Intermediate Silversmithing - Stone Set Rings

Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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18 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Stone Set Rings

    • 2. Stone Set Rings - materials

    • 3. Stone Set Rings - equipment

    • 4. Stone Set Rings - soldering equipment

    • 5. Stone Set Rings - preparing the rings

    • 6. Stone Set Rings - preparing the bezel strip

    • 7. Stone Set Rings - soldering the bezel strip

    • 8. Stone Set Rings - filing the bezel joins

    • 9. Stone Set Rings - fitting the bezels

    • 10. Stone Set Rings - cutting the discs

    • 11. Stone Set Rings - soldering the settings

    • 12. Stone Set Rings - filing the settings

    • 13. Stone Set Rings - finding the solder join

    • 14. Stone Set Rings - preparing the rings 2

    • 15. Stone Set Rings - soldering the settings 2

    • 16. Stone Set Rings - setting the stones

    • 17. Stone Set Rings - bonus: enlarging bezels

    • 18. Stone Set Rings - final thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to the Stone Set Rings Class, part of a new series that will take all the techniques you have learnt in Silversmithing for Beginners and add a challenge to help you advance your skills!

Intermediate Silversmithing will include more advanced soldering and sawing skills, forging, mixed metals and much more, and in this class the focus is on stone setting. You will be taking rings from the Simple Hammered Rings class (see link below) and learning how to make simple bezel settings to add beautiful stones to your rings. I'll be there to help you every step of the way, with troubleshooting tips and some hints to help you get the settings made to a perfect size. This is the longest class I have published so far, but that's because this is a detailed class, sharing all the tips I include in my workshops. We will be covering two variations on the basic setting, as you can see below.


The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document. Do remember that all the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects! The second downloadable class document available is a chart listing ring sizes.

If you haven't already done so, I recommend watching the Simple Hammered Rings class before taking this class: