they are nice people. Maybe. But the thing that will really help you is a list of grade and what's also important, finished at Time, projects that tells about your competence, skills, and attitudes to work. So the next time when you will have to spend some additional time working at home in order to complete your duties. Don't hesitate because there are much more pluses than minuses of these attitudes. 17. Remember about hygiene: Some companies provide clothes for the workers. Some companies expect you to look professionally and follow some closing patterns and other doesn't care. What do you work. In every case, you are the person who is really responsible for your Luke and you really have to do your best to look good. It doesn't mean that you have to wear clothes like a millionaire and buy expensive shirts and skirts every month. It means that you have to care off your clothes so that they were clean and neat. And even though you might don't have to interact with clients and people from the outside. I guarantee you that a good-looking person will get more respect from a co-workers done. A person who looks like a homeless man, even if the person is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the fields. Some may say that it is not arise to judge a book by its cover, and I fully agree, but that is how it works almost everywhere. People who are more attractive for others, and as a result, life is easier for them and to give them more opportunities. Besides close, it is also extremely important to take care about your hygiene. Proper hygiene is the key, and it doesn't matter if you work in a big company or in a small office with two co-workers. Without a proper hygiene, you want be treated in their way that you should be treated. If you have some serious problem with hygiene, you must understand that no one wants to work with people who, for example, smell bad. You work for your success. And hygiene is very simple and necessary thing that you should focus right from the beginning. And again, you don't have to buy expensive perfumes. You just have to take care of basic things as taking a shower, cutting your nails or brushing your teeth. So remember, hygiene and outfit make the first impression of you as a person and professional. And at the same time, they are very simple and very important for your career. 18. Let your smartphone rest: We live in the time when they're having a smart home is omnipresent. And with every year people get more and more addicted from the smartphones. It is difficult to fire with such addiction. But in a work environment, it is really necessary to lead your smartphone, rest in your pockets unless you need it in your work, of course. For example, to call clients. In all the situations, people get distracted by your smartphone, why it's ringing, or why you answer another call and talk. Even if your conversation last only a few minutes, it might be really annoying. Some companies try to avoid such situations and other solution. They don't let the workers use smartphones in a workplace. It seemed to be, it seems to be a great motivation to turn off the phone. But actually, it is you who should understand that using a smartphone in some situation is simply not. Okay. Let's imagine a situation that you have a conversation with one of your colleagues. But at the same time you will check your Facebook account looking for some funny cat videos. The person you are speaking with Show will feel strange and we'll have the impression that the smartphone is the most important thing and there is no point on wasting time for you. But you really don't want to be rude. You want your co-workers be on your side. So don't bring to the health ideas that you don't care. Because finally, they might decide that you don't deserve the time and they will stop treating you as a nice person. 19. Don't interrupt: There are probably many situations when you talk with someone and the whole conversation is interrupted by the third person. Or maybe your group tries to discuss some issues and you start introducing your idea of when it's not your time and at the same time you interrupt someone else. And I want to guarantee you that you never wants to be the interrupter. Why is it so destructive? Seemingly, it is not a big problem. May be a bit irritating when you are interrupted another time in a day. But in fact, there are some huge consequences of such behavior. Because even if you have a great knowledge about something or a perfect idea how to deal with some problems. It won't make us the great impressions and it should, if you introduce it through interrupting people and night people are less willing to appreciate your great ideas and for that reason, you lose that great impression that you probably deserve. As a result, your great idea might be even forgotten and not used as a solution. So take a deep breath, relax, and let your colleagues, colleagues speak. Share your ideas only when it's your time to speak. People around will be grateful for the time you gave them. They will be happy that they could share their thoughts. And the, because of the positive atmosphere, they will be more likely to notice the greatness of your idea. And as a result, it might be implemented to solve some problems. So everyone is happy. 20. Keep smiling: Let's think about a tool that is free, but at the same time, very useful and powerful. A tool that can help you get two other people, can help you be more successful, happier, and better in every kind of work and activity you do. What is it? I will tell you what is it? It's your beautiful smile. Smile is extremely powerful gesture that you can do every time, everywhere and for free. If you don't smile on a daily basis, I can warranty you that it possessed the power to completely change the way people see you. You will be more attractive. People will be willing to interact with you and they will trust you much more easily. Because even if you are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, you need some other factors to get people's attention. And one of the factors that are the easiest to use is smiling. When you smile, people probably will smile BAG What also creates a great and positive atmosphere in your workplace, but also in your private life, of course, is the same situation. If he wants to change your work and you have a job interview, then it is more probable that you will get the position when you smile because recruiters will fill some positive feelings towards you and they will remember you at the end of reputation. Smiling does not only held you to look better, more positive and attractive, but also changes away of your speech. Some companies offering any kind of phone consultations train their workers to smile why they call to their customers. Because even though they can't see each other, clients somehow are able to hear that smile in the speech and are more willing to talk with the consultant. So if you don't smile, start right now at this very moment and change the way people perceive you. 21. Make use of resources: Some companies offer their employees a lot of possibilities to learn and develop. By the possibilities, I mean some seminars, fitness programs, lecturers, three boobs, or even three consultations with psychologists. If a worker needed, it is a great way that enables workers to develop and as a result, to help the company grow faster. As I mentioned in previous sections, it is a great opportunity driven by companies. But unfortunately, not every company thinks that way. Sadly, most of them don't want to invest more money in the work as development. But it's not only touches workers, but also the company itself. So if your company is in that better group and you have the opportunity to take part in such additional programs. I highly encourage you to do so. Many people don't want to take part in additional seminars. They don't understand the need of reading books or listening to some lectures. And it is a huge, huge mistake because it is the easiest way to develop as a professional, as a human, to promote as quickly as possible. If you are lazy, you should create a list of pros and cons. Making use of the resources are fairing by your company. I'm pretty sure that process will make the cons disappear somewhere in the shadow. But there is also an option that your company is not that wise and do not offer you. And the free additional possibilities. In this situation, your future is only in your hands. To develop fast, to become better version of you, to become better worker, you have to invest in your growth. Can't wait for all of us to do the job for you. No one will learn for you. No one will learn for you anything. So if you don't invest your time and money and you don't even try, your progress will be really, really slow and there will be no difference between you and your colleagues who are lazy and after work on the rest in front of the screen instead of learning. But you enroll to this course. So I'm pretty sure that you are not lazy, that you wants to be a better work and, and I know that you will be. 22. Leave your music at home: The most of the companies don't allow the workers to listen to music while they're in work. Sometimes it's because they want people to focus on the duties, sometimes strictly because of some safety rules. But there are also companies that don't care about listening to music at work. If you are in a company from the second group, remember to not become a noisemaker. It is extremely important to understand that not everyone listens to the same kind of music. Not everyone can work well when there is too much noise around and simply not everyone must follow your music taste. You don't want to be rude and you don't want to distract people. You don't want to make them angry. Trust me. You want to keep your relations as good as it is possible. And listening to music in a workplace for sure. Want help with that. Even though you are allowed by your boss to do so. If you care about others, then applying some simple changes they're just buying. For example, a headset, the headphones. If music is a huge part of your life, here you are a simple solution. You can listen to your music using your headphones. People around you will hear nothing. They won't be distracted. You will be satisfied. And at the end of the day, everyone will be happy. Remember to respect others and accept the right to work in a safe and pleasant environment that do not necessarily includes your music. 23. Remember about boundaries: As always, in life, in your work place, you have to respect some boundaries that you will meet. There is a long list of boundaries at work, but it is very individual thing. So you have to think about your workplace and try to define boundaries that you should respect. And you want your colleagues to respect. One of the boundaries might be your personal life, unless your coworkers are your very good friends, not only at work but also in personal life, then you should not talk about your life too much. You must understand that some people are simply not interested in your personal life, but they probably don't want to be rude so they won't tell you about their thoughts. But later, they might be trying to avoid interacting with you and your relation will be very weak. It is also better to not discuss your personal life. Why? While calling your friends or family, it comes really destruct your co-workers who have the time maybe needs to focus on over a projects, for example. But it's not only about your personal life, it's also better not to ask too many personal questions to others. Look, if they wants to share something with you, they probably will do it with valid your questions. So don't force your coworkers to open for you to avoid misunderstanding and pushing the boundaries. It is always nice to first talk to your coworkers, whether they feel okay talking with you on that particular topic, or maybe they want to keep your relation only in their work related topics. So if you want to be strong relations with your coworkers and avoid unpleasant situations, then always respect boundaries set by others. 24. Let it go: Yes, it's one of the most difficult things to do to stop following your ego and start thinking about your mood, mental health, progress, and overall life situation. Because yes, every conflict decreases the quality of every of those aspects that I mentioned. And in theory, probably everyone's knows that it's not worth to waste time on conflicts, but in reality it's not so easy to stop and say, Okay, we are adults, we can find a compromise. It's done. In previous videos. I told you at least a few times that conversation is the first and the best way to stop conflicts. So if the first emulsions and the whole adrenalin slowly goes away and you start thinking through arguments not emotion. Then again, you as a wise person, should try to talk to your co-workers in a calm way so that you together could find the solution. Of course, all kinds of conflicts can appear in your work career and it is, okay, but it is very important to stop those conflicts as fast possible because it brings on the negatives, starting with slower development of the company and finishing with your personal life problems. But what if you tried to talk to your coworkers, but it doesn't work. There is still a tense atmosphere. People are hungry, productivity decreases. So now again, it's time to call your boss in a calm way. Describe your boss at a problem and ask for mediation. You don't have to expect any kind of punishment on your coworkers. Your fast acceptation should be restoring a positive atmosphere and as a result, improving many things around. So there is no point on being stubborn because all kinds of conflicts bring to your life both professional and personal. Only negative effects. 25. Section 4 - Benefits of working well with others: In this section, I will present you some arguments and benefits that comes along with the ability to work well with fathers. Those are only few of the benefits that may appear during your work carrier. But I hope they will give you some more motivation to implement habits and practice skills from their previous section. 26. Two heads are better than one: Have you ever heard that saying that two heads are better than one? I guess that yes. There is a lot of truth in those words and I think you believe in them as well. Since you'll have enrolled to this course. Sometimes it is good to work alone, but in a group you can probably achieved more and in a shorter time because Everyone is different. Everyone has different experience. Every one that reads different books, everyone has different skills. Not everyone has the same education. So let's imagine that your ends, your group had to deal with a project that is a bit tricky and difficult. Because of that tricky parts, one person might make some mistakes, but when there is a group or their people can check your work. Or for example, you might not have an idea how to solve a problem that you met. Then again, your co-workers, maybe they will find some ideas how to deal with. So if everything works correctly, Adam sphere is positive. People are, people are friendly and willing to achieve great things in cooperation with you than there are no negatives dimension. Your company develops fast, your bosses, happy, your progress, your progress quickly and learn a lot, and your coworkers are satisfied physically, everyone is happy. Another positive aspect of working with others is learning. Working in a group, especially if you are at the beginning of your career, you have an amazing opportunity to learn new things from your more experienced co-workers. You will get some new and fresh ideas. You will know different ways of thinking about a particular issue. And as a result, soon you will be an knowledgeable and wise professional in your field. 27. Healthy competition: When you are in your workplace, probably every one of your co-workers have the same, or at least similar goals that you wants to achieve. Those might be promotion, professional and personal development, growth of your company and all the motivators that for sure you can easily define to help with motivation in this, really good to have a competition between you and your colleagues. But not that crazy one that you wish each other bad things. But the healthy competition that doesn't influence the positive atmosphere, but only gives you some more motivation to go for your goals and to do your best at work. Just think about that. When you see that one of your co-workers does a great job, you've done, it wants to be worth. You do the same or even more. In that way, positive results are visible in your growth and also in the growth of your company. But sometimes it might be a bit tricky. So be careful because similar situations may appear in a bit different circumstances. And what I mean, imagine that your coworkers don't do a good job. They are lazy and they work slowly and with no passion. In such situation, there is a risk and that you will follow them because there is no competition and probably you won't be willing to do a good work while others do almost nothing. But no, it's the worst thing possible. You have to think about yourself, about your progress, your life, your family. You have to be the person who always, thus the good work, even though others are lately and slow. You work for yourself and when everyone does a great job, then everything is fine. But when you don't have that healthy competition in your workplace, then please be careful and remember about your goals, about yourself. 28. Risk taking: Are you afraid of taking risk at work? Guess what? Working in a group of people may help with that. Why? Because it is much, much easier to take that. Let's call it healthy risk when you work as a part of a group. And what does it mean when you work alone, it's only you who has to decide what and how to do. There is only your knowledge and your experience. And under the ends, if anything goes wrong, there is only one person who will have some kind of problems because of dots. And that's person is you. But when you work with others, then the situation looks completely different because now is the decision made by 2, 3, 5 or more people. You as a group can benefit by knowledge of everyone in the group. And again, everyone has different experience and maybe some different ideas about the issue. And what's even more encouraging when your work as a power of a group and something goes wrong, you took the risk, okay? But the project is failure, then you are not alone. There are people around you who will help you stand up and maybe try again or start the project from the beginning. It is just a safe environment that motivates brainstorms, discussions, exchange of experience, and all of that makes taking risk much easier. And even though sometimes you might fail because of dads, in most cases, a healthy risk-taking should bring only positive results are just much faster progress in your career. 29. Increased productivity: After watching the previous videos, you already know that ability to work well with others gives you more motivation. You progress faster, you feel better, and the whole live both professional and personal. It's easier. Happening around people who are friendly, who you can talk with easily and the atmosphere is positive, you all will be able to get more work done in a shorter time. And you don't have to work in a group project to get those benefits. If your relations with others are correct, even the working alone, you can depend on your coworkers and in a tough situation, they will help you for sure. So even though you might work separately, in fact, you work together through, for example, a communication and exchange of experience. At the end of the day, your work is done faster, you get more knowledge in that process and everything is perfect as you might expect. 30. You can trust them: I've told you before that it is good when you trust your co-workers and your coworkers trust you, it is extremely important to trust people you work with because we found that aspect, your work will be less efficient. You will feel unsafe. You want to be willing to work with them, and your overall communication in atmosphere will suffer. And it's not only you who will fill that negative consequences, but also the company you work for and of course your co-workers. But if your relations are correct and you can trust each other, then you will achieve more. You will be willing to work together with some projects and those projects will strengthen that trust even more. He will also feel safe sharing your plans or ideas and your development will be much faster. The same situation is with your co-workers. They will share their experience with few, they will help you and you will get the full respect. 31. Section 5 - Is your boss helpful?: In this section, I will try to explain you the ways how your boards should encouraged you and your coworkers to learn new things and develop yourself. Remember, it's not only you who should take care of the company. Most of all, it's your boss who should take care of the workers because that's one of the best ways to improve the overall situation of a company. I will also give you some ideas what to do if you can't notice that I mentioned things in your workplace. 32. Building strenghts: As I mentioned before, your boss is not only your boss, and you have to be aware of this fact because you should expect from your boss some specific actions. And depending on your workplace, it may be your boss himself or some people who work for your boss. First block the action that I can think about is building your strengths. Your boss should be always somewhere around, should monitor and check your progress, work, and look for areas where you are the best or you feel the best. But you know, they should not focus only on the best areas of your work or skills. They should also look for your weaknesses. Maybe they should talk to you from time to time and ask about your opinion in which part of your work you feel confident and which part of your work you feel unsafe and you are not sure what to do. After Dad, you should get from your boss, at least some instruction. But of course, depending on the individual situation of your boss, there are many different ways that they should implement to your work in order to help you develop skills that you struggle with and help you get even better at the dose that you feel confident about. If you don't feel that support from your boss, maybe you yourself or you're with a group of co-workers, should talk to your boss and show him some arguments why it is so important to invest in you and your co-workers. Maybe he is not aware of his power and possibilities, but probably when you show him a vision of his company that grows even faster because of knowledgeable and experienced workers. Then maybe you will get some more attention and help in developing your skills. 33. Opportunity to learn: In the previous sections, I've mentioned two group of companies. Group number one is created by companies that are willing to inverse the money in the workers. So they offer them a lot of additional courses, seminars, some spores programs or free resources to learn. They want their workers to be experts in their fields. And they fully understand that with such knowledgeable workers, they can get more and faster as a company and they understand that it is worth spending money on those additional things. Group number two or is created by companies that don't even think about spending money on additional programs for the workers will of course, is a big mistake that gradually slows the company down. If you work in a company from the second group, of course, you can learn and develop on your own, for example, by taking some valuable courses on Udemy. But you also should have that opportunity for free as a part of your work. So similarly to the previous problem of building strands, also in this situation, you can go to your boss yourself, or a group of your coworkers and explain your boss why this so important to invest money in such things. Again, maybe vision of a faster growth of the company will change something in the mind of your boss. And finally, you will get some benefits such as free courses. 34. Setting goals: Let's think. Thus your box set, you saw on achievable goals. If answer is yes, then everything is correct and you are probably satisfied with that. But if the answer is no, then you should think about it that deeper. For some people working without a clear direction is completely okay and they like it. They just like it. But probably for most of people working out accurately set goals, it will bring some negative results, both for the company and for the employees for the company, because it is highly probable that the development of the company will be slow and difficult for workers because sooner or later they will get annoyed with that situation. They will feel unsafe. What doesn't encourages creating and maintaining, correct, healthy relations among co-workers. As a result, everyone will be unhappy starting from you and finishing with your boss. If you feel that your boss doesn't give you a direction where the company goals or maybe the instructions are not clear enough, then talk to them and explain that it is very important to have that knowledge and the data, the lack of that information cannot help the company growth. If your boss knows himself where he wants his company to go, then he should change his behavior and tap to employees giving them sold fresh energy. 35. Keeping things fun: As you already know, there are various characters of workers and at the same situation is about bosses. Some of them are very serious and bossy, and some of them are funny to the extensions that they could make people laugh for money as usual and the extreme most, not entirely correct. So the perfect boss should be somewhere in the middle. Not too serious, but also not the clown. The balls that is in the middle of this scale will make you work hard and with your full commitment. But at the same time, we'll keep friendly atmosphere and with a smile on his face will lead you through your work. This attitude is perfect because when you work in such a positive atmosphere that is created by your box, then you will have more courage to talk to him about difficult and problematic issues such as those mentioned in this section. But of course it is not that simple and not every boss will act in this way. And tricky point is that you really don't have a power to change the attitude of your boss. You can't go to his office and say, Hey boss, you are too bossy. I constantly feel under pressure, please. Could you change yourself? It's simply can't work, but what you can do straight from your first day at work is trying to analyze your boss. Of course, that much other disposable. Keep thinking about your boss. Look at his way of speaking, his body language and all the factors that are individual for your boss, then you will get some knowledge that might be useful in the future situations because you will be kinda able to feed to your bosses world. 36. Summary: That's the end of this course. I hope that you enjoyed it and learned things that will help you work better with others. And that's, as a result, your whole life will be better. Now, you know why the ability of working well with others is so important and why should you care about developing your skills, awareness, and all the factors from this area, you can exactly define who are the people cause the others, and how important is respect audio work. You can also name some benefits that comes from working with other successfully, well as potential problems and conflicts that might appear in your work career. You are also aware how your boss should treat you in your work so that you could talk to them if something is wrong. In the course, I also created a list of skills and habits that I hope you will practice and in some time you will master them and become an expert in working with others in a successful way. And I really believe that this change should completely change your life both professional and private for better. Thank you. 37. Congratulations!: Congratulations, you've made it to the end of the course and now you know how to work well with others. Now you've got the knowledge that will help you improve your contacts at work, that will help you become better worker and person. And I hope that the changes that you will implement in your life will help you to make it better and more satisfying. I also highly encourage you to enroll to my other courses that are already available on my profile, as well as those that will appear assuming the future. I warranty you valuable knowledge that will help you with your personal and professional development. So once again, congratulations, thank you and see you soon in the next course.