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Intermediate French - Improve and reach the next level

Emilie Schrevens, Fluent in French and English, life coach

Intermediate French - Improve and reach the next level

Emilie Schrevens, Fluent in French and English, life coach

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23 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Course introduction

    • 2. Recap of the first course

    • 3. Who am I?

    • 4. The order of the words (Lesson 4 and 5)

    • 5. Accent marks

    • 6. Chronology indicators

    • 7. Similarities in word endings

    • 8. Plural in French

    • 9. Verb complement

    • 10. Car vocabulary

    • 11. Proper and common nouns

    • 12. Verb groups

    • 13. Verb groups 2

    • 14. Subject group

    • 15. State verbs

    • 16. Types of phrases

    • 17. Imparfait

    • 18. Reading instructions

    • 19. Futur simple

    • 20. House and pet vocabulary

    • 21. History of France

    • 22. History of Belgium

    • 23. Taking a taxi

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About This Class

Learn new French grammar, new words and useful travelling tips with this course!

Do you love travelling and would like to make the best out of your trip? Learning French to the next level will allow you to blend in while visiting France, Switzerland and Belgium and be more comfortable. 

If you want to fully immerse in the country you'll visit or would like to be able to get all the help you need while travelling, learning the language more deeply can be a good solution. Learning French to an advanced level is actually the best solution, according to me, of course ;)

Most natives tend to be more patient when foreigners make the effort to speak another language. Learning the language means you care about respecting the culture and the natives, and it will help you with every aspect of your trip, such as ordering food, explaining a problem, ask for directions, etc... Also, you will challenge your mind while learning a new language and maybe open more job opportunities !

Are you ready to learn? I am ready to teach you !

Remember, you can't learn a language in a day, the content of the course is compact and shouldn't be finished in a hurry.

What you need:

- You should have a beginner level in French or have taken my previous French course

- Discipline and a real interest in travelling and learning are required




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Emilie Schrevens

Fluent in French and English, life coach


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1. Course introduction: lecture, one introduction Hello and welcome to the scores. Thank you for trusting me and buying the course worked hard on it to make sure you get a quality education. This course is meant for English speakers with good notions of French or students who have finished my first French course successfully. You know, discourse right there. This course is divided in seven section. The first section is the Global Introduction, a rewind of what was covered in the previous course, just a recap in new grammar concepts. The second section is going to be 100 person grammar and vocabulary. The third section will cover new verbs and phrases. The fourth section will be about understanding written instructions, signs and road instructions useful to complete homeworks and find your way In general, the fifth section will be about more verb. The six section will be about cultural matters. We'll learn the history of France and Belgium. We'll see how the school system works in both countries and how to take a train. We'll also talk about scams to avoid regarding taxis and some traveling tips and last lecture The bonus lecture. You will be able to find a pdf of this course that you can don't know now if you want to take notes on a document and a free access to the beginner course. If you'd rather buy the beginner course first, that's totally okay. You get a free access to discourse anyway. Whatever course you buy, you will get the other one for free. I recommend working on one or two lectures a day you don't need to rush through. Practice is key in learning a language. I will work on new lectures and published new content each month. Thank you for your trust in my course, and I hope you'll have a great time. Happy learning. Don't worry if you know what I said. This course is not right for you. Does not meet your expectations. You can ask for a refund. Please remember that you did me off. For some extra features, like taking notes in the video and downloading resources, be careful about on screen instructions on how to use those features. Check the side of the video player to see if there's any file that you condone. Load you to me will ask you pretty quickly to leave a review. But if you're not ready. You can skip that part and leave a review later when you're done with the course. Heres. If your instructions I would like you to know you can take notes. Using B can go back 15 seconds using two player buttons or go forward 15 seconds you can. Baugh's using the left click enter or the space bar hit Cute to see the questions that people already asked before you. Sometimes there's just no questions. It happens. Hit F to go full screen and hit C to see the curriculum. 2. Recap of the first course: lecture to in the previous episode before starting his journey. I will do a quick recap of the subject taught in the first French course in the first section. We talked about the reasons to learn French. How many people speak it, how to use Google to make your learning easier exit trip. In the second section, we learned the alphabet days, months, numbers and a little geography. In the third section, we learned how to introduce ourselves, be polite, no to gender of a word and ask questions. In the fourth section, we learn new vocabulary in verbs and the six section we focus on spelling and understanding spelling exercises. We also heard two dialogues in the last section. We talked briefly about the French culture. If you're interested to take the beginner course I just talked about simply message me to get a coupon for free. 3. Who am I?: lecture. Three. Who am I? My name is Emily often. Write it The English Way. I was born in Brussels, Belgium, and I currently live in the South side of Belgium, in a city between Brussels and the French border. Here's a map of where I lived and here's a map of where I live now. Most of my close family members or French and English speakers. I told myself English at nine, and it's ended the British College in North Yorkshire. In my teenage years, I love learning and sharing what I know. Before becoming an instructor, I had a YouTube channel where I was posting translation of American hip hop songs due to new laws about copyright. I had to stop, but my passionate teach never stopped. I started a bachelor to become a teacher and had the opportunity to teach young teenagers. I realized teaching was the best job for me, but I didn't agree with the school programs or the school system. So I started to work on French courses, and there I am. Now I'm super happy to have you as a student. If you have any questions about me or my pass work, feel free to ask in the next lecture. We'll talk about some tools that you can use to make your learning easier. 4. The order of the words (Lesson 4 and 5): electrified the order of the words As we learned in the first course, you can ask a question by reversing the order of the word and sentence. Just like in English, for example Joined what? You You do have a car. You have a car. I tuned What you do you have a car? Don't forget We can also use the expression s secure toe. Ask a question, execute you and what you do You have a car? No. What about regular sentences? Well, there's a couple possibilities. I will show you examples. Let's take the following sentence and translated. I go to work by bus. I work at the supermarket. The literal translation would be Giavotella abuse should have a use supermarket and this sentence is incorrect Order. The difficulty comes when they are reflexive pronouns. Let's stick descendants. I will send you a postcard if we translated literally. It turns into juvie over you twat in cap pistol. As you noticed. It sounds weird and it is because the order is wrong. The correct order would be Joe Vedova Ingot postal. If there's two verbs in the sentence, the reflexive pronoun is placed between the two verbs. Most of the time. Let's see more examples to vermouth pepper. You will scare me. Jovita faring pizza. That means I'll make you a pizza, but literally translated, it says I will to you make a pizza in French. If you're using the azure and are talking about another person as well, the to pronounce should be as close to each other. It's possible main pronoun plus verb plus second pronoun plus verb, plus the rest of the sentence. Let's talk about negative phrases now. The order is a little different. We'll see it later in the course. Negative sentences can be weird. Let's say in English, you want to say You're not going to school today. Let's see the French translation. Genevieve Alkalaj, Literally. I not will not go to school today. Negative sentences always have a negation word and another negation word. Bob is used to say that something isn't there. Something isn't happening. It's like the English version of nut, and you always have to use it while no isn't mandatory. But you will sound weird if you don't use it. No, it's placed after the pronoun and pa is placed after the first verb. For example, Genevieve Oh, my Gaza Genius Iba. There you go. These are the rules to place words in the right order in French. In the next lecture, we'll talk about accent marks. 5. Accent marks: let your six accent marks. As you may have noticed, we have accent marks on her keyboards. We have what we call excellent. You that only exists for the letter e this accent mark sounds like this. It's u g to study it. Don't you Just knees 70 to escape. Seiko Easy to secure. So eat with excellent do. Sounds like this A for the letters e a and you there's what we call Exxon cough. This accent mark has no effect on a and you, but it changed to sound of the letter e. This is how it sounds with the letter eat regular claim the Exxon have alone. Sounds like this. Hey, we also have an accent mark called explosive conflicts that is used to make vowel sound longer. Not too long, though, because people will look at you weird. Here. A few examples. He'll Mitt Bush. All right, we learned about the X and marks. Now we will move on to a vocabulary sheet to help us understand the chronology in a sentence 6. Chronology indicators: lecture seven chronology indicators When reading a sentence, it can be hard to determine the order of the actions happening in the story and this lecture. All our new words used to determine chronology in a sentence. First, let's analyze the small text. Jessica Pullman, Lucien Live ontology bottles, cans Minute The Pillar Mother, The Psalm Book to invest have also support me. The bow Jesse gets a B he pre ever duel are subject. Here is Jessica just goes a female protagonist, the text says. Jessica walks the dog on Fridays for 15 minutes since December. She wears a jacket before going to her walk. First Jessica puts on her jacket and then she goes outside. You know, half the translation of the text. Have you spotted Time indicators? Bundle Dupri of, um, Double three. But there is more to add to the list. Here's the most complete list I could write. You will have to study this list or you might get lost when someone talks to you. Bundle during the three since of, um, before double first, young French speakers also use first three, then all street, then a play. After I haven't hear before yesterday, yeah, yesterday. I usually agree today. Doma tomorrow, Al Qaeda MMA have tomorrow push up Push in Next Stephen Savant following I wanted here in Ontario past It's an old word Onley, scientifics and old people say this. Christie don't president previous post area stereo boast. It's an old word as well. Preta later Oh, at to be used with ours or geographic locations. They're around to be used with hours only love A the day before, often used when talking about being hungover little DMA The day after Jodie's a long time ago. It's used to talk about old stuff from decades ago to know the word as well. There you go. You know the most important time indicators. In the next lecture, we'll talk about similarities in word endings. 7. Similarities in word endings: picture eight similarities in word endings. We all know that some words and French are exactly the same as in English. If one day you find yourself searching for a word you know was similar in French and English, I have a few tips for you. If the English word ends with T I, then the French word will end with t a X montague vanity, vanity, curiosity, careers. It'd if the word ends with ice t or S m just at an e prism. Prisma spasm spasm tourists To least if the world ends with a enter why just change it to air A i r e obituary Oh, betrayal, temporary Don't blow it if the English word ends with O r Y changing to wa Oi, Ari Victory Victoire If the English word ends with I ve it turns into I f or I ve depending on the gender aggressive, I gotta see if I receive If the word ends with a G, a B, l e, Iowan or IBL e usually stays the same. There you go. You know now the secrets of French words. You're done with section one. The next section we'll talk about grammar and learn new words 8. Plural in French: Section two Grammar and Rocca Billary sheets like True nine Plural in French. There is one rule to know about plural and French and a lot of other small rules to apply. When the first rule doesn't work, we will see the rules off the plural. And this lecture the general rule is that now owns Take a letter s when Diego from singular to plural. Here's a few examples she'll Syria Premier Lump sec There's a few exceptions though If the word ends with you or at you then it takes an X when going from single into plural. But to food is your the following words do not taken X when going from single into plural They take s to new blue You If the word ends with him Usually they end with s measles Clue to blue Onley seven words ending with take an X when plural. You have to remember those seven words There Exceptions to the rule Visual Eboo Sure. Okay, you Joannou. If the word ends with L or L, it turns to our eakes One last rule. If the word already ends with S X or Z, they don't change in plural mode. 9. Verb complement: lecture. 10 verb complement. Narrow two categories to define what we call a verb complement. The verb complement can be considered CEO de Complete montage, Direct Direct Object Complement or CIA. Why Complete mode Object Object. The c o d. Sticks directly by the verb. If it answers questions like who or what it is a sooty. Let's see an example. There's a lot of what you I'm parking my car. What are you parking my car? It answered. The what question. Therefore, it is a c o. D. To see a Y refers to the verb, but it's not close to it in the sentence. If it answers questions like to who of who to what of what then it is a CIA. Why? Let's see an example. He'll bones a pillow town of you. He's thinking of piloting an airplane. He's thinking of what? Violating a plane. There you go. You can know Understand the difference between direct and indirect. Opted compliments In the next lecture will learn Carvel capillary 10. Car vocabulary: lecture 11 vodka Billary sheet in the car. We will now learn some vodka. Billary about the car. I will directly point to what the object is. And what is the name of that object in French? Israel s Lizzie's Reglas. Look at her visa. Live alone. Lee, Contact. Ill Luge appears left. Condition E or echo. Bootle Liberto. Look at the holder to murder little model. Look like some Some people see a klaxon. That's correct as well. Look at all of it is No, it'll visa? No, it'll visa lateral because it is the one on the side. Let their all means on the side. LaBolt pool Obadiah the Pony Lucy Asia Lissy Age Living this. We also called it Lupo Motive. It is Photo had you Leukemia Tone Levitt Conductor Legent, Lucchino Toe Love it. Conductor The other side of the car where the passenger is It's cold. Laffite opacity. Look new. Lift off, Lupo. Dish up more LaPlaca geometric. You'd assume Lamarque senior love Italia. There you go. You know now new words to talk about your car in the next lecture will talk about types of knowns 11. Proper and common nouns: let your 12 types of knowns. There are two types of Announce what we call common noun and proper announce, Come, announce or used to define a person or a thing, and always starts with a lower case letter. For example, in what you company, when fee in values it's like exit. Pro pronouns are used to define a specific person a place times in history. Exeter Let me show you Loop the priest were Mr SMEs Logic dough. A lot of dictionaries are divided into sections, the one with come announce and the one would proper announce. If you're planning to buy a French dictionary, make sure you pick one with those two sections, or at least one where the definition of the word explains if it's a proper noun or a common noun. 12. Verb groups: lecture 13 verb groups verb of separated in three groups in French. Verbs with the first group are cold, regular verbs, and they all end with A except for the verb Ali. Most burbs belong to that first group. There are many verb endings in the first group simply air Syrian air like Los e commerce Geo like Margie Shoji Teoh. Like Judy Puff et you air like clear safety. She it direct air like no year Nito Ryu. Now let's move on to the second group. The verbs belonging to the second group followed this rule. They always end with a like vigna at area going to year Exeter. The third group of verbs is cold, irregular verbs, and they don't belong to the first or the second group. The verb Ali belongs in this group. Verbs ending with air. But now belonging to the second group are part of the third group as well. Verbs ending with wa belonged to the third group. Voie uh, someone verse ended with, huh? Belongs to the third group as well. Hold Mitt Exeter. Being able to identify the group of a verb is really important. If you don't want to miss up whatever is coming after whatever you're going to do with that verb. So study that carefully. If you're looking for an explanation on the verb and you don't know what group it belongs to, just use Google. It's gonna tell you what group diver belongs to. 13. Verb groups 2: in the first course, we discovered the way verbs were conjugated. Since it was a course for travelers, I didn't spend time on rules and grammar. But we will talk about it now before starting to conjugated verb. You need to identify the group it belongs to. We'll start with the verb de Monte to ask. The Mahdi ends with air. So it belongs to the first group. This group is the easiest. Or learn. Just remove the ending of the verb. Those two letters to help you identify the group and add this, uh, Judah mode. But it s true. Demoed. Ildem old Oh, Ennis Nude Amado, Is it food? Ahmadi, 20 killed the mold. This is the same for all verbs in the first group. Be careful. Ali is not considered a first group verb. As you can see, it's really easy now moving on to the second group, the E air verbs will take the verb. Kenya as example removed the air and start conjugating this way as Joe Feeney s Joe Feeney day, if any, As the soreness new finish assist visited Tennessee SS 70 Infinity's. I will give you the rule to conjugate verbs and new with and belonging to the third group. Other verbs from that third group can be completely random. In terms of conjugation, you will have to use a dictionary, de Internet or a best friend to find out about the other verbs. Let's take the verb all tone Teoh. Here remove the Evel and at this is gentle is a Toronto. Add nothing. A little eyewitness news does. It wasn't on t 20 is aunt owned. There you go. You are ready to come to get some verbs from all groups. You just finished a really hard lectures. So Congress, Really? In the next lecture, we will talk about the GS look hopes. 14. Subject group: lecture. 15 Local obsession to understand better when analyzing the sentence, we need to make sure we're all talking about the same thing. We will now see what you cops usually is. No cops. Asia, literally. The subject group is whatever subject is doing the action the verb is talking about. The subject group can be a pro pronoun, a common noun, a personal pronoun or even a verb. Let's see a few examples. Let's kill you. A Casey left readable on a disparity. This is a pundit on. If you're not sure about the subject group, ask yourself this question. Does it complete questions like what is or who is If yes, then it is the subject group in our examples. What is broken? The staircase. Who has gone missing? The baker's daughter? What is taking time deciding? Don't forget. Subject Group can be composed of multiple words, not just a noun doing the action. In the next lecture, we'll talk about the types of verbs 15. State verbs: Section three. Verbs and phrases lecture 16 types of verbs. Groups can be sorted in two categories, depending on their meaning. The first categories. Action verbs These are easy to understand. If you're a verb, expresses an action done or inaction that the subject directly suffers. From then it is an action verb. Let's see a few examples Cool you far be could be Excedrin. This categorization of verbs have nothing to do with their endings like we saw with the verb groups. This time we sort verb, depending on their meaning. The second category is what we call state verbs. It expresses the way someone looks in terms of what they are. There's only eight version disc triggering to be it to become Davignon, to seem Barrett to seem or look solemnly to remain the movie to stay arrestee to look like to pose s Pass a pool. It will be challenging and interesting for you to learn how to congregate those state verbs . They're really important and spoken conversation. They can help you show off the people that you have concerns over some things. Those verbs are also useful. If you want to talk about something you're not really sure of without looking like you lied 16. Types of phrases: lecture 17 types of phrases. There's four types of phrases in French declarative phrases, interrogating phrases, exclamatory phrases and imperative phrases. We'll see what each type looks like. The emperor, out of form is used to given order or some advice. It can also be used to express a wish or to say that something is forbidden. There can be an exclamation mark, but it's not mandatory. For example, Alan Mulally, me and Julia turn on the light. Julian. The exclamatory form is used to express your feelings or a judgment. There was always an exclamation mark at the end of this kind of sentence. An exclamatory sentence always starts with an exclamation word such as Kill, kill, come, Let's see an example killed. Booby be what a beautiful baby calmness really blue. Look how blue the sky is. The interrogative form is used to ask a question. It always ends with a question mark. There's a few ways and interrogative sentence can start with a subject verb inversion, with the words a secure for with a question word. Let's see a few examples, but don't let her Shannara cuisine. Can we put the dog in the kitchen? Let's get your pen vist. Did you take a jacket with you? Canada. Market of what? You What's the brand of your car? The declarative form is used to describe what we see. Tell a story. State of fact extra. It ends with a regular dot Let's see a few examples. J Palmilla Shell Jodi I walk the dog today t o be it'll Barbary You forgot your umbrella. 17. Imparfait: lecture 18 Lump off it. Time to learn a new way to express yourself using the in perfect First I'll tell you what we used the in perfect. And in which case is you need to use it. Love affair is used to describe something that happened in the past. It can be something that happened yesterday or something from a long time ago. We also use it to describe things such as a painting, a landscape exit room, conjugated verb with DEA Bopha, you need to take Div herb from the present simple and removed the ending. Once you have that word, simply add the terminations that I will provide down below. It is easy to remember and all groups have the same endings. Whether it's the 1st 2nd or third group, it will look like this. You sure? Hey, do you? Hey, Peter! Hey! No, you How e you? Okay, let's see. High looks like with the verb marshy toe walk German to Moshe. No motion marshy in Marcia if you want to congregate, to have and to be This is how it looks like Gov I love it. News of you, Mousavi, Ease of it. Agita truth e Eat it there. News. ITunes. Was it you? Is it there? There you go. You're ready to conjugate some verbs in the past and tell a story In the next lecture, we'll see how to understand written instructions. 18. Reading instructions: Section four. Surviving instructions in French Lecture 19 Reading instructions. Let's imagine you finally landed in France and you need to go to your hotel. You know how to ask for your hotel, but what if you lost on your own and you need to follow roadsides? This lecture will help you understand instructions written in French. Always remember to study carefully to Valka Billary that we saw earlier about chronological clues. You'll waster time if you misunderstand or skip words on an instruction page. This lecture will cover instructions you may encounter while traveling and instruction you might need to follow. If you're it's cool, prince this sheet and add a chronology clues sheet with it. Carry it in your handbag to always have a backup when you're lost. Lee To read Stever to follow. Copy to copy local P to copy again. Yeah, we have multiple words for copy completely to fill to V to find hoppity, to spot coolly to stick, actually to circle senior to sign Cellini toe underline Pussy. To trace or draw Tusi means you're using a ruler or another instrument to make your drawing straight. Calculate to calculate do the math. Okay, Betsy to rewrite on show easier to choose, watch to see viewed every appear Savoie. You should see if you don't see whatever is after vertically up its of Well, then you missed up office in front of something, facing something like a little faster every possible geographically speaking. My gosh to the left. At what? To the right devil in front of you. They're here behind Hottovy to find Paul to take Paul can be used as a synonym to turn pond . Hola, Palmyra. What means? Take the first street on the right. Told me to turn coach injury to keep Usually meaning that you should keep doing whatever step was before continuing ACLU Street Hoat Road. Oh, tote autobahn If you're lost on the highway, first of all, good luck. And second, if you're on foot, please stay behind a security rail. Some people ride really fast on the emergency lane. Gafoor crossroad. Don't confuse it with the supermarket brand using the same spelling. Usually it comes with their logo and the sea is written in capital. Clearly t priority. If you see a car with an else taking on the back window, it's a learner driving. They might let you pass because they're scared or too polite, but you should always know when it's your time to cross or not. But such beauty, pedestrian crossing jaywalking is comment. If you hit a pedestrian who was jaywalking, you will be treated no different. You're still a fault. Please be careful. Eglise Church. If you're lost, look up and try to find The church is generally in the middle of the city home. Plan around about but Imo building. We also use building in French, off visitor tourism, tourist office, equal school, just a little note. Road signs and friends and Belgium are expressed in kilometers per hour. In school zones and city centres. You will have to write a 30 or less. Don't ride at 30 MPH in a 30 kilometers per hour zone. It means you were writing almost twice the limit, and the police might seize your driving license and leave you with a car. You're not allowed to drive. Here's a speed guide for you. 30 kilometers per hours is 18 miles per hours 50 kilometres per hours is 30 miles per hours 70 kilometers per hours is 42 miles per hours 90 kilometers per hours is 55 miles per hours 120 kilometers per hours is 74 miles per hours. 19. Futur simple: Section five. New Ways to Congregate Nature 21. Fit Joe Sump, Lou Fisher Sump is used to talk about something that hasn't happened yet but will happen in the future. The future is easy to use in French, every verbs conjugated the same way whatever group they belong to. This is how the future sump looks like is a do. Ah, he'll huh? No home. Does he you home? Let's see how it works with the verb Margie Ramoche away. Two more djula eat in Moldova. New module, usually Ilmars room. There's a few things to remember with the future verbs ending with OT or early, we'll have to continent doubled or taken. Accent Mark pushed e really verse Ending with ye will have their why turned into I a pre you Jeb Trio to heaven to be our conjugated in a different way. Julia Julia Alotta News A Home. Rosalie Izel That is, for the verb to have just of a to Silva eso va no so velocity he sold. That's for to be, and that's it, that's all. You have to remember to congregate the future. In the next lecture. We'll talk about your house and your pets 20. House and pet vocabulary: lecture 22 Vodka, Billary House and Bets Let's turn some vodka Billary In this lecture, we will learn about house welcome Hillary and pits Hsieh's dub if he home in a hooked lump . Finn it Alkalaj Blunt tepee sofa cannot be furnad 12. Who taught you? Gavlin? Put the gosh, but don't you? Here's a vodka billary sheet of the most common pets and friends And Belgium was a bird show Shut cat Xia Xin Dog Possum Fish wasn't rouge Goldfish, don't you? Total cushion! Don't Guinea pig Amster Hamster Shivan Horse Slowly mouse Lepe Lepine Rabbit Sir Paul Snake Yes, we do have snakes spits. 21. History of France: Section six. Some culture. Lecter, 23 French history friends, has seen a lot of incredible things during its history. Since 1200 BC There's been humans living in cities and villages on the current French territory. Around 600 B. C. The Greeks build the heart of the city of Marseille. In the south of friends, it was called to the sea and perfect for commercial trades from 390 BC to 177 80. The Gola have been fighting the Homa legal Lula. Goals in English are assaulting people living in goal from 500 BC to 580 Loma Romans in English are it is gigantic people who were under the command of Caesar and tried to conquer the whole European continent. After all the battles between the goals and the Romans, other warriors from the North came to France to try to take over the land. After about 400 years of being in charge, the Romans were defeated. Friends has a longer official history than Belgium. France was known as an individual country for ages, while Belgium's territory only became officially defined around 18 30 finding who was the ruler in Belgium was a little more complex, while in 481 Clovis not the sweetest man on Earth, if you ask me, became King of the Franks, a wide population who looked like the Warriors in Lord of the Rings. The Franks lived in Belgium, France and a small Barth, Germany. Then that guy, Clovis, turned to Christian ism, and he just messed up with his ruling. After the reign of the Middle Virginia, which is called his family from 511 to 751 came the collagen. The most famous of them is PayPal. A few decades later, shallow mine came along and became emperor in 800. After years of Vikings attacking and trying to conquer friends, things became more organized. Instead of having one guy ruling everything, we started to see powerful people becoming princes, Dukes, Exeter. They were generally in charge of a big chunk of France, but not the whole territory. Then we had the Crusades, the conquest of England by giving local Gil the black death Joan of Arc exit drop. At this moment, France is living under the command of kings. We've had plenty of kings. Also, Premier over a cat and we trays week. Atos Re Cows three, says the one who had his head chopped off in public extra after the advance related to Louis says friends went into the revolution in 17 89. The busty, a giant fortress in the middle of Paris, was completely destroyed on the 14th of July, which became friends National Day. You know where people celebrate with fireworks and everything if humans later, the first declaration of the human rights is written. In 18 48 men were allowed to vote in 1905 the church and the state separated Fifth Republic came to life and limb. One point. Gary became the first president. France was that involved in a World War One and World War two. But I'm not going to talk about it. The worst deserve, of course, just for themselves, anyway. In 1945 women were allowed to vote in 1954. In 1954 friends started a war against Algeria. Then, in May 1968 friends faced the biggest social crisis to date, when students followed by factory workers. Let's several strikes and rights. Those events froze France for a good month. If you're interested to learn the reasons in the outcome of the strikes, I suggest you to read the English version of the Wikipedia page for this event. France was involved in a lot of wars with Algeria, Vietnam, World War One, World War Two and the war against Isis. France is now in an era called the Fifth Republic. Presidents were dug or what we do. She scaled this down, meeting home. She like Sarkozy alone and now the current president, Michael. That was a brief summary of the story of France. French history is not really my speciality. I suggest you to read books or watch courses on the history of friends. If you really want to learn in the next lecture, we will talk about the history of Belgium. 22. History of Belgium: lecture 24 Belgian history. It is pretty similar to French history in terms of Prince, strict times, Roman goal, occupation and the royal line in charge. After Clovis, I will skip straight to the moment where the Roman emperors lost control of their territory around the 11th century. This lost land was about the size of Belgium as we know it. To date territory was divided in a way similar to the region's. We know today if you're interested to know I currently live in a province cold in new, which was called County of Indo. Back when Belgium was divided in the Middle Ages, everything was ruled in feudal state. Wait, We had dukes counts, Countess's and princes. France tried to take control of the territory close to their border for years and one day they were finally defeated by Flemish nights. Due to cultural differences between Belgian regions, we spend a lot of time fighting each other, and to this day the North is still fighting with the South about the territorial occupation and who should rule over Brussels. After all the cultural fighting, Belgium spent some time under the control of Spain and the Netherlands around the same time as the French Revolution, Belgium. Mosul led a revolution and try to become independent. In 18 15 Napoleon lost an important battle in Waterloo, and that was the end of all territory. Debates. Belgium and the Netherlands were put together to form the United Kingdom of the Netherlands , meaning the French congest attack everybody like they wanted anymore. In 18 30 Belgian became independent. It all started after people were pumped after a representation of the mute girl of Port Itchy, a patriotic Opara, and they started to join the riots already happening outside. After all the mess going on in the streets, Belgium was independent, and Leopold the first became king. Belgium was then focused on building itself and entered an era cold. The industrial revolution, after all, that Belgium focused on invading Congo. Belgium had a colony called Belgian Congo, and Belgian kings ruled the colony until the 19 sixties. During and after the whole Congo thing came to school wars, both the state and the church wanted to control education in Belgium, was still have official schools and Catholic schools, both diplomas or equivalent. But if you do your teaching studies in a Catholic school, you might have trouble finding a teaching job in Anong Catholic school. Belgium was also hit by crime wave in the 19 eighties, which forced to police departments, regular police and paramilitary police to form one police department. Realizing that the lack of communication and the rivalry between the two departments lead to serious failures in solving criminal cases, the state decided to put all police departments together to make things work better in the 19 nineties, a serial kidnapper and murderer deeply scarred Belgium. Since that day, kids in school are always taught not to approach strangers, given their car or accept anything from them. Barrington, Belgium is still a little bit paranoid about letting their kids approach strangers. If you're an adult, don't touch kids. If you don't know the parents and don't give Candies to kids in general, try to keep a distance with people's kids and don't force the kid to talk. If the parents aren't cool about it, well, we're done about the history of Belgium. I present you with a light version of friends and Belgium's history. If you want to learn more, I will list a few books and articles that you can read in the next lecture. I will talk about the Belgian and French school systems 23. Taking a taxi: Lecture. 26. Taking a taxi When you arrive in a foreign country, you're tired from the plane trip, and you just want to take a break and reach your hotel room or your flat. You don't want to get ripped off by a greedy taxi driver or get lost. Have a few tips for you. If you want to take the taxi like a pro first, you need to know that in France, taxis are not required to have a special color. They just need to have a light on top of the taxi, turning green or red. Depending on the availability of the taxi, you should always be able to see the screen and where total trip costs is displayed. Taxi drivers are legally required to have a sealed car tag and printer for your receipt. Taxi drivers carry a card he obtained after getting the certificate to be able to drive a taxi. They usually place it on the windshield You can ask to see discard. If the driver doesn't have it, try to find out of the taxi. Fake taxes, driving and charging customers is a real thing. A taxi driver. Ken refused to take you as a customer. Unless you're very drunk, your would an animal that is not a service animal or if you're less than 50 meters away from another free taxi. A taxi has to start their price counter as soon as they leave their original location. They cannot stop or make you wait just to make more money. Some drivers don't take the shortest way to reach your destination. If they see that you're not French, they might take longer to go wherever you west them to so they can charge him or you don't know the city very well. Anyway. The taxi driver came charging more than four year olds for handling you. Unless you have a luggage carry or an animal became charging more. If you're in a wheelchair in working hours, they can charge you more than 1.6 euro per kilometre. If it's rush hour or nighttime, they can charge you more taxis will charge you. Even if the car is stopped, they will charge around 35 euros per waiting our So if you're stopped at a red light, you will be anyway. In Belgium. The rules are different, depending on the region, Official Texas from Brussels of a yellow and black stripes on both sides of the car. It's a bunch of squares, black and yellow, black and yellow squares next to each other. They have a car tax starting with T X T or two numbers, and then t x every text he has to wear a four digit blue tag in front of the car. I recently went to Brussels and checked it myself. Whatever. There's an official texi waiting zone. There is gonna be explanations on what a real taxi looks like. So if you don't remember what I'm saying right now, it's okay. It's gonna be It's gonna be written in Brussels, so don't worry about it. They can charge you up to 2.4 euros for handling you. If you're writing during daytime and 4.4 euros during the night, the taxi is stuck and has to ride at 19 kilometers per hour or less. You will automatically be charged at the waiting price. So about 50 cents per minute. Now that you know all this, you can avoid taxi drivers taking advantage of you. I have prepared a few tips for you to make sure you don't get lost or scammed, Buy or print a map of the area surrounding your hotel by our prints. Map where you can see the trip from the airport or the station to your hotel. Generate a map using Google maps and enabled a car option. Generate another map, but this time using the pedestrian option. Highlight on both maps. The shortest way to take on both maps. Write the address of your hotel in French. Make a copy of the two maps for each member of your squad. Coming with you, even the kids. When hoping in a taxi showed attacks him in your map and reedy address out loud, they will see that you do your research and they won't try to rip you off. Tell your kids to take good care of the map. If your kid has lost, tell him or her that he or she can ask a police officer or someone else inside a shop or a church to help him or her. Find a way back. If you don't want your kids being taken to your hotel, pick a place you all should meet. If one of you is lost, right, your phone number on the map so people can call you if they find your kid, carry a note pad and a pen with you. Who knows? You might need to draw a word that you don't know how to translate. If you can't explain something in French, talk slowly in English with a BBC accent, and people should be able to guesstimate which your say, If you speak another language, try it as well. There's a lot of Italian and a rabbit speakers in France and Belgium. You can also try German if you're near the German border. Talking with your hands works, too. Don't be too drunk in a taxi. They'll charge you a high fee if they have to clean the car. In Belgium, you can drink beers and wind at 16 and stronger alcohols at 18 kins of vodka mixed with lemonade or cola count as strong alcohol. In France, there is no minimum age to drink, but parents have to be around if the kid is under 16. To buy alcohol yourself, you need to be 18. It is an offence to sell or give alcohol to one under each kid, and it is illegal to serve drinks to a drunk person. If your over speeding in the rented car or in your own car, you may not get fined in the foreign country you were visiting, but you will get a letter from the police a few weeks or months later straight in your inbox at home.