Intermediate Brush Lettering: How to Flourish a Word

Debi Sementelli, Brush Lettering Artist and Font Designer

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10 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Intro:How to Flourish a Word

    • 2. Tools: How to Flourish a Word

    • 3. Class Project: How to Flourish a Word

    • 4. How to Flourish a Word:The Pencil Skeleton

    • 5. How to Flourish a Word: Flourished Sketch

    • 6. How to Flourish a Word: Brush Marker Sketch

    • 7. How to Flourish a Word: Upright Version

    • 8. Annother Option

    • 9. Examples of Flourished Words

    • 10. Thanks


About This Class

In the Brush Lettering class series, I'm sharing some of my tips and tricks from over 30 years of Brush Lettering experience.

In this How to Flourish a Word class I'll take you through the steps needed to create a beautifully flourished word that is instagram worthy. 

We'll start by creating a skeleton pencil sketch of a word.

Then move, step by step, through the process considering the combination of the letters in the word and identifying what areas and letters will be best for flourishing and how those flourishes might affect the overall balance of the word.

Next we'll identify the entry and exit points of those letters.

Then create a flourished pencil sketch and finish with a sketch done with a brush marker.

There are downloadable handouts to follow along as I take you step by step.

So if you have some experience with a brush and want to try your hand at flourishing, or you've already flourished letters but want to learn how to approach a whole word, this is the class for you!

Either way, come join me!

Classes in the series include: Lower Case Letters, Upper Case Letters, Lower Case Letter Variations, Upper Case Letter Variations, How to Flourish a Word, 3 Lettering Styles ( including modern brush lettering) and more being added!