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Intermediate Algebra Masterclass

Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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18 Videos (2h 24m)
    • Introduction To Algebra

    • Irrational Numbers

    • Set of Real Numbers

    • Properties of Real Numbers

    • Making Your First Algebraic Expressions From Word Problems 1

    • Like Terms

    • Making Your First Algebraic Expressions From Word Problems

    • Degrees And Factors Of A Single Algebraic Term

    • Introduction to Exponents

    • Multiplication of Terms Having Exponents

    • Division Of Terms Having Exponents

    • Introduction To Equations And Their Solutions

    • Balance Method Of Solving Algebraic Equations Normalized

    • Reversing Method Of Solving Algebraic Equations

    • What Is Factorization And What Skills You Need

    • Method of Factorization of Polynomials

    • Factorization Of Polynomials Using Identities

    • Synthetic Division:A Factorization method when one root is known.


About This Class

Intermediate Algebra Masterclass:

This intermediate algebra course will help students  grade 8 to 10 to get a solid foundation in algebra and get ready for higher mathematics courses such as calculus.  

This Algebra course is designed and structured in a way which makes it easy for students to absorb the Algebraic concepts.  There are some inherent conceptual difficulties which high school students face when learning algebra. This course is designed carefully and keeping in mind all these difficulties. I tried to present critical algebraic concepts in a specific order. I am confident that this sequence will help students by making it easy for them to grasp algebraic concepts. These building blocks of algebra will not only enhance the skills of students but will motivate them to think algebraically. I have tutored high school mathematics for many years and have applied math in my engineering and research career. 

To learn algebra at their best, students should start thinking algebraically. I understand that if the concepts are presented in a scientific and organized manner with the precise and clear usage of the terminology, students start to get the bigger picture and this makes them think in algebra. They start to develop critical algebra understanding and even start to talk in x and y. This is the stage where learning algebra becomes their passion.  When they master the art of abstraction, they love it.  

For one who has absolutely zero knowledge of algebra, there is a pre-Algebra section in this course. The students who have a strong grip on fractions and number theory may skip this section.

For Home Schooling Parents

The course could be a valuable resource for people who are homeschooling their children and want help in algebra. The quizzes are interactive and parents can sit with their children when they are solving the quiz and can see the instant result at the end. They can then select course videos in the areas of weaknesses and ask children to watch that video.

Future Plans for the Curriculum:

My plan is to present the fullest possible curriculum for students of grade 8 to 10. The contents of this course will increase over time because I will be adding more video lectures and resources such as homework and quizzes. In the beginning, I will add one quiz for each section of the course but later my plan is to add more topic-based quizzes. The objectives of every section will be added clearly at the beginning of each section so that you know what skills you must learn during that section of this intermediate algebra course.





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Tahir Yaqub

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