Intensive French Intermediate: Part 6 - The Past and the Future | Kamil Pakula | Skillshare

Intensive French Intermediate: Part 6 - The Past and the Future

Kamil Pakula, Python developer, linguist

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5 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Je chanterai – The Futur Simple Tense of Regular Verbs

    • Je viendrai – The Futur Sim-ple Tense of Irregular Verbs

    • J’aurai écrit – The Futur Antérieur Tense

    • J’avais terminé – The Plus-que-Parfait Tense


About This Class

There are a couple more tenses in French we haven’t covered so far. We’ll do it right in this class. First we’ll introduce the Future Simple Tense and then we’ll talk about some slightly more complicated tenses.





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Kamil Pakula

Python developer, linguist

I studied linguistics and computer science. I have an MA degree in linguistics and I'm also an IT engineer. Since 1999 I've been working as a teacher. I teach languages and programming. For the last couple years I've been working as a Python developer as well. I teach 6-year-olds, high school and university students and adults. I deliver live and online courses. I love this job.

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