Interactive UI Prototype with Flinto | HU Shahir | Skillshare
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6 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Flinto

    • Intial Setup

    • Adding Screens

    • Test it on Iphone

    • Good bye


About This Class

You’re a UI Designer and want to test your designs with interactive hotspots and links on an actual device like iphone or android smartphones ?

Creating interactive prototype help UI and UX designers to test their Designs and prototypes right on an actual device to help create most attractive and best design and Most of UI and UX Designers create interactive prototype while they working on a project .


In this short class we use a Web application platform called Flinto to create interactive prototype .

We take some screen that are already designed and created and then we will add those screen into flinto and then we learn how to create link between them , adding icon , transitions ,changing device mockup color test it on browser and also how to installed on Smartphone for testing .


Feature of this class :

1-      Easy to follow .

2-      No need for advance understanding of graphic software .

3-      Project file and assets.

4-      Completely project oriented.

Let get started J





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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of o...

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