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Intermediate German Class - skill your listening comprehension

teacher avatar Michael Schnitzer, Astrologer, Astronomical Facilitator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Tikker Course Intro

    • 2. Jochen

    • 3. Thomas

    • 4. Hubert

    • 5. Eduardo

    • 6. Tikker Expressions

    • 7. Course Summary

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About This Class

This class is designed to train to understand different accents and dialects spoken such as bavarian, svabian in Southern Germany. With authentic video material you can dive into different characters living in and around Munich. They will tell you their story.

Starting with Level A1 Questions for Beginners till intermediate Questions on B1 will challenge your listening skills.

You have worksheets with the full transcript of every video.

At the end I pick out some colloquial expressions from the videos on an audio-track for you to train. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Schnitzer

Astrologer, Astronomical Facilitator


I am a astro- facilitator which helps you diving into methods of modern and ancient astrologoy which can be used to do either character analsis or prognostics. My aim is to provide astronomical input so that you can get out  to connect yoursell with the nightsky by knowing how that all works.

Adittionally I show you different methods (from 2000 years till now) how to interpret that celestial bodies to help you contextualizing your own life.


Ich bin ein Astro-Berater, der dir zeigt welche antiken und neuen Werkzeuge der Astrologie zur Verfügung stehen um sowohl Chrakteranalyse als auch Prognostik zu betreiben. Ich möchte dir praktisches Sternenwissen an die Hand geben, sodass du selbst am Abend hinausgehen kannst um dich mit dem Sternenhimm... See full profile

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1. Tikker Course Intro: Hello. Everybody will come to the course. Tika Lingua. My name is Michael. I, um Ah, German language teacher. I've been teaching for 10 years now in cities like Vienna, Austria, Freiburg, Germany and Munich in malaria. Also Germany and I've come across a lot off course books, Um, which I realized that not cope with, like the needs off the students, you know, who just wanted to get along on the streets. You know, just understanding the barkeeper are the waitress or whatever. Um, since most of the course books are still very designed for German learns. So people in the examples they will try to speak slowly like robots on both of the time and also the material present. It is not very, very aesthetic. I say it's off awfully. Just simple, simple material. So this let me to the idea back in 2009 together with photographers and journalists creating thes out your slides and especially, um, used them for German language purposes, especially for training, your listening comprehension, off accents, off dialect and off just local German used in daily life. Um that's that lost the basic idea and imagine you are at the train station in Munich and you're gonna have to Birling. So all the sudden there is this voice. You know, this announcement that says, Oh, train this train to Berlin today is not leaving departing from gate five. Instead, it's Gate seven and maybe it's 30 minutes late. And then he goes on saying something, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, actually, what you should be trained to get along is select. You know, Celek your awareness. Do the information you needs. So you would have to understand not gate for but gate free and 20 minutes late. Yeah, but you definitely do not have to understand every single bird. And that's also how this course is designed. We have prepared several questions in different levels for you, starting with very basic a one that's the level come for beginners, basic questions that even can be answered just by seeing the William. And then we go on a little bit more difficult. A two till you end up more or less Level B one. You know, this is, um, directed by this European frame work of languages, which means that Iran is very basic beginner, with be one. Actually, you would get along quiet well, also in terms off jobs, finding jobs for university purposes, you would have to reached level. See Juan, and you can make the good a language diplomacy to which is basically mother talk so actually reveal focus from a want to be one level on after well, before you start, there is a vocabulary section, you know, in a description off every video at the worksheet of every video. Make sure that you're familiar with useful cavalry's because you will need them to understand the questions first, and it might be useful for figuring out the answers at the end. Off the Russian sections, you have the key for the answers to look it up. Um, we also made a transit transcriptions, you know, off the characters were saying in the videos, and we described Way wrote them down, actually, as they as they spoke. So if there is ah, certain accent, we copied his accent writing it down. If there is a grammar mistake, we just went with this grammar mistake riding in town, and at the very last section you will find the translation in standard German, as you would have to ride it. And then you can compare. You know what is ca local? What is accent And how would it look like in proper standard German? Even though I haven't one friend who is speaking proper stunned the German. We all have certain accents, depending from where we are. Um, so there is this transcription face and indirection. I left also, planks. So listen, Jude video and focus on the things that are not there and write it in the planks. My most of the time. It's just one bird, maybe a one phrase, um, at the also at the very end off this course, you will find expressions, colloquial expressions, which I extracted from the videos with an English translation. And here I would like you just to copy what I say to imitate, you know, my ex and and also the speeds. Yeah, you will find on audio there. So basically this Yes. What? I wanted just to say at the beginning. Um, yeah, you will find all the other informations in the next sections. Okay, let's start and have fun 2. Jochen: Nima interested and then doing in meeting Neiman Madison Francon so often the Canadian believe it's my veterans. I'm this pastor Bob next to some communities, some firearm decrying the kingdom in Manama, on the CRT at the El Paso and outside my cup when Team I Don Off can also vz by Mubarak a mile from Optimus, believes longer guarantee. He kept pushing on the model rest of our total and cannot be China lettered, marked on 10 va in the cloud as Dev Actual holds thesis can notice treating him multi center mending. This is fear, Echigo Kleiner's two keynotes. Or there's a new course of what's the committee gunny off the data's models of mankind. McCann a. M of edema. Before that, then Leca is biting to skip the whole trainload. Isn't that off spittle? Easier from from that often of what's also games? What kind problem? The Messerschmitt most person. Because I have not to leave us. It'll try and mitigate the money. I in Britain comes a been on any size. It is chief gang member, the Knicks and the next name has shown feel like Connie the other. This my true thing. It days from family. I didn't have it in mind In the wooden classic fund, the father say wonder. She began its guns baby Papa Blatter, matif and cloth And in Lincoln, about a muscle. Just different tone in three. Get out from my, uh, water harder in sight in both human heart. And I'm a lot of social blow Metin Tick felt in Turn off the guns and Teemu go off to sneak treatment my feelings and a magnet. So no Moloch, Trexler They land in the Schuler kind of invoke taking certain tracks and makes Mitt look on his eyes and hanging blabs. This is my ticket support invoked. Look Rigged to skate, Alice. Them us Mark. 3. Thomas: gets gets vital here. Cadi Gate laws this but I So I should like Disney 100 Clyde on strict like this have abided baldness, industrial heritage status. Strykers keen out here. Yeah, that's just wrong. Very three. Done. Common Minor AG. Maintaining that two inch meeting the free kind Envoy, Awesome Machine and Bowie up minor electro mechanic. My start side on the common theme off Generosity gets no my about kindness. So it's the educated scheme. In my next life, I batch leaked down. So very best to show Marked Yeah, the team comedy Lloyd Naturally happy or super qualitative on the city. Dishonest about trusting the show models. Many high society here here. Common. So the movie a body shop, this country I guides on Kenyon for a few minutes and seven. Okay, Prison gate. Last demons? No, she displayed a pathology. Still I know first are 4. Hubert: either Mensch Hot Pontius album Ah, Pistol and Fokker or the Admit song Dysentery. I ignite many. I can heighten this in thought Someone mon Sam attuned entirely from UMA listening this I insulted, spied on vehicle, preventing proft. Well, thank your mom for out out of the Crossfire Aid after a nude length on the cloak in comedies all aesthetic almost line for his starts recognition when it saying for it off a client PKI on pro from insane. Read on for this elf Day on and shoot split some Marshfield past canines. ICUs you have muzzled in Schwalbe spits ya'll tip. Marathon day Crazy Often sponsor online streams are little more lines. Try auto fear and touring around older sport. It was a clicks griffin, a so most creek following and the I V exact looking so good insouciant when the pro feel TV is well, it's like think how many kings the hot number three harder wrestlers option. It involves mix CSE, a crowded market the man couldn't hot Thank you. He's throwing Mangano nine kind of focus on the right company following ticket boosted stock toe. It is a hunch falling from wound falling from the album. Fuller Flynn with Josh. Listen, this skip for the you mention or Deputy Gable with the mention East of arguments Quintus Longer name. 5. Eduardo: the school gets the tile mexicanas cookies tortilla because it kind of makes kinship. You came back in with Fast Kinda. Thank you. Muscle the S Mexicana. Senior physical schmack from Constant It's not. And Mary Lou Bounty a gala not having that sneak Maggie help now and then Feelings. So US leader. And that's approach. Yes, the machine is for canning machine cautioned against in Mexico. And the question for you discussion lighting the often dicks who owns land haven't shown the machine is correct. You can go to the next is not expected even in off the underside A classic African accent You have the top bar BitTorrent when we can't make it the Italian image and gotten sick house that a second? Yeah. 6. Tikker Expressions: now will train a few some expressions used in the videos. First, I will quote the full expression, and then I'm going to start from the very end to the beginning and just imitate my voice. And it's much, um, easier. Just if you they start at the end just to start with this building blocks, do you get to the full sentence to the full fluent expression and really tried to imitate my voice and my stress and the focus I put into the words? So the first, um, expression comes from Hobart, he says. You remain shut a pistol and four. Yet a mensch had a pistol and four and for you and for good a bit salon, focal a pizza and forego. Yet a mensch had the pistol unfolding. I think you got it. The next expression comes from a yon, he says. Hutz. Is I fermenting. Hutz Is that for minding, minding, minding I, in fact, minding hotels. And for reminding the next one is from Becky. Better soon invincible me abyssal again. Last better soon, Then see Premiere Bissell Aquel class arcaded. Last I get lost Vincey Premier, a pistol a get lost venti by mere abyssal again. It last better should when super mere Priscilla get lost. Better Xun Vincey Premier Bissell A Get last. Another expression also is from Becky yet Skates Vita Here the cow ticket laws Takao ticket laws. Gowdy get loss yet gets Vita here Takao ticket laws Next expression is again from Johan is back and in a video model for that for that there for that there in a video model for that Well, in a video model. Four. That there it's Mark an innovator Mike for that Well, it's McCann video. Mike Ford it well and the last expression River con iss from Hobart That isn't looks grief by my So it was correct. This isn't looks grief when one So it was correct. So it was correct. So it was correct When must So it was correct when my so it was correct. This isn't looks grief when must So it was correct. That isn't looks crif payment. So it was correct. Okay, that's it for this section 7. Course Summary: Hello. Everybody will come to the final section. We gonna sum up the course in this, um previous videos What all characters had in common. They used a privations shortcuts in their daily life language in contrast to language you find in a standard German course books. So I guess all of the characters said instead off each. Okay, so they just left out the S the ch just to keep it short. E hobbit kind of site. He hopped kind in sight. Um, and also, you will realize that they gonna just cut off the final E for the first person. So instead, off saying the Hobbit kind of site, you will hear he happen kind inside are e hup kind inside. So this is something that we have in the oral language in common. Just leaving out the e e caf s. We never say it s a caliphate. Keep it short. So this is something that the characters have in common? The other thing, um, you might have realized is the verb sign suffered. Person is east. We suddenly se ist is just say is this is I need a good DVD. This is a good DVD just because it's shorter instead off. Thus, East Nicu today is a good a d So you don't hear the tea? Especially uh, no Ilya off, Becky, You might have left since he came from the sway beyond region. So a little bit more best westward from Munich. They have are very common syntax. They use ish a lot of instead of yes, they go like ish. So thus ish should thus is Xun. You nicked electricity. Disease should kiss. Yeah, but Becky, this Libyan belt maker, he says ish it's just 1/3 person for sign. Um, what else you might have realized? Yeah, the indefinite articles. So let's say much the island coffee. I'm n we keep it short and be just say men coffee, Saudis. So this e i by by just believe it out. It must in and coffee it happened. Wouldn't tip. We have island have been couldn't and especially the dialect. More dialect. Munich dialect speaker. I would just say ah or on. It's much uncuff. E more standard Chairman would be like men. Coffee. Mr. Uncuff e image Nen Coffee. Both. You hear him? Bavaria. So I just let me check what else Yeah, that's the most important things he had a very last thing is what we call party sip. So if you talk, uh, in the past, let's say a hobbit cafe get drunk in, so that means pastimes. He have a Catholic get drunken. So in the last market room care they just leave out the e. Just see Fromkin. Um, e hab. What else? So my name front gates are we have to my name front sacked. Forget about the sex, huh? Get Tom, get correct. Well, just get rid off. The matt was house to get the money was has to get sundima. This is important to note, and we often use Also, I am busy in, you know, for a little bit. And there are a lot of versions saying ambition most of the time in the videos here, um, a visit. Be some. Both are correct. Instead, off my ambition. Okay, guys, that's it for the course. Thank you for participating. And congratulations that you made it till the last section. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy also the aesthetic material. This is what I always find important. When I want to learn something I just has to be appealing to me. You know, it, like in term, off aesthetic criteria. And we put a lot off intentions just to get this right. Okay, maybe we see us in. Ah, next new course in ahead of time, all the best.