Interactive Lessons and Lectures - Socrative

Ben Audsley

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6 Videos (50m)
    • Introduction to Socrative

    • Creating Quizzes 1

    • Creating Quizzes 2

    • The Space Race Game

    • Exit Tickets

    • Examples Lesson


About This Class

Socrative is a cloud-based student response system…where you can create online, interactive assessments and view the results in real time.

Socrative contains various different assessment options, including Multiple Choice Questions, true or false Quizzes, short answer quizzes and even the ability to play a space race game, which can be played in groups or individually! 

Socrative can be used on any device and operating system through a web interface, and students are even able to download the socrative app, where they can manage all their responses and grades.

Students are graded on their responses, and live visualisations of the audience responses, which update virtually instantaneously after the participants enter their responses, along with detailed reports of grades and responses make socrative a very powerful learning tool. 

This class will begin with an Introduction to Socrative, then ill show learners how to create various socrative assessments.

I will teach learners how to create a space race game, and how to survey your audience using Exit Tickets.

I will complete the class with an examples lesson, showing you real world examples of socrative assessments.






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