Internet Automation: How to Automatically Share your Blog across Social Media! | Jr Haseloff | Skillshare

Internet Automation: How to Automatically Share your Blog across Social Media!

Jr Haseloff, Autodidactism for the win!

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5 Videos (57m)
    • 1. Introduction to Automating your Content Online

    • 2. Mapping your Existing Social Network Presence

    • 3. Establish an IFTTT and Connect Your Social Media Accounts

    • 4. Creating your Automated Applets

    • 5. Conclusion


About This Class

You just worked hard to create the best blog, podcast and video content, you shouldn’t have to work just as hard to share your greatness on every social platform!  Let the magic of interwebs automation immediately share your content across all social platforms. Spend more time thinking and creating new content instead of copy/pasting links everywhere!

"Do I need to have a blog or Youtube channel or other social accounts in order to benefit from this course?"

-NO!  You can set up a social account and use automation to curate the EFFORTS OF OTHER CONTENT CREATORS!  Twitter accounts such as @LibertyPodcasts have been created by curating 'reliable experts in the field'!  Build your own!

This course focuses on the basics of sharing your content auto-magically.  This is the first step to world blog domination and ensures you have planned for your blog growth and subscriber growth.  I wish I had created a social media network map before I started such an in-depth automation program!

We will lightly cover other intermediate automation tasks though that will ensure your blog and social media feeds stay ‘fresh’, creating your own twitterbot, creating a free Auto-DM feature on twitter pushing more followers to your blog, capturing email addresses for a list, etc.

This course is designed for content creators who would rather spend their time creating content than sharing their content.  Let the power of the internet work for you!

Don’t forget to follow and subscribe for my intermediate and advanced automation courses!

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I can maintain a social presence everywhere with NO additional effort? Yes please!
Jr Haseloff

Autodidactism for the win!