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Intermediate Card Magic. More sleights, tricks and routines to entertain and amaze.

teacher avatar Anthony Archer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. Intermediate intro

    • 2. Two Card Monte, a great opening trick.

    • 3. The Top change sleight and trick

    • 4. Side steal and Michael Ammar's 'go to' card trick

    • 5. Sidestrike double lift, centre double and 'the acrobatic deck' trick

    • 6. Palming cards, classic method, one handed method and gambler's cop

    • 7. The Biddle Trick and Everchange Count sleight

    • 8. The Pass for card control: Classic, Herman and Turnover (with trick tutorial).

    • 9. Spread Pass and one handed pass

    • 10. Erdnase Aces routine and Erdnase colour change

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About This Class

This class takes you further into card magic with sleights used by professionals around the world that can be used to perform more difficult, longer or just more varied tricks. You can also use them to spice up or develop your earlier tricks and routines

It will include variations on double lifts, various methods of the pass (or shift), second dealing, false cuts, fancy flourishes, palming and an array of tricks to perform, taught in detail. All of this and so much more. 

It will also look at certain 'gimmick' based tricks and tricks that can be used on larger audiences or with people surrounding you. By the end of this course you will be able to work wonders with a deck of cards that will fall laymen, spectators and magicians.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Anthony. Historian, teacher and magician.

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1. Intermediate intro: Welcome, Teoh. Intermediate Card magic. Why now? We've learned a lot of the basic moves and great tricks, or we're gonna take that further. This course will introduce you to more advanced moves. Long Gumbel, complex tricks, flashy flourishes, everything you need to go out to develop my really professional routines in Magic. The Creator in effect, Ondas A project. The ambitious card routine. So what kind of things are gonna be in this course? Well, we'll look at different ways to control cards back to the top, such as things like passes and talk changes. Well, look a different ways to build your ambitious routine with stages and anything and everything else I can think of as we go, there'll be tons of stuff. So coming, Join me. Let's learn some more magic. 2. Two Card Monte, a great opening trick.: Hi, everyone. Welcome to intermediate card magic This video taken on a case for two card monte, which is why some considered beginning Strick. But I find it and I Segway between beginners and intermediates because he allows the story visit. A few previous skills allows us to look at, perhaps starting with skills for the next level, and it's really good. Go to effect. It's a lot of fun. It's been done by famous magicians like David Blaine for presidents on Michael Vincent are some cool stuff with this trick, so I hope you enjoy it and find it. It's the nice starting point, so welcome to intermediate magic. We get a cut to a quick video of me performing the trip with my partner, and then we'll cut to me over the show teaching how it's done. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the course. Cool. Yes, OK, so I will give you the top card. What card is that? One ace of hearts. So don't worry about the value of it, just that it's hot. So if you got hearts well, Michael, ace of diamonds diets, you got hot. I've got diamonds. Which ones on top ace of diamonds. So I want you to take your car to hold it like this. You do that for me? Just But I just hold it like that. Yeah, hold it really tight. Yeah. Now would you be? I feel if I snuck in a switch Cards? Yeah. Now I think my thoughts and stuff on the side and pretty quick, Let's give it a go. I could self and that we squeeze until Okay, so for £20 which part is on top? Ace of hearts. Eso What's missing, Wolf? We what? You want to know where it's going? Well, clearly. Summer in the back. Well, that's really cool. So they have it. Two card monte. Well, welcome back. So have you enjoyed the clipping hat? Perform two card monte. Sorry. Let's now look at the method. So, first off, you need four cards set up at the top of the deck. You need to to rid Isis. Then I used to Black queens doesn't want to black cards that match so you could use the King's or the jacks. I just think the queen's looks nice. You have his full calls on top of the deck so you could have them in the box. Take him out and start with this trick ready to perform. Or you could show the deck stop early. You see the first ice? Get your pinky in the gap. You've got a break transferred to the thumb Novaes. A bit messy, I prefer so either just casually set up. Got it? The cards? Well, people talking or anything like that or if they're already in place, the pinky count I go. 1234 If you're not familiar yet the pinky camp Take the deck, Move it up slightly, Innova. So you get this shape coming on and then you can run your little finger down the side. It's a good way to into position for a double lift. I'm You can also use it here to get to four cards and get a pinky break so little bit flesh underneath that card. Now, don't write about which hand you prefer to use. You can Great. The method is the same no matter what. So you get your carts, you say you find a spectator on. What you do is you turn over the top card, which would be a red ice. You say to them as you saw in my video. What carts? That they say it's the ace of diamonds aside, just focus on the suit on diamonds. Switchbacks on diamonds cling after Lubet, my guy. Okay, I turn. Iver, would you have a message when his term over? By turning over the three cards that are still remaining as if they were one, I say So what kind of I got make our hearts great turn back turn. However, which cards on top I faII to them now. What they don't realize is that now I have switched out one of the cards. I'm no one ahead. I faced them. Or if I put this card on top, Which cards on top now who wanna go? Hearts, times, whatever is your diamonds, the ones hearts. You take this card back and as you say that you say to them I want you to hold the card like this. That one. Your card. Hold it like this nice and firm for me now, while they're picking up the card and getting really fixed on this, they are not looking at you. They're too busy. Go, go with their called over. He wherever you are. So while they're doing that, you're gonna perform a basic top change. Now, I'm gonna do a whole tutorial on the top change, But its most basic your switching one card for another. And you could do it by getting a little break put on top, taking the one underneath out. Literally. Now it might seem really obvious what's going on. Don't worry about that. Because they are not looking at you. They are looking at the carbon they put in their hands and wall. They're looking at their hand is when you do the switch. Okay, so now you say OK, I'm really false. I know. Could you reckon you could feel it if I stuck in and switched out? Card. Remember, they're holding it like this. You go. Do you reckon you could feel that overview? Of course. Again. OK, so ready on 3123 They did I switch the card. Which ones now on top, they'll then go Hearts, diamonds. It doesn't matter because you switched out both the colts. Now I like to end this trick with little bell flash, so I will them all. They're looking at that run two carts and then chef one. Talk to put the aces at the bottom. Retain one shuffle Wolf. Oh, sorry, I still like it. I'm trying to an angle seat and see who's got him. You got the two aces at the bottom. Let's go back to that bit. So we've revealed. Then we got one to shuffle off. Retain shuffle, control the others. The tops of their now top and bottom. Why do is a grab like that, but as I flick this way, the rest of the deck will shoot out, leaving the top on bottom one behind. It's quite nice. Little flourish to them revealed two cards, so they got two card monte so quickly from the top. Just a recap you're setting up ice green queen ice. You start off with a break, whether you get my pinky count or priests that up in some way, you had to spectre, which cards this, they tell you. So it's hard to say. Focus on hearts, just hearts. And if you've got hearts, what have I got? I've got diamonds turned back over which cards on top or hearts? Diamonds? What about now? It must be hearts. Okay, so I want to take this card on to pick up like this. See, I'm showing them how I want them to act. Don't just keep it this way up and hold it like that for me. Is there doing that? Switching the card. And then, like a show of going which called on top. Then they go, Whichever one you could make a joke and bet them £20 wherever you like. Reveal who surprise. You don't have to do the ending now, but I like to do it or I'll run to shuffle off. I'm doing this casually. Don't I Don't make it actively. They're too busy looking at their cards. Just gives me a chance to control where things are in the deck on look really cool and casual this one off flick again. Reflect, if you just do want do the ending 12 Throw a little chuck it and your cat yet you'll be five. So they go at two card Monte. Hope you enjoyed that. Thanks for watching 3. The Top change sleight and trick: Hi, everybody. Welcome back Today we're looking at the top change. So if you've already watched my video on the two card monte, I've talked about a bit. But today we're gonna look at it properly and look at the method behind it because it's quite useful technique. Atop change is when I switch a card with the one on the top. I get a red called That's nice and Clear. Okay, just like site. Now the method is really straightforward. It's but the key to this movie's timing and presentation because you do not do a top change when somebody is looking at your hands, you instead. Time it now much like a double lift. If somebody's burning you and stereo your hands, what you can do is talk to them or smoke question or just say their name. They look up. That's when you do moves like top changes, double lifts and passes because they want notice. Look up! So the basic method is this three on top and I've got break under there. Get ready, we'll get you in position. Where do this. So you have now go. The gap doesn't matter. Which handed your you know break on top, Take the one underneath away. Now some magicians prefer to do it the other way around. Like for to come in underneath, Take the top one, which is actually harder to see and detect for the spectator. But I find it a little harder to do the movement smoothly. Say, let's just you just choose which one you like. The feel off you go. You can go on to me. Will you go One talk now there are two positions you can really do it from. You can do it here like I did in the two card monte really boldly in front of Hey dude, todo But it works for two card monte because they're holding things a lot of other tricks. They're looking at you so it doesn't work for also. Instead, when you do the change, you want to do it under the cover of your arm and I'll switch the angles around when I show you a trick in a minute and you'll see what I mean. But you want to go on, I'm reach and that as you turn shields demotion using your arm so they can't see. So you baby right now and I'm acting the home. You gonna put in gesture at them casually. What you should see on that clip that you're looking at now is it's quite hard to detect. Why the movies. Fine. Most top changes are done with that motion to cover it. But if they're looking at you and you just want to do it I know I have tricked Friday, I thought, OK there, looking off. Yeah. If you're gonna go for top change, it helps to have your hands near each other at the time. Because that way there's no big motion to draw attention to you. Instead, it's here. So what I'll do is I'll show you a trick. Now I'll put the come around the front on I want to show you a J Sang Ki trick that uses the top change at all talk you through the method. Okay, so we have a called selected anyone you like there is. Memorize that fool me. We take the Taliban, put in the deck, we give the cards a few cuts, we can give the cards a few shuffles and then hopefully just one shuffle. Get your card to come to the top, you know. Now why don't you say I think he's in the middle. Stargate. Okay. Okay. So you have a called selective. It doesn't matter which What? Memorized that for me. We lose that card in the day, give the cards some shuffles. Our guy, I get that is your card. Yeah. Other. Why isn't convenient? Which called my look Evoking your government for me. Okay. Oh, I see. I see. Pretty 23 Your card. So lovely Couple. It's raise people quietly. So how's it done? Very easy. The method Cardiss selected doesn't matter what One free. Control it to the top. Now, in the beginning, of course I did a whole session on this. If you haven't seen that, you're not sure. Methods include two cuts the table from a pinky break. Have you stop it in kicking it out? Get down to get a new break one Then I did some shuffles, right? Controlled cold, keeping it where I want it with the in joke shuffle. I could have fancy shuffles wherever. Well, then I dribble the calls. Take a random called I say he should called like I never did. I'm showing you need the polo, and then I agree That's not your car. Oh, no. And then I'm gonna come here, do the top change on this motion, and I'm reading my thumb. That looks like a one doing. He's just I've got to get ready and redeem place. What kind of my lucky for? I've just brought the cards up towards myself. No, really Innocent. Turning my ovary around my thumbs and called Carson. Okay, I could find yours now. Just give free flicks. It's just showmanship in turn. And I've switched the card using a top change. Cool, Quickly, trick. Christ, that's fine to Dio on a good way to practice. So they got very straightforward method. Just went to that bit. So you don't you get ready. You've done all the other bit. So you've controlled their car to the top. You're taking a compliment or we go there shall card. They know it's know what card am I looking for? That you say that they look up at you? Oh, okay. They're looking at me as I do this run. Few flicks reveal it's later. That's the top change on how it's used in the trick. Thanks for watching 4. Side steal and Michael Ammar's 'go to' card trick: Okay. What we do in this lower trick is driven. Car spec places stop. We find a card way simply, just tidy the day. The weird thing is, the card is in the middle, but we could make it shoot out just like that. That case has done this isn't a flashy trick with It's a really useful one for practicing the side. Still, if you don't like the reveal at the end, I've just shown you the way I first saw it. I don't always reveal it that way. I might go into a color change, retaining or something like that. Especially if it's an older deck. It is Freddie strike forward. Okay? We used to dribble, which I discussed. Increases? Yes. Do this. What? And they say Stop, That's all. The gym. Now, the science deal. To do this, I'd still first off he gonna use these fingers. Okay. Does my which hand you're using now to get position in this tricking? Let's give you the cover in time, your dribbled like that. The rest of the deck, which gives you a massive opening with their card easy to reach, puts the first card in their ecology dribble to the back. Maybe do a messy part right at the top. And as you tidy, that's your moment to still, the card cases keep kind of the same one. The queen of clubs That'll do it. Mess. Then I use my thumb to lift. There's I tidy. This is all going on under the cover of my hand and then was happening is I'm doing that music. These things. It could be one favorite Comey to to kick out that card. It's one I've the shoulder for this maneuver to teach you it. Your see better this way. Okay, so I threw lift size steel. So what's going on in my hand? Go like this. My hand will be naturally an angle. So as I kick out the car, it will be under my hand into a palm. Now we haven't done palming yet. Video on a bit down the line. Much basic farming is her in the card in the palm of your hand, without spectate to sing it. No, me gripped between the pinky on the base of the thumb, in the cushioning there. That's where the cold's going, so I dribble lift. Still, it will probably angle out slightly as you do so that's fine. You just and then I was like, if they had that your guests, like click. Sometimes you clear the deck tighty, just like the on top. What's hiding the day? Very simple trick. But the sides still takes quality practice to make you look clean because you don't want them to see you go tidy neck. So again, inside station, using a lot of tricks, especially if something's going wrong, you could quite nice recovery move. Could you get ill again? Which cops on? Careful, I'll dig like a break. My bad on the can magically make it appear to the top where you can use it in an ambitious routine which will look at in a later video sides license. Slimy dribble lift Still clear. Don't worry for the mess. Ulises, in the other hand, the better because he will hide everything. Hear that societies to still hold a. With any card. You can also use the side still from a control position so you can take a car. Could it end? Control it, steal it. That's a good way to practice it. Okay, so the whole trick did the ending As much trauma teaches it. Which is it? Okay, two bites comes in this hope. Heidi On the table. Now, when you tidy on the table, you notice I did this movement. Just if you got deck, it looks professionals. What type? What? He looks smooth. And then all I do is like Pol Top packet, middle packet Like this. I flick out the top card. I've shoot health. No. Look, if you get smooth one especially for newer deck, you're looked like it's come from the middle. Okay, spots do with these They like it's not. My preferred ending is just the original alternate endings you got in the top. You could tidy and then you could go into your only one person in front of you a snap change. And I still hope for the old color changes, um, in my beginner's section. So if given like that, when you look out for that video or you could use a top change found your card. They if you've got different top 233 So if you controlled their car to the top, you've gone Oh, no, that's not it. Snapping fingers, things like that. It's just a good way to practice the first more involved. This decides 14 1 more time. So Messi out, Control down. It's already shit just like that. Thanks for watching. See you next time. 5. Sidestrike double lift, centre double and 'the acrobatic deck' trick: Hi. Pretty today I'm gonna show you a couple more waste double lifts. Let me show you the sights Strike, which is my preferred method on what's going to show you the center double and how to apply to a trick. So let's just pan down. See? So we have here we have called Selected from the middle. Sure lost Internet. Are they just one quick shuffle. So warm up the deck a bit will do a few stretches. All right, there it is. There's a great drink is a good one. Very good one to use the center double for when you're learning it. Okay, welcome back. So if you've done my beginners cause you've already seen my video on the double lift When the standard method of this and I talked about instead taking a break and doing a turnover I have also talked in seven videos about the importance of the pinky count. Help you get ready to help you prep. But today to other methods and my preferred method of double if he's actually a turnover technically a double turnover, but it comes under the same category and it's this I find it much more natural especially type first performed quite close to my friends in a bar wherever. So what my doing? I'm stepping the deck So pushy Alibaba Let my finger run up the outside instead. Like that. Now, with practice, you'll go right near the top to begin with. You want to fall down? I could go about here and then you just feeling when you've got two left, you put your thumb on top, told everything in place and you just turn them over again. The method is very straightforward. No, always clean. Yeah. Now I step in the deck. You make it easier to just get one or two. If the deck was perfectly aligned, could be very hard. Just pushy. Ivor, Slow Flex. Take two turn Now the bitter Very mind with this regards of which hand you're doing it with is to make it look natural. Okay, just outside. Just casually talking and turn Iva. Okay. Do not have size. Do know Do this with my whole hand holding everything together. It looks so bogus instead, get it, pull it upset kind of glides towards my fingers name Just drop saying real time. Okay, I just let the cards fall. It looks far more natural than doing this heavy movement. Okay, that's called a side strike. Double its my go to when I'm performing. The other one used was ascend to double. That's read easy. If you could do a thumb before like that, you may. So you gotta stop perspective. And I think you're gonna get one card. You put your finger in the fire, do That's all these. Yeah. Say stop. Stop that one. OK, I know I do. Is I get to there from a figure in fire too? Make contact, like pivoted out against my finger. See that? Then When is here? I turned over like this whole deck to show the card. It looks very natural that there you go. I can take the to drop them on top if you're using your head there. 12 ever out show Dr Lifted. So how did I use that in the tricky? The trick was easy. You, this this They should call it Mr Spectator. We'll put it back in the day. I take the top card, which is of course, not their car. But in the middle of the deck, it's now lost. I give the cards shuffle to control the car to the bottom. And then I just did this. I lifted up a packet, not what month. Some in then did this with my index finger. My other hand to rotate it out. Great. It's called a Swift Cup society guy. Lift, Swell. Drop in your hand. Your next finger Does this lift kick? We'll swing cop with your thumb. Some to thumb, Nigel belts off. Do not be again, Saguy one. So a bit slow. Take a packet. Swivel cup inside Index finger lift. Revolution cut. So they called here as I put this pile atop my thumb underneath my contact with it. Just drag it up and it would come on top if you if you play around days really surprisingly easy when you're ready, go a few cards in your hand. You got one to That's right. So nice warmup trick or a little quick, casual one to show you friends. So again, the whole everything. One. It also makes a good start. If you do know ambitious routine, which is what saved the overall project we can look at later on, one to if you're using our hand No problem. Take a break. One. So that's right. Okay. There you go. By the side strike. Double lift The center double and a little trick today with it. Thanks for watching. 6. Palming cards, classic method, one handed method and gambler's cop: haIf one today we're gonna talk about palming a card. Now, Paul, media card is very useful movies when I don't use often on our explain why, as we go through, I'm gonna show you today the two main methods the classic and the one handed Palm. I'm also going to show you how to do a cop, which is kind of like bombing, but from below. So the classic part the one handed palm and lights room The cop the gamblers called if you One thing to consider if you're watching this video is you're very close because of the camera. So you're going to see it was called a flash. Before you see it quite well, ivory skinny fingers, great annoyance when it comes to palming. So I have to really be careful because even with the sliced slip, you can see bits of carts taking through. If you're like that as well, I wouldn't worry too much. You're currently seeing things very close up on normally. When you palm a card, you don't do it Well, somebody's staring at your fingers like this cry. I'm good. Do this video from this angle rather over the shoulder. Today for the most part because you won't be out to sea because my hand will be in the way . Right. But the classic poem is your just gonna push it off and then let your fingers underneath Nog upwards under the cover of your hand is very useful. You're wondering, when am I going to use it? There are tricks that youse poms, especially if you want to do so called pocket routine because you would get the card put in your back pocket. Thing to remember is, don't do it when you're being burned. Being burned is when a spectator is looking at your hands trying to see the moves wait for a suitable moment. The other thing to think is that sometimes you get a spectator say to you when I shuffle the deck. Sure, whenever they say that, that's when you want to palm the card because that way you've got it like a job or they like, and then you just got to sneak it back on when they give you the cards back, So what you're gonna have in your hand use between your finger on the base of your thumb. It doesn't matter if you left your rights. Okay. The holy oppositionist site. Okay, they're so there. Let me these fingers are still viable, and then you're looking and you're gonna see light of flashes in its reaction. How close up you all. You're looking to have it as natural looking as possible eyes. You can see a little bit, but I would be talking to the spectator. Or I could come here the edge of the table or just casually while the talking stick the card in my pocket. Whatever. So how do we do it? Classic palm again, right? Is taking it slowly. Push off. Let the card right. It hikes my fingers of that. Now I could room I My hand will be off to the side. I'm a bit tense that try again on the maze. Then I'm using my middle finger, so just push it into place. So if I angle slightly might see it better in there. You got any other way? Doesn't matter. Cover your hand. Bush. Uneven supplies. The thing to practice with palms isn't the technique, It's the timing. And try not to get seen trying to be really natural. Yeah, Okay. Oh, that and then just let your middle finger push it so it comes under here. Don't come all way over the top to palm the card. You can. There is a method. We just literally clamp on top, clipped the card. Go away. It doesn't look very naturalistic form with that. Unless you're just casually like Okay, something like that table or you catch it in one of these rooms, you kind of put it between. It's not reliable. Better to distract the person by talking to them. Yeah. OK, so you want a shot of the deck Now you saw that wasn't brilliant. One. Those flashes. I have to call it clean and quick, and I just They're too busy looking at the deck. Anyway. Now, the other method, my preferred method, is the one hand palm I really like this one. And it's where you're gonna use the corner and your little finger. No, I stumbled across this move in a book a couple of years back and it talks about doing it standing up. It works really well off your hands by your side. Their works. Justus. Well, upright at the table doing close ups. Stand up magic for people. You gotta push the card forward with your little finger to does this great. And then it will pop into position. You see that back to buy fancy. It takes a little bit neck like a lot magic does. Because what can happen if you slip slightly isn't kick out to the side. That's not what you want. You want it to be a stray into position. If you were standing up, imagine my hand by my side. I got the cards. So you're in this kind of great Yeah. I don't just come in now. I liked me because if somebody says, Can I shuffle the cards and holding the cards like this? I can go kink putting into palm, reach out, give the deck while holding their card in my hand It looks innocent. Actually, this hand didn t I could name guy. Well, okay. Hits the deck that you think because you're holding the deck You can't be doing sales for my hands. Take some bulls today thanking me room one of so I you know you want to shut the deck shore you national country himself And then I would casually Why from I know normally do my stuff A table. I might do it near a table I must be sitting on occasionally. You want the car nuts? Oh, great. That lovely. Say happy release. Okay, lets family. You see how I've gone into something there straightaway. So it's cool. One handed palm. It's just that it could be done from the same If we don't aside the other hand, hopefully you can see everything going on them. They say, if you were behind me, you would be I see anything, but it's just my little finger doing the work, pushing. I want a good angle that So because you now twist things, it's gonna go a little messy. You should get the idea. Just see that more what you know. Maybe it just Frau keep doing it. You'll soon get a feel for it to begin with. It's gonna fly off every way like that with practice. It would be straight in. You want the cards you got with it Now, when palming a card final time, this kind of silliness gotten a lot of arthritis strikes look natural. Vega Cool. Okay, so to recap, just quickly the classic palm her shelf like a room under the cover of your hand. Yeah, given that you can still do it that way where you palm and then gives them the deck. Now, the cult is where you still the called from the bottom. So maybe you control Carter bottom in the spectator algo shot from the cult You definitely don't want to look at in a mirror. But it's just this is a cop. You come back about halfway, many push forward on one card will retain in your hand. So you come back, push down your thumb on the back end is important for this because it will make sure you only get one card. If we take find hearts back, push forward and I get the card he sees between my end two fingers on my thumb in this position. Then I let my fingers called it naturally. So I'm like this Now I call you, see the angle. You're looking at Iraq and you can't see that college right now. You can use it a table. It's, uh maybe some other come to the back, just see casually, but typically use it when standing up. You cop the card, they just put your arm down by your side. You have to remember, this is sticking out the back. So anybody at the sides will see what's going on. But I feel doing it for just one or two people who are right in front of you. The card is completely invisible. Craxi. Demerol. So you got one to turn the last time I had casually by my side. Well, I might do in a second. Are just that the end of video or pan up the camera? I don't do a couple so you can hopefully see what I made a bit more if you ready on the hand. So you you come back about halfway push down, forward looking thumb tidy up. So that time I got to push down comes to the side. That's palm ing. It's used in some tricks, said I like to use it to a car to pocket this course some little back, ambitious card routine later on. That's one of the methods. Forget it. You just palm the card whichever way you want, pretend you reach of the average of camera shot. I'm going to my pocket, pull it out of the pocket or the spectator wants to shuffle the cards. Okay, so I quickly pan up for him. He wants to see some of the stuff done from a standing position. I invite fortune. Okay, So here's some other angles to see Moves that the camp was called. Well, that same day by my side, you can see the card. Is there visible Alicia at the side? That's pretty bad that in this position, Weiss relaxed. Yeah. So take a coffee cup it. Just relax our site because it's completely invisible when handing some your deck. If you palmed, it could be this. Will there one handed home? It could be here. I've done the problems. I reach out, They will help you. So shuffle Or I can do it. He by my side. I'm not palming called with that one handed? No, thank you. They're going. That's palming cards. Thanks for watching 7. The Biddle Trick and Everchange Count sleight: Hi. Welcome to the middle trick. One of my favorites to perform. It's quite long trick the moment I'll cut to a performance of May performing on YouTube. I just did it for the camera, but I've done this for people like, two times I break a fuck. Let's cut to the video now. Did time today one of my favorite card tricks. I used it to close sets called The Middle Trick. So we have a card selected, so stop spectator. Stop! Memorize that car for me, you Jay. We got it. We got a great I'll get cut to within five cards of your card. 12345 Okay, spectator, I'm gonna show each of these white cards. I just want you to look. That same would show you the five three of diamonds. We've got the nine of times we've got five of spades. The king of clubs on the jack of diamonds was one of those You'll call. Yes, awesome. Okay. See if I can figure out which one. Big magic your card. Waas the keep clubs. No off screen. Great time. Saudi. They said it was the Yeah, I know three behind my come all special. Three diamonds. No, This is embarrassing YouTube, isn't it? While us try a secret move only known to the greatest in Major. Do you like that? Your car? The fight in Spain? No. Why? I told you the street was called the new Trick. Do you know he didn't do it out back? And then your car will pay backs up in the middle off the deck? Yes. Okay, I welcome back. So I hope you liked it. So let's go into his pan down and for grad stuff. Okay? The little trick. Quite long trick. But it's a good one. So it starts with you're gonna have to get the cards selected and why you haven't done yet . She's holding up the deck. You're flying three like this now with you. Nice. I stop. And I like doing districts with this start because it just gives already the tricks got more variety to the standard of God. Still, and then you're gonna far off. Two cards. Their card. One more Stop. 12 Then you get break. Great. And I feel holding high in the hands. That's fine. You can get the break with your pinkie I tend to hold the cards for this new law. So I have to do it was waving fingers practically place, and then I could transfer. I could slide up. It's OK called flip. God is selected. Want to? I'm straight food. At this point, you say I'm gonna cut within five cards of your card. You've got break. So you just lift at the break. Put the college's down, then you count off. 12345 Likes those on top. Now they call it is this one. So you're gonna guided to be great. So you fingers, he thought you're a guy. One show you the called commander to this time gets Malbranque. Sure the called now as you come under. He stayed third when you're gonna put their called on the bottom of the deck under the cover of everything else. See? Like this. Okay, that's speak. We go back. It's common. Annoying this to Jackson cereal. All right, so we've gone called one, not they caught. So what you say suspect A When you're doing this whole section is I'm gonna show you five cards keep in oil. But don't tell me if I find your one? Not yet. Well, something like that. You got one. So three Oh, five. Then you'll spectator was one of those Your card. They say, Yes, you can take this pile and you put on top of that part. You can put the men in the person's hand. Another person's Hank, You say legal about that call is now home by three to take up the other way. The trick is essentially done, but we're going to a lot of showmanship. So they forget that the called could be in that pack in that pile already. You won't even occurred from body into the drink. Go from the top. Ricard's selected stop. You can't see how I look. Just like practice about a second. College can't break right off the couch. Lifted the break. 12345 ton one to the brake. Three. Well, they called here. Well, five, I don't Now, at this point, if you'll seating and go under the type well, you got behind your back, you're gonna turn two carts like So you're saying to the audience I'm gonna see this magic . If I can find your card, then you're gonna do something I was the ever change Count creeps Kill Maeve spicy. I like it. I use it a few drinks. Now, this was invented Great for your oversight. By excellently it's similar to the all mostly count. And it's this one to 345 Because I still think there are five cards in your hand and each time you do it, it flips these two. So if you do for the first time a guy and your card is the queen like I nice not God damn pushy break down when I go to the show, perhaps do the count more So if you don't know yet, Don't worry. Then you start doing the various bits of showmanship. Well, then you do the count again. So how does this count work your fingertips? Whichever way you want to go One cut off being hand about it. Bendis life Push to I see you've got it. One, two calls. But this caught underneath If you take and it's like See, I've got to again. Yeah, but talk, sire. You know, it's one card states completely invisible when I do it. So again, take one Now to take just one pushing pope gonna like that. Yes. He's got the shoulders like a breakdown that maybe no people okay. From Little Show to far off the rest. Half the deck of cards within five. One of two free for well, se three full. We live, don't under the table well, behind my back. Turned to the ever change count. Sorry. One card on it. Bush, too, as I placed him in my thumb. One short to come off Titley. And I put one card on the Nathan again. I just take one. A poll. One extra one from here. So to again, bring site. Why? To 345 The trench account shows four. Carter's five, but changes one's in order every time you do it. Performing it, I go. Okay, let's find your card. They should call four of spades. They not All right. Damn at a pinch, then say famous magician invented this move that I speak Pound for your car. Ever change? 12345 No, that's not my card. I'm a damn. Then you do to through the fist made grab turn with Yes, I'm just push. It's not just turned everything upside down, so I'm showing two different cards. When I do the next couple of bits, they're now you're called like I know, I know. Well, let's try this, then. Who? And one final time, at this point you've shown or four cards and a lot of time has gone past. They've forgotten what's going on over here you got Oh, no, it wouldn't do trick that way. He did it this way. My one cart disappears. You show you've only got four. You then I'm throwing your hands on the table. Spread, reveal. So they got just quickly again. I'm going to scale back over the ever change in case you didn't quite get it. One two once. Bo place on the bottom. Pull with fuck. So costly. Got two cars now in this hand by who won Call it just time to calm down. So I know from my accent Me by now. Just got from it all. One count. Two guards cough, cough, one card. That's what is in that I just called. You have to change count. Awesome will move. So I would be like that trick. Thanks for watching and see you next time 8. The Pass for card control: Classic, Herman and Turnover (with trick tutorial). : Hi, everyone, welcome back. Today we're going to look at something called the past Ah past also loans. The shift is a move that lets you get the card from the middle of the deck at the top of the deck. So having the show you a few variations, as well as a trick that uses one of them as well. It's very useful move, but timing is everything. You do not perform a pass when the Spectators looking at your hands, you can always ask one more question. Say the name just talked to them to get them to look up for a second. By this, when they look up, that's when you do the move. Practice it, pretzel the past. A good way to practice is to sit down once you picked a method you like and just keep doing it over and over and over and over again, said how you could do in a minute. Once you do it really quickly and Titley, then it's a move you can perform. I wouldn't perform it until you're comfortable with this movie is quite I challenge you and as you'll see when I change the angle in a minute. If if they're looking your hands, they'll see everything going on. But it is a brilliant move. Most card magicians use them. I really liked him. That's quite a lot different variations, and you find hand things that you like. So you enjoy leading a few takes off the past, and the next video will be about a couple more methods. Lots to choose from. Thanks. Want you to Let's crack. Oh, okay, Let's look at a few policies of action. So we have a card selected in the middle, and then we just wait for the moment. We do that in the college. Back at the top, that's called a wistful pass, Just very signature. What's called a classic pulse show advice today, and I'll show you the Herman parts. Then I'll also show you the, uh, tonight pass dropped. But you get the idea nowhere, because remember more details. But the key is my, which, when I used, you can see if I just do my standard My foot pass. Does I perform it one packets coming out switching with the other. That's why it's so important to have good timing to do when they stare because you'll staring at my hands? Do that camera right now and you can see everything. But when the spectator looks up and you just gone from 30 you guys up, Boom! Done it. You know what? Try again. So you going, Daddy? Daddy, don't done it. All they'll see is you just swearing on deck in the end. It so fast. A good way to practice. These used to get a card just even without that card. You see how many you could do in a minute? Okay, so let's go over the shoulder and I'll talk you through each of these made. Okay, So why am I doing? We take a card put in the middle when control it again. A pinky break on top of it. Okay, So if you've seen my video beginners one of how to control card to about this bit, the card comes back, saves money that way, and I push it into the deck at an angle on my pinky. That corner that sticking out was pulled down on it, I think going the gap. What remains window? Well, it's hard to detect now. The keys did not put too much in there. Okay. You use a pinky? Very getting loads of tricks. Just a little bare flesh. Hold the college as if nothing's going on. So then to do the pulse, you're gonna jab my finger even suddenly, in one move on him with your fingers on top, you're going to do It's hard when you not to go hand around it. You're gonna lift it, okay? And it saves time. You're going to home, blows up, and then these will go underneath. Okay. Again. So you he Yeah. Use your ring finger and laughing. It's a lift. You should see that's quite tidy. And then other hand lifts that back out the way they were. They fall down on this lands on top. That's called a classic pulse. Okay, again, under the under your hands lift crab. This will tell now come through. So with a bit of flow to it, if you want from behind. Great. One striking that. It is quite fast. Tryingto do an angle. You can see it comfortably stretching a little bit. Oh, come on, camera. We'll show you the other hand if I can. Well, I've done is I've made a point of learning quite a lot of passes, and I learned some with one hand and some of the other. So that way it doesn't matter if I'm caught in an off hand. I've got moves I can use. So if the card was put back in this hand, I would use a Herman Paths. I show you a little later in the video. All the turnover past I do in my left hand. It just gives me options. Come a bit Ambidextrous. Ikea Candid cards. Thank you. Lift. Okay, lift. Pivot down. Can you see? Okay on that lifting out the way. Grab the cards on me down. Now you'll see when you look back at the video of me performing first time in video the idea of certain flourish in the end, I just did that. That's coming cold of riffle pass. No, I prefer it because if the spectator in the peripheral vision or they just stopped turned back at the last second after you've asked him a question, they've looked up or whatever. If you'll just doing this, it just looks like your future with the car like site said the riffle pass is just with a dribble in the end, and I'd prefer that version. Also, it's up to you how you pro to do the movie. But that does hide quite nicely What you've been doing so again from salt card is selected for in pushed. Take that pinky break. Yeah, Do to move, dribble off. They can't at the top. Okay, so if you're working on that now, it's my go to pass. Um, polls rewind. You get the idea. Now, I talked quickly about name this one. Okay. I want him in. This one is I come over. So this one, you might perform a bit differently. You can do it from a kind of break position like that. All you can do this one. So Spectators put their card back and you come in to place them on top and then do you move is called Herman past. It's effective. I don't use this one. Knock that I'm like, It's just I tend to find have a few you're really, really good at and practice them a lot. So this is one I actually do with the left hand. So you've either come over now. It helps if you can. If you get slight angle the decade makes a slightly wider All you're doing, this one is this okay? And as you come over you this you then the top portion under Mace and you close them on top . So if I try to keep my hand mostly out of shock like that does my which hand from a control position is a great name. Cryptic arts lady. It's just not my 3rd 1 That's the Herman past is quite good, though. If you if they've put the card back and you've got a damn off taking my the round. Okay, so now the turnover path, this one's easy is to show you from this angle, you'll spectator to pick a guard. They pick the six of diamonds, you square the deck, you turn the deck over under college at the top. This one school, it's really hard to detect, Wyndham. Well, so you spread, they pick on in. I'm getting my fingers underneath this card. Even as I bring it back, they bring in the college back. I've put it under my fingers on top of this portion, squaring the deck, keeping that frank like turnover, the bottom, and it's a fraction of moment after what I turn over the top. Now the spectator have done right Won't be able to see you turn the bottom portion because you're doing it underneath the top. And now let's say you're a different angle to one there, but it is really hard to detect. Square, turn, turn. So you got kind of 12 12 It could be done. This one. If you're trying to do it this way, you're gonna want to do it slightly differently. You're gonna want toe instead of pushing onto this one, because that would then let's find a lost memorable girl. Nice. So you could control it by going one to Shung and it's Hey, the only difference that way around is that instead of pushing up, I'm pulling it down. So instead of going spread like I was with the other way up pushing into this deck a pack it off the deck, I met you, doesn't bring in, I'm bringing it down. So instead of being the one on this half the bottom around, it's the top of this one. And then when I turned everything instead, it goes to the bottom so you can use this path go to topple the bottom. So if we were doing it from this well, you could go there for clubs. Well, there cause it's there. You can such Catherine just quickly again, this ones that I like this one. It's quite hard to find no fun detect. So I can either go this one. Oh, this one, its allies. Three of the main passes There are loads. I don't know. Do another video on these where I talk about the one handed pass and probably spread pass. But now just a quick trick like created. It's very simple. So you have a pic of God. Turn the deck, you go. It's not the bottom. You take a double lift snow at the top. You put the quality in the spectator's hands. Now the hand on top. Then you just tell them to whisper the name of their card into the deck ice of clubs when it comes to the top. Very quick, easy trip. As long as you practice, the policy's easy. So again they pick a card, you do you turn over paths showed the bottom double lift to show what he's done. Double if to show the top in the spectator's hands. Hand up top, whisper the name of the card When it comes to the top. It's quite last little trick because it takes place in their hands then so there you have it. That's the puff, See if a part two. 9. Spread Pass and one handed pass: Welcome back. So today this video go show you two more passes on the show You the spread parts. I don't show you the one handed past. So that's break post. Cool. Right On the one hand it, boss. So we use the same cart. So messy, a bit shaky this morning. Okay, so first I'll start teaching them from the front, and then we're going to the back. Said the spread palace. If you've already learned how to spread cards I did a video on indeed begins cools. Now you could turn over a random called Well, you could have to put their selection in so they could go. That's my car. Five in that. Did you bring the college back turn? Hey, you call, do behave. We'll see everything. You ton your hands and the cards cover the motion. When you do this, like what they taught you, they'll be back at the top. This is a lovely Maybe it's one of my most favorite moves. Talk about the decade right site. They are going to take a car there or they put their cult. If now I normally do a little show that stool called. You're happy with that. Okay, So using the spread to tell over the called and as it comes back doing that, I'll go over again in the shoulder in a minute. If you didn't quite get that. Okay, then let's go into the spread pass. And so, as I said from the front, you can I have a card selected like this random all they can put their card here. So you would go. They've taken a car to go. Words. Let's put it back here. That's great. When they put it in, it doesn't matter. You've got a nice spread cards held in that hand, but on the top, you turn. This is important. Turn your ankle practices in a mirror. If you haven't got takes a mirror reflection in a window, do this. Okay, kick those up. And then as you push these in untidy under the cover of your hand, they can't see that you switched the two packets. Okay, nice and slow. You could see I could use my thumbs If you need me to tidy up sometimes it just doesn't come back. Tidy turning that turns so important. Got on the other hand, be using that handle spots. What were you doing ahead? Turn got off a shot. I think of it. So if I leave a dirty angle just to show you So first I fun on just to show you the other hand for two. That's what's going on. This under the cover of my hand. Remember your hand. The cards are hiding everything. Okay, That's the spread pass. Absolutely one of my favorites to perform because when done that kind of Spain performance Media happy. But it a great it's so quick and one handed pause. You go Ever? Yes. Brush into a couple of times. Yeah, like that. So I won't go quite going on to do that when you take a break under the bottom card, like so you swing cup. But you should know by now you used to pack it in your other hand to turn their card I and shove it when you feel comfortable. Okay, that's how you do the term. But in performance, you would go away from brush called. You'll need that motion to hide what you're gonna do next. Shipment drop like card on top brush. So it's no longer on top is one from the top do a 100 fan. We'll talk about that when we go over the shoulder. If you don't know how in their car close leaves. Two. Cannot. If you like, I can push in themselves. Just turn, click, and this is that's all. Okay, let's go over the shoulder. One handed parts Not technically, a pass cold wave. So spectator rather card. That doesn't which hand you're using This one. I find it easy often to get the break while I'm just holding the cards like this. Okay, they got with your pinky. Get one. When I swing cut and I take a thumb break, look a little bit. Gap off switched it. So, going one. It's a that's not called a thumb break. Actually, you can see that now You want to make that thumb break really small, because if anybody's on your sides, they'll see the gap. If it's big, so you just kind of possible want to get it over a little bit so they can't see it. So that's the sad settle. Some break come, their car goes on top and you turn it and can't brush the card brush brush. You could do it again if you want rush brush But on either one another's that say the second while or even 1/3 You're gonna drop that called on top. Like, say, I think brush like normal The reason you do one at least normal versus to get spectator used to the motion. I have seen it a couple of times and I think nothing we it's going on 10. Still day. Get a little break. Oh, yeah. Cases brushing the college. Yeah. Okay. Drop it on top. No. When you practise this occasion, it's gonna land. Funny. Just practice it. Practice this motion for a little while until you can make you look nice and natural like that. That full brush they don't see you place a called on top. Then you're gonna do a one handed fan now A few nights days. Great. If you don't know, hold because like this. Okay, put your thumb to the pinky corner and then just push on your hands. Date this kind of motion three double. Either hand makes Qantas flourish. If you're using your left hand, hold him like this Spread. It's pretty straightforward wife and I hope you do now. Let's get back to the move. What we're using 10 with. So let's go from the top. So they put their called. Here you go. Oh, they put their called. He go one. Oh, shaking out. Okay, some tub spread keeping thing aimed downwards. They don't see. It's a different card. You push that one in, you leave out of it. You close the fan. I've put the cards down from using the table. I'll show you doing it without the table. You can even get inspected to pushing that car. I don't know if you're doing it standing up well, doesn't matter. One se spread in spectator pushes in close and then you turn click and they will think that's when the move happens. But you've really done the names. That's why that's there's misdirection is Blimey, he's That's faster, So OK, this moves quite cold. You know the wrong cars going in there, but I think it says tie me up like so. If you'll use in the other hand, we'll take a break going blush place spread in bank. Okay, can. So they caught will be So we've called cough on your wife. If you go that way because I like most clean practices the other way around. So you have to forgive me for that in, or if you go that way, it doesn't matter. Salida. That's the sprint path and the one handed pass Thanks watching. 10. Erdnase Aces routine and Erdnase colour change: every today, I'm gonna teach you new trick in inhuman Eva. Honesty. Earnings color changed before. Called the Earth. Neighs Aces. Quite a practice routine. It's a four ace trick figure. Enjoy. So that's still down. We'll see me before men, and then we'll go over the shoulder, not teach you how it's all done before races. - What , to three full today? Okay, then. So the earth NATO bases. So you've got four aces in the deck. Apology note. Funny business going on there. You couldn't go through the day. You're gonna gauge one out, jock. It sets out jog means to move it up. They come back Now, this point, you need to show you the rest of the take. Anyway, to convince them that you're looking, skip four cards from the top e get break underneath. So as you close the deck, you go full calls held in your hand. Great. So out, George. We've shown the rest now. So where this point, we got four cards under the covers. So they're not never seen. I know. We do it by just coming away. There's a tidy I can get my fingers in there. This is one of the moves of the trick. I was like a have junk these cards. I'm gonna pull the deck backwards and secretly put four cards on on top off them or underneath. And depending on how you think. Alright, so I've got the break. All that. I kicked him out. It's given me the cover. Come by. I'm put in the fall there now. I used to date where I went out when I found the people would notice the pack of cards. So now I come, I've come in. I come now, and even if a bit joke slightly is better covered. So again we got from the top. We're gonna find the four aces one to three. We showed the rest of the deck not suspect anything. I think that's issue tryingto seem fair, but it's actually me trying to get to the fore cover. I've got a pinky break. Thank you Can see that on the camera. I kick out 20 if they're not completely clean as long as they cover everything on top. Okay, so at this point, I've got my cards. I've gone that I all place on top turnover. You could do this trick standing will say thing doesn't matter now. They think the isis before, That's all. So I take each one. I don't show it, but don't flashy or anything like that. I just take it losing. Look, we'll get before it's his name. Nosal. There must be Rocky. Frank, get four aces. Lose them in the deck. Tidy. Now the four aces will talk, but they think I've put them back in the body of the cards. Muslim in the deck. Sorry, My voice. Now, what you need to do is get a break under one card at the bottom. Children made. By that I mean this. I use my pinky to get a break under one. Okay, you get a break under one and you do triple cup. So I told about this. Him on beginner classes. Paul Grassroots. Quickly. A triple cup is this great and leaves all the cards on. Took it leaves whole decadence. Original. Order one to three. If you want a more detailed talk on that. Look up in the beginners. Seven years of it so called for a break under that called. And now I do triple cop As I go for it. I'm gonna kick that card under my thumb. You can't see it. So I've gone. If I try and do it from a revealed angle like this, going one to Okay, I'm doing this well, of course I love him. King like a one to notice. I'm putting the card of keep on top of the first packet. No lift. So it's a slightly different ending to the Triple Cup. It's a little bit clean, so if I do again, we've got the four aces. I got a kick, some break. That's what that's courts with thumb right, one to three at the end of dropping it on that the reason I do a slightly from ending 20 more triple is because of that called If you wonder, How do I get this? You can also any point on that will do. OK, if you're really unconfident, you could fire one off, but it will look a bit more bogus. It's like from one so so I need to still release. So if I just take the talk back your way to upon the mace, I've got my ICI's. We want to call it on top and then you do is called earth. Nice comic range. The Earth needs color changes. Some used the flat of my hand. I'm gonna push the car forward as I come. Bring my hand back. I'm gonna get that card out. I'm gonna put it over the top and tidy. I want to like that. Now what? I performed the trick. What you normally do is you show okay. You do it at night. Not likely. This one. You can show again each time proving that the top card you've not done in your funny no longer explain to move more in a minute. Then you turned up for one. It looks like it's melted right through. And then the last one, you take a double and you dio go judge, which I did a video on that maneuvers. We'll talk about it. So let's talk about this. Move up. The maids color change. That's could take a lot of practice. All right. Like, but it face up. My hand goes on now you want to make sure it isn't poking out. Francine, you just Robin, you hand over the deck. The base of my hand. It's one of my contact. Doesn't come back. It ranks back a card. Can you see that? Yeah. OK, OK. On forward. Nice back. And then I was like, Then show that their card is there. It gets the rest of the card out from underneath. So I containment to simply place I give a little rub. Looks mystical. Whatever you want again from here, so you can see it. Hopefully a bit better. You got one to that. I'm not funny. Angles of Colin Extra top striking There is. Even if I grabbed a few when I get I hand in place, it was solved. The problem because you got forward. I'm using my fingers. Make sure anyone come back because when I come here using this part my other hand, I can then exaggerate for fake. Make sure you get one so I don't want to. Three all under the cover of the hand. That may's color change one to. So let's look at the whole sequence again. Say you've got four carts for it. Let's do the trick from the top. But with me guiding us, we got for I see it's one to three four go through four cards. Yeah. Break kick out the parts. Come back addition. Give it a moment. Lose the aces in the deck Now. Of course, if you're doing this sitting in their day angle with cards down pushed mean Reich does my which I did. You do it with one to three. Sean, turn Bourbonnais one to tidy your feet. It happened. One ice. If you want, you can show it again. Two ways this time definitely turn. It looks like it melts through back double lift. Take the two cards. Do a color change done, You say, huh? If you didn't quite. I haven't seen the video on the color change. You pick out the college middle, do this. No spin. If you want a more detailed look for my beginners for young color changes. Okay, So you've got for the end. They got forces. That's the Lacey's. Retain. I think there's votes. Why, Joyce? Thank you. Could be wrong. Just be no trick that I saw him do it on the other Niskala charge. I really liked it. Thanks. Watching