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Install Wordpress on a VPS: A Step by Step Guide

Julian Murphy, Software Educator

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11 Videos (36m)
    • 1.1 - Introduction

    • 2.1 Create a VPS

    • 2.2 Logging into a VPS and initial setup

    • 3.1 Install Apache 2 Webserver

    • 3.2 Install MySQL

    • 3.3 Install PHP

    • 4.1 - Setup a Wordpress MySQL database

    • 4.2 - Configure PHP and Apache 2 for Wordpress

    • 4.3 - Install the Wordpress file system

    • 4.4 - Wordpress web installation

    • 4.5 - Wordpress site configuration


About This Class

Find out how to install Wordpress on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), setup a LAMP stack and configure a Wordpress site.

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to setup from scratch Wordpress on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • How to install configure a MySQL database for Wordpress
  • How to install and configure Apache 2 for Wordpress
  • How to install a new Wordpress site in a systematic way

You should know or have:

  • The course is aimed at an intermediate level
  • Knowledge of Wordpress is recommended
  • An appreciation of server administration and basic Linux
  • You'll need a VPS and a SSH client (setting up is covered in the course)

The course summary:

In this Wordpress course you'll learn how to install Wordpress on a Virtual Private Server from start to finish.

It is recommend you are: familiar with Wordpress and have a basic Linux understanding.

You can use any VPS you like (ideally running Ubuntu), the course itself uses a VPS running Ubuntu 16.04 with Digital Ocean - getting started with this setup is covered first of all in the course.

Next, you'll learn how to install and setup a LAMP stack consisting of Apache 2, MySQL and PHP.

Then a MySQL database for Wordpress is setup, followed by Apache 2 and PHP tweaks for Wordpress.

The course then moves on to installing the Wordpress files from scratch by downloading the source code; extracting and configuring the file system correctly (Linux file permissions and ownership); and, finally the Wordpress script (wp_config.php) is configured correctly.

Lastly, the course covers the front-end web interface install steps for Wordpress and basic Wordpress site configuration.

VPS Configuration:

SSH Client (Windows)

To connect to a VPS you need to use SSH and a terminal / console.

This course uses, more over was implemented, with a Windows 10 based PC, and uses a software tool called Putty.

Putty implements the SSH protocol, allowing you to connect to a remote server, and then to issue commands in its terminal window.

Installing Putty

Putty comes as an executable Windows program, so all you need to do is to download it and save it somewhere where you can easily click its icon to start it e.g. your Windows 10 desktop.

It can be downloaded by searching for "Putty SSH Client" in a search engine.

It does not require a purchase or you to enter personal details - simply download it, it's free.

You should download either a 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your Windows system.

It's use is covered directly in the course in later lectures.

SSH Client (MAC)

You can find software to emulate Putty online on a MAC. However, it is easier to use the built in SSH functions in the MAC operating system.

Simple type at the command line the ssh command to connect to a remote server later in the course when Putty is used. 

The syntax is as follows:

"ssh [email protected]"

And, and example is as follows:

ssh [email protected]

Virtual Private Server

You can use any virtual private server provider you like and Linux operating system.

We have used Digital Ocean to create our VPS in this course and Ubuntu 16.04.

How to set up a VPS with Digital Ocean is covered in video "2.1".





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