Instant Negotiating Skills: Learn Negotiation in 70 Minutes (Certificate Course)

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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20 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Negotiating: Eazl's Negotiation Certificate Course (Course Trailer)

    • Section 1: Welcome: Let’s Start Building Your Negotiation Skills

    • Section 1: Let’s Learn the Fundamentals of Creating Value through Negotiation

    • Section 1: More than Cash at the Summer Cottage (Case Study)

    • Section 2: Three Key Concepts: The BATNA, Issues, and Interests

    • Section 2: How to Create an Advantage through Preparation

    • Section 2: One CEO on the Power of Alternatives in Buy/Sell Situations

    • Section 2: Time Warner’s BATNA Fail (Case Study)

    • Section 2: The New Hire’s Compensation Package (Case Study)

    • Section 3: Reciprocity and the Ant Army

    • Section 3: Two Ways to Create a Collaborative Environment

    • Section 3: Let’s Build Your Muscles around Labelling Concessions

    • Section 3: Reciprocal Communications II: Concessions in Installments

    • Section 4: Leveraging Subjective Value and a Focus on the Decision Maker

    • Section 4: 5 Communication Upgrades when You’re Negotiating

    • Section 4: Building Deal Creativity Muscles (The Disney / Pixar Case Study)

    • Section 4: The Psychological Factors that Impact Negotiations

    • Section 4: Subjective Value at the San Diego Port

    • Section 4: Bringing Your Interests “into the Room”

    • Section 4: Let's Wrap and Get You Your Certificate

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About This Class


Learn How to Negotiate Collaboratively in Less than 90 Minutes

  • Create value through integrative bargaining
  • Generate or limit alternatives as a strategic approach
  • Claim value through reciprocal negotiation
  • Create a collaborative environment for negotiations
  • Apply psychology to making and labelling concessions
  • Close deals and use subjective value drivers

Perfect for Recruiters, Salespeople, Account Managers, Brokers, and Entrepreneurs

Some audiences that will likely find immediate applications for their new integrative bargaining skills are:

  • Recruiters and HR professionals involved in compensation package negotiations
  • Salespeople and account managers looking to close deals while preserving long-term relationships
  • Brokers involved in negotiating the sale or purchase of high-dollar assets (e.g. businesses or property)
  • Entrepreneurs or freelancers looking to get fair value for their work while building strong relationships with clients

If you’re interested in learning how to be a leader at the negotiation table then this course is for you.  Eazl’s Negotiation Certificate Course introduces you to integrative negotiation, the BATNA, and other upgrades to your negotiation skillset. In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare for high-stakes negotiations, how to create value while claiming value, how to close more deals and more. Because you’re learning with Eazl, you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging.

In this course, you will:

  • Create value for all parties though integrative bargaining
  • Claim value while collaborating with your counterparties
  • Use pro-social framing to elevate negotiation discussions
  • Close deals through deal creativity and subjective value
  • Earn your negotiating certificate in less than 90 minutes

This course is also chock full of activities that allow you to practice what you’re learning. You’ll work with your instructor over 3 exercises prepare a negotiation strategy, label concessions, and analyze major cases when negotiations both failed and succeeded.

Why Further Develop Your Negotiation Skills?

Learning how to lead negotiations can benefit you professionally as you gain the ability to collaboratively make deals and structure relationships between people and organizations. Leading as a negotiator can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze, you need  a resource that brings research from Harvard, MIT, and other top institutions with practical applications presented in an engaging format.

Your course leverages Davis Jones’ experience as a headhunter in the San Francisco Bay Area, the research of Eazl’s subject-matter expert community, and Eazl’s award-winning approach to creating online learning experiences. Davis Jones has taught managers in more than 180 countries and more than 100,000 students worldwide.

By the end of the course, you will be able to prepare for and lead in negotiations and you’ll earn a verifiable certificate issued by the Eazl team. Join us on this adventure today! We’ll see you inside the course.

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This is a wonderful, more human and holistic approach to negotiating that seeks to reach an improved outcome for both involved parties through creating reciprocity and respect.
Realy great stuff!
Konrad Samarajiwa

Give with your talents.

Loved this course! Very useful and practical.





Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the co-founder of Eazl, the content team that has created of two of the bestselling online business courses of all time. Today, Eazl is a community of more than 120,000 smart, engaged learners worldwide.

Prior to starting Eazl, Mr. Jones was a professional recruiter (or "headhunter") with Robert Half International, the publicly-traded recruiting and staffing firm with ~$5.4 billion in annual revenues that operates in countries around the globe. Mr. Jones worked in the...

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