Internet of Things for Beginners (IoT)| Learn To Make Smart Light Bulb | Nitin Sikka | Skillshare

Internet of Things for Beginners (IoT)| Learn To Make Smart Light Bulb

Nitin Sikka, Internet of Things | Cognitive Computing

Internet of Things for Beginners (IoT)| Learn To Make Smart Light Bulb

Nitin Sikka, Internet of Things | Cognitive Computing

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12 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to IoT Applications

    • 3. Architecture of IoT Applications

    • 4. Links to download softwares and Buy Hardware components

    • 5. Project Outline

    • 6. a. Download and Setup Blyk App

    • 7. b. Introduction to hardware components

    • 8. c. Setup Arduino IDE and Blynk libraries

    • 9. d. Hardware circuit Design on Fritzing software

    • 10. e. Hardware Assembly & Demo using Blynk Mobile App

    • 11. f. Voice control using google assistant

    • 12. Final Demo - Hurray!!

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About This Class

Internet of Things is an emerging technology to interconnect objects using internet basically to share information using sensors and then we can analyze the data using software based tools there by enhancing operational effectiveness or creating intelligent products. 

If you have ever been excited to develop IoT applications, then this course is for you! This course is based on hand-on approach where you will learn to make DIY (Do-it-yourself) Smart lamp project. We will use google assistant mobile application to control any light bulb in your home for less than 15$.

Value additions that you will have from this course:

  • Understand what is internet of things?
  • Develop IoT Project to control light bulb using google assistant
  • And learn about the path ahead.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who is interested in learning about new technologies
  • Students , developers and technical designers.

I  will make sure to enable you with every possible help and resources to complete this awesome project.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitin Sikka

Internet of Things | Cognitive Computing


Hey! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I am a IT professional and freelancing instructor living in New Delhi, India with my family.

Professional Experience

After completing my degree in computer science I started my career working in Bangalore for Indian Software MNC. 

I have been working as a senior application developer and have an experience of 10+ years in design and development of enterprise applications.


I am an avid learner of new & emerging technologies like Internet of Things(IoT) and these days I am focusing on building IoT applications for enterprise businesses. 

Content on SkillShare

I want to put up value content on technical topics like IoT and other open source web techno... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction : some people might see Internet off things as an intimidating subject. But let me tell you one thing. It's quite fun ones. You get started with it. My name is Newton on. I am an application developer from New Delhi, India. This course is an interruption to Internet off things being covered. Music, architecture. Off the applications, people use an amazing life. I enabled Chip toe twice. Control a light bulb in your home. The focus off this course is not to get into the technical details, but to get you started with how to use the software and the hardware. By making your own interactive project, you will learn about different hardware companies on how to use them to control a lightbulb or by five, and I am excited to see you inside. 2. Introduction to IoT Applications: I only applications are all about making the physical devices or the equipments intelligence so that they can share information, data or even they can act to react in the face off situation. The need of the IOC applications are in both consumer and industrial space. In consumer applications. Nowadays, we get to hear a lot of a lot about smart devices like refrigerators and air conditioners. Well, controlling these devices over Internet is one aspect off it. But the manufacturing companies are extracting a lot of data like top selling products, customer uses behavior and even anticipating the 40 behavior of the product. While this information was not it all available previously now coming onto the industrial use cases off I ot applications, which are immediately about automating the existing business processes toe, get reduced Russia cycle time, better operational efficiency or even improved revenues. 3. Architecture of IoT Applications: building blocks off a Iot. The application, as you can see the architecture majorly, consist off four layers at the bottom of the pyramid, the layers, Carlin's hardware and the embedded programming. Every idea application consists off some kind off hardware associated with it, which enable us toe either capture the real time information or the leader and send it across to the back and systems. Well, we need to program these devices in certain we so there they can capture this information and transmit data cross to the back end systems. Or why. So what's up? The second layer in this architectural scoreless communication protocols and connectivity management system, we need to have certain communication protocols defined in order to capture the information or the data and change it across to the back in service or vice versa. The third earlier in this architecture is called his application development, and enable meant platforms. There are various companies now. It is those who are providing I ot platforms for developing applications. They provide a set off services under a single umbrella such as data management services, beat a persistent services, or maybe any medical services. IBM is having a Watson Microsoft is having as your on AWS. I already from Amazon are examples of such platforms. The last layer is callers and user applications and interfaces. We need to develop certain kind of mobile applications or did, as would applications in orderto put their data or the information which is captured in a meaningful manner. Now that we have a basic understanding, offer I or the application, let us try to understand few things in greater detail. In this light will discuss about the hardware devices or the type of hardware devices we have any ill the application. The 1st 1 is scoreless. Sensors, sensors basically the detector changing the environment around them, and they provide this information back to the device or the processor, which is also pour les microcontroller unit. EMC is nothing but a device or electronic component on which the sensors or the actuators are attached. Sensors and actuators cannot work. Stand alone. They have to be placed on a device which has some kind of computing power. The actuators, on the other hand, why it's a mechanical response toe the signal provided by the censors. The key thing toe understand here is that the sensors and actuators can't work independently, they need to be attached. Toe electronique component Just scoreless microcontroller. It has both the processing power and has ability to Correcto it. I took as well in this basically will try to understand where is connecting with the options we have in i ot applications. On the left hand side, you can see where this kind of devices they captured the real time information or the data and use either the mobile network WiFi or the network routers to connect to the back and system and transmit this data. So the system where we have very kind of rule engine and we store their data or persistent gator in some kind off databases. Ultimately, on the right hand side, you can see we need to have some kind off application where we can what this data into some meaningful information 4. Links to download softwares and Buy Hardware components: here. I would like to mention that I have provided all the links toe don't know the software's the related Softwares, as well as the links to buy or purchase the hardware components online in the Project Description section, you can head over to the Project Description section and you can finder details toe by all the part of a bomb. Buildings or the software which required to be installed are also mentioned in the Project Description section. I would say that you can go ahead and wash the class, but at the same time you can order all the hardware components which are required. In order to make most out of this class, I would request you toe complete the class project Well, the best part is that at least you can use this smart lamb for your own. Use all the West. But the project 5. Project Outline: let us know. Try to understand the outline off our project. Like what exactly we are trying to do in this class project. Basically, using a Google Mobile assistant application, we want to control a light bulb. So looking at the screen, you can understand that on the left hand side we have a Google Mobile application, and we want to send some signals using some club server to some hardware, which will control our light bulb. Well, let us go in some more details to understand better. Our project is having two components. One is Carly's hardware design. The other scoreless sort were configuration. Let us take the hardware design first off, all the hardware design we have again, two tasks when the 1st 1 is the hardware assembly were will assemble different hardware components to control a light bulb. The other one is called less hardware programming. So first task is to get our microcontroller chip connected to the Internet so that it can take the commands from the mobile application and the other is to program the hardware microcontroller so that it can behave in a certain way. It can execute the logic in a continuous manner The other part is the software configuration. So there we need some kind off A I ot platform over a server which can be used to exchange the messages between the hardware and the mobile application. So far this, we will use a blink i o P platform, which is basically providing a seat free service for prototyping. And then we will be using a Google assistant, which is a free again mobile application. Usually on the top off the blink mobile application toe wise control are light bulb. 6. a. Download and Setup Blyk App: now I think you must be any good knowledge about the complete architecture off of the applications, and it is the time to press the play button. We will make sure to have this project development in four parts in the first part will download and set up the blinker. Then we will set up the agree No I D and the Blink Libraries to program our microcontroller . Then we will look into the hardware assembly off different components and finally we'll put a Google assistant application over the blink upto control delight. But using the boys command now we will start with the blink. Blink, as I told you before, is a I ot platform which provide very services for I only application development. Well, we will be using bling for creating a mobile application to control our light bulb. Well, it also provides a blink server to exchange the messages between the application and the hardware. Using the libraries, which they have already developed, will be straight with using the libraries and all the code happens in the back in. So let's get started here will go to the place where and longer the blink application. Once the application is downloaded. Baby log In using the Facebook, we'll create a new project to put the name of the project. We're sure they're device as Nord MTU in Connection Day based. Lately, what token will be generated and sent to the email already connected with your Facebook about? No, we'll click on the add button here on the street. Who are the new button? Click on the button to change. The attributes will give the name of your button. Change the fin through the tree and go back. That said, I think our application is no one figured will come back to it again. Ones are hardware confidential. 7. b. Introduction to hardware components: Now, before we get into the hardware, assembly and hardware programming, it is very important to understand the various hardware components that we're going to use in our project. The 1st 1 is callers Right Board and the Jumper wires. It is a circuit board, which we use for prototyping the projects. If I want a designer's Elektronik circuit instead of designing it on a printed circuit board, we can use a bread board because we need not sold other circuits. While using the bread board, we can connect one component with the other component using jumper wires. Various holes on the bad words are used to place different components on the bread board. We have good under steps and two bus lines. The bus lines are vertically connected and the points on the terminal strips are horizontally connected. So this is how we place different components and connect them with each other. The next one is the power supply model. It is basically used to power your competence on the great, put there to standard power inputs that is a USP and the other one and there are different output wordage options. Early on, the two terminals, either you can get 3.3 world or five world and it is possible to get different world. It is on these two dominance. That means we can get 3.3 world on one terminal and five world on the other one. Next we have is the really more do relation electromagnetic device which is used to remotely control any circuit. Let us see the diagram on the right inside, which we have. No, we have an electromagnetic coil wrapped across pin number one and two. There is 1/3 win, which is also called less common. Been is having a needle attached to it, which oscillates between normally closed and normally open. Whenever low voltage is applied across common pin Whenever a low voltage is given, it completes the circuit and the coil gets charged. And this is when it toggles the switch between on and off. This is what we want to achieve in our project. That is over the internet. We will provide a signal toe pen three and that is when the oil will get charged. And ultimately the switch will double. Next one we have is North Thames. You? Yes. We ate two double six the most important component off our project. It is a low cost WiFi chip with them. To you, M Schiewe is nothing but in microcontroller, which is a programmable device which can execute a set off court repeatedly over the time. And as it can be connected with Fifi, we can either provide input, do this program or can receive the output from the microcontroller unit on different general input output pins, which here you can see as various D d one d Toby three before pens. These are digital input output pins were either we can provide the input or take the output from the microcontroller. Now, with this, we have seen all the hardware components which we're going to use in our project. Now. Next, we will see how we can program this ESPN photovoltaics so that we can take the come on from the mobile application to operate the light bulb 8. c. Setup Arduino IDE and Blynk libraries: Now that our blank application is all set up now we need toe program, our new names urt microcontrollers so that it can talk with the mobile application. So we will program. They know Dems. You using the artery? No, I d. This video will download our Denoix de and set up deep link libraries. Well, a dream Why? D is nothing where the integrated development environment i d is a text editor like program that allows you to write computer programs that will upload who? Your microcontroller board whether it is our Torino or Lord empty When you open up Yardena program you open up the i. D. It is quite simple straightforward when you save a final 90 finalists Chorley this sketch it has all the court which you have written according language which Arduino uses pretty much similar toe see language. All the basic concept remained the same. The whole that we're going to write is human readable ideas used to take the human readable board and converted into machine Understandable. Form it. Now we'll go and install it. You know whereby the according to the operating system you are using if you're using Windows machine, you can also go to the Microsoft store to get the adrenal education, once it is in store, will simply launch the objection No one Steve embodies installed. We need to program the Noten's you in such every that we can talk to our blink mobile application that we have created. No, it is important to understand this diagram. The blank Coyote platform is providing a cloud server, basically, which is used to exchange the messages between the mobile application and the modems You or wise of us are. So in order to talk to the mobile application, basically, we need toe connect. Cody Blink Cloud Server on that quote basically is written himself in the functions, which are pretty defined in the blink libraries. Now, once they are Dino, whereby did in Star will go to the get hub toe download the latest blink libraries. Well, please make a note that I have given all the links in the product description off the glass . Donald did it right, and next check with Florida. Once you have extracted all the fires, open up the Drina, whereby D but with the fine. But in France's take this spot, you'll find the libraries and the tools to take the latest release basted in this ward, similarly doing for the tools. Now, with that done, we will connect no times you with our laptop using a USB cable to transmit the court from Argentina who know them to you. Once you will connect the know Tim's you to your left off, you will get a beef sound like this. Now we'll go to the control panel and then we will select the device. Man who, uh, inside the device manager will, we will look for ports and we'll we'll just verify that our USB serial port is connected and will know down the calm for idea air. We we can see that our corn food idea is calm. Seven. Now we will come back to the artery. No, we will go to the tools and we will make sure that the proper compost is selected again. We will goto the boards and will make sure that the board selected here is no empty. Now to write. The code will go to the file examples bling boards, WiFi and yes, be affordable. Six standalone of this file is generated. Well, we just need to change three lines off. The 1st 1 is the ought to open. I hope you remember You received one email on your email. I de registered with the Facebook with your poker and here in the s s I d. You need to provide the name off the WiFi you are using at your home or the office, followed by the password off at my financial. Now here I fill in the details. That is the art token received on the team it, Andi. Followed by the WiFi name and the password. After this, it is the time to connect the know temps, you, ESPN, Trudeau, physics, video, laptop so that we can push in. This Scored into the microcontroller? No. Once it is connected with your laptop, you click on this very five or 10. Just watch it on the floor. We dissident is correct. It will take some time. Joe, Once it is done, we'll have lower the board using this arrow button. I think. Yes, we are done with this. No, this is the end of the second step. Don't. We will move ahead with the carnival configuration. Are card were assembling off our project 9. d. Hardware circuit Design on Fritzing software: Okay, so now that we have discussed about the hardware components that we're going to use in our project now, let us do the assembling off the hardware. What you can see on the screen is in Northern you bread bold power supply more you really more You Night bull and the power source Now legacy what we have done till now. First off, we have created a mobile application using the blink. And then we have mapped done the mapping off that mobile application to our microcontroller , which is no dance. You get to politics what exactly that mobile application is doing. Whenever we call it a sweat in the mobile application, it will send a signal onto our my group controller and that ultimately we really connected to the release. More do as I told you before, whenever we apply a lower word a signal on the signal pain off the really module that this circuit is completed and the electromagnetic coil gets charged. And that is when the common being doubles from normally open toe clothes or vice versa, and that ultimately will trigger our light. Well, here you can see on the right hand side regarding the bulb. We have taken one of the wire from the power source into the common fin off the really module and then another part of the wire from either normally close or normally open, then in tow deep I so that whenever a toggle happens, the circuit will either break or get closed and the bulls will behave accordingly. 10. e. Hardware Assembly & Demo using Blynk Mobile App: Okay, everyone. Now we'll start with the hardly an assembly part off our project. So first of all, this is the headboard on which we will place the power supply model in such a way that the terminal pain all on the bus And here we can receive either 3.3 world or five world from the same dominant. You will use the jumper jumper in order to get a five world across this terminal. Now we will use it. 12 old one MP here adapter to power to give power to the power supply money. Once we connected across a power supply, you will see that the green light will blow. Now, Once that is done, we will place the northern to you or the microcontroller board on the bird world in such a way that we have some less or pins on this side so that we can connect with the D three pain off this microcontrollers which will be controlled using the mobile application. Now we have to provide or give power to our microcontroller board and we will use the US people on the hours applying model on using a USB cable like, really was beginning. So next here is the really module. How? Basically we need toe give power to the really model is the key. And now here you can see that we have to really models and we will use one off them. That is the 1st 1 here we will find a VCC and pin. So we will have passed a jumper wire and Mississippian and that there's wire on the ground . Been off the first. Really? Okay, so the red wire, which was connected to the BCC, will go into the the positive terminal off Powers of life on the ground will go into the negative terminal off D the powers of life. So is this connected? The other thing which is left over is that we want toe connect there d trip in tow. The signal been off the relay module. Basically, whenever we will toggle the switch on the mobile application, it will send a signal to the be tripping off the microcontroller. And when the three pins on the microcontroller is connected to the signal been off the really model, it will send the lower voltage power on the signal pin off the really model which will ultimately recharge or charge the electromagnetic coil, and ultimately it will toggle the switch. So the D tripping off the microcontroller we'll put a jumper wire here, and it will go into the I N one off the relay model, which is the signal pin off the really motive. And now we need to connect the lamp toe are really module. In order to connect the lamp toe the really module, we will take the power court off the lab and will intersect the wire of the Lamberto two parts in such a way that will not cut the black wire. Varies will take the red wire, which is coming from the power source into the really model common pain. And then take me another end from the normally closed point off the really model into the lamb. We're connected. The red wire, which is coming from the Powers, or studi, normally to the common pin on the blue, where which is going into the lamp. So the normally closed point off the really model now a circuit is complete will switch on the powers now to make everything a bit come back. I have placed all the hardware compliment inside that blue box. And now the lamp is connected to the power. We will use a mobile application. That is the blank mobile application we have created previously to control this smart. But okay. I'll do the things. Let me sit on the land. Both. Oh, thank you. 11. f. Voice control using google assistant: No. Let us try to understand what we have done till now. First of all, we created a mobile application using the bling coyote platform inside that first off, all the genetically or Tokcan. Then we can you to the button and maverick toe the d three pin off the north them to you. But the question is how well inside that no, them to you. We basically are providing three parameters in the pool. One was the WiFi user name, password and the authorization broken. Now, inside the node EMS you program it is internally using some some of the functions defining the blink Libraries toe connect to doubling server. Now, once it gets connected to the Internet, it keeps on trying to connect with the playing server. Once done, it is mapped to the mobile application, which we have created based on the unique or tradition token which originated once the chip in the mobile app is connected. Now, whenever that button is pressed on the mobile application, it sends a signal toe the B three been off our note EMC, you now the third parties hardware assembly and controlling the bulls. Using the mobile application, we connect relight well, toe or no damns you using really emotive. So really model is having three panes. The 1st 1 is the power will give the power to the really model. Second is the ground and the third is a signal pin which will be connected to the D dripping off the no them to you. On the other hand, we we have three pins on the really model that is the common been normally closed or normally. Often we have light bulbs on the extreme left, which will connect using the really model. So that is the common pin on using the normally closed one. So whenever be pressed a button on the mobile application, it will glow the boat now the last, and the final step is toe voice control the light well, using the Google assistant for while application, we will be using another platform, which is scoreless if or nothing. But if this, then that this is the online service, which is used to connect to other applications which are generally not connected. Let us see the things ended. A. Whenever we give a voice command to a Google assistant, then it send it across that request toe. I have property. I have Triple T will understand that command and send an appropriate signal toe de blink up and then bling gap will send that signal across to the light bulb accordingly. No, we will goto. I have triple t dot com and sign up using our Google account. As I've already done the step, I will not repeat this time. Now we will click on my app legs, New applet. Then we'll click on this and I research for the Goodwill assistant. I can see the four options out of which I will select the 1st 1 which means that I was when I will instruct the Google assistant using a simple phrase or a voice command, it should do a certain action here. I have to fill in. What, exactly? We want to see who? The Google assistant, I would say Don Lamb, the response. The Google assistant should say it back to you, okay. And then create the traitor. Know that we have successfully created the trigger. That is, whenever Google assistant gets a command to switch on or off the lifeboat, then basically it should send a request to the Blink Mobile application to switch on or off the light bulb. Now, in order to do that, I will sleep on the plus button here. Now, I will search for Web books. We're books, basically is a cool which can be used to send Web request toe Any server click on this. I'll click on make a request here. Basically, we need toe put in the U R l for the bling server here I put in the u. R L followed by the authorization court or the token which we have received and followed by the pin which we want to modify. One important thing to note here is that I hope you remember that we specified the board as no times you while configuring the mobile application. But here, when we are trying to send a web request toe the blank server, we cannot specify the board type on that big default board time with the blink is not no damns you, But actually it is our three No board here to specify the things we need to look at the been mapping sheet here. We can see that corresponding to the Vetri pin off norms you we have the pin zero in other no vote. So we will change the pin toe the zero instead. Off be treat. So here we will change the pin from the three. Toby zero will change the method from get toe put put means change the content. I will be application. Jason in the body will enter one in double bores a school record hit on production button and then we'll click on finish. No. Similarly, we will create another athlete done off the smart link. - Now that we have created to wear plates one for turning on the lamp and the other one for turning off the lamp, we have finally completed our project. 12. Final Demo - Hurray!!: Okay. Now will do. The final demo will open the Google a cistern mobile application. Okay, well, don't on the lamp. Okay. Turning on the lamp. Okay. Google done off the land. Okay. Turning off the lamp. Thank you.