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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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2 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Interlocking Design

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: Hello, My name's Nick Stony. In this class, we are going to learn about the interlocking or overlapping design style, this cystitis common in no good design in digital administration. So if we want to learn a new design, Stein and run Now and let's get started. 2. Interlocking Design: hello and welcome me names. Yes, Tony, First of all, thank you for enrolling in for this class and for this week's a graphic design glass. Where are going to talk about the interlocking, overlapping insane? The interlocking, overlapping or overlapping design is actually pretty common in, Well, not really common, but something that they're usually see. You usually see in a logo design like the monogram a monogram. Is the combination off storm or letters? So great a symbol or a logo? Something like this one. This is a monogram. A monogram? No. Go with the letter A and literacy right here. Some part of the letter A. It's actually at the back of the net. Hirsi And then some part of the letter C are at the bottom. The light rays. There's something that this Mississippi, um, Monogram logo. All right. It's a combination off or interlocking off letters combination or interlocking off letters . And then let me show you some examples of this here in the, uh, interest website doing. See right here we have the monogram yoga. It's like a DMG overlapping right or interlocking. Another example would be right here in the letter m. This one? Yes. Ah, I guess that designer just irritated and then that some, um I think right here. And I'm gonna show you how we can create something that this one. And this is the interlocking. Yes. You can see some areas here. Looks like the effect off one is on top and one is under right Right here. Right. So I just go back here in Adobe Illustrator. No. You know, I d c went. What we're going to do is I'm gonna show you some example right here. No, and just decided this a while ago. And for our example, we can see the interlocking off letters. This and this is our glass project. Actually, it's really simple. And, uh, there's a little trick that we can do right here a second. See, it's interlocking design, and it's actually a letter over, and I'm gonna show you how we can create this one. Let's create a new layer right here. I'm not really sure if you have this kind of my face. It's a brown Clingan. I'm gonna take a letter. All right. Here. I like this for this type, please. Because of the thin and thick part of the later compared to the other, um, like basis. So next I'm gonna great on outlines here. When a turn it into outlines, we can ableto changing the letter to later neither a or something like that. So make sure you have the proper letter, so go to type straight out lines right here and when me president controlled by you so we can see it's actually in shape right now. Necessity. But we have then controlled way again. Toe changed the normal view. It zoom in right here and now I'm gonna create another one. We can actually just copy and rotated. But there's a simple I stepped right here. We can get our table or press are in your keyboard and then yes, you can see in the center of this letter over there. Say you like a target. Uh, it's the same thing. A point right here means don't mean idea, and then I'm gonna position my course, are under center, but it's all G and then expediency. There's a minus sign on my course or and then left click. It's like that. It will rotate 90 degrees or, if you prefer 90 or other degrees but I will use the United degree sending click on previewed so you can see the Ganges and then click on copy, either. And that's our monogram. Don't go night here exchanged the cooler so we can distinguish on this one at meeting storage. The other one son, this green right there now toe to make this kind of affect the interlocking or overlapping minuto, divide this areas right here, and we can achieve that. Using the Pathfinder available on Adobe Illustrator. Or, if you don't open the debt, you can go to window Click on Pathfinder, either. No, that's divided, cynical, and then click on divide when you click it. It will. Uh, it's actually on group right now, but we can and drop it. Control, uh, pressure, right click, click, right click and then group right data. Now it's actually in the video. One shape. You can see an idea, and that's what we need. That's what we want to create that kind off effect. Delusion off, overlapping or interlocking. Now you have to decide if you have so much elements on your design. That would be a big problem because scandal computing. Yeah, you don't you don't know which one is the overlap for. So you have to be careful on that. But this one is quite easy because it's only a few. So they start cornering it. And then CNN's Anderson or Burlap right here. So this one I wanted to call the roll inch gonna I dropped scholar. And now you can see the green one. It's under underneath. I'm scholar. And then the transition. It's greenness when here and then, ideally, should be under. So that's like this shape, thanks to go there, orange right there. And that's just like that. It changed the, uh, our monogram toe overlapping design, right? Her simple. Of course, if you had so much enemy street, it's gonna be a problem. For example, this one is Ah, sorry, but simple reborn that I just added una on the right here. Extinction discolor right here. It's had some points, our notes here on the center. So begin tweak and make it look like a ribbon right here. And if that click and drug right now, we went toe over love here. Um, a simple way to do this. Uh, I'm gonna make your there. Are you Divide Duggan. Cynical and then we can divide and then group. Hi there. Now it's a in the Bidwell elements again. No, What I want here, I'm gonna is gonna be deeper and compared to this one. So I'm thinking off this everyone should, uh, under I'm disagreeing one and on top of this orange. All right, so I'm gonna changing this corner, the green right here. And then Synagis one the green as well. They're green. They're now that's a normal laughing style. So very simple, actually. Right? And not only like that, it's not only, uh you can have more punch to it. You can add some drop shadow, for example. I'm gonna show you, uh, some example right here. Here, somewhere. Here, Right here. You see, there's a little a bunch or me just to show the overlapping There's a shadow right here and also right here, some more convincing, convincing compared to this one because of the shadow effect. And, uh, they say, let's work on this on this monogrammed right here, spotted here, begin open our region. And, uh, first we have toe realize where we're going toward the shadow. So I think I'm gonna Let's put it here for, like, this one. And it's against either side called the right Here. This field color, you can just click and drug right here by derogation. Now, again, I remember this one. And another one should be a blue collar. Okay? And then get your gradient tool or press G in your keyword and then make it right. This one. All right. So that's the idea. How getting at me? Yes. Quicken drug, my dear. Okay. And then let's find another one where we can add that kind of effect. Maybe some are here. Now. This one is quite different. If I had ingredient called criteria, it will apply to these two. So this left and right off this our circle right here, for example, I'm gonna click on disk reagent, you see? Um, example right here. It applies on both on both side. So what we have to do is they have been duplicated and cut some areas, for example, this one. Make sure you said Agnes element on Troisi Control f Now we have ah, no parts of this. I'm gonna get my line segment on and then draw on the same better goto object. But divider picks below and there and now we can on they need some areas that we don't need . For example, this one. So we still have a copy of this one right here. And there's and there were going toe at our gradient color. Just click on disk region, get your gradient tool, and then just put it here. I data. Okay, one more time. All right. And see what we have. Cool. It's really simple. Listen, it and ah, subdue however you can, but the radiant as much as possible. B ah, make sure you're not over doing the design. And ah, we're wondering what how you can achieve this kind of effect. This one is is actually, uh, pricing pretty simple. For example, right here, we can just move it up to show the kind of I think right, for example, like sample in this one. I'm gonna including this one. There's a little spacing right there going on all right. Or you can add a stroke if that's ah, you prefer doing. But I guess the better one is just moving in for being add some spacing that these elements right, But it's not ideal if you add that kind of effect Toe every elements. Um, so be careful with that. All right? So yeah, this is how you can achieve the overlapping or the interlocking effect on the logo or any logo or any design that only not actually on logo, but on the different designs. So it's selling this fun. Said some space right there. Here, we can make it began Picket. You think that there one here and right there. All right. Very simple. So you can use any letters and try toe overlap it that over. Love the design. That's your assignment for this class. Try do something like this one, and you can create any initials or not only letters. But other design is, well, like a triangle. Uh, for example, let's do it right here. And then you can through another duplicate three under out and then dumping it. Now you can practice doing this one, seeing the interlocking right now. You again. You can plant doing the inter lugging. I started here right there. So try toe. This will be our Simon Do the interlocking or overlapping saying All right. So the sort of video guys, I hope to see some of your designs. If you have any, you can use your initials as well for your assignment. So the son see you in another glass.