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Internet Business Optimization - How small changes make great impact

teacher avatar Brian Cliette, I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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No difference. Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Cyber Marketing, Digital Marketing, same thing. In this video I answer commonly asked questions on the topic of Internet Marketing, I also provide some insightful tips, tricks and hacks that most Guru's charge $1,000's of dollars for.

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. Internetmarketingpart1: Brian Client here and wanted to produce a quick video on Internet marketing. Now, Internet marketing has many synonyms, and people use the term Internet marketing interchangeably with a lot of terms. You may hear E marketing Web marketing, Cyber market E um, all types of terms are used to really describe essentially the same thing, and pretty much what it is is marketing. So basically the four peace price promotion, placement and product, but within various digital channels. So instead of like traditional marketing where you talk about advertising on television, you talk about advertising on radio or print those kind of the three major groups radio, TV, print advertising, talked about TV, really talking about commercial billboard advertising is off the highway. Uh, radio advertising. You know this tour look radio station, our satellite radio station, print advertising being in magazines, being in newspapers. So these are kind of the four basic food groups of traditional marketing. Well, Internet marketing is pretty much the four p's applied to the genital space. So instead of focusing solely on radio, we might be talking about podcasting. So podcasting actually fall under Internet marketing. And instead of talking about billboard advertising we're trying to do a sign off. I 95 or 85 we might be talking about doing a banner ad on a large site are very popular website, Um, and instead of doing maybe direct marketing in the offline space we actually send out Postcards are letters are a K jump mail to clients and potential clients when be talking about doing email marketing in the digital space. So pretty much Internet marketing is the digitized version off traditional marketing. And that's kind of my ah, personal definition. You may find some people that defy Internet marketing slightly different, which is fine. As I said, some people don't even call it Internet market anymore. Some people refer to it as digital market off. Some people refer to it as it's his cyber marketing Are e marketing, electronic marketing. So all types of names and with these different types of names, it really will depend upon the person's background. So if you have a more traditional marketing background, you may refer to Internet marketing, easy marketing if you have more of a Web company type background. So you started out in this whole Internet marketing space doing website designed that you may refer to Internet marketing. This kind of digital marketing so just really varies based upon who you're asking. But essentially the basic definition is the digitized version of traditional marketing, leveraging traditional, leveraging online channels and would on me by channels. I'll explain that as well. So online you have different mechanisms are different. Methods of meeting are engaging with clients. You have social, so social media is considered a digital channel. You also have other channels. So if you think of Internet marketing as, ah TV Okay, once you have a TV, imagine how born here to be if you watch if you had one nice large plasma screen TV, but she only had one channel on that entire television. So there's only one show that you could watch. You can laugh that you can share with friends, confining people over to watch this one particular show all the time now to get a little boring. And probably that one show may not appeal to you that May that moat that one show may appeal to your neighbor may not appeal to you guys. Maybe have different sense of humor. Or maybe don't like the show Maybe the show offends you at some level and on a religious or political level. Maybe the show offends you. So if you think of Internet market as I as a TV, you need different channels of different types shows to appeal to different types of people , so refer to a channel within Internet marketing was simply talking about different ways and methods of interacting with customers. Okay, so social media is a channel email marketing is another channel s CEO are searching. The optimization is considered a channel on, and I'll explain a little bit about searching the optimization better known as S CEO. And that's pretty much where you are optimizing your Web page and our, um, pages that you control so it could be sub domain off. A very popular site doesn't have to be your www dot brand dot com. That could be some other sub domains that you own. You optimize the content, the layout, the keywords so that you gained favour within the search engines so you may optimize your site for Guler for being so for a certain keyword increases the likelihood that you return on top search results, meaning that you will be in the top 10 results for a certain keywords. So let's take the key. Were Internet marketing. Let's say we have Internet marketing course that we're trying to sell, and we have a website what we charge people, a certain Pfieffer, then access the Internet marketing course. We may want to optimize our website for the term Internet marketing, and in doing so, people that go on go on the search Internet marketing, we will come up to the top off the results. Now this is a very challenging channel on, and it's not is easy of a channel is that once Waas 10 years ago is a simple as using the keyword Internet marketing a ton of times on the Web page. But now that's considered Web spam and Google actually penalize you for doing such so as you see there pros and cons each channel so so far have talked about social talk about email marketing s Seo. Then it's ECM search engine marketing, where you actually paying for keyword terms are you may be doing what they call PPC. We actually pay Google two instead of kind of naturally coming up in organic searches, you will actually pay Google to be ranked, uh, for a certain keyword. I'm an advertisement. So instead of coming up in organic search of natural search, you pay ghoul. Ah, certain price per click, a price per exposure. I mean, this could range from a few cents to $100 even for certain very, very competitive keywords. And in doing so, someone searched keyword Internet marketing. And we've actually we put in a bid through AdWords account, which is schools. Um PPC Ah, platform. Okay, so let's say you put in for that particular key work. Now, advertisement will be number one. So when someone searched that term, you know we'll have advertisement for our course. We're selling something regarding Internet marketing. Again, we're leveraging the platform. They paid portion off Google's search, then their other marketing channels. There's display, so display channels where you have an advertisement, you have a banner. You have a product that you're trying to promote. You want to advertise across 100 channels, 100 different websites so that to be display advertising, where you going and be it are either typically CPM so cost per 1000 exposure. So for every 1000 people that see your banner and are every time you're the website is loaded every 1000 times your charge a certain feet, so display is also a pretty lucrative channel. Another channel that people leveraging is, ah, PPV, a pay per view eso not like pay per view as in the cable, since we're trying to watch the Mayweather fight. But pay per view in the sense that people download free software and different APS some people refer to This is malware spyware. Some regards on Once people download a certain application on the computer, whenever they go to a certain website, a advertisement may pop up. That's pay per view that again, that is another Internet marketing channel. You also have ah, uh, what they call different buyer channels of buyer engines. So E Bay, for example, is a fires engine. EBay, Amazon. So if you have a product so you can leverage it by selling it on eBay or Solyndra amazon dot com again, these air different Internet marketing channels so dependent upon what your product, what your services and ultimately, what your goal is. As far as promoting product or service, it would depend upon which channels you decide to advertise a spin time trying to develop. So as you see Internet marketing and it goes on and on, I mean, that's forum marketing. There's all types of there's APs, So APS, you know, are considered a channel. So you develop a after your product or service to increase the further the engagement of your product or service of potential customers are to engage further with your current customers. So then there's paid social. So unlike this, doing a post on Facebook are tweeting. You may do a paid tweet. They may do a paid post on Facebook. I may do a paid posts on instagram are paid pin on Pinterest. So there's so many different channels and new channels of coming up every day. Then it kind of hybrids with its s commerce. So there's e commerce channels. We actually have a store. And this to be where you actually promote your product directly on your particular website are on the e commerce platform. And then this s commerce way, actually selling your product directly on social channels so you can sell your product directly from instagram. Sell your product directly from Facebook. So they a lot of hybrid type channels as well. And I mean as a sit. There's so many channels coming up every day, their new marketing opportunities coming up everyday within a round of Internet marketing, for example, there about 8000 Apstar come out her day. So I'm not just talking about the Apple IOS and Android marketplace from all types of acts . Web APS, APS Rekindle APS for Andrew APS Were iPad APS for Mac OS APS for PC? I mean, they're about 8000 laps around the world. Think we're almost a close to seven billion people in the world, 8000 APS coming out every day, so they knew channels new opportunities every day within around off Internet marketing. And what I consider app is not necessarily solely a application to using advice, but also a social network could be considered a application as well. And if we delve further into Khanna computer programming, anything on the Internet is really considered at even a website. But I don't want to get to over technical this want to give you a nice overview of what is Internet marketing, and I've already kind of done that here. So essentially Internet marketing is the leveraging of various digital channels to achieve a business goal. Our marketing goal. To leverage your product, our service to sell more of your product or service via digital chance. So to sell more to leverage Mawr Ah, digital channels for the sale, our engagement of your additional prop. So again, a very heavy definition about what? Internet marketing as independent point, a person's background and, ultimately, what led them to Internet marketing. This definition will vary now in today's modern time. We talk about Internet marketing. I do want to tell you I'm going to go into the pros and cons and a little bit later in this video. But Internet marketing has been kind of a bit of a dirty word. It's been a little bastardized by these kind of who rules that promise overnight riches of making tons of money online. So a lot of people really kind of steer clear term Internet marketer because that's almost like saying your used car dealer on that's almost like saying that you are pawnbroker are something that, you know has this kind of this societal cynicism. So most people on their resume don't put Internet market anymore. They may use the word digital marketer because it's susceptible a little more professionally. Internet market is kind of the dark side of digital marketing sorted to say where you're trying to sell products to people that it really don't need trying to force their hand with . Neural linguistic programming. NLP in your sales copy It just really shady things like charging a credit card multiple times for one car purchase. Already think they're buying a product once, and you charge it multiple times over and over and over Began is very hard from the cancel . So the term Internet marketing has been bastardized a little bit. So there is a cynicism towards the term Internet marketing. So I just wanted to kind of let you know, and I go into greater detail on that in this particular portion of the video when I'm talking about kind of the pros and cons. So one of the cons is that this term Internet marketing is a bit of a dirty word, kind of like corn a little bit, um, and I know you may think it well, why would I ever want to do something like Internet marketing if it has a dirty work. Well, the weird thing about it is that although is considered kind of a dirty word, almost every company, every Fortune 500 company does some type of business online, okay? And they're doing some type of marketing online. So essentially everyone is Internet marketer. They may not admit to it, but what they're doing if your marketing online, you're doing Internet marketing. So despite having this kind of nasty term being a nasty word in the minds of a lot of people, a lot of companies steal do Internet marketing. You can name it as a set I gave you maybe five synonyms for the term Internet market. At the end of the day is really the same thing. You're leveraging digital channels to sell more product. Okay, 11 to digital channels to distribute your product, which again turns into selling more products are 11 Jesus channels to engage more customers . So why we have top of the mind and the mind of those customers? Those customers come back and they actually buy more of your products. So you see a re occurring theme here. Internet marketing is really too leveraged. The Internet as a channel for selling more stuff. Simply put, um, you know, maybe someone could come up with the sexier, more descriptive term, but at end of the day, that's pretty much what it is. So the con Internet marketing is this kind of cynicism is kind of this taboo towards the term. The pros are is that if you really understand Internet marketing, um, then you never be poor and what I mean by that you never before. If you have understanding of social dynamics, if you have understanding how to read between trends, have understanding how the follow transit right trends online that you always know where the markets heading, where the markets leaving, where the market's going and is doing, such as entrepreneur. All you have to do is kind of Pietrus in between that that transferrable from one place on the net to another place in the Net for one train on it to another train Internet, and you will be in a very profitable position on be able to capitalize off of that and maybe because you can leverage on the Internet for selling stuff. Maybe this is one reason why Internet marketing has come a bit of a dirty work. You think about it. You know, everyone wants to be successful, and everyone's success ultimately is judged by their material. Gain an amount of money in their bank account. And I mean, you may disagree with this, but if you ask the average person who is more successful, the millionaire are the guy that started, Um, you know, the missionary water well campaign in West Africa. You know, most people are going to give more kudos to the Kardashians than they are of someone that's doing missionary work in Africa. Okay, so you know, we can get all caught up like, Well, I feel that the person it injects the most value into the world is the most successful. And I understand that, and I get it. And I will probably be one of those people, you know, being the devil's advocate with the end of the day. Ultimately, our success at a societal level is really judged by the amount of fame amount of attention around the zeros we have in our banking. Okay, Our lack thereof. Okay, so one of the, um, cons are one of the cons because people do make money online. Is that we have this negative idea about making money. It's weird. It's like we judge someone success on how much money they have. But conversely, you know, we turned off by people that want to make money. So it's kind of a weird relationship that most of us have with money. Okay, and that's probably one reason why most of us don't have money is because we have a very at odds relationship with money is something that we want. But it's something that we don't want to step beneath, our better sales to get. So Internet marketing kind of affords people that opportunity. So that's one reason why people kind of look at it in a negative sense. All right, so we've talked about the pros and cons we talked about. What is Internet marking? Talking about? A lot of different things. Internet mark me. So now I want to talk about a few basic tools of Internet mark and the tools that you're gonna leverage for Internet marketing really depend on What are you selling a product? Are you selling a physical product? Are you something a digital part of cell in the E book? Are you selling software are you selling a widget? Are you selling shoes? Are you selling clothes and those of products? Are you selling some type of service? Are you doing s CEO? Are you doing long care? Are Do you have a cleaning business? So ultimately, what you sell would determine on how you sell. When we talk about Internet marketing and how you sell, ah will determine the type of tools that you need. So in general, most people need some type of domains. The www dot You know your name dot com. Most people need some whip hosting. This is something you pay, you know, anywhere from a dollar her mouth to $3 per month, the host, your particular website. And most people will need some type of, uh, website. Um, you know, platform A content management systems such as wicks are weebly dot com our wordpress dot com. You need someplace the hold toe host your website. Some people go to your www dot your name dot com. They can see you're actually Web page. Interact with your web page. So those account of the basic tools of this hosting, But I always recommend that you would need some type of email capture, so you need some type of email management tools, such as a weber dot com are convert kit dot com. We can collect email addresses and follow up at a later date with people that are on your email list. This is probably the number one tool. It's not a sexy tool. It's not something that, um you're gonna pick people up on a Friday night like, Hey, I just got a new Web, you know, email collection tool. You know you want to go out with me. It's not gonna be that impressive. You're not going to go to a startup, meet up and brag about how you just install a email capture page, but is the basic, basic basic tool onto route. 2. Internetmarketingpart2: all right. So, as I said, you wanna have the ability to collect email addresses? Um, looking back in my Internet market career additional marking career. One thing that I fail to do is that I did a good job collecting intelligence. I just not follow the emails that collected I was so focused on is trying to drive sales and try to get that conversion. I had a conversion rate anywhere between 0.5 and 1% of all the traffic, and I was able to make money and grow my business and take a few vacations. They have really nice lifestyle. But just looking back, I'm really kicking myself because I had all these leads that spent all this time and energy of posting ads and paying for traffic and optimizing for Google. I'm getting all these people to my site and collecting email addresses. If they're not buying and I'm ignoring them, I'm gonna focus on the the first time, uh, visitors that are converting, okay. And unfortunately, that is a very beginner's mistake. So that's why I suggested sort one of the first basic tools to really learn and understanding master as faras Internet marketing is really get your Internet your email marketing game. Really? Take your email marketing game and focus on that. That's probably the one most important tool outside of really understanding. The analytics are doing conversion optimization. So, um pp csco. All of this stuff is great. But if you're not collecting emails or although that traffic being driven to your site arm , then it's really null and void because traffic generation is kind of separate from lead follow. So developing kind of a sales funnel, uh, following up with Lee's capturing leads is kind of a separate skill set from traffic generation and a lot of people to get started in Internet marketing. And they attracted to kind of the sexy side of this generating tons of traffic as I waas, a lot of people make that same mistake. Then, when it comes to the sales funnel really optimized leads and traffic to get into the site to actually make sales and have a follower process of those people that maybe not ready to buy on the first go around, um is kind of something that takes some time on. It's a maturity to develop and really appreciate as you get further in county that you conditional marketing career, but definitely mistake. So outside of collecting email. Ah, one skill set aren't set of tools that I suggest in kind of the Internet marketing tool box . It's some type of analytics program, the typical the typical programs. Google Analytics. Just a free tool from Google. I highly, highly, highly recommend from the beginning to really understand what's going on in Google analytics, because when you start looking at analytics, start looking at the traffic is coming to your site. You start looking at the behaviors of people visit your site. It really gives you insights as to what you are doing correctly and what you're doing incorrectly. And Internet marketing, as any marketing or any type of business, is all about doing more of what's working and doing less of what's not working. There's something not working. You try to tweak it, you test it, you tweak it, you test it. If it's still not working, you scrap it and you move on. You need to fail forward fast. Okay, that's kind of axiom from Silicon Valley is that with each iteration of a product our service are marking campaign, you want to try to fail. You want to try to disprove that this is not one of work as fast as possible so you can take what is working and kind of pivot. Maybe tweak that a little bit and then move forward, trying to test again and again. Test week Test week doesn't work. Scrap it. I'm so outside of email marketing outside of getting some type of software you can collect . Email address is one tool that you really need to look at is going to be the analytics arm is suggests people get started Google Analytics as fast as possible. So those are two tools that are really suggests that people are really look at another tool . Um, talk about Internet marketing. I think s CEO kind of content marketing is kind of a long term channel. What I mean by content marketing is, you know, developing content. You know, uh, graphics infographics off log posts, videos this constant things that people consume visually auditory alise. So they listen to a recording. A podcast is a piece of content videos, piece of content of block pulls, a piece of content. It tweet is a piece of content so anything you're producing so outside of email outside of the analytics are really say you need to, um, learn to fully leverage the various types of content because content is kind of the fuel. Um, so if you look your Internet marketing as a vehicle, I know of computer Internet marking to a TV. Now it's a car. All right, so let's say the Internet market is the vehicle, all right? The fuel, the gas that you're gonna put in that vehicle is going to be content, right? It's gonna be the content you're producing is going to be the block post that you promote on Facebook is going to be the tweet. It's going to be the infographic that you post around the web. It gets traffic and back wings back to your website. Okay, It's going to be the email copy that you send out three email marketing tool that we just discussed. Yeah, it's going to be all of these different things. That's what's gonna feel. Um, the Internet marketing machine is going to be the content, so your ability to understand different types of content and how to produce different types of content is going to be something definitely to add to your tool set. And I'm not saying you to be a graphic artist by no means in my artists. I'm creative, but I'm not necessarily artist. And it's not necessarily always about having the top tier graphics because what I found I mean my Internet market experiences that I get the best traffic lots and engagement from the graphics of the con a crappy I don't know if people feel sorry for the graft, so what? But typically with something looks kind of user generated versus branded a Corporate generated, it gets more engagement it comes across is a lot more authentic. So most content shared on the Net is user generated content. So it's not Coca Cola producing the graphic. It's some fan of co parse Um, bite. It doesn't like coat, though that's the type of content is really being shared. So really understanding, content developing content and, uh, the appropriate types of content for the different channels but you're trying to market on is a skill set that I really suggest. And then content also goes hand in hand with kind of your seo strategy, which is kind of ah, long term channel where you want to get traction as much free traffic as possible from the search engines as possible. One tool that I really love and love for many years it's sm Rush Uh, S M Rush ECM Russia's are ECM Russia. You could go that you can just Google s Ian Rush on the check out the tool. But I pretty much tracks your competitors. Keywords were key words there ranking for keywords there bidding on it gives us some good ideas with some ideas to shape your content around and again. Contents was going to fuel the kind of Internet marketing piece. So those kind of this three basic tools, um, I try to stay away from just recommending ah, stuff, you know, add Hockley recommending things for you. Um, but as far as tools said, I mean you could these these three areas that you can look for tools within, But you know, there may be things that don't fit your budget. If it my budgets, I try to get away from this really recommending things. I did this and recommend ECM rush because this is a great tool. But, Suarez, your email capture software that's going to depend upon again. What business here in your budget? Uh, the learning curve, because I could say Go get a fuse of soft Sony $1200 a month and it works great and works amazing. People that really leveraged infusion soft are making tons of money online, But that may not be, ah, what's adequate If you are a small caterer that's trying to leverage Internet marketing to get more leads, educator business. So I try to stay away from naming specific software, just like I try to stay away from naming specific tactics because I feel tactics and software all have expiration dates and it really only as good as the person executing them . So I could have attacked if I could share with you. That works, willing to pay thousands of dollars for me and result in the House of Leads. But tact is a really only as good as the person doing him in the same thing is for tools and software. But I just try to give you categories you kind of look within so email capture. Okay, uh, looking at analytics tools, looking at analytics, understanding analytics, with a traffic coming from where is it going? And then some type of content toe where you're measuring your content creation. So those kind of the tool areas that I suggest it's on getting started and to Internet marking now, as far as getting started, Um, and suggestions for getting started Internet marketing I highly, highly recommend just to do it. Okay, a lot of people will read 50 e books and watch thousands videos and take tons, of course, is on a different course websites about Internet marketing, and then they haven't even they don't even have a domain. And we have a website. So this is analysis, paralysis or paralysis by analysis, So meaning you are paralysed by over analysing, overthinking it. Internet marketing is not as complicated as gurus are. Quote unquote gurus will have you think, Hey, it's all about just understanding the market okay and understanding the problems of that market and get in front of that market saying, Hey, I have a solution for your problems. Okay, that's Internet marketing. One on one, okay, is get started. You need to find a market that has some problems. You find some solutions for those problems. Make those problems a little more manageable it in just no edit, right? Go at it doesn't matter if you only do s CEO of that. It doesn't matter if you only do social media. You just get in front of people that have problems on Twitter and then tweet about your solution for that problem. Gay people are searching. People use the Internet. People buy products. People buy services that solve problems for them. I need a caterer because I'm incapable of baking 20 cakes for my daughter's King Sierra. Okay, I need a chiropractic because I have lower back pain. Okay? I need course or Internet marketing because I need to start getting leveraging the Internet for my catering business of for my car practice business. Right. So you see that people are just searching for solutions. So you're proud of a service or ultimately, be some answer to some type of problem for someone. And if you do that, okay, you find a school of hunger fish. Can you give those fish the food that they need? The man you're in business, So don't overthink this whole Internet marketing thing. The first thing starts in that if you're your career in it. Market starts with the first block post. Hey, starts with the first tweet. Okay, Starts with the first website. It starts with the first email being sent. Okay, so get started. Don't over analyse it. Don't go out and buy all these different tools. You know, I have friends that spent $1000 on workshops and $1000 on tools, and now they have tons of credit card debt and have nothing to show for. Okay, They just know a bunch of stuff, but he haven't started solving any problem. Internet market is about this. Get in front of people. Marketing, in general, are business in general is about getting in front of people to have a problem and say, Hey, hey, hey, Give me a chance to have a solution. A possible solution for your problem by my product by my services to help you save time, Save money, make more money, solve your back pain. Help your leaves for your catering business here. Whatever the problem is that you know the group that you want to solve. The first thing is understanding that market understanding their problems and then come up with solutions for that Balls And that's the best way to get started in that market. So advice all Internet mark me success. Um, outside of just getting started and just doing it. So I'm using the whole Nike phrase. Okay, just do it, OK? So don't over analyse. You don't need special permission. There's no such thing as the Internet. God's just do some special dance to, you know, you don't have to be knighted into the word of world of Internet marketing. Okay, so that's all hype on again. A lot of gurus get you caught up into the height because it makes more money. The more fearful and scared you are, the more you're gonna want to be under their wing. And they're gonna charge for being under their wing. Right? They're gonna charge you for courses and charging for one on one and charging for coaching . OK, but if you don't get out and get started, none of that stuff matters anyway. Okay, so my first piece of advice to get started My second piece of advice is really understand email Mark. All these other channels have come and gone. I've seen so many different channels emerge and go away. But Internet marketing has still been the go to channel for the most successful people that I know. What line is being Internet market. So my one piece of advice get started. Second piece advice, understand? Email market becoming email marketing expert. You know, if you know, specialising anything else online, understand? Email market, Understand how to put together sales fall very powerful. Okay, that will be around to the end of time. Get out to be around to the end of time, okay? I can't say Facebook could be around for the end of time, but I can say the email marketing will be around for quite some time. Okay. Is the channel that gets the highest level of our oi across different verticals cost different industries from travel to finance. Market is getting highest. R a y on email marketing. Third piece of advice. Understand, Analytics. Understand that data. Okay. You should be a data. You should be a technical marketer. You should be. You should want to be a technical internet market vision when I understand you come from what? The numbers in the data you wanna have doubted to sustain which marketing campaigns you do . You won't have data to sustain which channels you go after to attract the people have the problems which you have a solution for is to understand the data comfortable email marketing. Okay, um, another piece of advice is Network network. It's so many different groups that you can tap into their meet ups, their Facebook groups there. Subreddit. It's on every topic imaginable in every niche imaginable. Every group of people that you ever want to sell something to want line. There's a group network within that group. Talk to the people, understand their problems, talk to other people, talk to your competitors and write your competitors out for coffee. You'll be amazed at the ideas that can come out by this reaching out to your competitors. Oftentimes the Internet market space there we wanted they will be willing to do business with you. They'll be want to promote to their list. Okay, so, network I personally spent too many years behind the computer. Okay, I wasn't going to live events I go to, like maybe one live of in a year. I'll meet people really want follow up with them. Okay. What man? Over the past two years, I really stepped my networking game. I really done some personal brand and really put myself out there, and I'm getting more and more opportunities, more opportunities ever. Half the other 10 years of just hiding behind a computer. So Network network network meet with customers, meet potential customers. Okay. Ah, meet with your competitors. Meet with potential partners. Meet with people that in an Internet marketing space, talked business owners read. You know, this is where reading is important In the beginning. Reading can, uh, p Jew from your success and getting started. But once you're started and rolling, you want to read, I probably spend 2 to 3 hours per day reading everything from different books. Teoh Block Pulse on a variety of different tops because it makes you a better marketer. Makes you a better mark. So that's kind of my vice network. Understand the data. Understand? Analytics get really good email marketing get started. Okay. And if you understand the data, you'll be tracking. Tracking. Crucial. Yeah, I didn't do enough tracking when I got started. Houses sit folks down at 1% conversion rate, trying to get a payday, trying to get some money in a month and that was my goal, and I achieved that. But I could have had a lot more success has really been tracking. What was it doing? I was just throwing a bunch of spaghetti up against the wall, hoping that something stick and something was stick and I'll be happy, Right? But imagine if I would have tracked a what through this type of pasta, just type of sauce. And it's really stuck to the wall versus continuing this Thrones, as they say spaghetti up against the wall and that nothing be coming off it. Okay, so that's my tracking Networking. Become uncomfortable with the data becoming a technical marketer understanding email marketing, understand the email as a channel understanding importance of email collecting, capture e mails, developing a sales funnel and getting started. So that's kind of my advice. All Internet market success, everything else. With this common time, you're gonna make a ton of mistakes. You're gonna have some success, is probably gonna have more failures and success. Be comfortable with that and understanding that's the reality for every Internet marketing out of every maybe 10 campaigns. If you're really good in that mark, you may have a 40% success rate 60% of the time. He just gonna fail. You not want to reach the numbers. You know, when I get those KP eyes not gonna hit the quarterly goals, and I'm gonna hit a conversion rate, okay? You're not going to get the joint venture approval. You're not going to get approved of submitting a course. Our proposal, You're gonna be rejected by clients. Okay, So really good Internet market has about 40% success rate. I'll probably say your average in that marketer, probably in about 20 percents out of every 10 campaigns. Maybe to really rock out. And this is being very honest. Some go rules to tell you. Oh, no, I'm at 60% 40 50 70%. There's so many moving parts online. There's very hard to guarantee that level of success. I'm just being very transparent, honest with you. So hopefully this is been helpful for you have a better understanding of what Internet market is all about. Different channels and beings. The focus on things. Not folks were there any questions Always feel free to email me a message. Me and I'll answer any questions. Best is I can't again. Thanks for joining me, and I'll talk to you soon.