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Interactive Scenario Based PLC Programming

Yasir Masood

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3 Videos (14m)
    • Timer TON

    • Timer TON and TOF

    • Timer TOF


About This Class

  • Section1:Addressing Instruction in PLC Programming
    Students will learn how to address and configure Inputs, Outputs, Different type of Timers and the Counters to program PLC ladder Logic.
  • Lecture2:Examine If Open (XIO) Instruction
  • Lecture3:Examine If Closed (XIC) Instruction
  • Lecture4:Timer On Delay (TON) Instruction
  • Lecture5:Timer Off Delay (TOF) Instruction
  • Lecture6:Timer Reset
  • Lecture7:Combination of TON and TOF Timer
  • Lecture8:Retentive Timer ON (RTO)
  • Lecture9:Count Up (CTU) Instruction
  • Lecture10:Count Down (CTD) Instruction
  • Section2:Real Case Scenario of PLC Programming in Virtual EnvironmentStudents will learn how to Identify Input and Outputs in a scenario. Student will learn to program PLC as per requirement and Scenario
  • Lecture11:Door Simulation - Door Open Only with LS1 (Limit Switch 1) - Scenario 1
  • Lecture12:Door Simulation - Door Close Only with LS2 (Limit Switch 2) - Scenario 2
  • Lecture13:Door Simulation - Ajar - Scenario 3
  • Lecture14:Door Simulation - Automatic by Pressing Bush button Once Part 1 - Scenario 4
  • Lecture15:Door Simulation - Automatic by Pressing Bush button Once Part 2 - Scenario 4
  • Lecture16:Door Simulation - Controlling Door Motion with Timers