Instant Skills: Learn Digital Customer Service in an Hour! (Certificate Course) | Davis Jones | Skillshare

Instant Skills: Learn Digital Customer Service in an Hour! (Certificate Course)

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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19 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Instant Skills: Learn Digital Customer Service in an Hour! (Course Trailer)

    • Section 1: Hi I’m Davis! Welcome to the Customer Service 2.0 Course

    • Section 1: The Five Principles of Customer Service 2.0

    • Section 2: How Increased Connectivity is Changing Customer Service

    • Section 2: The IPX System: How to Diagnose a Problem

    • Section 2: Learn to Think in Terms of Jobs To Be Done

    • Section 2: What a Community Focus Means for Solving Individual Problems

    • Section 2: The 5 Principles in Problem Solving Action (Case Study)

    • Section 3: What’s Different about Customer Care on the Social Web?

    • Section 3: The 5 Most Common Social Care Interactions

    • Section 3: Tone Mirroring for the Global Digital Community (SideBYSide)

    • Section 3: Learn a Framework for Prioritizing Social Care Requests

    • Section 3: a Quick Tour of Four Social Monitoring Tools (SideBYSide)

    • Section 3: Three Case Studies in Social Care Excellence

    • Section 4: The Cost of Attracting Customers is Rising

    • Section 4: 3 Ways to Create a Culture of Compassion around Customer Service

    • Section 4: The Four Opportunities to Convert Customer Service into Revenue

    • Section 4: The Apple Case Study: Increasing the LTV through Customer Service

    • Section 4: Let's Wrap and Get You Your Certificate


About This Class


Customer Service Upgraded for the Social Media Era

  • Lead through small acts of service
  • Communicate authentically in the social media era
  • Prioritize, diagnose, and solve customer issues
  • Recognize recurring issues and opportunities for product upgrades
  • Serve a diverse, global base of users
  • Generate revenue by building loyal communities of customers
  • Earn your Digital Customer Service certificate issued by Eazl

Perfect for Early-career Professionals, Product Teams, and Entrepreneurs

While professionals in many functions and across many geographies will benefit from this course, some audiences that will likely find immediate applications for these skills are:

  • Early-career professionals looking to join customer service teams (a great place to start at many companies)
  • Product Teams that recognize the value of constructive customer engagement for rapid product iteration
  • Entrepreneurs who use social media and other digital tools to communicate with customers

If you want to learn how to serve the population of more than 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, then this course is for you.  Eazl’s Digital Customer Service Certificate Course introduces you to customer service for the smartphone era. In this course, you’ll authentically engage with your customers, diagnose and solve customer issues, and foster loyalty that results in increased revenue for your organization. You’ll learn how to do all of this in a way that’s both informative and engaging.

In this course, you will:

  • Use the IPX system to diagnose and solve customer issues in a community-first context that’s appropriate for the social media era
  • Mirror tone and provide social customer care for a global base of digitally-connected users
  • Monitor your brand on social media, blogs, and other digital channels
  • Generate revenue through compassionate customer service

This course is also chock full of activities that allow you to practice what you’re learning. You’ll work with your instructor over 4 exercises to diagnose a customer’s problem, solve a customer service issue, provide social customer care, and prioritize customer service inquiries.

Why Learn Customer Service for the Social Media Era?

Learning digital customer service can benefit you professionally as you gain the ability to solve customer issues in a community-first context. This is an excellent skill for a world where more than 100 million new people get access to smartphones annually and more than 7.2 billion people in the world are connected to the Internet by a mobile device of some kind.

Why Learn with Eazl?

Learning digital customer service can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze, you need a learning experience that’s engaging (that’s why we animate our lectures!), based on real-world examples (that’s why we have fun case studies!), and includes great supplementary materials. That’s what you’ll find inside.

Your instructor for this course will be Davis Jones who has taught more than 100,000 students in more than 180 countries. You’ll also have access to Eazl’s private student groups and customer support team.

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently, compassionately serve people in the social media era. Join us on this adventure today! We’ll see you inside the course.


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Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the co-founder of Eazl, the publisher and online school that has created of three of the world's  bestselling online business courses on their topics. Today, Eazl is a community of more than 150,000 smart, engaged learners worldwide.

Prior to starting Eazl, Mr. Jones was a professional recruiter (or "headhunter") with Robert Half International, the publicly-traded recruiting and staffing firm with ~$5.4 billion in annual revenues that operates in countries a...

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