International SEO Considerations: Reaching a Global Audience | Christine Maisel | Skillshare

International SEO Considerations: Reaching a Global Audience

Christine Maisel, Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

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32 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. What To Expect From This International SEO Course

    • 2. What's different about International SEO

    • 3. Section Intro International SEO Research

    • 4. Know The Potential of Your International SEO Efforts

    • 5. How Is Your Site Currently Performing Conducting an International SEO Audit

    • 6. Which Search Engines Should You Target

    • 7. Keyword Research for International SEO and The Tools You Should Be Using

    • 8. What To Do If You Aren't Currently Ranking Internationally

    • 9. Section Intro Setting Up Your Website to Target Specific Countries

    • 10. 3 Options for Structuring Your International Web Content for Specific Countries

    • 11. Options for Using Different Languages on an International Website

    • 12. What to Do For Visitors Who Land on The Wrong Page Version

    • 13. Does Your Hosting Location Really Matter

    • 14. Section Intro International SEO Best Practices

    • 15. Making Sure Search Engines Can Crawl The International Versions

    • 16. On Page Optimization Steps and What You May Be Forgetting

    • 17. How to Redirect Visitors to The Right Site Version

    • 18. Adapting Your Products, Services & Offerings to The Local Market

    • 19. Section Intro Multi Lingual Website SEO Best Practices

    • 20. Language Tags for Multi Lingual Sites and How to Use Them

    • 21. Options for Translating Content Into Multiple Languages

    • 22. Dealing With Duplicate Content on International Websites

    • 23. Section Intro Other International SEO Considerations

    • 24. Social Media Considerations For International Sites

    • 25. Knowing The Differences Between Countries Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

    • 26. Off Page SEO & International Promotion Considerations

    • 27. Section Intro Creating an International SEO Action Plan

    • 28. Step By Step How to Implement International SEO

    • 29. Tracking Your International SEO Efforts

    • 30. How to Perform International SEO When You Don't Understand The Language

    • 31. Quick Tip How to Search From Any Location

    • 32. International SEO Course Wrap Up


About This Class


International SEO has it's own unique considerations as global websites target multiple countries and multiple languages. This requires international websites to have a strategic site structure and inform search engines which pages should be shown to specific visitors based on their location and / or language spoken.

This course is designed for those with at least a basic understanding of SEO and will walk you through everything you need to do to prepare your website for international rankings in the search engines, countries and languages you'd prefer.

Here we'll cover:

  • How to determine if your international SEO efforts will be profitable
  • Which search engines you should target
  • The keyword research process and the tools to use
  • 3 options for structuring international website content
  • How to direct visitors to the right version for their language / country
  • Language tags your site must use
  • The type of back links you need for global sites

You should be learning and implementing international SEO if:

  • You have (or would like to have) content in multiple languages
  • Your website targets a specific country
  • You are ready to scale your business
  • Your website / business already has customers around the world

International SEO can be quite complex especially with different versions of the same site all targeting different locations. What do you need to know to rank your website internationally? Inside this course we'll walk through the full process that will expand on your existing SEO knowledge so you will know exactly what to do with the website you are working with.

I'm also available if you have any questions as you start taking action on your own international site.

Join me to take your website to the next level. Enroll now.





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Christine Maisel

Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

Christine is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services. 

Christine has been a web designer for nearly 15 years - 10 of which she has been self-employed. Her work has taken her from working for some start-up dot com companies in the early 2000's to working as a contractor for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to her own home office.

In her time, she has built 100...

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