Intermediate Brush Lettering: How to Flourish Lower Case Letters

Debi Sementelli, Brush Lettering Artist and Font Designer

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10 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro to Flourishing Lower Case Letters

    • 2. Set up and Body Mechanics

    • 3. Whole Arm Movement for Fourishes

    • 4. Where to add flourishes

    • 5. Basic Types of Flourishes

    • 6. Visualize and Take Practice Swings

    • 7. How to make Big Flourishes

    • 8. Are the Flourishes working ?

    • 9. Adding Flourishes to a Word

    • 10. Final Thoughts


About This Class


In my Brush Lettering class series, I'm sharing some of my tips and tricks from over 30 years of Brush Lettering experience.

In this class "How to Flourish a Lower Case Letter" I'll take you through the steps needed to create a beautifully flourished letter adding a unique look to your projects.

We'll cover basic set up & body mechanics, whole are movement and talk about how visualizing and taking "practice swings"are part of the secret formula to successful flourishing. 

I'll explain where to add flourishes as well as go over some of the basic types of flourishes. 

Then I'll demonstrate a variety of strokes that can be added to letters to make them sing by flourishing each letter of the lower case alphabet. 

Lastly I will show you things to consider when flourishing a word.

There are downloadable handouts to follow along as I take you step by step. You'll find them on the "Your Project" page.

So if you have some experience with a brush and want to try your hand at flourishing, or you've already flourished letters but want to learn how a new approach, this is the class for you!

Either way, come join me!

Classes in the series include: Beginner Brush Lettering and How to Flourish a Word and more being added!