International B2B Trade Show Planning, Participation and Follow up | Sonia Pupaza | Skillshare

International B2B Trade Show Planning, Participation and Follow up

Sonia Pupaza, Marketing Specialist

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12 Videos (50m)
    • 1 Trade Show Introduction

    • 2 Planning Goals and Objectives

    • 3 Planning Return on Investment

    • 4 Planning Select the right Trade Show

    • 5 Planning Trade Show Budget

    • 6 Planning Trade Show Team

    • 7 Planning What Samples to choose

    • 8 Planning the Trip

    • 9 Planning Booth Setting

    • 10 Participation Business Best Practice

    • 11 FollowUp Trade Show Report

    • 12 FollowUp Leads


About This Class

This class is for producers and entrepreneurs who want to expand their business abroad by participating to international B2B Trade Shows.

What does this class cover?

  • B2B Trade Show planning and management – an excellent planning is the key to success! You will learn all you need to know about a trade show participation: how to choose the right trade fair, how to set your goals, to select the team, the samples, to do the budget and arrange the booth.

  • B2B Trade Show participation and follow-up – in this course you will find some tips to help you improve you trade show presence and a description about how the post show report should include

Targeted students

  • Producers and traders wanting to learn how to plan and participate successfully in a trade show

  • Entrepreneurs who wants to raise the standards of their trade shows participation

  • Professionals who lack practical experience

  • Students who want to improve their trade shows planning skills





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Sonia Pupaza

Marketing Specialist

I have graduated International Business Administration in 2002 and worked in different fields: sales, contracts, project management, online and offline marketing and communication, international market research, products design, international events and trade shows planning and participating, market entry, business development, language learning programme coordination and social media management.

In 2013 I was selected, among other 26, to participate to the Executive Training Programme...

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