Internationalization and Localization in iOS & Swift

Anoop Tomar

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11 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Xcode Schema for Locale

    • 3. Localizable Strings File

    • 4. Localizing Strings

    • 5. Date Formatting and Localization

    • 6. Localizing Custom Date with Templates

    • 7. Number Formatting according to locale

    • 8. Formatting Currency

    • 9. Measurement Localization

    • 10. Image Localization

    • 11. Localized App Name


About This Class

Developing apps take time and energy, by no mean it's a small effort and to make it popular is another story. Developing app is not just writing code and designing apps but making is intuitive and available to as wider audience as possible.

Localizing your app is relatively easy if you start from the day one and make every effort to internationalize user interface every where you see fit.

Apple makes it really easy to internationalize apps whether it being new apps or existing apps, all you need to do is follow few easy guidelines and keeping small things in mind while developing your app.

International market should never be an afterthought. More than 70% of iPhone users live outside United States and majority of them don't speak english as their primary language so having an app support their regional language has greater chances of success as compare to others who don't.

This course will prepare you for all that. We will cover following topics:

- Preparing your app with internationalize strings

- Preparing your app with internationalize dates

- Preparing your app with custom date formats

- Preparing your app with local numbers and their formats

- Preparing your app with regional currencies and their formats

- Preparing your app with local measurement units

- Preparing your app with localized and internationalized images

We will look at examples as how to use them and how you can put it all in single file so your chosen translators can add their language translations for you to import them into your apps and start supporting them with ease.