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International Career: Introduction to Hospitality Industry

teacher avatar Kian Radojewski, Entrepreneur, Hotelier & Ultra Runner

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. About Kian

    • 2. What Will You Learn?

    • 3. The Meaning of Hospitality Explained

    • 4. Scope of the Hospitality Industry

    • 5. Products & Services

    • 6. The Importance of Communication

    • 7. Why Relationship Building is Important

    • 8. Cultural Diversity

    • 9. Shifts & Working Hours

    • 10. Fast Pace High & Pressure Environment

    • 11. Career Choices

    • 12. Benefits as Hotel Employee

    • 13. Salaries

    • 14. Where to Find Jobs

    • 15. Hotel Review Sites Explained

    • 16. Hotel Types and Classification of Hotels

    • 17. Final Thoughts

    • 18. Thank You!

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About This Class

Are you looking for a career change?

Would you like to travel the world and get paid for it?

Perhaps you don’t want to be stuck at a boring desk and looking for an exciting job with plenty of growth opportunities?

Then you should be working in the HOTEL INDUSTRY!

Hey, my name is Kian and I have been working for luxury hotels and resorts around the world, including Germany, Dubai and the Maldives.

In this course you will learn everything to get started- from a wide range of possible entry level jobs, plenty of job sources and both, good and bad sides that will expect you. 

Enroll now and I see you on the INSIDE!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kian Radojewski

Entrepreneur, Hotelier & Ultra Runner


I’m a former hotelier turned startup creator, educating and connecting people globally. In 2009 I left my native Germany and lived and worked around the world, including Dubai, the Maldives, Bali and Thailand.

Here’s how I can help you:

Are you a creative and passionate person?

Do you want to live a life designed for yourself?

Have you always wanted to travel the world indefinitely?

Would you like to have your own business and work on your own terms?

If you answered to any of these, then welcome to this amazing community here and let’s get started together! My courses and trainings are designed to improve your career, relocate overseas, teach you customer psychology and hospitality.

My sole focus is the success of my s... See full profile

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1. About Kian : Hey there, It's came here First off many, many things for enrolling to this course. It really means a lot to me. So who am I and why am I gonna teach you the scores? Well, let's start first with a little bit off background about myself. See, I've been working in the hospitality industry since 2004. I'm originally from Germany, and this is also where I started studying hotel management. In 2009. I moved abroad for the very first time and right away to the Maldives. Since then, ever in Germany, several times in the Maldives, in Dubai, Bali and Thailand, I've worked for prestigious hotels and resorts like raffles to buy America Tavelli more lives, married cologne and water for Syria, Maldives, among many other brands and companies. After I graduated, I specialized in rooms division. Now rooms division is anything related to, as the name suggests to the rooms and comprises off several departments, for example, the reception, housekeeping and guest relations. And in this course I will teach you everything you need to know to get started in the hotel industry. 2. What Will You Learn?: What will you learn in this course? Main objective off this course is to provide you with the clear idea about how the hotel industry over works. Maybe you've learned that this industry isn't for you, but maybe you will even decide that it's temple. Carry a change and to pursuing new carrier in one of the world's largest and most dynamic industries. You may even want to move overseas. See that simply one off. The best reasons why you should join the hotel industry. Your chance off moving somewhere overseas is honestly quite easy. Here's a summary off what expects you characteristics off the hotel industry. What actually means hospitality? What products and services are offered. We'll be having a closer look at the various departments and what they offer. We're also talking about different hotel types and about the backbone off each hotel. It's diverse people and by communication in different cultures, on integral part to the success off every hotel. We'll be also talking about carrier steps, carrier choices and opportunities, shift and working hours, salaries, good and bad sides as well international job sites where you may even find your dream job abroad. Another topic will be talking about traits and qualities. We will talk about the necessary traits and qualities you should have in order to become successful in the hospitality industry. We'll be also talking about the different types of hotels and how hotel rating systems work . So before we start, I'd like to ask you for a quick favor. You'll be asked very early on to leave your feedback and write the course. Do so. If you feel that you have learned enough, you can leave your rating at any time, during or after completion off the course now, ever had to provide you with the best value I can. And if you feel it's not five stars, please send me a message. Which improvement ideas, Thank you so much. So without further ado, let's jump right in. 3. The Meaning of Hospitality Explained: what actually means hospitality. Now, before you think off Along and fried Shining Carrier have to understand the true meaning behind the world. Hospitality hospitality means nothing more than the friendly and generous reception and entertainment off guests, visitors or strangers. In other words, you're already being hospitable by inviting people over to your house. Now ask yourself, Would you enjoy serving people if you inviting people over to your home? How do you feel about that? Does this excites our annoys You? What do you do to make them feel pleasant about spending the day or evening with you? Do you plan anything? For example, if you're celebrating a birthday by inviting people over to simply have a beer and barbecue with you? Or are you offering some unique experience to all your guests? If this is something that excites you, you have to ask yourself even further. If you like to interact with people from different walks off life, ethnic groups and religions are you open to receive complaints on a regular basis? Can you deal with occasional negativity without the feeling off being insulted? If you want to even go further, ask yourself whether you can disagree to agree. If over tell guest has certainly off something you're not supporting. Say, for example, politicus and Lost. Would you argue with the person or rather, smile and walk away? See, I'm not trying to scare you off, but that's ultimately what hospitality is all about, but that you'll be working for a hotel, hostel or restaurant. Consider yourself always Eszterhas, regardless, what position you have and that you want to offer the most positive experience to everyone coming around to your house. 4. Scope of the Hospitality Industry: before we dive in. Let's talk about the scope off the hospitality industry hospitality industry, comprising so various business times such as hotels, restaurants, spas, airlines, two operators and casinos. Although having a relevant degree in hotel tourist um, our hospitality management is an advantage Hospitality industry office, many entry and mid level positions for people without necessary experience. Once you're aiming to pursue in upper management or executive carrier within the hospitality, you have to go through extensive training and need to be angle to show relevant work experience here. A numerous more specialized fields in the hospitality industry. Cruise lines, wellness centers, catering companies, museums and parks, railway companies, fitness clubs, exhibition and convention, centrist event management companies, theme parks and a few more. The best way to get started in the hospitality industry is working at a hotel that simply because the hotel gives you the best insights from Mary Off therefore mention fields because you will most likely find house at a hotel like, for example, a restaurant spa are even department, or you'll be cooperating with various off them, such as two operators, theme parks and museums. Generally, one who pursues the carrier in any off this hospitality feels has great chances to find work in any off. The other related feels in this course will be primarily talking about working in a hotel. But you can take nearly everything which is taught here and apply to any off the other. Hospitality fields is thes principles are the same as in any other industry. There no short cards for building a successful carrier. Hard work, dedication and the right attitude will pay off for a successful long term carrier in the hospitality industry. 5. Products & Services: in this lesson, we will take a look at the different products and services offered by hotels. Do know that this can vary depending on the size and location off the hotel, but most likely because off the service it decides to offer because low budget hotels off are definitely less than mid range hotels that usually have 3 to 4 stars. And if I start, Hotel certainly offers more than a midrange hotel. Thus full service hotels. Full service hotels often provide a wide area off guest services. Onset facilities commonly found amenities may include on site food and beverage room service in restaurants for meeting in conference services and facilities, fitness center and a business center. Full service hotels ranging quality from mid scale to luxury. This classification is based upon the quality off facilities and amenities offered by the hotel selected service, small to medium sized hotels that offer limited number off onset amenities that only cater and market to specific demographic of travelers such as the single business traveler, for example. Most focus are selected service hotels Mr Off for full service accommodations, but made like leisure amenities such as an onset restaurant or a swimming pool, economy and budget. Small to medium sized hotel start off a very limited number off on site amenities and often Onley offer basic accommodations with little to new services. This facilities normally only catering market to specific demographic of travelers such as the budget minded traveler seeking and no frills accommodation. Limited service hotels, often like onset restaurants but in a return may offer limited complimentary food and beverage community such as Onside Continental Breakfast Service, as mentioned services offered by a hotel largely depend on the hotel's target audience. But also on its tolerating. Evil is to say that a five star hotel not only offers superior services, but usually also a variety off more services than a two or three star hotel. So the services are listed here. I all means not all services available, but among the most common ones, and you probably may even know a few check in and check out times. Most hotels offer you check in as off three PM, but they have to check out latest by 12 noon. Other hotels offer even 24 hours. Check in and check out for many airport hotels offer some off their rooms for limited day use somewhere between 6 to 12 hours, knowing that many people simply need a place to rest for just a few hours. Valet parking. More common in 4 to 5 star hotels. Way of carrots park and picked up for you. 24 hour rooms. Hose available in some three star hotels and commonly available in 4 to 5 star hotels. Butler Service. Available in ultra luxury hotels and resorts, mostly in Asia and the Middle East. Concierge. As you probably know, a Constitution. Somebody based at the reception or around the lobby area. Who helps guest with information around city attractions and who helps to do bookings and reservations at restaurants, attractions and so on on behalf off the guest laundry service. Most 4 to 5 star hotels offer their guest laundry service well. A few hotels, even off the same day or 24 hour laundry service. 24 hour reception. 24 hour reception is standard among 4 to 5 star hotels, but also most three star hotels offer 24 hour reception desk. Nowadays, 1 to 2 star hotels have limited reception operations, usually from morning until evening and closed at night. Pick up and drop service. Lots of hotels or what? I guess, a private pick up and drop service, mainly from and to the airport or train station. Luggage service mainly five star but also various foster hotels off other guests. Luggage, sewers speaking. The bellboy will collect the leverage upon the rival from the guest before he checks in and delivers it straight to the room before he arrives there. Same upon. Check out the bellboy. Makes sure to collect the luggage from the guests before he checks out at the reception, and it's responsible for delivering it to the reception or car. Texas, for example. Safety. Insecurity. Most hotels have a separate safety and security department that takes care off, gets and stuff Monitors CC TV's and takes generally care off hotels. Safety. Let's take a look at some off the most common products hotels offer. Rooms come literally in all shapes and sizes. The most common standard rooms are single, twin and double rooms, followed by superior rooms, which is slightly bigger than double rooms and then sweets again. Most hotels, regardless of how many styles they have offered at least single double and twin rooms. Obviously, it's ultimately up to the hotel for what they offer. But generally speaking, the high got the separating is more diverse. Other room types. It's not uncommon to find hotels that have even different types off sweets such as junior suites, pen tell sweets and presidential suites. Also, if you look at resource in beach or winter areas, you'll notice that they may have not rooms or suites, but bungalows and villas similar to the rooms. It totally depends on the target audience size and budget off the hotel in terms of food and beverage outlets. Just because the hotel has five stars doesn't necessarily mean that it automatically offers several restaurants and powers. Most hotels have at least one space that is used as a restaurant. Many small line, medium sized hotels may only offer breakfast or higher rated hotels for offer, additionally lunch and dinner. But there are also many hotels and resorts that have different types off restaurants, which are differently themed or talking different audiences. Some off the hotels have worked for generally one all day dining restaurant for all types of this, and it leads to one fine dining restaurant. Also, many hotels have a bar as well that might be connected to the lobby and reception area. Two off the Hotel Zyberk for at even night clubs, gyms, spas and recreation also hear it totally depends on the hotel's location and its target audience. Rather than just hotel rating off course, you can expect a better massage at a five star hotel than at a three star hotel. Many would tell Snow Days offer basic Jim, usually a crypt. Some samples, treadmill and bicycle across trainer spas and wellness in general have been steadily on the rise for many years. Already, spots can be equipped with simple massage beds and separated by curtains or even half large private rooms equipped future cruises. Many hotels also feature pools in different shapes and sizes, from regular rectangle pools to large, crazy ship pool escapes with fountains and bridges. Business Center Many hotels, whether or not focused on business travelers, offer a business center. Those business centers feature all immunities you may need from time to time, including by if I hot spots, printers and scanners, desktop PC's and writing utensils. In addition, you will find in nearly every business hotel, a variety off conference and meeting rooms suitable for small team meetings to larger conferences. Back of holes area? Well, they're certainly more areas in products. You can find that the so called front of house areas it's equally important to highlight the back of house areas. Basically those places a guest on his access to like, for example, the kitchen, laundry, engineering and workshop areas, housekeeping offices and service rooms. And, of course, a variety off offices, such a sales and marketing and accounting. For example, these products I mentioned here are the most common ones are technically only gives off products offered at a hotel. If you would break each off the aforementioned areas down, say, for example, the rooms and suites. One needs to think about additional products offered inside these rooms, such as test coffee machines, minibars, water, oh, bathroom, that's madrases and so on. But you will certainly have an idea now about the products off our data hotel 6. The Importance of Communication: the importance of communication. We will first start with the communication with guests. Communication process starts before the guests even arrived at the hotel. It starts when your guest calls or mail to your hotel to book a room. It then continues upon arrival and check in at the reception. During the registration process, it's important to reconfirm the booking and any additional steps were asked for, like a specific type of room for dietary requirements. For example, the guest then tripping even basic information about the hotel like, for example, a restaurant opening times during this day. It's of course, important to continuously communicate with the guest, make sure that any requests are well taken care off and to avoid possible complaints, also at some point towards the end off the state, make sure to confirm all the departure details. Recheck the invoice before checking out double check whether Texas was started and so on. As a general rule of thumb, always be ahead off any guest request. If you're new to the hospitality, that's going to be something you will learn pretty quick. Ask yourself always has he or she been given all the information that were asked for How can I make this day the best possible communication with colleagues and superiors? As a hotel employee, you have to be crystal clear when it comes to communication. You need to make sure that important details are passed on properly to your collects and superiors, whether they have working in the same or different departments. Say, for example, you're working at the reception and your guest tells you off a specific food allergy. What would you do? You, of course, have to let the kitchen stuff now speaking and from the executive chef, who will then pass it on to his team. You have to let the restaurant stuff now so in from the restaurants manager. And obviously you have to inform your own manager or supervisor will probably even double shake whether the information about the food allergy has been properly communicated and received by the kitchen and restaurant in summary. Always make sure that all information around the guests are understood and passed on in a quick manner. Always asked if something isn't here. If there's a language barrier, make sure you involved a colleague who is able to talk in the same language or if there's no one that you take the time to understand your guest needs and requirements. Many people come a long way from home, and all they look for is just a home away from home. So it's your responsibility to make them feel comfortable throughout this day. 7. Why Relationship Building is Important: why relationship building is important communication as discussed in the previous lesson on building relationships. Going hand in hand in the hospitality as a hotel employee, you obviously the builder relationship. Video guests has already discussed earlier communication and therefore, relationship building starts by the moment, the guest or future guest in crisis about to stay at your hotel From that moment onwards, you tell starts their relationship and it's mainly a relationship of trust. By the moment the guest checks in he or she hopefully has already good faith in your hotel is everything until now seemed seamless. As a hotel employee, it's important that you maintain this relationship for the you ever get the reception as bellboy in the kitchen or in the restaurant. The number one way to start interacting with your guests on a personal level is by addressing them by name, not only upon checking, but throughout this day. If you work, you know to the restaurant, for example, greet them once they come around for breakfast. As the majority off hotels guest will have breakfast, rabbit and lunch or dinner. If you have conversations about withheld guest with your colleagues also referred to them always my name in that room. 1 12 for example. Your guests will instantly appreciate the effort and probably enjoy their stay even more now. Always be humble and pull it, but try to connect on a personal level again. This is something you can purely learn by doing. It's no book course or person can really teach you. See what your guest likes or dislikes, and this can be literally anything from food over drains, two colors, room size and immunities. Go out off your way and offer something your guests will really appreciate. If you know, for example, that your guest likes vanilla tea for breakfast, make sure he or she gets it automatically served without even asking for it. Further. Plus, would be stalking a few vanilla tea sachets in the room next to the cattle. Let's talk about relationship building among colleagues and superiors. As the travel industry is without a doubt the world's biggest industry. You have nearly all carrier chances. You can dream up unlike any corporate job, hotel job. Pelosi travel long term and get paid for it. And, of course, you can lend lots off languages. Plus, you make friends with colleagues and guests throughout the world. In other words, show equal respect in the interest in other collects, as you will most likely work in a big, colorful international team. 8. Cultural Diversity: as mentioned earlier. One off the most exciting parts off working in the hotel industry is the cultural diversity off your colleagues and guests. I mean, you will get to know a lot even if you haven't frequently traveled until now. And that's super interesting. Imagine working in a team where you have colleagues from Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America all under one roof. You share stories about work, your family's cultures, food and so on. It is to say that this simply priceless and the same goes for dealing with international guests, as he will certainly have guests from across the globe, especially when you work for business hotels, apple tutors or luxury resource. You will instantly learn certain phrases in at least a dozen languages, but you will also learn about certain cultural behaviors and characteristics. Every now and then, you will probably receive some kind of cultural training that you discuss and learn about the various cultural correct heuristics. A few guests you will learn about important things such as meals and general important deuce. Don't whatever you're going to learn from your international colleagues and gets is absolutely interesting and priceless and will definitely help you in many areas of your life, especially when you travel 9. Shifts & Working Hours: Okay, let's talk about one off The most important topics when it comes to working at hotels or even various other tourism businesses, shifts and working hours. You have to understand that you won't be working 9 to 5 unless they choose to work for the accounting ourselves department off a hotel. But even here, Hugh Mabruk longer days can be daunting and long. It will definitely happen that you finish light and start early the next day. Colleagues and our superiors may call you during your off time for various reasons. Feedback regarding guest complaint issues with the report, the computer system a guest profile or to simply ask you whether you can cancel you off tomorrow. You will look on Saturday, Sundays and public holidays in the afternoon and at night you will work on many days more than 8 to 9 hours. What happens when you have a vetting our conference at your hotel repair for 15 to 16 hours , but on the flip side, you'll be off. Been at Pittsburgh. You can go shopping on Wednesday morning, when everyone else works and the shops and stores are still empty. Now, is this really everywhere? The case Yes, it is obviously their days and times when you have a more relaxed hotel operation. Many hotels are busy during different seasons and days. Say you're working for a business hotel. You'll be extremely busy from on the until Friday. But for sure, your beacon will be more relaxed if you work for a large resort. You may be extremely busy during public holidays school holidays in festive seasons, but may have a more normal operation at other times. 10. Fast Pace High & Pressure Environment: fast paced and high pressure environment has already mentioned in the previous lessons. Working in the hotel and tourism industry can be exciting but equally exhausting. At times you have to understand that the guest is and always will be the center off attention as he or she will be responsible for paying your salary. Nearly every job within the hotel has its demands, although they obviously differ from position to position and department to department. So you were get the restaurant, for example. Your job will be to serve the guests in a timely manner and make sure the tables and buffet always cleaning set up. All this sounds easy at first, but if you have 10 or 15 guest requests at the same time, you have to stay calm and concentrated and learn how to effectively organize. Let me give you another example. Say you work at the reception. Your main duties are checking in and out. The guest sounds easy right now. Imagine working at a business hotel and you have 10 people in your cube. But we have to make sure that their registration cards folks, the guests get his requested room. The room is actually ready and whatever other requests your guest may have. At the same time, you have to handle incoming calls from other guests who have again other questions and requests. Then you have to deal with guest complaints, and complaints will come no matter how much effort you or your collects made to please the guests, there will be always this one guest who cannot be satisfied regardless, 40 feet and offered. Okay, let's talk about your private life. As you may have guessed, your private life will be definitely different than from your friends and family. And you know what? That's actually a cool thing. You may lose some friends because you can't go out anymore on the weekend, but you will make new friends and party house on Tuesday night. Your boyfriend, girlfriend? Five husband has to deal with the new carrier. No metal work. Hotel Avant offer you flexibility or using the exception because you're married or in a relationship. Here's the thing. I'm not sugar coating anything and just want to be brutally honest about what we'll expect you. But again, all the stress, all the complaints you'll get if you're really dedicated to give customer shows all the good things will outweigh the bad ones. And I can assure you that you will have so many great moments that will last forever. I see on the next listen. 11. Career Choices: carrier choices. Knowing this lesson. Recover the different jobs available for entry level positions. Which departments and how you can grow from their reception or front office. Clerk Department reception. Also known as front office. Your duties and responsibilities include Gets chicken and out preparing and settling bills . Solving guest complaints. Sending rooms if working at night, you have to additionally, run and off their reports on various computer systems. Once you step up and get promoted, you basically oversee the operation. Implement trainings, assigned shifts and duties. Panel difficult guest complaints, prepare monthly and yearly forecast and maintain budgets. Guest relations Officer. Also known as Jiro, it's one off the most common entry level positions for Multilingual hotel stuff in superior hotels and resorts. Your duties and responsibilities include the fulling. Checking the guests preferences before arrival and communicate them effectively. Throw the hotel, making sure that the guest room is ready prior to arrival, picking up the guest from the lobby or even airport, and has gotten directly to the room in room checking and check out on call throughout. Stay for guests, requests and complaints. Butler. Many luxury hotels employed bottle a step back a full time or regular duties on call duties and responsibilities are similar to the one off the zero, but you can say that the battles roll. It's more the one off a personal manager rather than a butler in a traditional way. But let's were closed with all departments to ensure a flawless day there any time available. Hand laundry, organized trips, setting appointments in the Spar restaurant, etcetera. Do housekeeping staff have food and beverage knowledge. So food and brings your certain understanding off the city with its history and attractions and now about a guest request before he expresses it. Reservations agent If you love being on the phone, can speak well English and perhaps of other languages, plus loved. The idea of selling than being a reservations agent is definitely for you. You have to handle the high volume of calls every day, said rooms to up cells and cross cells. Create guest profiles and reservations on the computer, handle large booking requests for group to us and finish the hotel's room in Venturi Accounting and purchasing clerk. If you laugh numbers, then this is the perfect role for you. You have to cross check multiple reports from every outlet on a daily basis were close with your superior, our manager to see whether the hotel hits its financial targets or loses money in certain areas, you won't have any guest contact and sit mostly in an office, along with the number off colleagues. If you're into purchasing, you have to make sure that the respective department gets there. Requested items, always on time. Negotiate deals with contractors, make sure payments are done on time and sure everything's within the given budget. In addition, you will not only bring in regular guests, but especially larger groups such as delegations, celebrities, Royals, including the entourage, companies like executives and outings and family events such as weddings. You have to be flexible, motivated and decides of prayer. Sales experience is a must. Many upscale hotels require a college degree as well. Comedic cuisine, If you dream, is becoming a celebrity chef one day. It's even best to start at a restaurant in the hotel s. A learning curve here is extensive. You will get to know lots of different cuisines rather than you only work for regular restaurants somewhere. Bartender Hotel Martinez must have a thorough knowledge off all kinds of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, mark tales, long drinks, juices, movies, coffee specialties, wines, champagne and more. In addition, you should have a basic culinary understanding and ideally, now a thing or two about cigars. Days and nights can belong and acted as he constantly face Conversations with guests. Love to share personal stories. Spot Serifis. Becoming a professional spot therapist requires a certain skill set and understanding about anatomy. To land a job as a spot therapist, you should be either officially certified by leading institution or can prove significant work experience as a spot therapist before you go into apply. It's best to get some training before, unless Dotel specifically looks for trains Yoga instructor similar to the spot therapist, you have to have prior experience in teaching yoga before applying for a job as a yoga teacher. Being certified is definitely an advantage and usually a requirement. As yoga teacher, you'll be responsible to organize classes private in group sessions and give advice on nutrition and well being Personal trainer. Your responsibilities include organizing classes, both private and groups, workshops, excursions and boot camps for guests and often for stuff as well. In addition, you're responsible for function gym equipment and giving advice on nutrition. You will usually were close with this part department. Almost every big hotel has at least one fitness train on holidays. Dive instructor. If you love diving, know how to teach and, of course, our recertified dive instructor. It's time to get paid in travel the world. Just think about all the amazing place Reeves Rex and unique creatures you'll be discovering overall, teaching others the passion you love. If you speak multiple languages, you have great chances to land a job on was immediately overseas water sports instructor. The great thing is that you don't need necessarily pray experience as a water sports instructor, but you should definitely know how to swim well. Responsibilities include organizing classes, managing the equipment and instructing guests how to use Jet skis can use life jackets and some plus teaching about potential dangers, such as the shallow waters. Occurrence advantages are given to those speaking multiple languages. English teachers, many hotel resorts looking for English teachers that can train stuff, especially back off whole stuff. We always had wanted to English teachers in a resort in the Maldives. Engineer technician Carpenter, Needless to say that a hotel can function without the team off engineers and technicians that are able to fix everything from a sees to furniture and electronic devices. Concierge, A concierge is usually based at the reception and handled all types off request and questions regarding bookings, reservations and activities. A concert needs to know a city inside out from its history, over landmarks to activities and more also, a concert shoe. People connected to restaurants, museums, theatres and so on. Climbing the hotel carry a letter. The hotel industry is one off the few industries where you can literally grow from dishwasher to millionaire, and that's not accelerated. Yes, it takes dedication and hard work. But simply put, if you're dedicated to customer service, you can achieve it traded to carry a map for yourself and see what areas departments may interest. You stick on that and follow the path. In the beginning, it's almost certain that you will get at least fun promotion per year. And if you feel you can grow anymore within the same hotel, you can either go to a sister property. If it's a chain hotel or to a different hotel company. Once you have an interview. It's important that you ask about carrier growth opportunities within the hotel are a company. Also, if you tell companies have partnerships with universities offering hotel management courses at discounted prices, being a general manager or GM is the ultimate dream for many people working at a hotel. But did you know that there are even positions above a general manager after the GM comes? Usually the position, often area manager that oversees operations within a certain geographical area. For example, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or even an entire continent. Even if you decide to stay within a certain department, you can skip the GM road and become, for example, area director of finance or human resource. Ultimately, you can even become CEO or a CEO off the company. 12. Benefits as Hotel Employee: Let's talk about benefits as a hotel employee, this is definitely one of my favorites. Needless to say, working hard means playing hard in the hotel industry. Here is the list with the most common benefits and perks. Hotel stop Do know that this varies from hotel to hotel company to company in country to country. Of course, significant discounts on hotel rooms also known is employee rates within the same company and sister companies say, for example, you have working for Hilton Hotels. You will get cheaper rates at other Hilton hotels, as well as since the company's off Hilton such as Doubletree by Hilton Conrad Hotels and World of Astoria hotels. Significant discount on food and beverage items. This comes on sparse sports and wellness. Special rates for family and friends. Additional holiday, which depends on your position, though known as R and R. Rest and relax reimbursement for your flight. Say you move from your home country to another country, one return flight period to your home country or equivalent free meals. While it worked very important insurance, paid vacation and sick days, vocational deals with airlines deals with landmarks and museums, amazing stuff, parties, sport and recreational programmes, pay team outings and excursions in the U. S. For one. K plants with mentioned contributions benefits for your family, such as paid flights and school kindergarten loans. This is especially the case in the Middle East, like Dubai are cattle, for example. 13. Salaries: So let's talk about salaries generally salaries in the hospitality allow than in many other industries. But don't forget that you will receive many perks as well. If you want to know how much you would be approximately earning in your area, visit pages like celery dot com h carriers dot com or in deep dot com in search specifically for the desired shop in your city. The same also goes for working abroad. While they may receive them on the X, say is a front office manager in Munich, You may, unless than that, if you work in a different country, however, the same position. The key here is to figure what bonuses, perks and extra C would get. Therefore, always read the job description, explicitly visit the aforementioned pages and ask Been invited for the interview. Generally, if you ever gets an export that broad say, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, the mold lives or China, for example, will be also provided recommendation. Silver's charge, which is an additional monthly Bonal, shed equally among all the employees tips depending on your position, off course language loans. If you were hired for specific job that requests to converse in a specific language, and then we'll fly to and from your home destination 14. Where to Find Jobs: Hi and welcome back. Knowing this video, I will show you where to find hotel jobs. First and foremost, I recommend you have a look directly at hotels website. The job section is usually at the bottom. Just have a look for carriers or jobs. You will then have a filter, which allows you to choose your preferred position and location. Then you will have a selection off. Jobless it along with the specific requirements needed. Say, for example, this front office manager position you. Now you can see all the specific requirements for this position listed here and what benefits you will receive. Then head over to the apply now button and register either as a new user or upload. And since you CV straight away, Method number two, there are lots of hospitality job portals online. I have attached a list with 20 sides to this video. It works pretty much similar to the aforementioned hotel application. Just used the filter to search for your preferred drop on location register as new use, um, and send your CV. In some cases, you may only find an email from the HR department, which is okay, so make sure you always have your CV and cover letter ready. Method Number three Lincoln. The Lincoln is well known. Many people don't make really use off it. Make sure that your profile is Polish speaking. You must have a decent profile pic in a suit or dress or decent clothing. Do not use the same for to you use for Facebook. Make sure that you see these up to date and that you have all the relevant information listed. Pull the hotel companies on linked in and join respective Lincoln groups. Start networking with people. Here's a tip. When you see a job posting, don't just come and please look at my profile. Chances are high that no one will actually look at it, so be proactive and reach out to the person. Connect with them and send them your CV. Do exactly what it's mentioned in the job description. Generally, always make sure that two CV looks professional and up to date. Usually profile. Pick wisely and wear nice clothes. Also make sure that the other social channels are in good position because HR people look most definitely at those thank you very much, and I see on the next video 15. Hotel Review Sites Explained: hotel review sites explained. You have probably used one off the many sites out there like Trip It Wiser holiday check for others when planning your holiday or even just a trip to a new coffee shop or restaurant. But how do the sides actually work? And are they really trustworthy? See everything a person has to do is simply creating a profile with the state site and write a review. Now the thing is that some sites allow also ever toe profiles, plus not very fair. In your review, you can even find tons of people on large freelancing sites being writers 5 to 10 bucks to write fake reviews for their businesses. Now I'm not saying that this happens on every platform, but certainly if you, even though this is against the page Tim and conditions personally, I trust reviews written on hotel booking site themselves, like a Goda or booking dot com, As many won't allow anyone to write a review until after their stay, you will usually get a personal link within 1 to 2 days after your stay that allows you to ride and post ability experience various reviews. Sides also started asking the review for any verification off this day, such as bills or the room invoice speaking. The next time you're looking for reviews, read those properly, both good and bad ones. Don't just look at the given writing, but also at the reviews. Profile. How many reviews did the review of Right already? It was just one or two. I'd be a bit skeptical also, what exactly other reviews talking about? Are they highlighting anything specific? Where is the review more generic? Written by the way, This comes for both good and bad reviews. So I hope this gives you a little bit better off for understanding about this regular platforms if you're free to ask any questions in the Q and A section off the scores, and I see you on the next lesson. 16. Hotel Types and Classification of Hotels: hotels target many markets and can be classified according to the markets that attempt to attract the guests. Common types off markets include business, airport, sweets, residential resort, timeshare, casino convention and conference hotels. Business hotels. These hotels are the largest group of hotel types, and they're primarily cater to business travelers, and I usually located in downtown or Business District's. Although business hotels primarily self business travelers, miniature groups, individual tourists and small conference groups find this which helps attractive as well. Yes, immunities at business hotels may include complimentary newspaper, morning coffee, free local telephone calls, breakfast and so on. Airport hotels. Now airport. It helps are usually attached to the airport or located in close distance to the airport. Now this type of hotels typically target business clientele. L am passengers with a one I travel a overs or cancel flies and Ellen Cruz and Stuff. Service departments, service departments or residential hotels provide long term accommodation for guests. Usually, the guest makes a lease agreement with the hotel, but a minimum off a month upto one year rooms or apartments generally included living room , bedroom, kitchen, private balcony, washing machines, kitchen utensils and so on. Unlike normal hotels, service departments or residential hotels only provide one victory Housekeeping service. Resort hotels Resort ills are usually located in the mountains or on an island, for example, or in some other exotic location away from Siri's. These hotels have recreation facilities, tennis, golf, sailing, skiing and swimming. Now resort hotels usually provide enjoyable and memorable guest experiences. Casino hotels, a casino, hotel or resort off US guests, gambling facilities and lodging. Las Vegas in the US and Macau in Asia, other worlds to primary destinations with dozens off unique is in hotels and resource bed and breakfast and home stays. These are houses with rooms converted into overnight facilities, which can fit from one up to 10%. Owner off the B and B usually stays on the premises, and it's responsible for serving breakfast to the guests. Sweet hotels. Now this kind of hotels are currently the fastest growing segments off the hotel industry. Such hotels have a living room and a separate bedroom. Professionals such as accountants, lawyers, businessmen and executives find suite hotels particularly attractive as they can do both work and live from you. Extended stay hotels are somewhat similar to the suite hotels and service departments, but usually target guests with lower budget and to plan to stay anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks levels. Off service World class service is also called luxury off five star hotels. They target top business executives, entertainment celebrities, high ranking political figures in both the clientele as the primary markets. They provide upscale restaurants, and large is ballet, concierge services and also private dining facilities. Midrange services offered by 3 to 4 star hotels, it basically makes up the largest segment off the traveling public. This kind of hotels don't provide a Leverett service, but they provide adequate staffing. They provide uniformed service. They have food and beverage outlets, room service and, in most cases, a 24 hour reception budget and limited service. Hold health budget hotels, provide clean, comfortable, safe, inexpensive rooms and meet the basic needs off its guests. Budget hotels Apria primarily to budget many travelers who are nothing more than a room with minimum services and amenities required for a comfortable stay without necessary paying additional cost for more services. Let's talk about hotel ownership, independent and single owner hotels. They do not have identifiable ownership or a management affiliation with other properties for example, a family owned and operated hotel that it's not following any corporate policies or procedures. Jane Hotels Now the ownership off a chain. Hotels usually impose a certain minimum standards, rules, policies and procedures to restrict affiliate activities. In general. The more centralized organization, the stronger the control over the individual property, hotel chains, for example, on Merit and Hilton. 17. Final Thoughts: final thoughts, hotel and hospitality industry is, without a doubt, one off the most vibrant and exciting industries in the world. Granted, it's absolutely not for everyone, as it requires lots off mental and physical strength. You will have long working hours and ah, constantly on the pressure dealing with complaints and guest requests. But if you truly have a passion for serving guests, and I know that's simply not everyone is made for these jobs than working in the hotel and hospitality industry is absolutely for you to also look at your long term carry choices. The hotel industry allows you to move up the ranks pretty quick, as compared to most other industries. As long as you work hard, your background and education almost doesn't play any role. Also, don't forget that the hotel industry allows you to travel the world and getting paid for it , and is, without a doubt the only industry where you can move around often. Plus, it's easy to get working visas that allow you to stay long term in any country while enjoying most benefits a regular citizen has in summary. If you're up for an exciting, adventurous but also demanding carrier than working in the hotel industry is definitely for you. 18. Thank You!: Hey there. Thank you very much for sticking until the end. I hope that this course was value to you and that you could learn a lot also, if you have taken the leap already and started applying or even working in a hotel somewhere up. A curious to know about your experience, I'll be continuously updating this course based on relevance and students feet big one more time. Thank you very much until then and to your success.