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Internet of things with Raspberry Pi

Mohanrajan Guha rajan

Internet of things with Raspberry Pi

Mohanrajan Guha rajan

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12 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Skill share Rpi

    • 2. IOT - Building Blocks

    • 3. Sensors and Actuators

    • 4. Raspberry Pi introduction and getting ready with OS install

    • 5. Lets configure Raspberry Pi for headless mode

    • 6. Getting the wifi configuration in Raspberry

    • 7. Connecting to Raspberry in headless mode through Wifi

    • 8. Connecting DHT11 sensor to Raspberry Pi

    • 9. Install DHT11 python library and reading Temp, humidity

    • 10. Overview about cloud - IOT (Cayenne mydevices)

    • 11. Controlling actuator (LED) from Web-dashboard from anywhere

    • 12. Raspberry Pi - Sensor (DHT11) - Cloud (IOT - my devices) integration

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About This Class

Raspberry pi is low cost micro computer board, commonly used these days for building  Internet of things applications.This course is designed to provide you with complete flavor towards learning and progressing in IOT development.

You will learn as what  is IOT device, sensors and Actuators, more importantly how data can be transferred to cloud through internet and also control them through IOT.

This course provides you details with:

  • What is IOT, sensor & actuators?
  • What is Raspberry pi and its features ?
  • Creating Raspbian OS.
  • Powering and configuring Raspberry pi in 'headless' mode. i.e by connecting to Raspberry pi from laptop and working with it - without  separate keyboard, monitor.
  • Connecting sensor to Raspbery pi.
  • Sending Raspberry pi data to cloud through wifi.
  • controlling the LED from cloud dashboard.
  • Sensor - Raspberry pi - Cloud (via internet) integration.

The ultimate course which will provide you all necessary information to get started with IOT and progress towards IOT developer.

Happy learning!!

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Guha Rajan

Having over 25 + years of IT industry experience  (Product development, Consulting & Training).

His last engagement was with Oracle India (initially with consulting  and then with Oracle university) , which was for more than 12 years. Prior to this, had worked with Cap Gemini (formerly iGate Global Solution), GE to name a few.

Had managed projects and programs  in Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence implementations  in the range of  3000 man days with revenue about 6mil US$ per year. These projects are on industry domains, such as  Oil and Gas, Process Manufacturing, Hi-Tech Retail & Telecom across the globe.

Was awarded with "pace setter" , "best managed " project awards in recogniti... See full profile

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1. Skill share Rpi: you won't welcome to the course on Internet of things When Russ, very pipe this goes provides you with the necessary details to get pants on bed. Raspberry pi who it is you stayed in Internet of things. This force is shooting the details. That's how to connect in the headless more the meaning of headless mornings that are using your laptop on the computer. You can connect to the hospital by on you can program the raspberry pi s well through your old computer. Generally the course is right Teoh with retails in which, in a raspberry pi you need to collect morning and then you need to come in the keyboard as well in the U. S. Before, where is this course Teaches you how to Just use the raspberry pi alone and then use your computer to connect to the dress very by initially through the Internet cable. And then you can confident to connect with the through the WiFi itself for at this one part off it. Additionally, I mean, in the end gives often i Otilia to collect sensors and then communicate to the flower environment. That is what I i o b. Is all about So we just that aspect. So having said that, I only market is predicted to double by 2021. Reach about fight with the 1,000,000,000. That's what reforms a syndicated Onda. Definitely the individuals. I mean, the technical folks, the technical concern and I o t tell her first is going to be enormous demand for them on it is going to be really hard to find them. That does. Man, this course will give you a technical finish flavour so that you can get started with the loss. Very fight regarding me. I'm good. Karajan have Audrey failures fighting experience of cracked open consulting and training on really course about G Captain Lee on Oracle Consulting on education line of business. Regarding my education background, I'm much living within being on a certified B and B s. So let's no stop, Nichols. Thank you. 2. IOT - Building Blocks: don't discuss about the building blocks in I o t. Can be considered s in the market picture aspirin. The heart off this system could be in. I already wise itself for a microcontroller board. That is the difference between a microcontroller board and I only device poor. Basically, that board, if they can directly communicate in tow, the of them on the Internet, they need his conspirators, and I ot the waste. If it is going toe control the process by itself. We don't communicating with the Web than it is considered to be a microcontroller. And these D ways has be addressed so that it can be fun internally that this done. Um, I mean, it doesn't have an internal empty. Sometimes the external a border can also access these device for programming it or taking out the data they need to be assigned with the static, maybe the static and peace that will not change. But as a dynamic, I'd be bill change on. And if it is a local I p, then within the network, one lead could be access. So when is the idea address will be there for, particularly for disconnected? Putting it well for the I'm pretty ways and in microcontroller I need to have an input in. The input is generally from the sensors could be from the keyboard. But yeah, this insists, is what is going toe mission. The physical parameters physical parliament does could be anything like it would be temperature pressure weighed humanity distance on even these days in machine learning. Even the mission are the camera captures majors, not descent, into the Iot device for for the process. So these are the senses on and sports end, either. Um, a lot signals are digital signals based on the sensor capabilities, and I already way. So the microcontroller will have computer that you bill do that can do the processing on your feet, for it is a microcontroller, the people that duty processing, and then it could send an output. If it is going to be a control off a process, then you switch it, switch some device on or off. That's an example. Let's saying we want toe maintain a room's temperature. Our brain is six Diggory's. So the sensor here well, since the room temperature and scented, maybe for some, assume for this the 30 degrees and we want to meet in the room temperature 26 for well since 30 degrees and send it to the i O D d ways. Other microcontroller, which was then check the sect impression because we want to maintain at 25 degrees for naturally needs to switch on the air conditioner. So the actuators so it'll make the actuator or a flagrant is connected to the witches character to the air conditioner on the power lines to switch on the air conditioner. So basically the process. So the temporary We want to maintain the temperature so it will control the process so that the actuator switches on the ar conditioner. And once the air conditioner switched gets which no, he our temperature will. Naturally, the temperature naturally come down on and in Some of the microcontroller he sold me happened. It's Conley in industrial application. They would like to send they like toe love. The variations how long it took for the temperature toe come down are in case off. Some failure happens in searching on what was the temperature at that point off them. According needs to be done so make you control of its oil resource constrained devices. This might not have much more much of memory. So in that case they might send the data toe Loken a machine, a computer through an interface called the Asked O. C. With this serial interface. So on Lee programming Logic Controller, which had the microcontroller did, did the West so so still aboard the Internet became cheap. This process waas very common. The's inside microcontroller the actuator, controlling the process on having a proper policy so that it sends the data serially into the computer for data capture. And then video drained off the Internet on about the Internet leads becoming cheaper on the computer. Devices on the storage becomes much, much more cheaper. And Internet Ban Banquet also becoming cheaper. The Internet control systems are the I'll be do Oasis became so many common, The reason being ones the data is centered toe the i o t world. You can then have it control from one external world because once you have a static AP, this, I P can be access from anywhere even he feels. And if you are the if the high only devices even in issue region, if you're sitting somewhere in the European region. You can control 70 parameters through the rim to the Iron Lady wise. So you don't need to be one. A person need not be physically present near the I already ways to make any settings. So on again, if that is a modern function or something because this data goes into on I o. T on the Internet. Clough, they don't data will get logged into the system. They can even send an SMS alert to the local service person. The the temperature is supposed toe be maintain a 25 degrees for some failure in the actuator are in the air conditioner. The temperature is not maintained. It can send them alarm alert. It's a must. I mean, the messaging toe to toe nobody ways so that action can be taken by the respect respective service person. So this is man these days, being are using the I already way so that communicates with the broadband. The wife empire are the Internet and the latest technologies also catching up. Laura, I'll be discussing separately, have a chapter on Laura. But far no. So you can The point I want to mention here is that see the broadband or Internet. The WiFi might have it suits generally for when you want to visit a Web sites when downloading data. Maybe Meg abide our gig operate because pages gets refreshed. But these devices I only knew Oasis just needs to send few bites off information, which is a critical information. I'm one doesn't really require broadband are a wife. And because that add up to cost again, there are millions of devices you cannot have millions off access point where you have the Internet so that this man, the Laura Van, which is a long range wide area network, has bean adopted these days. So there the law Roman can have. Ah, why don't cover it. Because if you are using Internet WiFi router can be access when we just stopped toe. 30 feet are maybe 40 feet, depending upon their capability. But in case of the Laura, the law Roman access station can care that oh, up to about human 10 kilometers off 15 kilometers so that will just receive a few bites off information and then the little man come devices are the normal station will then transmit the data through the Internet. So this is in connection. The entire architectural wonders the it could be a microcontroller. That case you have a history. And if it isn't I only device. Then it needs to communicate into the external good. Um, but declared to Internet the generally the wife I'm or do these days it is preferred to be built in on the I only do ice itself. We'll progress for them much more. Decision on then on sensors actuators on a about the protocols on various I OD devices aspect state doing Thank you. 3. Sensors and Actuators: Let's no look at the senses and actually this. These are basically a studies in the Hyoty system. So it's in the points from this chapter or this presentation. So what? The sensor? Look what's in actually ended. Uh, finally what home? An actuator are really works on the are actually circular. So what's a sensor or transducer? Come on. This definition perspective. A sensor detects changes in the Ambien condition or in the state off another be wise water system and forwards. Or process this information in a certain man. So the any changes in the ambient condition it needs to be recorded. This generally sensor cannot recall on in soon. So what it does it does, says that you transmit that information toe. What device so that it can process an example would be your term. A couple photo cell are a load cell term. A couple is used for the temperatures and sing and for herself so it's lied and load cell toe. It's weak. The for example. Lord Cell is extensively used in the distal weighing systems. So what happens in the Lord's Ellis? Been there, So wait placed on the Lord said it come once in tow. An electrical signal it will be in some Millie wards will be sent across with the collecting the ways. So again, if you, we'll do the other definition transducers, Concordes, transfuse or transfuse energy from one kind in tow on none. Other one. So it's no garlic to, the Lord said. So we knew What Wait on, the Lord said in a trance juices into Millie Woods. The weight that mosque energy gets converted into the levels so many walls can be on Race Street. Millions would be in a lot signal, which can always be, um, check with the distal multi meter. So anyway, just less the Milly worlds would be less in the mortar. You came more weight on it. The manuals will be I similar is the case with Tom. A couple are so the temperature and the temperature increases the 1,000,000 walls apart from the time a couple will increase so that you get get, get processed down. I mean, if you're using a circular which sandlots circled the mill, your itself can be processed. But if you want a toe in toe a digital form, you need to use on a lot of which Telkom motor can what into digital signal which can be processed by our by already wise are the microcomputer micro control. So basically the senses are mainly actors input device for the high Ortiz sister. So just like your keyboard is being input for a computer in case off Internet off system. Generally, you have senses which take in what retractors input device and send it to the on to your eye OT device and the types of senses who will be in active or a passive. The differences Active sensor will require an extended workdays to be suckling. Should be made to leave can be made activity or day your firewalls disease related. It becomes active then, based on the application off lower temperature. The output with very and again based on the powerful based on the airport can be on a law or Mr some of these answers can darkly provide a digital are put like DST. Levin would yourself what? So it's instinctive. Play American provide a pistol output. Some of them will provide a lot of what we just made. The decision, Bulut's and I mean day today. Whether this scale are Victor with a case of Victor, then the Moors a direction. Assume so that a wide range off sensors based on the parameters and with various senses. And this is basically a topic on instrumentation are they are thinking engineering studies . Then this will be extensively discussed in the papers later in l. A products electrical on art of instrumentation. So these are missing diagrams are safe or does obvious senses. So that's the industry. Relax us and input device, which can sense the changes and send it to the IOC device for process. Once the processing happens, you need to control it. Something that's an example. You want to maintain your room gratifying to get a census. So when the temperatures shoots up, he want easy to be on. So you may use this time a couple and you may take the data into the your IOS device on once year. I already devised making a form the calculation. Do a comparison check whether this plaintiff eyeing it was 25 Guineas on If it had reached 25 degrees, then you need to switch off t Um, the easy for doing that sitting on because he is, he once are dirty as far as India is concerned, it once until 31. Easy ordinating cigarette Barrasso for this U S citizen 1 10 words a C. Whereas on your microprocessor microcontroller on even this ratio, it works on BC. So what happens is once you make a comparison in your programming and if you want oh, switch on your air con then you need to send a signal to the port. Are your district bins make the distant been go high on that day Still, pin will be connected to early on Durley outpour would be character toe the to 30 words output which controls the West. The next diagram will explain better suddenly secure. So what happiness This where you connect your I d d ways, Uh, when I have the device. So what happens is when the temperature goes beyond this would be turned high. I signal oneness A grump in the other one is a word age what age paints open To make it high, you have a quiet so this one will get a factor which is open. This will get attracted. This will get closed. I shown in the figure on what you have us. You have. Ah, You see, the best er conditioner is connected here. So this circuit So what happiness? The A C is switched on. So this is how I lay works. So But remember, standing perspective for sensing as an import. Use this answer the whole time. On the site of the old cold stage, you need to use they only what he actually does. I mean, along with the i o u s, that we come to the end off desperate shop presentation. Thank you. 4. Raspberry Pi introduction and getting ready with OS install: let us know. Look at the lost very pipe, the interaction and the boys Preparation required. Raspberry pi uses its own operating system, which is, of course, lyrics based. Hard as, uh, Rose be in before we get a door. How to install the lesbian ways. Let's quickly recap about the lost berry pie Microcomputer boat. Raspberry pi is considered to be a microcomputer board rather than a microcontroller. Um, for a couple of reasons, one is there? Yeah, this its own operating system Ross be in so it can work us and independent computer by itself. All that is required This you need to connect a monitor. You need to connect the keyboard and even even connect a most if required. So it will be That's out. The secondly storage as well. The micro SD card is the kind of disability Ingraham he doesn't WiFi capability. So the lesbian Lewis comes with the liberal office being story so it can be used us, huh? Microcomputer by itself by but kindly has seen people using not very pie as a microcomputer . But I have seen most of the people you set for your application which will be basically for a microcontroller applications like they get d import from the sensors through the GPL open and have ah, actuator collector so that they could control a process as sweat after computation is done . Either inside the board are through the interactions with the cloud application. So that's Ross. Very bite. And yeah, there are certain competitors internally. Earlier had Galileo in unison back 2017 they discontinued intel. Discontinued medicine. So bigger bone is still there, So as discussed Yeah, you can can work us Ah, microcomputer on its own If connected to the monitor keyboard, you best the operating system on its own. So no, the Lesbian West Ross Petty buying keep pending their waste. It must be in with the latest oneness gone ruffians stretch So you can go to the site, dr w w dot It must be an art on. Then you can download the Caspian with. So once you don't learn yeah, you the steps in Warren. If you see you need a micro SD card, could be off 16 g b e g g. Which precisely warning You could have that the micro SD card. And, uh, yes, you need to farm at the Micro SD card, particularly in case if you have a they don't in other ways here. If it's a newly brought God, then former thing might not be quiet. Don't lower the raz B and stretch. Oh, and then download. Install the when w do disk A major this is required to copy. There must be an image into the mystic card on then. Ones artist done. Uh, you can then remove the mystic are and plug it into the Ross beer. And finally, yeah, Step six is See what? There are two approaches to use. The last very pipe. What is it You can want to connect on the pass Cities are peripherals like monitor keyboard . Most have been coming to the Internet through the way things were computer on it that this one approach the second approaches. You can make it hitless, meaning you can t board your laptop or computer and then you can program configure the new berry pie through the secure shell. We just call it the ssh. So in that case, you don't require a morning. You don't quite a cable. Generally s tikis are technical folks. People prefer to use it as secure. Shell using. I'm in using the spirit by headless more. They don't use the martyrs. They don't use the keyboard au. They used the secure shell off their computer off the laptop and then use the raspberry pi toe program. So the last typists Yeah, once you have lost being loaded into the raspberry pi me And also look at the steps hope to make it big endless. So this is the GST for murder. Have you seen the image shows the you drain So one more point Onley tools I have used that is the history for matter and then post that you have the victory to biscuit Major on this are there in the resources off this presentation The links are there so you can visit that links and download and install in your laptop or your computer. So the first purpose former b is regard if required and leave for my despite simple. So once you former that we do you would show you the complete space available in the mystic are the best of our first step after you have theistic card and then don't know the grass be in rows be in stretch from the raspberry site. Don't Lord it and then use the Win 32 disc a major on DSA play in the in the G trade insure their disappointing to the correct right but generally have internal Robiskie Major only shows the ones which are due to the You're the laptop, so don't might not have an issue there, so that'll point that. Then do select that image off the dress. Very bi Onda. Then you can progress further. So once you have this one once you're selected d me, then do, uh, right when you click or great little progress the major get Poppy. So it'll take maybe about five minutes, depending upon the raspberry pi image. Once the right this successful, then the you can take ot the SD card from the I don't need it. And then you can install in the raspberry pi system on now. So you're onset. You have the raspy and ways in your sister that lost verify on No, you can hook it onto the power supply on being see the next step in see how to make it headless. Thank you 5. Lets configure Raspberry Pi for headless mode: little snow. See hold, make the lost many buying, you know, hit less more that this middle having the more interconnector Onda who have your computer to communicate with the raspberry pi. So the collection requirements that indeed was very buying this on. It'll it connection wants. So in that ensure to connect the Internet cable that is, a network cable is connected from the lost weight by on your new souped onto your PC or laptop. So that's a first step kind. Of course you need to power on the Ross body by with a pass a play. Generally, yes, few off the I mean, the mobile phones are the smartphone. Charger can be food, but very few of them they should be in a push in tow. So play more than 700 millions off current because it possible to a 700 millions current. But in games, if it is, you're trying for the current from the GPL open toe for your sensors to actuate us, then, yeah, it shoots are playing the board one AM send a ball than that. So, yeah, for the ideally, what I do is I used the Power Bank Deposit Bank which we usedto charge the mobile phones. So use apart bang bang generally is a place much more current. Come back toe the regular corruptor so you may use the power back. That could be one of the option toe thought on your last penny pie, though you can still use the charges your mobile charges, but do it is not recommended. So once you have that, I will now switch on my laptop so that you can see that I ask you a few configuration which you need to do in your laptop. So I didn't show that with my laptop itself. So first thing is good, er control panel networks, Internet network sharing. You know, you need to avoid for that because you need to shadow the NATO up with the raspberry pi. So go to that. Uh, and then, uh, see normally would have not have the 2nd 1 that is a 90 because now I have who don't toe the last verify this indicating because I already connected other ways. Only the 1st 1 will be available in the network, sharing going toe the properties and then go to the shine. Generally, this is disabled unit to enable it. I repeat, you need enable it. Then will You can make the connection happened with your raspberry pi in the headless move , so we enable it. I mean, you need to enable it, then I see. Okay, Onda, then close it. You need to have be party s will score for the secure social connection. It's called Booty. So you need to have that indeed. Don't lord it and install it in your sister. So the the resources section I have given the links or download and install Andi. So choose is such Portis training to go to Ross Verify on lower it. But we need to give us very by dot m s home dark neck on, then Lord it and then open it. So once you open this, a screen should come. That means it is already connecting so before the use ready password is by and then you need to know he didn't your That's what Just trust me So one some. Hey, you get this screen. So you are no communicating with lost Betty pipe so you can use all the are on the The Knicks command certain UNIX commands you can use that. So if your new linens therefore it up on the the so sis uh, section I have applauded the kind off a link barren You can download the pdf document just for practice. Various leanings. Command gives an overview about various meanings. Come on. This way. So this is now that you have collected through the Ethernet cable So the raspberry pi you can also coming toe divi fight. I mean from the laptop itself, as long as your laptop he's connected toe my frustration. And similarly, your raspberry pi is connected to a WiFi station on each one has a local a B. You can call the local I p off off the raspberry pi and you can connect it to the hospital by giving off the I p. And the more important one is that after toe just forgotten a motor. So generally raspberry pi, they have not enabled. Yes, a cinch initially. So keep that in mine, so you need to enable it. So all you need to do west once you have are don't you copied the image off from the raspberry pi into the arresting card Do you define? It's a cinch just the ssh. Doesn't need any data just so fine. It's a cinch. Create with your expert. Just It's a such copy that make the name as justices set should be a fight and copy that in the root folder off your testicle. So this has to happen once they made is copy into the es Tica so that no connection will. But the message connection will work. Otherwise, this such connection will not. Well, this is a recent change. I think about a year back. Raspberry pi came up with this change. Yes, it's just not enable automatically going to be enabled one Lee if you wanted to be neighbors. So basically they're trying to have ah, security building so that such us not enable automatically you need to enable for that. That's they said. You need to have Anissa such fight, um, placed on the book for them. So then the next presentation, we'll also see how to connect it. We don't even the Internet cable. We'll discuss that in the next presentation. Thank you 6. Getting the wifi configuration in Raspberry: let us know See how to get into the raspberry pi. We don't even the Internet cable Islamists your computer on and do not spread by. It's hooked onto the by faith station. The same network, then yes, you can access it Promoted remotely the raspberry pi. We don't even having the Internet connection in place again. This being the headless more so for that s so far, we have seen hope connect the raspberry pi through the Internet cable. So, you know, the Internet just still through the tenant cable. So the first time Best? Um, yeah. So I understand the first Tempus. Yeah, you need to have the lesbian needs to have the stretch to stop install that he made should be stretched to stop instead off the stretch light. So in the differences you can, Even with the stretched, the stop is much more Much more bigger ways, aka based more space because it will have the stop coming in the hospital to stop coming up on about the streets. Late, More off. A character washing So top place most peace. So I would recommend you go for the stop motion. So once you have done that you need to have an experience over in storm in your in your sister in your laptop. So they x main. So this is the one. Explain. So this needs to be have just install and it just running in my sister. So you need to have that, Um, once you have there, you're dis running. Then you can in medical man start and next to me, please. No, no. You see the desktop off the last pretty by coming up? Yeah. No. Have the raw specifying this. That disturb you. Look at it. Yeah. Has all of the programming you have the polyp Iten is already built in. In fact, this one good thing is, uh, they have the recent question off stretched their included Tony fightin. I see this an excellent tool for beginners. I'm highly recommended for your first time learner off fightin. Use this turning the fighting because that will help you to learn much more easier then the regular point on Shalit's. So, uh, once you have that everything I already connected to the WiFi this the WiFi corn. Once I click on it already. Yeah. Broadband connected to that. That's where it is. Awesome. that we forget and cancer. And, uh, you for this. This is all near my near my apartment. So you have the others showing as well. So, for example, if your says yeah, tell 786 conduct you need to give your password. Once you enter the password, it will get connected. So I have already connected to my, um my my fainted work. So if you see that 1 92.1 68.1 dot nine that is the I P. Address off the raspberry pi ing This allocated. So So that's Obertan Onda. Initially you might not see the wife. I can't. So you toe I'm then So he goto had removed on. Then you can then have that I got my wife a gone, then connected with the life for this option. I figured this much better compared toa you need toe other ways. You need toe make an entry in the in the system. In one of the file, you need to make an entry before booking it. They getting the wife A before you need to make an entry with the use ready password, you need to make an entry into that fight. Scott W be underscores supplement in the network folder instead of doing that. IPhone This one is much more easier option. Once you have this connected to the icon insult, it does the same thing. You have the entry into the your Yeah, um, the WiFi and read the user and password dissenter. So you can also check that Nobody for them grouping toe. Yeah. Good. Do next, Jonah. You know? Yeah. I never knew. Go on. Okay, so here, if you see, I already connected. So initially, you will not see this. So once you make the connection, you have this entry so you can see that from the, um in lex, German in from the system dunes. So? So I am no collector. Toe the WiFi I can remove the internet cable on. Then who could? Don't my I was very my through the i P. Address, which is shown here. And this, uh, 1 92 about 1 68 Uh, not not one dark name, so I can hook it on impacting my next presentation. I lost because this I p address keep changing. I mean, whenever you look on your Russ Billy Payne it might keep changing. So that is a process. Either you have Do you have access to the your my face station That rotor can access and check. What is the idea? Does the same to the desperate like that? This one option? The other option is instead of doing that also, you can check. What are the I P address? We just hope onto the Your wife is a teacher. So in the next one, I'm sure that the one station is all project the which is the I P. Address off the raspberry pi on. Then supply the arrest, many by the address. And then you can do the secure Asian You can access back Desperate Onda. One more thing. Just, uh here once again my this Marie de Buddy. So this what I have done. So? So when you want to connect with the kind of a graphical war that Africa to stop more ensure that x x 11 you see neighborhood that needs to be enabled on local host cool and zero needs to be polite. Then you're the stop. Been open before. So again, the same needs to be case If you're connecting through the why fail? Sort of the next presentation. You need to have the local host enable, particularly get the junior interface if you know you don't want to do in defense. If you want. Oh, communicate through the character more, then this is not required. Even the expense over install. It's not required. So that's a hard enabling. The WiFi. So now we don't eat on it. Also, it should work as long as you feed the I P address off the off the your raspberry pi into the party. It should work, so thank you ST U for the next person. 7. Connecting to Raspberry in headless mode through Wifi: so quickly. So so far we have seen how low copy are installed. The raspberry to stop stretching age in the mystical, the poster. And then once that is done, yeah, if you're trying to connect it to the message, then you need to have on ssh fine created and has to be placed on the boot. Fuller off theistic car. That's a step too on then connected to the Internet, gave her for That needs to be some configuration in the laptop as sharing the network. That is number three. And then you need to have the WiFi corrector in the this top off your raspberry pi. The WiFi network off your wife a supply The user i d and password once the the last very point is connected to the my fine import. Then you can independently hook it through the without the Internet cable. You don't need to connect the Internet cable you can directly connect believe that's very by using party. All that s required is you need to give the hyping address off the last very so just to check, because the i p address keep changing just to check What is the I p address. Um, you can use the eyepiece Canada there are different. I pick ap scanner which is available for free when the oneness, the angry I P scandal, which I'm using. There's also the other one called the AdWords. Scientists can so either one you can use engage in the already can access the wife a daughter through the admin user passport then in the doctor also, you can check What is the I P address? The same with the hospital. So in my case, it is the the I p address. Assane to Ross meeting by He is 1 90 to 1 68 1 dark night And yeah, this is what my for my laptop. So all that this acquire now hours go into body Endo Onda anymore. Nor this is showing 92 1 16 I wonder, do we just earlier one I need to replace it with nine. It probably saved us Well, No, I order on. Uh I see. Yeah, you see, does that be address? And I don't have my turn. It connected my Internet cable connected to the not speak pay. Just my speed baseboard on onda. Uh, it is just nowhere near my laptop artists in any of the my face station. I spent my left office about 20 feet away from the life. A station? Yes, I give my nose buddy by nearly wife A stations better. That is how I found out it's the picking up capability off raspy by after I finish. Work is better if it is close by to the manifestation. So it's kept it close by to the way face station there is. My laptop is about 20 feet away because my hospital, by answer every day I'm in the laptop as a better capability. So I kept diving, having even at a distance. So you said, any bus where the seam we'll change all that, the ones you are not You are talking to the um it was very pie remotely videoed the Internet cable. You're connected to the through the I. P address during my earlier discussion that is, correcting raspberry pie with the laptop through the Internet cable. I told about our collection, I mean a network sharing which needs to be done condescending properties, shotting you need to enable it, but that is not required when you're connecting through the I P. local anti once the by if I set up Now that we are connecting through the WiFi to the local Roseberry pipe for me, the i p addresses supply. You know, the required network shouting to be in heaven so you could be saber disable er on. Does the reason you don't find an entry in the in the network also. So I'm sure to be simple it once you are connecting it to the WiFi off raspberry pi that's aboard the basics. You know how working raspberry pi, which is connected through them I finding work from your computer in a headless more thank you. Stay in your room for further decisions. 8. Connecting DHT11 sensor to Raspberry Pi: okay. Lets no look at Holder going a sensor to a rush, very pine and then hoping to get that red they go, um, the black former service cloud what I discovered in the past club. So the sensor we're goingto uses DST lemon, Would you see temperature and humidity sensor? The senses generally are off mostly off on a long time there, and the you find Milly ones are born from the sensor after sensing something, um, could mean millions and millions would, from this milieu words which is Dendy on a lot signal, then really, while on a along Toby still can water so that the district signals the ones and zeros refineries can be, then be transferred into the microcontroller are the if it's Michael Computer, like raspberry Dennis in the using GPS opens. So that asshole the sensors has been working in the earlier days. Basically, most of them. No, I don't log census blandly, any distance insist, but these days there are a lot of digital senses coming in the market batting the little provided the still output once and zeros on and so black that yeah, there need to be a supporting library in the computer for processing that Mr Allen put on. Then it gets processed and then did it. Either it was displaying our it could be sent. 30 go even to the blow. So that's about the distance inside. And we'll be using the distance sensor. In this case, we just DST 11 which can since walk to temperature and humidity. Onda the DST Levinson. Sir, You look at it. He does four pins. One is busy, C 3.3 are worlds can take and can take. Also five goals in the second fitness data, 30 minutes not connected. And therefore, openness the ground. Andi Yeah? You need to have an insulation off the library s role in the fight them for reading the leader. There's a basic circuit of the how interface to be raspberry pi. Have you used GPS or 14? Because the disturbance have used distant Sorry. Still, output is coming from the beach 11 sensor. I have used uh, the GOP a who the 14 been toward on. You need to have another still, um, Frankie or 10-K mr, which is called a pullup resistor. Do you still live in? I just didn't pullup resistor between these two that is BCC indignant. That should be able to play sister, that's what. On and just just a photo. And for about my center. In fact, Asai had discussed Alia. I ain't into use in a headless board be the my fake connection enabled so that you find no cable goes to my from my computer into the raspberry pi. I don't use the Internet cable at all how you can keep it. That's what I want. The best position, as far as the last very by is concerned. It's better if you were working on a my fame or inspector to keep the raspberry pi near the wife and daughter because, um, your laptop Oh, that's much more stronger capability as far as my face concerned can have a common age off even 20 feet. But I found raspberry time. Are times with the weak signal cannot be compared with just like your laptop so preferred pushing. But this new yori around WiFi station So this is set up so well, wrongness fun there in tow what needs to be done after the connection in the next presentation, because what I have done this I have documented in a pdf former insert off PPT. You can download that pdf on then go basic installs require the librarian starts have needed. So we'll see that in the next presentation. But ensure that you have done the required connection. Just like what this into getting hit stayed you. Thank you. 9. Install DHT11 python library and reading Temp, humidity : so know that the circuitous ready Let's do are no library in stop and then I should be in a portion toe. Get the data from the DST 11 cents. Matter of fact, I made a document. Pdf document this availability. This is the section so you can download for your own reference. So insulation off. Duffel library? Yeah. Is this circuit on? Gives a brief details aboard the sensor. And then, yeah, you need toe Don't know deal library from Get him. So I have opened under you opened up the get up so it doesn't require any signing and dog. While you need to do is don't load it. Don't lure. That's a sip. Fine. I don't commit Sinn Fein into your, um have been those mission in your laptop. So have that. Once you have that, you need to translate it into the Ross. Pretty fine. So there are ways of doing it. One is that you can use the year must us come in. Most dust command, if he become mental doored but can be at times can be a little laborious at the common problem. The other way of doing it. This there's a been a cp the sun if they be, But you can use the password is once you know that you can darkly just full and draw You need to pull and drop. That said with the right side I've connected into the raspberry pi remotely on. That's a paint off a remote server for me on the left side. That's my desktop. So all you need to do is you got to pull on, place it here, pull in plain city, which means defined gets transferred. So once you have the the library, what do you need to do? Is you need toe, create a folded up. I've created a fold up, so you need to create a folder on pull it over here. So are no locked into the Ross pretty by s will. So this may many I'm connecting it to the secure shell, so I connected it. So I know what I have done. This I already don't lord it into the this Florida used to be 11 Titan. Always. You need to actually create a foreigner. Be whatever. Like if you want Oh, create a foregone. You need to say make darkly. Whatever. It's the folder name so that's basically coming. So can refer theme documentation later. Tow linen. So So once you are in tow be DST 11 and then for whatever you have in your your computer which have downloaded from the side as a super fight. Unzip it on, then. Movie fight. You do the th 11 fighting folder. So once you do that once, you have only finds mystery Fine. You need to execute the command sudo and song and get up, get installed. Build essential spite That just builds the necessary library. If they award on, then if we need to execute this command, set up our fight, it takes this fine which is later to the DST 11 fighter on it'll install the necessary python scripts The vital library, My library later toe DST into the fight. So on this is there here as well. So you need to just create a folded up on. Then copy that. Then you need to execute the pseudo commence. This one former back, the install, the one steen storms off successful. What do you need to do? Is chain dollar pretty examples. So you already have on examples also, Mr. So you need toe use the simple test by generally to have simple tests. What you need to make certain changes. Because the question if you look at the original fine, they're given it for DST. Ready to if I'm right. Yeah, BST 22. But we're using DST 11. So that's one more. One change on whatever is the pin number. I'm used 14. So you need toe mention is 14. Are you feel using 23.33 23 s? Okay, um, again for prosperity by the notes. You can just google it. That's very fine. He knows it will give up a template so you can refer, which depends our map. Which one? Now you can refund it so that you are connections when you do a connections much more simply. So what? I had done this, uh, I always do that. Whatever is the friend scored, I'm just rename it. This is the original court, but you'll find one simple test fight. So I just renamed. It was report Simple test college tarp I and this is what I have made. Changes in tow. If I can. Yeah, he said the changes. I made it into 14 since I'm using DST 11. See if you look at the cornea. It's pretty simple importing the library into the fightin, then the sensor. I'm you're seeing this sensor because once you in strongly library Yeah, this would become valid. And I made been 14 because that is what I connected on finally making lead making a really here humanity temperature record Not awful. Bhd read, replace and served up in with us. Insert the pin and then you get the data. So what is pretty simple that this where always find in being the recent one much more simpler? That's my field, so always much more simpler even compared with the C C plus players are when extend our swimming. But then again, that Israel. As a matter of fact, you look at why it discovered raspberry by they say my efforts to fight them. So So that's aboard. According so once changes, then you can execute pseudo fighting Onda uh, findings simple Destined So Trudeau, I then Onda uh there Symbolist. So this is for the execution off these titans trip that he made changes Onda, uh, near on it. Okay, that you are so pretty hard. So temperature my complexion is starting to get instances on humanity. Yes. Um, 89 again? FYI, thanks. See you. What changes? Oh, the community is gonna bite in Boston. So this is how this be a still we are on the execution. Is a friend with the loss Very fine. You collected to the raspberry pi. We're executing that script in the raspberry pi and seeing the reserves, you, um yeah, truly is a such a party. We're seeing medicine. Then in the next presentation, assuming we want to get all this data transferred into the cloud for making complications are just for logging it so that for any other process What is this Tim need to be in war? Receive, even See that? Hi. Me. For that, I'll be using black former service flour, which is known as tiny mighty races. I phone the mind the racist, more off black and ugly and large facility. Is there a sweater? A self appointed We'll discuss in the subsequent presentation. It's before. No thanks for watching. We'll get into the next presentation. Thank you. 10. Overview about cloud - IOT (Cayenne mydevices): So once you ever when these grips in your Ross Very fight, which is displayed on the here initially on the dashboard. When you want to act device, you'll get the first dashboard. It looks like this. It gives you the CPU person uses storage, temperature, network and saw. But this is the first dashboard you get on. It's a dynamic, this lettuce where it keeps changing. If you look at it, the person days off CPU it's all good. Changing gets changed and even the temperature on example. If you please the finger on the the main CPU off the last very pipe times, you'll find a drop in different nature. We just displayed see their 46. It has become 45. What I did, Wasim placing just a finger on my lost, very buying the icy. But that is where the temperature is getting, so you can also next. The best we can also add are the simplest on this. Always even use and led. You can interface and a leading so I mean one day. Don't spirit by the GP able what I have done This I made GPS who 23 connector and led so make it all work. You can straight swap it. A sin are you can make it out as well. So and then Currently for tests low, you can trigger it toe high. Then you make a further two high, naturally are led is supposed to blow the next presentation captured the through a video. Aspirin. So this is through the GP Able. You can still have used this on protecting the dashboard itself through actuator. Because actually test you can turn it high. That is early. You can turn it time. So what do you need to do is take the gentry one the Stella poor selected devise and then meaning to use GPS. Who? Whatever the Channel 23 is what I am, I'm using. So you need to choose. Choose 23 on, then finally predatory channel button on 1 to 2. Separate. Yeah. What is that? It will show us a leading. So then at the actuator. I've already done this process. So that is where you get in a led here. So this led from here. You can switch on the led and such off dealing. So this is a basic simplistic sites. Sure. A video presentation in the next one on. Then control it with the cayenne dashboard from here. Okay. Thank you. 11. Controlling actuator (LED) from Web-dashboard from anywhere: so the prosperity pie on the leading connected to the raspberry pi pin, which we have re entered a good through the dashboard, you can control the led. Basically, we have a saying kind off a natural. It's all you need to do is play attacked the lady clothes and the news, which off the duty lights off. So that's how it works, What I have taken up. We call video shot off the image. You'll find the led blowing up on switching off whenever I conduct led I got on the street , so okay, you know, phone something demonstration bad, and you don't integrates with key on my devices for sending the data back and forth the next one. We'll also look at creating kind of a week 10 and custom again, particularly when it does. The sensor is not available in game, so in the sensor is not available. As I said earlier, you can get most of these incidents. I'm each other Mr. Here you can. Then, in that case, it is just a dragon. Drop it thus far more easier. Not much off, according. But then it is When it does, this is not available for example, temperature in case of temperature. You have only these devices. You don't have the 11. So in that case, immutable bring your own thing is what you need to do. You need to go here and use this in your courting. All this impunity it uses and purity which we have discussed during the North Him see you uses the same concept to bring in the data into the Tehran dashboard. They already have a d h d. But I already configured the necessary according so that this parrot is displaying other ways. That's to be uncertain. Needs to be done in India, lost very by and fight, including library has to be in store on then in raspberry pi. The court needs to be executed so that you get the real time news on your dashboard. We'll see that in the next presentation. Just thank you 12. Raspberry Pi - Sensor (DHT11) - Cloud (IOT - my devices) integration: you hear? Well, that is before our led pestering with the key on dashboard the mighty ways this one we don activity value. We put up the DST 11 with raspberry pi Andi then had the library install. And then we were able to display the readings from the 11 from the secure shell. So the next step this we need toe, look at the ways to transfer the data which is coming from the east 11. And you do you stress very by so that it is a floor and into the mind of basis dashboard. So for that, we need the first install A library? Um, we just there in the get up. So we need to download and install you get a zip file, unzip it into the locker local mission on and make a directory, a ski on impunity, Onda. Then you needto if he paid you do this directory once, that is, then you do want no installed. That's sort of been stark a on impunity. So once that was done successfully, which means your impurity Kiani in captivity is also installed in the last very pipe. What's that? You need toe with whatever before we already did for taking for acquiring data from the 11 and taking it to the the rust beddy bye. Almost the same core except some fine tuning is supplying. You need toe, give the impurity use radi password. Those things needs to be at it so that this data using that that use ready passport goes into the key on dashboard. So the corners already they're in the examples and give you the examples. I made the score. So if you look at, uh, this cold, it's almost similar, except you haven't import off certain library and fruit for the HD that does not eating it . And additionally, this PR plan that does were important. This based on the install already done on day, they included the use really passport. But in ensure that you use you're use already Password, one doctor block. So for that, yeah, you could go into the the custom made good on get the include duty password. Onda. After that, yeah, declined looping because it keeps in the loop. And this command you're already familiar because it's what we used earlier. Also, to read the community temperature Onda poster. Yeah, you are printing the community temperature in booty plane, which is the decline climb, meaning Prosperi acquired temperature humidity into the school. So the according is pretty again shape forward simple. Just you're keeping it in the loop and you are executing it. Let's see how this one works. Oh, I hardly need to do s now execute Sodo on pseudo pie time by then. Yes to 11 Yon No, no by So Mr Cole, So just getting connected. So let's see what it's shows in the dashboard you're disconnected. So generally it is sure as offline initially. So once it gets connected, for example, and see this again Yeah, Once you come or unfolds even in come out off, it would show off Lane on. When you start executing it, the the offline world will go war. So when I execute the gets collected on, does that goes off so you'll have this executed and, uh, he had also you get the output on weaken slightly, particularly with humanity. You could see a certain changes if I put my hand on the DST p. I'm impressed. A finger against the DHT piece Transducer the humidity. You can see the rice in the humidity Yeah, Temperature slightly. I mean, you see the variation, but your humidity increases as I put my a finger and horribly used to be transfuse it. Temperature has gone up two degrees Onda humidity or no must close toe 7 to 8%. I guess. So say the moment, the moment fingers, you see backdrop. Surely what? ISS Another interesting point is that you can also get, uh, good off or defect and similarly, for the temperature as well. You can get a graph. You can download the information as well. Whatever is the values you can Don't know. So that's amore. So this again, for a custom bigger give the Alderney anyways only debases. I mean the transducer, what are the sensors are going to be available whatever you use. For example, if you're going to use as I said, if you're going to use a sensor which is something like BMP 1 80 nothing need to be done. You've been straight away at that. We get there and the only thing is you need to make connections as required in the I mean the heart. Bad wedding needs to meet otherwise that this pretty straightforward because you are your raspberry by is always in connection with the the, um, the guy and passport. The necessary steps could be done only in case off. If it is not available, then yeah. You need to go into the bring your wound like doing your own thing, which is similar toe the DST be 11 for which we created our own custom. There are other features, Les If then else, you can also create a trigger based on certain conditions. You can do that, but you can. You can attempt on your own. Once you're comfortable with the key on dashboard, Then you can attempt on the even creating a rigorous with say, for example, you can do something like Okay if the humanity is 90%. Yeah. Then switch on. The other device are sending notification. All this can be attempted as well. Okay. Thank you.