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Interlaced Lettering in Procreate

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Importing Text

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. 3D Effect Lettering

    • 5. Candy Cane Look

    • 6. Creating a Background

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About This Class

Would you like to get more creative with your lettering? This class will show you how to create your own interlaced lettering design using layer masks and clipping masks.

You will learn:

- to import text images into Procreate.

- to apply techniques for volumetric lighting.

- to enhance your lettering with light effects.

- to utilize Procreate brushes to add texture to your drawing.

- to use layer masks as a way to hide sections of a layer in order to reveal what is in the layer below.

- to use clipping masks as a way to add patterns, textures and shadows to a specific area.

and much more!

To follow this class you will need basic knowledge of Procreate.

Did you just discover Procreate? Are you looking for a basic, intermediate or advanced tutorials? Check out my previous classes on my profile page!

Didn’t you find the tutorial that you are looking for? I am all ears! :) Contact me on IG @lettieblueillustrator or send me an e-mail [email protected]

Meet Your Teacher

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Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator


Here you will find my most comprehensive Procreate classes. They will take you from Procreate beginner to master in a few days. Each class is designed to teach you all the essential tools and techniques needed to master Procreate. You can watch the classes in order or jump into the specific tool or feature you want to learn more about. The choice is yours!

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1. Intro: in the short class, we will learn how to create this internalized learning effect in procreate using layer masks. This if it has become very popular lately on it may seem a little bit complicated to get, but actually it's quite easy. Would you like to learn the techniques? Okay, then let's get started. 2. Importing Text: First of all, we have to import our text. There are tons of ways and APS to do this. For instance, I usually create the text in picks a major picks a mayor is like for sure, but much more affordable. We can use it to retouch photos, paint, apply feds. Lenny moves etcetera. But this time we are going to use it to get our text. We will import Mary and I'm a happy New Year on Drop Christmas. If you prefer to draw all the words since set, go ahead. As you see, there are many phones to choose from. I would choose this one, and as we will import our text as an image, we need to make it as big as we're going to use it in procreate or at least similar size. This way, if we need to change its size a little bit, the edges will still look good. Okay, the next step is to get rid of the back room swipe from left to right. Undulated background lay now tapir could be the image. Go to procreate, create a new our work. I've already created mine three fingers downwards and paste. Now let's adjust its size and position, go to campus and turn on drawing guy. Let's place these in the campus center on decrease its size a little bit. We will internalize Onley the work Mary with the word Christmas. So we need the rest to be in a differently use this election to then cut and paste. I'm now we have two layers. 3. Sketching: we are ready to start sketching as usual, create a new layer name. It's sketch one. Yeah, we will need to make more than one sketch. It's OK. Pick a color and a brush you feel comfortable with. I usually use blue on the sub brush from the airbrushing set, the grizz the brush, a bust a and size on Let's throw our first Christmas kitsch when drawing, we need to make letters into look on at the same time, we have to make them look right to, so we will need to make a few sketches. Once we have the one we like, we will create a new layer. Change our sketching brush to monoline or any other calligraphy brush. Choose a color entrees. The letters. I think I need to increase the breath sides and trace it again. Yeah, much better. Now we're going to check if our two words interlaced nicely. In order to do that, we need to duplicate our Christmas layer on place. One off them. They know they're Mary Lay. Come back to the doubling It happened. It on select mask landmass will appear above on attached to the selected land. A layer mask is something that we apply to an existent layer to control the transparency off any pixel off that layer. What we're going today is to use a razor to hide The areas of the Christmas were that we want to send behind the other word. When drawing these letter, we make this stroll this weight right. This will be the first area where our wits over let every time letter so burlap We need to decide which one goes in front on which one goes behind. I tried to place one in front, followed by one behind. Here. It does not look right, so I will create a new layer on draw a circle. We will fix all the issues later. Let's keep going. So let the mask play again. Groaned behind frond hind in front, behind you, frond behind. And here we have another problem. As it seemed, we have a few areas that do not look right, so we need to modify our letters. So let's decrease the opacity of the issues and Christmas less and drop Christmas again. Once we have solved all the problems, we can give a name to our Christmas, Lee duplicated. I'm place it below de merrily. Let's study up our lay a panel. We can group our sketches together or we can simply diligent has you prefer 4. 3D Effect Lettering: select the top layer and create a mask. We are going to hide again some parts of our Christmas. Lee. Make sure you have the layer mask selected or you will be erasing parts off your word instead of turning them invisible. Okay, we can start to anywhere. In fact, sometimes it's easier if we start hide in the past. We want to be hidden, no matter what. Don't forget that the Christians layer has to be duplicated If we don't do it, this is what happens. Yeah, we can be more carefully raisin. But it is this year and takes less time to do it this way. And now we have to repeat the days in front and days behind process. If you raise too much, don't worry. Jessel and white in pain. The area you want to be visible. My car has to be white because we're masking what reveals black conceals on gray. Do something in between here. I think it would look better if this part goes in front on this part behind. As long as it looks nicely into lazed, it doesn't matter if they go one in front and one behind all the time okay. At this point, we can easily at a barter, texture or image to our Christmas work. Simply select a brush, create a newly on, turn it into a clipper mask. But what's a clipping mask? Well, it's something you are going to love. I will show you when we apply apartment to a lair. It looks like these, right? Well, if we turn these lee into a clip land, it's simply clips the image, according to the areas that we have something drawn in the layer that we are touching, too. So as we only have drawn Christmas any partner, we apply it to our clip months. Claire will be visible on Lee. Own our text. Let's choose a nice potter is one, for example. Here I just change the grain source. Tapping on swap from per library. I'm choosing the one uncle worm guts as we're use in a layer mask, too high parts off our drawing on also a clipping mask toe. Apply apartment to that drawing. The pattern won't be visible either in the hidden areas, So each time we attach a clipping musk to our Christmas laugh, we have to duplicate it and also attach it to their although Christmas Lee. Okay, let's still it these layers because now I will show you how to create a three D effect lettering. The first thing we have to do is to determine word the light source is Let's place it here , for example. Now we are going to draw the shadow areas I will use. It's so fresh and I will decrease the brush capacity. I will also decrease the brush size. I think it's OK now turned a layer into a clipping mask. Let's start adding shadows here. The letter overlaps, so we have to decide which part goes in front. We can use the selection tool to avoid painting in the area that goes in front. Let's turn off the layer mask so we can see the whole word. We also have to draw the cast shadow owns. Don't hurry up. Take your time to draw the shutters. It will look better if we go over and over the same area, applying light pressure. If we apply too much pressure, it will look too dark. If that happens on, you can do it. Don't worry. Just erase is in the same brush to draw in this area simply top invert. Another way to do this without using the selection tool is to be more careful. First paint over and over the same area. Remember, like pressure. OK, then reduce the brush size on trying to separate this, drawing a darker shadow. Using a small brush, draw the shadow here, too. Remove the shading in the area using the Smalley, raise brush or this much too. Let's stroll the light areas now. Create a new layer on and turn it into a clipping mask. Choose white and repeat the process. Start adding like pressure and then decrease the brush size on, Create some highlights. 5. Candy Cane Look: What if we turn our Christmas were into a candy? Create a clipping mask layer I'm placing just above our Christmas lee. Choose the technical pen or the monoline brush on simply. Make a few strokes. We can also reduce the brush size on combine thick something lines. Here's the selection tool again in the areas were the Larrys overlap or just reduce the brush size on? Draw carefully. - Now duplicate the candy cane shadows on highlights less most them above the other Christmas layer on and turned them into clipping masks. And now let's do magic. Turn on the layer mask and well are interlaced lettering. 6. Creating a Background: I really like it as it is right now, but I will show you how to create a few different backgrounds. Okay, let's create a Grady one first. Just a few colors. It really doesn't matter if we create ingredients using green, blue or any other color. Well, any color. But why? Great? I'm black, OK? Because we can, isn't it? Change them later, Sell it. Go Schindler on drag, and now go to adjustments again. Top hue, saturation and brightness and play around. If you don't get the colors you're looking for, you can also go to adjustments again. UN. Play around with color, balance or curves. I like its green, so I will keep it this way. Let's create now. Are Boca effect spicing, reuse in the book and lights brush. Don't forget to create it in a new layer, Kun, right. Play around with the brushes that come with appropriate to create great effects. We can also add a pattern to our Mary. Were port simply draw a few extra lines and dots always in a different layer. Okay, when drawing a curb stroke, if we wait a dead end, it will turn into a quick shape we can edit it, tapping here. This way we can also draw perfect circles, squares, triangles, it center. What else weekend do? Hmm? We can draw the shadow cast by the Mary weren't on the Christmas word. Oh, this does not look right. Let's fix it by Sunday and is behind. And this in front preferences. Let's keep drawing shadows now turn it into a clipping mask duplicated on you know where you have to place the duplicated layer, right? Of course, we can create a solid color background duplicated previous one and make it blue That's new at clouds to using the clouds brush or the nebula. One. We can also invert the color off our Maryland. We can barely see the word because of the clouds of the pack runs, so we will line it. So let the leg content create a new layer. Have feather, unset it to around 5%. We're going to create a thin outline, just black on top. Finley. Now we should draw the shadows cast by the Christmas world. I'm Mary, duplicate the Christmas layer, top sealant and then top field. Let's move it a little bit, keeping a month where our life source is place a way above the Mary one. Turn it into a clipping mask. Create a layer mask on Let's hide some parts. - If you don't like sharp shudders, you can defuse them. Using Go Schindler un. Decreasing the land capacity does happen drawing. I will continue working on this.