Instagram for Business: Build an Engaged Community | Learn with Iconosquare | Tyler McCall | Skillshare

Instagram for Business: Build an Engaged Community | Learn with Iconosquare

Tyler McCall, Instagram Marketing Strategist

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13 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Establish Your Audience

    • 4. Determine Your Objective

    • 5. Craft Your Story

    • 6. Find Your Voice

    • 7. Create Your Visuals

    • 8. Put it into Action

    • 9. Engage Your Community

    • 10. Measure Success

    • 11. Bonus: Instagram Stories

    • 12. Final Thoughts

    • 13. What's Next?

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About This Class

Unlock the power of Instagram for your business in this new, in-depth class with Iconosquare and Instagram marketing strategist Tyler McCall!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a blogger, a maker, or a member of a marketing team, learn to leverage Instagram as an ideal storytelling platform for your brand. Join Tyler as he shares his fresh, authentic approach to building a vibrant community full of devoted customers and superfans who are truly engaged. You’ll learn how to:

  • Establish your audience and set the right objectives
  • Create visuals that “stop the scroll”
  • Craft an authentic voice
  • Use comments, hashtags and locations to build community
  • Measure success with Iconosquare

PLUS learn tips and tricks for using Instagram Stories — the most effective new way to convert followers to your website or newsletter.

Through downloadable worksheets and countless tips, tricks, and words of advice, you’ll walk away with a concrete strategy to create the right content, connect with your followers, and craft an authentic presence with tangible results.


Iconosquare works with your Instagram and Facebook accounts to help you grow a social-rich media strategy, effectively interact with your community and measure your efforts with metrics. Start your free trial today!





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Tyler McCall

Instagram Marketing Strategist

Hey, I'm Tyler and I'm an Instagram Marketing Strategist for Creatives!

I help entrepreneurs find their ideal customers online, turn them into engaged followers, and transform them into raving fans.

I love Target, nachos, and @itsmeericc. Making a life in Chicago.

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