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Internet of Things - Online Self Learning

GreyCampus I., Training for working professionals

Internet of Things - Online Self Learning

GreyCampus I., Training for working professionals

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6 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction to IOT

    • 2. Different cases of interactions

    • 3. IoT protocols

    • 4. Development platforms

    • 5. Three applications

    • 6. Future of Iot

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About This Class

Internet of Things as a buzzword has caught the attention of all of us. This course will help you gain adequate knowledge on the Internet of Things. You will be able to understand the potential of the Internet of Things for our society, in terms of impact on the lives of billions of people and on the world economy.

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1. Introduction to IOT: hello and welcome to this first day of the Cross dedicated to the intent of sense. And this first there were going to see an introductions of the indebted of Sense and were discovered this amazing field on all the reputation that goes with it first, what is in that of sins Thean dead of since which is usually royal I O t is the idea that all devices around us will one day be all pointed and interesting together. So in the untied of since each sing is a note within the network just later, um for now, our computers, our node in the Internet and each of these things, for example well, it can be on your computer off course, but foreign Suppose some home automation devices like video camera each of these things would be a note in network will be able to turn it yet with other seems for the this camera would be able to communicate with another sin. And was you that some, um, motion was edited in your home and off across the inside of since transcends all the field of the enemy foldable. I just talked about home automation, but also in transportation, health care, manufacturing. So, really, every China off filled in day Jeremy will be concerned by the inside of since. So let's dive a bit deeper into the applications. So what, you first said just before his home automation For me, that's one of the main amputation of the intent of since for over your smart lamps that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. You have all sorts off gross off created appliances for simple refrigerator that can order food on its own. And also you have removed situated, generous of generals that can be at sets from anywhere in the world. And that's you dangerous monitor or from your span smartphone from nipple. Then you have transportation and transportation. I'm thinking about smart traffic control so really subsystem that that that says through every possible sensor in the city on Jan originated traffic automatically. And of course, this leads to Trinity Char's, where we left Charles that interact with each other and grime drive themselves, and this will really help to reduce traffic jams in cities for the ball. Then you have health care, and in health care, you can have remote health, military so you can monitor the states off the patient for remotely from the other end of the world, and also it will help a lot in emergency services. It was a soon as an emergency is detected by the system, the system that ultimately troll an ambulance. Fallible without the inter vision off a human. Let's drop troops. Of all the feel of applications for 11 manufacturing is really a bit cabbage in the winter of sense. So far apart, you should have prevented sensors on assembly lines that alternates with a central system and because it's some cells are certain rented to the Internet. Well, you can just monitor all the states off the assembly line from anyone the world and see you with available, which is a productivity off a factory in energy management, the intel of since we also have a big role to play Ford support credited energy meters. So far ample. This is useful to see how much power ah, even in solution is consuming per day per year. And after us get this information from anywhere in the world. That's also this energy meters can't incriminate uh, for the pull back to the poor plant and help to regulate the electrical network. And finally, you have all 10 of monitoring so fallible pollution cities. Um, also, since mid activity, monetary is very important visuals. You can have many sensors in the city to enter to, ah, central node that's real in real time to amend ate about six mutated ity so we can really help to, um, in the jays off system Nativity in a city fall apart to eventuate. The population before since started is very bad in terms of its own emits well, the prevision is 26 billion devices by two by 2020. So that's really huge. So there'll be much more. Actually, devices and new, minimal on Earth and also billions off dollars are doing into research in the A T field. Many us, but also in Europe. In in Asia, you have a lot of research going into this field. So, no, let's see some of the challenges. So one of the challenges number device on network pictures. Well, I just say that, uh, provision say that there would be 26 billion devices, um, in some years from now, and that's a lot of device to handle for the entire network. So really new technologies to really accommodate with that much devices. Also, the just off these devices is still challenged. It was their way to trust Lee now. And if you want to interest stencils everywhere, you really need to lower the trust off each device. And finally, is energy consumption off this devices? It's still challenge because they're still considered of power. And if you won't find up all the sensor, um, that just measure some basic data that you don't want it to Trinity toe the electrical network. You just wanted to operate for years on the battery. There is really a lot to do here to lower the energy consumption of the devices, so now we're going to see some of the key players in the field of the intent of sins. The 1st 1 I'm sitting about it is a B M, and IBM is really doing heavy research on our to propose instead of sin solution to our businesses. Also, some soon is doing some interesting research, not only integrating into Europe since into their consumer devices like TV's and home automation devices, but they also doing some heavy research in or to make a better network for the in debt of since another key player is sister like IBM are really watching on our two proposed interest in solution to businesses. And finally, there is brutal on brutal recently just a no brainer off which is an operating system for the intent of since. And the goal is really to make it easier for developers to drum up with ended up since amputations, let's just say some example off entire lives in devices from Pole. Yet Angel, which is, ah, turn it'd wearable wristband, which is really packed with stencils for the poor temperature, sense or heart rate sensor on estrogen sense are. And all this data is trimming batch through the Internet. And you can monitor this your status actually in real time, from anywhere in the world on, and also that you have the other smart large, which is a granted digital art. So you can basically use this to open or close the door in your home just by using your smartphone. But as it is stranded to the Web, you can also do that from form anywhere in the world and also share your tea with anyone you want. So to learn more, I recommend ah, to resources. 1st 1 is a detriment, which is a really good introduction to the entire of since by sister on the 71 is a nutrition to sin speech, which is a very nice protect role and platform for developing intelligence amputations. 2. Different cases of interactions: So in this video we're going to see different cases off interactions in the intel of since So the 1st 1 we're going to see is human to mission. And we also going to talk about mission to mission interactions. So the thing that we usually cinch about when talking about the end of since is human mission interactions and also, of course, mission to human interventions. So this is, for example, when you are the device and Ukr Aires state of the device on the web and mission to human would be for the polio, the device, and it sends you some data via email for the poor. But we will see that actually many types off possible interactions in the intent of since so the most Roman is mission to human in directions which also go end to edge. So this is a monster Ament scenario. Humans didn't feedback from the machine for the Denel off your email. So this is great for the apple. For that I'm monitoring reputations. So you have a machine that is printed to the web, right? And it money till some data. And you Kruger me. So whenever for the politicial is reached the machine will automatically send the message to human and the human. Gen reacts accordingly. So let's see some examples off mission to human interactions. For example, you're on to monitor the temperature off your home from a mobile reputation. So in that days you will have a nice, pretty device in your home, measuring constantly the temperature or the humidity in your home. And then this machine will automatically send your message to the cloud to Yuma by up. And then you can monitor all the states off the temperature or humidity or the permit er's about your home. Another one, which is very germane, is cloud situated generous, so usually see this little cameras everywhere in buildings that need security and these temperatures are constantly streaming. The video for the opening motion is directed and sending this video to ah transferal center , where humans are watching the streams to see if nothing bad is happening in the building and the last one fall. The party of sensors, which can be trinity to the cloud and monitoring for the police state, often assembly line. So this is also very common type of human mission to human directions, where the sensor will stream the data that they measure to a central computer which is in military by a human. Then you have the same 10 off interventions but in the opposite direction, so human to machine interactions. So this is a case where a new operator is controlling the machine V as in that of since of the cloud. After all, is this 10 beat couples with previous dinner? You So the mission to human intuition the for a party to have a device that sends that at your human and then as a result of human, is sending ah message commend to the machine. And this is the usual chase for remote control reputations. Also some examples of human to machine interactions. The most common is, ah, again in home automation. Well, fungible. Somebody want to open the door with the smart lock. So this human will use a mobile app to send a message to the lock, which was an open. Also, you want to set the temperature off Temer stat. So this is an example where it goes both ways. So the thermostat is measuring temperature in your home and you are getting data on your mobile app for the apple about his temperature, but you can also set the desired temperature funny, following the example that I did it on purpose lights. You can also have an assembly line where sensors sending data to human about the state of the line and as a reaction the human operator will set some days are and control the assembly line, depending of the state on the sensors. Finally, well, this is a less less visible scenario, but also is the most promising one in the Internet of things is meshing to machine interactions. This is where a machine is definitely torching to another machine without any human intervention. So let's give some examples of this standoff mission to mention intervention. Speechless. I think this is really the most promising. But that's also what we never heard about it, because it's not visible age human to mention directions for level, Find some party to have a fridge that ultimately reorder food when supplies are low, so the fridge is one machine. That 10 measure, if ah approved, is available in the fridge and then if somebody's been in low light milk, it will just send a message to your little grocery store or supermarket and ultimately torch with the servers and order alternately. And this is really just to mission torch into each other of the 80 eyes on, and no human intervention is required. Foil upper. You can also have sense ALS and a traitor's tremendous ating together on assembly line, so no human intervention is needed to actually controlled assembly line. Off course. In all the stairs is human operators. I still needed to actually country to the machine and control the overall process. But once it is running, human introversion is not needed anymore. And finally, to learn more, you can have a look at this resources. Um, you do not have a look. That is very interesting document on the intention design reasoned into that seems, and also you can follow is a certain claimed to know more about mission to mentions interactions 3. IoT protocols: So in this video, we're going to talk about intent of since protocols. So which protect rolls I trim unused for the Indian of since it destroyed. Important to talk about that because we want to know our difference. Intel of Sin Systems terminated on what is available for the end of since amputations. The first let's is a protest. It's off a good instead of since patrol. Well, first, he has to be fast instead of since. Usually you want to have systems that respond really quickly deployments that sends data in real time to, ah, central system. So you want to fast protocol. You also want it to be ray a ball. So, for example, when you using your smartphone to upended door remotely you don't want that's, ah, narrow pop ups on you turned out, open your door and get back to your home. You want it towards every time. So it has to be really reliable for for it to work also, usually instead of seen, systems are running on small processors, which doesn't use a lot of power, but also that are not very powerful, intelligent store, a lot off data, so any protocol needs to be lightweights. To be able to run on any instead of sin device and also a good patrol is bad original. So not only you want to get that time back from the cloud from the device, but also you want to be able to send that out of his device, be as a cloud. So data needs to go both ways in a good protocol. So we will torch many about three men particles that I use for the intent of since, um, and the actually old used at the moment. And they're all s and showing some way. And we will see which is the actually the best value instead of sins and or maybe which one is the best for even amputation. The 1st 1 is the good old http, for hypertext transfer protocol. So this is a lady asleep patrol of the web. It's still use off cross for all websites. Whenever you go to websites with your red brother, this is a patrol. It is used. So the advantages of this product role that it's easy to use and it works very well because people have been using for years now one for moment that its client server interaction on Lee. So by that I mean that the patrol worse but with a client that sends a request to a server So it sanitary only go in one way. And that's really a problem for the intent of since one simple, off such service that she was. This product role is Do it that I owe that you can also visit. And it's a very simple cloud service to store data of your FTP. So device, which is a plant, just send the request to the reason that I was sever and then the service started data. It's very simple. So the next protocol I want to talk about is Web circuits So absurd Jets is based on http. So it's it's tend s tippy toe bad original commendations. So in some sort, it solve the problem of GDP. So it's Rabel as well. It's goes in both directions, but it has one main design vintage that it's difficult to set in place. So the poetry itself is 20 amputated, and it shouldn't be difficult to actually get a root implementation off. Webster gets forgiven system One example off foreign word that made Webster gets very easy to use. It started that I O, which you can also visit circuit dot io, and that's a very useful Geoff Street patrol that's you can use for or reputations using the website. It's finally I want to talk about mut, which tends for message drew in telemetry transport. And this patrol was really made for the in debt of since so, and it's more and more use by minutes systems so advantages that it's lightweight. So it was really made for systems that doesn't have a lot off computation power. So it's very light. It's reliable, and it's fast. The only disadvantage. Maybe that it's quite difficult still to set in place. So if you have dress starting from stretch, if you have a device that that as a client and then prevented with the central server in both directions, it's still difficult to set in place, depending on which systems you are trying to install. Um, one example is high. If MQ, which is an online empty duty service for businesses, you can also visit it to know more about it on. I think that impunity is really the future, Um, protocol for the end of sins. So and that's really what devices will use in the future to trim initiates easily in both directions and with the cloud. So now, to learn more, you can visit someone's first. If you want to know more about one platform that you this Http, you can visit do it that I owe. Also, I recommend this rigidity a page to know more about the Web circuits protocol. And finally, if you want to, just to know more about em. To Titi the Best is to visit the official page at Empty City that art. 4. Development platforms: So in this video we're going to talk about the different development platforms that I available for the intend of since we're going to see what are the best platforms. What are the differences between age, platform and finally, which breath form and should sell it for your reputation? So what makes a good in tight of since platform? Well, the first thing that you have to consider is how easy it is to develop reputations on your platform. So those are platform Trump's with, Well, no lender Idris Slide see or sippers plus or fightin. Also, does it come with an I D e, which is software that you will use to program your I O T platform is This idea is that you use Can you install it on your computer? This is really the first thing to consider for dude I ot platform. The second scene is, does it have, um, Groot Web two entity? Because that's essential for i o. T. You want to be able to turn it your projects to the web, so you will mostly choose platform. We just already have Internet or WiFi. Included on the platform Finally, is this platform that you will choose easy to turn it to a clothes platform or service. Basically, when you have the hardware platform, you want to turn it it to a cloud platform so you can access your hardware from anywhere in the world. This is the basic off the tee. So here you want to be sure that for this cloud service, you have good to toils and documentation. And it's even better if it comes with a built in cloud solution, which is what happens with the Spark Boat ever built in solution that just ship with the product. So we don't have to find your own cloud service. There are many different platforms out there, and on this picture you can see the main ones. So you have add video, which is one of the most German platform for their up in all kind off a return. It's amputations and also for the Indian of. Since then, you have the raspberry pi, which is on the left. On this picture. It's a very small on cheap minicomputer that you can use also fourth in debt of saints. Then you have is a particular tour on the bottom, so particle is a new name for a spark that I just mentioned in the previous slide. This terms with a built in cloud solution and they're not shown in the picture years. It is which empty and peanut here, which are also different. 10 off IOC platforms. So now we will dive in Mawr into these platforms to see why they do it for I o. T. And what's also what are the disadvantages of this platforms? So the 1st 1 is out. We know you can see here not we know, you know, board, which is the most basic Arduino board didn't find. So what we know is a single board maker controller platform. So it has millions off user were right and the very atif community. So if you need any sinful apple, you can just go over to the out, been a forum, and you will find your answer. And they propose many boards with values, level of complicity. So you have the balloon board that we saw in a previous picture, this boards of ah Luke's machines on it and already WiFi Internet activity. We have a wide variety off bought, so it didn't really true. The one you want for your petition. So what L know is the advantages off the platform. So it's really easy to use sends to nice. You know, I d and I said before, there's a huge community worldwide to support developers. And how do we know? Because it's so versatile and abused For many amputations, it can be inter faced with several instead of since platforms like lively. So now what else? A disadvantages off. Well, you need several components for ad we know to make it work with ended up sins Available on the left is the afternoon. Well, this one already has built in connectivity. But for other out in their boats, you need to add more components like this WiFi chip shown in the middle and also what we know of limiting computing power. So if you want to do some heavy calculations on your balls for your applications, well, that's probably not a good choice. Now is the raspberry pi is a different can of both. So the raspberry pi is really a single bottom pewter, which trust under $40 and now is the lest reservations off this board well, it ships with a quart ore processor, so it's very powerful. And also we run a full linds distribution. So it's really like your own computer. So what are knows the advantages of the raspberry pi? Well, it has built in Internet port on the board. So that's just great for Intel of since, because you don't have to add any since to give it Internet creativity. It's already there, and also because it's a full computer, it can run some powerful free words like No the G s to turn it toe instead of since platforms. And this is rates because you can actually develop reputations on your own computer and then just put them on the raspberry pi. And it would just work as well. Also there as bait by just as out. You know, it has a huge community, so getting help for your projects, it's quite easy. No, what are the interventions off using the raspberry pi falls ended of since, well, it can be quite difficult to set up on program. It's basically a computer without a stream, so if you don't know where limits very well, well, it can be quite difficult to program also because it doesn't drum with any cloud platform. Well, you have to find your own solution, and this can be sometimes treaty. Finally, the particle crore, which is this board over there? It's a bolt which is really dedicated to send out of since so it comes with a very powerful processor on one side of the board and a WiFi ship on the other side of the ball, which is what you can see on the picture and the really nice in that it trumps preinstalled with software that's immediately transfer ball to the cloud. Right? So the advantages of this bone is really what I just said. It comes with its own club platform, and immediately it turned to the cloud so you don't have to install anything. Find the right platform. It just ultimately connected. Also, you have an online ideas, so it's really easy to pull them as well. And the active community is a huge advantage as well. If you need any help, you can just go to the particle firms and there will be people here to help you. Now the awesome Intrav Indians as well to use this ball well off cross, um, that the other side of the coin deputation that you develop with this particular Traore. Well, it depends on their own cloud. So in today's the cloud goes down. For some reason, while you reputation, we don't done as well. And the community well, I say it's active, but it's still small compared to the artery. NOAA Raspberry PI communities. Finally, I want to say some words about other 10 of platforms that are available on the 1st 1 which is the one I really like is a USB 82. A city sits WiFi chip, so this chip is small. It's cheap, it's under $5 and it comes with the wife. Friendship and the process are on the same board, so off course you have to program it yourself. It's quick. It's difficult sometimes, but it's really cheap, and it's an amazing both for the intent of Since then, you have other platforms that Pinocchio, which is on hardware and software platform fourth indent of scenes. It's also very power efficient. So if you have any better report amputations, it can be very nursed him and finally, is a little imp. Well, this is a bit different. It's entering as the child with onboard WiFi to give inter creativity to your projects So far. Poll. You have sometimes many computer and you want to give its Internet relativity. That's, ah solution for your project. Well, you can some leads to see this platform is essential. Um, there's an ethical about out to, ah, remote that allergy in without we know so we can learn everything about that. And they are some videos as well to see how to use the A t on their respect by I finally out to that started with the particle crore, which is also a YouTube video. 5. Three applications: So in this video we're going to see three amputations off the Internet of things. We will go through three commercial products that are based on the intend of, since so the Trump Son would be the three products. The 1st 1 will be in the wearables category, which is a angel. Brissett 71 would be about home automation with the nest thermostat and the rest one will also be about home automation. This is the older smart lodge. First, the Angel rebel responds. So this bracelet, um, is a wearable device that monitor heart rate temperature and activity. So there are a lot of devices ladies on the market, but this one can be credited directly to the angel on my platform. So this platform is where the coyote comes into play because the rebel births it's can be centralized with the Angel platform and all the results can be available from the F. But that's not all a lot of other bracelet and also do that. But because the result and the accessible from anywhere via this cloud platform, for example, it Tello's health professional let of medical doctor to deal you fit badge and also let's imagine the patient, um, where in this device has a heart problem? Well, it's a heart center in it. Stop. Ah, whiles the people wearing these bracelets is using it well. The provisional can simply forever try to crawl this person and see if the person is doing well. Maybe they just remove the breast it, But for sure, it's ellos health professionals to also use this data years instead of since and did feedback to the patients. So now we were simply see a video. Truman's the angel in action. We know the future of health and medicine is preventive and personalized. Must be sure when it was just a teenager, you suffered seven. Since waste used to last two years together. Angel, Open sensor for personal Any given moment, our body transmits vital bits of information about our health. Angel understands these signals Health, temperature, love, accident and more. This complex and powerful language is the key to a healthy lifestyle around the clock. Angel keeps vigil 24 7 It is there over your health, so you don't have to when you work, train and even when you sleep. Angel was designed most advanced wearable health since or possible, but no one would buy a PC with just one app, right? No single apple can cope with all the different aspects of health. That's why Angel is completely open so you can use it any act as you wish for SE. It's sent their semester five year words to you. X It's change the future. So now we're going to speak about another example of the intent of sin device, which is a nest parented Timo stat. So this time, instead that you can see on the right is an intelligent thermostat that learns from new preferences. So it and it's made to save energy, resent any human attraction because it can actually learn from what you want. And also it's dirty turreted to the nest online platform. And this is where the entirety of since trying to play Metro's The Temper start well. First, it's always a city belly as a nest mobile app, so it means that it can be monitored and transformed from anywhere. So, father, you can know from anywhere. Um, what's the temperature in your home? Treated also sets the timer stat from anywhere in the world, and also it's treated with other products of the next family fungible. Now there is also a small deter and the Kemmerer, and you can see the statues off all these products off all this motivation devices right from your smartphone. So this really uses instead of since two completely turns. Roll your home at the end with the timbers that the camera, different smoke detectors and probably much more in the future. And we can't really say that the internal seems is at heart off this nest platforms. So now we're going to see a video about the nest temer start in action. Finally, let's move on to the last device that we will see in this video, and this is the over smart Lock said. This is an airplane in large for doors. It can be transformed by an F that states on your smartphone, and basically you can just open or closed. You don't just by pushing a button on your smartphone, but all of this this device uses instead of since, well, the lodge is introgen with a wet platform on this platform can be accessible from anywhere in the world. So no, suddenly you can open your own your own door about father pollution. Also, share your cheese, your visual cheese that gives access to the lunch. You can share that with anyone on the Web, which also have yep, So, for example, here the intent of since it is used to create some pretty to reputations, for example, you can just give access to your home to some friends during hurry days. You can also devices to your home to football, somebody that has to make repairs in your home. Let's say you know, from nine AM to 10 AM under given day and then after this period, the person doesn't have access anymore to your home. So in this product, this simple home automation product, the intent of since really allows to create really true reputations based on this mountain lodge. And now we're going to see a simple video showing the smart look that is your home. This is your front door, and that is the welcome to our town friends there, These two, this one doesn't think Let's face it, which is precisely it's corners me an invitation. This this August monitor entry Y T arrives. No processing. Yes, having to ask for keys. Your friends just access Access August wireless route in your electrical service so there's no risk of death. Our system. You still adore the old fashioned, seamless August You. So finally, to learn more about this reputation that I showed in the video. You have some resources, so you have the Angel official website at Engine sound so that trump your nest simply add nest, the term and frenemies. The other Smart lodge can be found on the album's website that's addressed dot com. 6. Future of Iot: So in this last video of the Cross, I will talk to you about the future off the entire of Since we will see what are the possible changes to the Internet since and what lies in the future? What are the problems that still need to be fits and ultimately, what tell you expect in the future in the field of the intent of Since first, let's see about some changes and future developments. So I think that the first challenge would be the protocols we already talked about protocols in a priv use lecture on its Destro's on, and we will dive into it and see what are the changes about protocols in the future Nets. One is integration, so all the real integrates devices seamlessly to desert. How did we do to do that better in the future? Finally, we were told about decentralisation, which is out, and we reduce the dependency off Central server for interred of since amputations First. Well, let's talk about product rolls again, and I think that we really need a crimen protocol for the in debt of since. Right now there are many, many instead of since protocols and the streets like many different Internets off things. Petreaus. Yeah, they're very a lot of product rolls on, but of solutions out there. So as we saw in the video about patrols, there are only a few riel protocols behind the end of since. But then, everybody is teeming with their own solutions to that on big players like Google Sam Soon they all have their own protocols and solutions built on top off standards like ah, Http or MQ TT. And this create a lot of confusion and frustrations for developers and notes off our users on. There are some proposed solution for the old one, which is better by Intel on Samsung, which is the open Internet consortium, which they will try to cram a Priss one standard for the end of sense. But that's realized in the future for now. Then we also have a need for a seamless integration between devices. So the Dole is really that for the user. We don't even have to think about the end of sins anymore, So it's really has to be completely transparent for the user on this means that for example , on your phone, you enter a room and it ultimately turn its Reno with the devices that are present in this room. You don't have to think about it on really on the developer size tools have to be from, or and more efficient to ease of the work made by the developers. Finally. Well, the big problem that I sent at the moment is for the end of sense is centralization. So for now, you re literally get some piece of hardware. You returned them to a central server that's riel interface with all your sins. And then you will use a device fall apart one by phone to assess your sense of yetis ever and even mentioned to mission intentions. So let's say one device wants to community a definitely risen of the device even that drove through a central server. But this is very bad. Actually, it was funds up all if the central severed was down. Well, all devices are suddenly unavailable because they are only relying on this central server the same reply fallible about security. Well, if you if somebody managed to hatch in the central sever, then potentially this person as access to all the devices which are connected to the server and this is red bad because then fallible, you can open the door for somebody remotely from the sever on. And this really leads to a lot of bad scents. So we have to send about all to about that and, well, people are sort about that. And they are solutions that have been developed. And companies like IBM have proposed one solution that I seem to the best is to use Blockchain technology. So, blood Shane technology is the energy behind the Bitcoin protocol on digital currency. So is it completely decentralized patrol not dependent on any central authority? So there is a public ledger off all transactions in the network and in here transaction would not be money transitions late. It was bit trying. It would just be messages passed from device to device. And this would be a riel. Um, this and solution for decentralized Global Inter lives in network that this will solve the problem of security also off, depending on the central server so resistant that for two devices will always be able to communicate with two rather as long as the Internet. Strange in is a tip. Finally, if you want to learn more about the future of the in debt of sames. The Elsom limb student visits The 1st 1 is about the the open Internet consortium. So people are trying to come up with a German patrol falls end of Since then, you have a very good article on the old really website which is told a vision off decentralized iron statue and finally, another lynch which thoughts about the vision of the decentralized Internet of since by IBM it is the light last Lynch in this light. This is all it also very interesting to read.